Lightspeed's right hand man, not knowing who Rochard indicates that you don't really know anything in this biz. He's instrumental to the day to day operation of Lightspeed and proof of his pimp hand strength is evident the Bunny Ranch. He's been in the game a long time and if meet him you'll be impressed with his wealth of knowledge.

Pictures compliments of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Rochard

Question #1
When and why did you start in the Adult business?

My descent into the adult business started in 1994 or 1995. I came across a website made by Steve Lightspeed, emailed him, and mentioned that I wanted to learn how to make web pages. He taught me via email and a chat program, and less than 24 hours after my first contact with him I had a web site up. I started work for Lightspeed Cash in 2000 and have been there since.

Question #2
Would you ever leave Lightspeed for another adult company?

Highly unlikely. Iíve had offers, but I believe in slow burn / long term. Iím treated well at Lightspeed Cash. Iím paid well, and I enjoy the work. If I had to choose another company I would work for, it would be YNOT or CCBill.

Question #3
Tell the story behind the Vegas hot tub pictures with you in a jacuzzi with 2 georgous naked women. How did your wife resond?

I called her at 4am in the morning while I was still drunk. I donít remember how I explained it to her, but she told me never to do it again. I think the rule now at shows is ďno nudityĒ.

Question #4
How many speeding tickets do you get a year and how much do you pay for your driver's licence?

Every one seems to think Iím a speed demon. While Iím not afraid to push things, generally Iím your average driver. I got one ticket last year on my motorcycle for ďexcessive display of speedĒ in California, and on my way back from Vegas I got nailed doing 89mph in a 65mph zone. Other than that I havenít had a ticket since 1998.

Question #5
When idiots incorrectly accuse Lightspeed as representing women as too young - what do you think and do about that?

It doesnít bother me at all. All of the girls are over 18, end of story.

Question #6
Why do you post to GFY? Does Steve make you post or do you come here of your own accord?

Steve surely doesnít like me posting on GFY or any other boards. Offically I donít do marketing for Lightspeed Cash, and I try to keep my posting to a minimum. I work for a living.

Question #7
How old are you?

I am 36. Oddly enough I share the same birthday with Virtumike.

Question #8
Does your wife work in the business at all?

My wife does not work in the industry at all. But after four years plus of doing this full time sheís picked up a lot. She also attends shows which works for me Ė I can get laid at shows without breaking any vows.

Question #9
How many adult conventions do you attend a year?

It varies from year to year. I always do Internext in Vegas, YP in Mexico, and of course Phoenix Forum. In 2004 I also did shows in San Diego and Santa Monica. I tend to stay behind and continue working while Steve is out at shows, and perhaps because I hate to fly.

Question #10
What EXACTLY do you do for Lightspeed other than tend to the bunnies?

My job at Lightspeed Cash is keeping the sites and servers running, and supporting anything else that Lightspeed and Sweetums needs. My job varies from day to day which keepts it interesting.

Question #11
Would you ever fuck a Lightspeed model? Have you ?

I have never had sex with a Lightspeed model. It against our company policy or something. However, if I was singleÖ.. Top of my list would be Jordan or Raimi Ė or both at the same time.

Question #12
If Lightspeed were to fire you tomorrow - would you stay in the adult business and where would you go? or what would you do?

Without a doubt I would stay in the business. Steve refuses to fire my ass. Iíve tried.

Question #13
What size shoes do you wear?

I wear a size 10. But that has nothing to do with my dick size.

Question #14
Give us the scoop. What percentage of income from the Lightspeed sites is direct; not through affiliates?

I don't think I should answer that. I could answer that, but then I'd have to kill you. Kind of like a James Bond type of thing.

Question #15
Lots of good looking girls at Lightspeed. Did you have a sense that Jordan would kick ass?

Yeah, I was pretty confident that Jordan would be a hit. When Steve wanted to do a site for Tawnee I didn't think it would be much. I was wrong, which explains why he's the boss.

Question #16
What do you have against Canadians?

you have against Canadians, eh?" I love my Northern Friends. I have yet to met a Canandian I didn't like. I might just have more Canandian friends than I do here in the US. These include Fubar, Sweetums, AJ, Angeleyes, Sweetums, The Legacy, Shedevil, Evil Chris, Fun Brunette....... The list goes on and on. Oh, there is this little thing about Canada deporting me when I was seventeen and living oustide of Montreal as a run away...

Question #17
How do you feel about getting your ass kicked by YanksCash in the Lightspeed Dodgeball tournament in Phoenix 2005?

We've already been practicing. I'm not kidding. Video coming up on the Bunny Ranch before the end of the week. Time to up the stakes a bit, eh?

Question #18
How has the people you have met at the Trade show helped you in your business and personal life?

Trade shows are invaluble. I met Tanker in LA, and he came to work for us a short time later. I met you and your brother in Vegas. I've met nearly everyone who posts here on GFY and other boards at trade shows. Talking to someone on line is one thing, but meeting them in person changes the business relationship. There is a lot more trust after you've met someone in person. Also, people are more lax in person and say things that they would normally not say on a public board.



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