JFK is the owner of the most popular webmaster event picture archive on the net. If you've attended a function at an adult convention in the last few years, chances are he's got a picture of you on FUBAR. He attends more adult events than ANYONE I know, and as such his work have made THE guy for photo coverage of an event. Having JFK cover your event means your event matters - not having JFK take the time to cover your event means you haven't made it yet - it's that simple.

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on JFK

Question #1
Are you older than electricity?

Yes... and just as shocking..... Edison was still in diapers when I started !!

Question #2
How did you get started with FUBAR?

Fubar started as a hobby , I attended the webmaster events originally to learn as much as possible, to be succesful in the adult industry. I took the pics originally for my own amusement as a momento of the event. After a while I had quite a bit, so I decided to share it with everyone, by starting F.U.B.A.R.

Question #3
Do you have any other revenue generating adult ventures?

Yes I do; with a partner. We have hundreds of AVS sites as well as 1000's of feeders, and some pay sites.

Question #4
What did you do before the internet?

was in the Antique and Estate Jewellery Business , Specializing in the purchase and sale of High end Jewellery, Watches, Art Nouveu, Art Deco.This is where I had my first brush with the internet, as I had a large main stream site back in 98.

Question #5
Why hasn't your wife left you since you're never home and always at conventions?

Because I growel at her feet every nite ??????????? Besides who the hell would want to put up with an ornery old bastard like me all the time. So, I guess she is happy when I am not at home, bugging her for fifty different things to be done right away!

Question #6
Who actually runs the day to day operation of Fubar and would it be advantageous to bribe them for more coverage?

Day to day ops are done by MRS FUBAR, she does the work I just take the glory ! She would be the one to bribe , but you have to bribe me first, to let her be bribed.............gotta keep it in the family you know ;)

Question #7
How are you able to get invites to all the high end events?

I kiss a lot of ass ?? Suck a few dicks ...... The usual ;) The secret is the people running the high end affairs want coverage and let it be known that the who's who of the industry attended their event. I am there to capture the moment, and share with everyone who is not able to get in. I appreciate these invites because in the end I can share it with everyone in the industry!

Question #8
How does advertising work on Fubar?

We have text, buttons, banners, and the right to display your logo on my pics, Which is the most popular. The logos on the pics are very subtle and the pics get hotlinked all over the adult internet. Its like product placement in the movies. IT WORKS, thats why people in the mainstream pay big bucks to display soft drinks or ketchup in the movies.Dont want bore you with the ad rates but you can email me if interested.

Question #9
What are your thoughts on other people doing what you do and taking over?

Its a free country! I was not the first to do this, I just became the largest at it. There is always room for competiton, Its a lot of hard work doing something like this, so you have to be totally commited if you want to be successful at it. I do not get a big ego about it, you are only as good as your last show.

Question #10
Has anyone ever threatened you with physical violence for taking their pic?

No, so far NOT I have had a few nasty remarks, but No physical violence ! Most of the shows do have the sign about the event being photographed, and I am there with the full knowledge of the promoters doing just that.

Question #11
What happens if someone wants their picture off Fubar?

We will remove it in timely fashion, within 24 hrs. Usually its pretty fast, but we cant be at the computer 100% of the time. Hence the 24 hr time limit

Question #12
Have you ever been sued for pics taken and posted on Fubar?

NO, as I said up above people attending the shows are aware of the event being photographed, its part of the admisson package .

Question #13
Do you get model releases for the nude pics that appear on Fubar?

NO, The models at the shows are there being paid to promote someones product, I take these pics in context of the show. NOT to publish on another site. Most of the nude pics are by invite, so they CAN be seen on FUBAR.

Question #14
Do you fly first class?

NO, the odd time I will buy an upgrade. Travel is getting very expensive, and I try and keep the expenses down. Its not what you make its what you keep Gotta keep my car habit going.

Question #15
How many Jaguars have you owned? How many do you own currently?

I have owned 7 so far. Have 2 currently an S type and an XK8 convertible. Cant wait for the good weather to happen again, so I can Cruise in style with the top down. I like neat cars and bikes.

Question #16
What kind of fish swim in the river in your backyard?

We have Lake trout in the Spring and Salmon in the Fall ! I was really fortunate to find the place I am living in, been there for about 17 years. Its not that large, but I have 200 acres of conservation land all around me, yet 5 mins from everything. Its a little hidden pocket in the North end of the city where I live.

Question #17
Why did you kill a poor little defenseless deer last year?

Cause I'm a Mean Bastard..........It actually happened about 2 yrs ago now. A Deer Jumped in front of me while Riding my Harley. Deer Dead , Me 6 broken ribs 2 fractured ankles, 5 delightful days in the hospital.

Question #18
Was your motorcycle reparable? Still ride?

No unfortunately the Bike was a write off, I have kicked a few tires since, been out riding, but have Not purhased another one. I bought the Jag Convertible last fall as a replacement, it slices and Dices Deer better ;)

Question #19
How is it that you are able to cover so many diners in one evening and still maintain your boyish figure?

I have doubles, living vicariously through me and THANK YOU for that compliment, didnt feel too boyish on the scale this morning

Question #20
Who's your favorite advertiser?

The last one who just paid.


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