For those that don't know, WiredGuy IS a player in this online adult game. Newbies and verterans a like look to him as one of the top search engine gurus in the business. Those programs FORTUNATE enough to work with him protect his interests like no other business partner. He has a powerful and impressive list of clients for which he mainly works. For the trolls here that don't have a clue - that means more money is at stake with his daily work than you can fathom. I know he'll give me shit for saying this. He tends to be rather humble about his accomplishments.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Wired Guy

Question #1
How old are you?


Question #2
Where do you live and why?

Waterloo, Ontario, Canada. It's about a 45 minute drive from Toronto. I went to the University of Waterloo and started my business in my 2nd year. I've grown very close to my accountants, lawyers and bankers in this area which is the main reason I decided to stay after I graduated.

Question #3
How did you start in Adult online?

In late 1999 the internet bubble had burst and adult was one of the few markets that continued to have phenomenal growth. I decided to give adult a try and approached 3 companies with my SEO work. I was very inexperienced at the time and was fortunate enough that one of these companies was willing to show me the ropes of how to convert adult traffic and how this business worked.

Question #4
Who do you admire in the biz?

Singling out a single person within this industry is rather difficult, there's plenty of people who have been very successful and have not let their success go to their head. Off the top of my head I would have to say JB, Tony Morgan and Chris Mallick are probably the three people I've had the honor of getting to know over the years and each have had wonderful success in their businesses.

Question #5
Do you plan to stay in the biz? How long?

For the time being, I do see myself continuing for some time in this industry. However, I don't see adult as being the only venture to be in. Mainstream internet is once again starting to gain momentum and I would like to start venturing into other areas. After this many years of being involved with search engines, I am looking for something new.

Question #6
What's the worst thing that happened to you in this biz?

Mixing friendship with business. While it is possible, I did cloud my judgement and wasn't objective in my business decisions. It was a mistake that I learnt the hard way and I hope I won't make the same time of mistake again.

Question #7
What's the best thing at ever happened to you in this biz?

Being self-employed has given me absolute freedom in what I do, when I do it and where I do it. For several years while I was in school, I was sure I was going to end up at some large company as a programmer or computer engineer and the thought of it really made me not want to graduate any time soon. Once I gave my business a try, I discovered a passion I absolutely loved and it gave me the drive to continue.

Question #8
Are you still on the most eligible list?

Yes I am, ladies are more than welcome to contact me

Question #9
Why do you come to GFY?

I tend to procrastinate when I'm working on large projects, especially on repetitive tasks and during these times I tend to surf the boards. I usually stick to the SE threads or threads started by people I know, otherwise surfing GFY could be a full-time job.

Question #10
What kind of computer(s) do you use?

At the office, I have 7 Dells workstations. I have another Dell desktop and laptop at home and I have 5 dedicated and 1 colocated server for my hosting needs.

Question #11
Who and what annoys you the most in the biz?

People who are very aggressive in wanting my traffic. Most people don't seem to understand this, but I have a preference for working with a small number of companies on a close basis. Rather than sending a couple sales a day to dozens of sponsors, I'd rather send to a few sponsors and use the volume aggregation to negotiate higher payouts and custom marketing solutions. It's nothing personal against the people that ask, but my business philosophy is based on using volume joins to get the best payouts and I don't want to reduce the joins I send to my larger sponsors. People are more than welcome to tell me about the companies they represent but don't be pushy in trying to get me to send joins or I'll just start ignoring you.

Question #12
How many conventions do you attend a year?

About 6 per year.

Question #13
How do you flip a quad?

Full video instructions: http://www.hjorleifson.com/jman/wg.avi Although this is just me falling on my ass, ElvisManson is the true expert on flipping!

Question #14
Have you made more money than your parents yet?

Yearly, I would say yes (although I'm not entirely sure of their exact salaries). But my mother is a doctor and father is an engineer and they have over 20 years ahead of me so I might need a few years to catch up to their totals

Question #15
If you had to start again in adult online, how would you go about it?

Read a LOT. Best resource in my opinion is to visit SEO boards (I would suggest WebmasterWorld.com) and read other SEO's opinions. Remember what they say is not necessarily true but an opinion of a particular person. Also take GoogleGuy's replies with a grain of salt. I tend to find that Google provides misinformation to discourage certain practices from eager webmasters. Otherwise, the best way to learn is to rip apart a top ranking. Take a keyword you want the top spot on. Do some detailed analysis on how they got there. Look at the back links, look at the important factors within the site (titles, headers, text) and off-site elements (anchor text, PR from backlinks). Try to figure out a pattern from these and formulate your own conclusions as to whats actually working.

Question #16
Is there really money to be made in SEO ?

Depends if you know what you're doing There's money that can be made in anything, of course its not as simple as diving head first into a market and making it big.

Question #17
What is the most profitable search engine for optimization? Does anyone even bother to compete with Google anymore?

I get the majority of my traffic from Google although Yahoo converts much better and for the most part I can keep a Yahoo ranking for much longer than a Google ranking. If I had to choose only one engine to optimize for, I'd rather pick Yahoo to be honest. More of a long-term strategy and better quality traffic in my opinion.

Question #18
If you had to give one SE tip what would it be? Something that might be basic to you but not to others who are still trying to get decent non ppc se traffic.

Form linking trades with sites that are on topic with your own, have a similiar theme and make sure you're anchor text matches that of your target keywords. Relevancy (in my opinion) is more important than linking with a higher PR than your own.

Question #19
When are we going Quading in Winterpeg ?

How's mid-february sound?

Question #20
What percentage of your income comes from free SE listings and how much from paid SE spots?

I would say it's about half and half right now. I've been increasing my PPC side a lot lately.

Question #21
Just how important is the domain name for ranking? Is it necessary to have a large amount of domains to get good se traffic through creating links to your site etc.?

Not as important as it used to be. For Yahoo, its still somewhat important but Google doesn't seem to have much relevance based on the domain name anymore. It is important to have a lot of links to get a somewhat nice amount of traffic but you don't need a large amount of domains. A single domain can accomplish the same goal but you still do need a lot of links to it.

Question #22
Do you prefer Taco Bell or Wendy's?

Taco Bell simply because I don't have one nearby me! I have a Wendy's right across the street from my office and i'm sick of it now.

Question #23
What are your thoughts with AVS? Do you think it's dead?

Never tried it so I wouldn't really know.

Question #24
Would you ever consider having outside parties invest in your company?

Not at this time, company is already well funded and has no outstanding loans I'm proud to say. Of course if I needed to raise funds then this could change, but I don't see this happening at this time.

Question #25
What's your favorite show moment / memory?

I would have to say that time Whit Just Whit gave me a back massage in Phoenix. Wow, I was so tense and that was exactly what I needed. I think it was the TCG top 25 thing or last year's phoenix forum, I can't remember which event it was though...

Question #25
How'd you come up with the nickname WiredGuy?

My company is Wired 2000 and I'm a guy. I put the two together and out came out WiredGuy.



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