CyberCat is the original TGP brokerage company. Mark began with Hun and has expanded his operation to include sites like: Worldsex, AL4A, SleazyDream, JJJ, and others. For years and until recently there was no other place to go for pre-paid advertising in the TGP marketplace. Aside from some of his impressive accomplishments in online Adult, Cybercat has had an amazing life. This ex-navy man served 2 tours of duty in Vietnam as a combat helicopter pilot. He then went on to motorcycle jumping in the era of Evil Kanevil and proceeded to break over 200 bones in his body. A a stunt man on major TV shows, a charter pilot, a CNN reporter, a charter boat Captain, and a search engine owner - just to name a FEW of the things he's done. His life is the most interesting I know of and hopefully we can get him to discuss some of it here.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on CyberCat

Question #1
Just what nationality are you, Canadian, American? How did that work in Vietnam?

I am an American Citizen. Gave up my Cdn Citizenship when I took American oath on Feb 26/2003. Proudest day of my life. Worked fine. I was a Cdn observer with the Cdn Navy. Capt. Naval Air and flew non combatant Dust off's. (Medivac) 1967/69 .r

Question #2
I've heard your wife does all the real work with CyberCat - is that true?

If you heard that you found the source of rumors. We each have specific jobs to do within CyberCat Inc and we each do them to the max of our ability. Of course everyone that works here loves me.

Question #3
How did you get started with the TheHun?

We met at an Internext show when he was hitting 250K per year. Made an arrangement and went from there. Showed him how we could make him more money and proved it.

Question #4
Why the name CyberCat?

Does having 6 cats help. It's a name.

Question #5
How many Adult Conventions do you attend a year?

We are up to 5 to 7 per year now. Find the best so far to be Curacao, Phoenix and Internext

Question #6
Why are people calling you 'the porn professor' these days? Is it cause of your white hair?

It's not white. Bleached by the Florida sun and surf Blonde. It is because of the Tuesday at 3:00 EST. Radio program the Porn Professor. However the name will be changed as we have been working for years to eradicate the word Porn from our business. It is a word that elicits wrong ideas of the ADULT ENTERTAINMENT Business.

Question #7
How did you get started in motorcycle jumping, and can you discuss this aspect of your life?

Needed something to do after mustering out of the service and it looked like the most lucrative without having to do a lot of work. Garnered a lot of interest as we started in Europe where motorcycles are more a means of ground transportation then airborne. Also loved the crowds and attention. Signed a lot of autographs on different parts of cute bodies.

Question #8
Same for being a stunt man.

A natural progression. I loved the set up of the gag. Most of the stunts themselves scared the crap out of me but the logistics was the most fun.

Question #9
Same for working for CNN

I had a camera and was looking for excitement. Lets face it I am an adrenalin junkie or at least I was. Became a disaster specialist and got sick of the smell of rotting bodies. Also quit when the bad guys started shooting at me instead of around me.

Question #10
Why change from search engine work to online Adult?

Money, Money, Money. It is where the dollars were and still are.

Question #11
What kind of car do you drive? got any pics of it?

Mercedes SL 55 AMG and yes I have pics.

Question #12
What advice can you give to gallery makers?

Make it simple, make it fast, and make it representative of your site with easy access to the join page.

Question #13
If your business ended today, and all assets disappeared - what would you do to make money?

Couldn't happen as I have protected myself from that possiblilty after years of spending everything I had. But in the past I have done anything I had to to keep body and soul together from Washing Dishes up.

Question #14
Where do you see the Adult Industry going in the next 5 years?

Bigger Better with more mainstream acceptance.

Question #15
What's your opinion on the competition you now have as a TGP broker?

We don't feel like we have competition. There are other people out there doing things similar to CyberCat Inc. but not completely. How do TGP'S feel about competition. You work together to maximize traffic. Hopefully the others in the business can work professionally. Our aim is to make the advertisers money. If we do this we make money ourselves. Not a bad deal overall. Have to keep in mind that the advertisers and clients come first. Plus we have a lot of fun doing it.

Question #16
What's the secret to your coffee?

The mixture, fresh grind each cup. Coffee is a religion. Treat it as one.

Question #17
What is your favorite non-adult related site on the net?

Spending so much time online for business I try to avoid it if free time, but I guess I would have to say I am a movie buff. Love the flicks.

Question #18
How do I get some more of that wine? - you know the one.

Come on down it's in the wine fridge.

Question #19
What do you think the impact of partner accounts, the use of FHG's and paid spots will have on TGPs?

Partner Accounts have always been with us and I think they help the webmaster out with guaranteed postings however that said they will still purchase the top spots and the TGP Owners will still selll them. It is without question an advertising oriented business whether the tgp owner is selling ads or promoting his own affiliate programs.That Said. Don't forget on Tuesdays 3PM EST for the Porn professor (Me) Looking for a new name BTW.AND for advertising on The Hun's Yellow Pages, Sleazydream, AL4A, Worldsex and JJJ's. Clean Traffic from Great Sites.

Question #20
Is there any particular reason why CyberCat did not expand it's TGP portfolio in the past few years to some of the other large TGPs without an advertising broker?

No reason. We handled other sites at times and had to back off at the time. We have to think of the advertiser when selecting who to handle. We are constantly asked to handle sites however a lot of our advertisers will want to advertise across the board and We can't handle somewone who at the time wouldn't work for us. Then we made a conscious decision to remain as we are in order to be able to give the personal attention rather then a selling farm which is what we would have become. We are always interested in handling sites which benefit our advertisers and would take on additional ones if the opportunity occured.



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