Okidoki (Worldsex, AL4A, etc) controls more TGP traffic than ANYONE I know. He really came up fast buying out amazing sites leaving most of us in the industy in awe at his business skills. Under his management, ALL the sites grew to larger positions in the markerplace. Thousands of webmasters look up him as an example. When he speaks, paysites, bandwidth, and credit card processors all want to know what's on his mind.

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Okidoki

Question #1
When did you start in the business? Where did you start? What were you doing?

I started somewhere in '98 or something I gues. Dennis (who used to work for Payserve, Club17, as their marketing guy), a long time friend asked me to come work for them. I just started doing some html and photoshopping for a previous job and people with those skills were hard to find. (at that time ;-) After 3 years I decided I could better start working for myself, and i started with building galleries, submitting them and some SE doorways stuff. I got lucky really fast because I was able to buy Worldsex together with my business partner Richard. We bought it, changed a few things (we let Mark and Parney from www.cybercatinc.com handle the advertising for instance, which they still do ;-) added some more banner spots, rotated them and sold galleries and we made money ;-) Hurray! Because we wanted to grow, we hired Dennis, who still works for me and does an excellent job. Thanks for all the help Dennis, can't do it without you! We've bought al4a.com in May 2004, which we changed a bit too, got rid of some trades, got rid of most hosted galleries and fortunately al4a is doing well, better then we hoped to be honest. Besides the tgp business we're doing a lot of sms billing, chat and subscriptions, now mostly in the Netherlands and Belgium, but we expect to start with Australia and some other countries in 1 month. We believe the sms business is going to be a very good alternative for billing and additional income sources for pay- and freesites. I think this pretty much covers question 1 ;-)

Question #2
Where do you live? Married? Kids?

We live in the Netherlands, about 20 miles from Amsterdam. I am married to Sharon, who does all the reviewing/ email support for Al4a, (thanks a zillion honey ;-) and have the most fabulous daughter, Mackenzie (but well, I am her father, so I might be a bit biased on that one ;-) who I love to the stars and back.

Question #3
Do you have any partners?

Yup! Richard, who handles our other site: lumberjack-links.com (advertising handled by gallerytrafficservice.com, thanks for the plug, you're welcome) and of course my wife.

Question #4
What are your favorite passtimes?

Well, as I spend most of my time behind my pc.... I don't have many. But I gues watching a movie, reading and holidays are the obvious favorite ones. I should get a new hobby though, this looks pretty pathetic. Maybe having tea parties with my daughter. Lars told me that is quite a lot of fun! (btw, Lars can be made rich by selling his products at: www.legendarylars.com)

Question #5
How do you deal with cheating galleries on Worldsex?

a. I blacklist them, their domains, their ips, their dns servers if possible, their emails, their sponsor links and any other way I can find. All the galleries are checked 24/7 by a script and a couple of times manually from different locations by different people. b. I send cousin Vinnie and uncle Paulie to tell them that their actions are not appreciated and that they would look awesome, in the trunk of my car, with ducktape on their mouth...you know..in a romantic kinda way. c. I tell their moms d. I tell Oprah e. I try to find new ways to prevent them from being listed ever again and try to find measures to avoid others have a chance of cheating me. f. Thinking of starting using partner accounts (I don't have them YET!!, so please don't ask for them at the moment ;-) g. I redo a. incase I missed some of his stuff.

Question #6
Have you ever had more traffic than the Hun?

Yes, we actually did. When we bought the site, it passed the hun at that day. And we were off and on nr. 1 or 2 for the following months. But after a while, he beat us, so for now we're nr. 2....and nr. 3 ;-)

Question #7
What's your opinion on dialers, installs, etc?

Dialers can be an additional income stream when the surfer knows what the dialer does, he only pays for what he gets and he knows that. Unfortunately with the current dialers, they are all infected with trojans, autodialers, etc (or at least the ones I have experience with). Installs ruin our industry in my opinion. It is not the install which is all clean and only shows the searchbar for e.g. like it is supposed to do. It's the fact that there are always people in this industry (and others) who want to make more and faster money, so they put other stuff in the installs, and then there is another guy who puts even more shit in them etc etc. So the surfer ends up with an install which redirects signups, redirects traffic, changes search results etc.

Question #8
How many conventions do you attend a year?

Last year, 3. Vegas, Florida, Curacao. This year I hope to attend more. But I also like to be with my family

Question #9
Who are your favorite people in the industry? Who do you look up to?

