Jman started in this biz many years ago. He's done content production, sales, and management for several major companies in the industry. He's EARNED a reputation as a guy who knows how to have a good time. Aside from the party rep - the people who know Jman also know the guy has an incredible head on his shoulders. If you want proof of this talk to many high end people in this biz. He's lived in Curacao, Europe and currently resides in Toronto, Canada. He operates his own Adult consulting business with an impressive list of clients that include Traffic Cash Gold and Jenna Jameson.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Jman

Question #1
What the fuck happened to your hair?

Actually I started shaving my head after my divorce... Don't ask me why to this day I still haven't found any connection ;-) But I am back in style as you can see on this site

Question #2
Tell us about the pizza parlor you used to own in Montreal.

I was 24 years old and decided to open a pizza joint with a friend of mine... We lasted 8 months then partnership went sour and I was left paying it all off. Took me couple of years to pay our creditors they where the type of guys you CAN"T go bankrupt with

Question #3
What's with the Tats? Discuss

I had my first tattoo done at the age of 15, then decided to get more ink done while i was living in UK. Since then it's something I really like to do and am planning on getting some neet Ink done this year and start doing the conventions.

Question #4
Why do so many high end players in the adult game LOVE you?

I guess it's cause I am French, i entertain very well and can basically upcome any challenges any guy as gave me in the past. Oh and I am pretty fun to party with.

Question #5
Why did you break my heart, abandon me and move to Toronto?

You should blame it on Elvis Manson he's the one that Introduced me to Bronwyn. But deep down inside you will always be my favorite big Guy

Question #6
Why does Skufty look at you with love in his eyes and simultaneously clinch his ass?

That is for me to know and you to find out... Remember when you was away for a couple of days... Let;s just say that we bonded during that time.

Question #7
How many accidents did you have with off road vehicles this Summer?

Unlike amateurs like some guys we both know I haven't had any accidents just got really wet ;-)

Question #8
How many employees do you have?

I have Chandie who is a great partner, AJ who's a hard working kid. and the employee that needs the most maintenance ... ME

Question #9
What's your favorite part of working in online Adult? Least favorite?

My Favorite part is new business development, finding new solutions for company to increase there revenues. The least would be the fuckign US broders that give me a hell of a time.

Question #10
Why have you missed so many US conventions recently?

Let's just say Uncle Sam does not like boys who've been bad in the past.

Question #11
Why did you go the consulting road?

I believe there is many companies out there small, medium or big that are ready to hire people outside the box to take them to the next level or help them restructure there current marketing department.

Question #12
Where do you see the adult world going in the next 5 years?

Lots of adult companies are going offshore or planning on going offshore and outsource to cheaper labor. It will get really interesting to see in 5 years who is still around and have there company based in North America.

Question #13
What does CHARGE!!!!! mean?

Can mean many different things but since you are asking I would say it meant " Hello Ladies... How you doin'"

Question #14
What was it like living in Curracco?

Good for few months but after a while you get Island Fever and you need to see buildings that are taller then a 4 story.

Question #15
What was it like living in Europe?

I was working with Meat and Aga. I had a great time but after spending a year and goign threw a divorce I got side tracked and my focus went out the door. Had to come back in Montreal and do a little 2 months time off and get my head back together.

Question #16
Why do they call you the Pelican Hunter?

Actually Scott, I don't hunt the Pelican. I study their natural behavior during summer time on Pelican Island... I beleive you have some interesting vids in archives about these studies.

Question #17
Would you change anything from your past?

I would not change nothing in the past. I rather look towards the future and try to get the proper tools to go threw life and be the best person i can be with what i got to offer

Question #18
Why is Sake bad?

Cause when drinking too much someone that as something in mind will do ANYTHING to get it ;-)

Question #19
What's the difference between email marketing and spam?

Hahahaha good one... Spam is Bad and email marketing can be very good if done properly. Now for all of those who think I am a mailer.. .Think again I have never sent one single email out but i have worked with different types of mailing campaigns in the past ;-) But I am currently working on a new can spam mailing program that will basically facilitate business for anyone that as good opt in list and will to make great money doing can spam compliant email marketing campaigns.


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