Well, my most favorite is ofcourse my wife ;-) I always prefer to do business with people I trust and respect. I believe these people are honest and treat others with utmost respect and don't always open for other peoples opinions and questions. All of these are people I mostly chat with on icq: (in no particular order and I probably forget more then I mentioned): Lars (legendarylars.com) Beth & Shap (twistys.com) David (scoreman, Scorecash.com) Fade (reelprofits.com) Ernesto (Nastydollars.com) Fred (braincash.com) Bode (flyincroc.com, my host for worldsex.com)

Question #10
What did you do before online adult?

I worked at my dads company, not really an exciting job though. I came fresh out of college and worked there for the experience.In the weekends I used to work as a dancer in clubs and house parties (raves I believed they're called in the US), and no, sorry ladies, I didn't dance nekkid...

Question #11
Did you ever think you would make the money you do?

No, and I still can't believe I do. I am very gratefull I am in this position right now. We worked hard for a long time but I know plenty of other people working long hours too, but well, I guess they're in the wrong business ;-) and we got lucky....

Question #12
How long do you work ever day?

I don't really keep track, I start mostly late, because I quit late, so I can talk with others in spite of the time difference.

Question #13
How old are you?


Question #14
Do you always fly first class?

Internationally, yes..within Europe, nope, no use.

Question #15
What do you think will happen to happen to the "tgp industry" with most tgp owners getting their spots sold, exclusive partner accounts and FHG's that leave good webmasters out?

I don't think you can grow your site if you fill it with sold spots and fgh's.. It hurts the traffic in the long run. That is why I always strive for a combination of sold/ fhg and submitted galleries. Al4a was gaining on us one year after we bought worldsex, but when al started using fhg's mostly, his traffic dropped quite some (although he made more money, and that is what we're all in for ;-). So doing so has always good and bad sides. I believe that if my site will grow bigger (when we bought al4a.com, it had about 800k, now it has on some days 1.2 million), the money will come as well. Partners accounts are something I can see the use for, it helps fighting cheaters. I wouldn't use strictly exclusive accounts, but I am working on a paid option (premium accounts). Where a webmaster would pay for extra service and increased listing chances. Webmaster would still have the option to get listed with a free account though, they just have to wait a bit longer, for example: When we closed down the partner application form for al4.com we were reviewing applications for 2 months afterwards. So if people want to get approved within 24 hours, get decline reasons for every submitted gallery, want to be reviewed ahead of everybody else etc..then I have to hire people for it as well, so thus will make it more costly for me. As I want to get rich too, I want to ask for a monthly fee.

Question #16
What do you think are the major threats to the current adult online internet business model? What would be the biggest? What changes do you see in the future?

Biggest, I think would be problems with cc billing (processors going out of business, we will adapt, but it will quite hard, as rebills will be a bitch then). Second: spy- and adware, it is hard for surfers to keep their pc's clean, hell, it is even for me sometimes a bitch, and I consider myself a pro. Changes: Hmm...shakeout of smaller pay- and freesites. The surfers are demanding so much right now that it will be harder and harder for paysites to convert. Same with freesites. Maybe an US gouverment which will try to ban porn by taking out our billing options. I don't know...I am glad that I live in the Netherlands ;), I am really proud of the fact that you can smuggle 3kg's of coke, get arrested at the borders, and only get a fine, because we get so many smugglers that our whole lawsystem gets all clogged up (I hope I use the correct english here)

Question #17
Is your entire family aware of what you do? If so how have they dealt with it??

Yep, about everyone I know, knows what we're doing, family, friends, accountants, banks etc. Only my direct neighbours don't, but I do that for my daughter. In a country where about everything is legal and only like 30%of the population is going to a church, having an adult website is not that problematic. Some facts about the Netherlands: Drugs are legal, or at least allowed for personal use. You can take up to 40 grams of weed I believe for personal use with you, you can even go to a cop, and ask him to hold it for you while you tie your laces. You can have some amount of heroine/ cocaine with you for personal use (can't remember how much). Abortion is allowed Gay mariages are allowed Euthanasia is allowed (we have rules though) So we don't really get all upset about porn...fortunately.

Question #18
If you had to start over in adult online today, do you think you would achieve the same level of success that you enjoy now?

If I could make the same deal as with worldsex, for sure, especially as I know a lot more people now, but those are quite rare ;-) So maybe yes.


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