Shemp runs an Old School TGP with a lot of loyal surfers that return every day. He has a rep among key peeps in this biz that's as good as it gets. Older than most in this biz, Shemp other life prior to Adult is an interesting one. He was an industrial engineer and consulting in corporate rationalization shows. He has a mainstream corporate white collar background that most of us in this biz shy away from. Always looking for an opportunity, he's had investments in adult arcades, pool halls, stereo stores and mailbox centers. His living in many places in Canada and in the world grounded him. One gets a sense of the wealth of life experience by talking to him for a few mins. Shemp is currently battling cancer and often must put his travel arrangements on hold. His winning spirit keeps him on top and always looking for the next cool thing.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Shemp

Question #1
Why couldn't you make internext this year?

it was purely health related.. i had a lung infection for much of Nov and Decemeber and fighting it, threw off my blood counts... i have very little immune system at all, so i have to be extremely careful when i travel.

Question #2
What exactly is the Shemp group?

the shemp group is really the umbrella for all of our sites, including the partner sites that i share with Orgasmics, Nina and Amber... It was originally my way of injecting fresh ideas into my scope, each one of the group have talent and skills that i dont have. It also became our way of branding ourselves.

Question #3
Is there some relationship between the name shemp and pot?

yes, there was a rumour that SHEMP stood for S. HEMP or "smoke hemp" i don't know where these things start... I originally marketed the site under the name "the New Shemp".....but surfers and webmasters alike just used "shemp"

Question #4
With all the businesses you've been involved with - which is your favorite?

The best jobs ive ever had were in Project Management, usually working for one of the courier companies. lots of travel, expense accounts, nice clothes ;)

Question #5
Have you ever slept with (ie fucked) any women in this industry? Would you?

No, i never have.. i've really only felt close enough to one girl to even consider it....

Question #6
Where do you currently live?

i live in the Fraser Vally of British Columbia. we have a nice home in the mountains, between Mission City and Harrison Hot Springs.. i live near the bigfoot/sasquatch area...

Question #7
Why do you hate Ottawa?

i got assigned/transferred there for a while in the 1980's.way too cold, very few good places to eat, no night life.. it was a ghost town on the weekend too, as all the government guys traveled back home.. its come a long way since then though.... i have to say that Hull and Gatineau, Quebec were always great places to visit and of course Montreal should be on everyones top list...

Question #8
What happened to Nina? Elli?

Nina and Ric have left the adult business. They have a mainstream business in NYC and they are getting married this summer. I talk with Nina fairly often and she is so happy now.. Her sites are still online, but on autopilot.. Elli got a great job with Legendary Lars and also split with her guy of 10 years. She has a new guy now and they get along great. Elli needed a change and she changed everything at once ;) She is a great friend.

Question #9
Why do you come to GFY? Why do people respect you on GFY?

i think my board persona is just to be myself. i think before i post, i try to be respectful of here for the long haul...ive been involved with drama very rarely... reputations are hard to build and easy to destroy... GFY is an entertaining board though, always very lively and we do a good amount of business here...

Question #10
When did you start in this biz? Why?

In 1997, i decided to find work closer to home. i was living near Vancouver, but working out of Long Island, New York. The commuting was killing me. I had a fulltime job offer to work out of Amsterdam, but my wife and kids absolutely didnt want to move there. Nothing that i looked at had the revenue potential or the benefits of the Adult Internet, so in summer of 1998, i jumped in with both feet.

Question #11
Who ran Shemp when you got sick?

Bryan and Mike from X-3 scripts along with help from the thumblords, updated shemp for over 18 months when i was getting Leukemia treatments. i tried to keep up with the advertising requests and the preferred submitters, but it was pretty much hopeless.. hard to sell spots when your puking in a bucket for months on end..

Question #12
Why do hot women flock to you?

Women are complex, but they do like to be respected and they do like a guy that actually listens to im a Scorpio... im also easy to talk to, i dont ever repeat whats been told to me in confidence and most of all, i'm safe... as in sterile ;)

Question #13
What does the future have in store for Shemp? Projects Biz and personal.

I spent a great portion of 2004, improving and cutting expenses. It wasnt a growth year, so cutting overhead compensated for for 2005, my Shemp Forum on Medium Pimpin will pick up a new main sponsor and as its one of the major sponsors, im very pleased about that. We have one premium AVS site in the works, plus Amber will be giving shemp sex stories a new twist. Orgasmics will be designing a "theme" tgp as well.. "Nina knows movies", needs a complete overhaul... Personally, ive been working on my car, to get it ready for the show and shine circuit starting this spring.. Long term id like to move to the interior of BC, Kelowna, Kamloops, Vernon etc....

Question #14
How many conventions do you attend a year?

one, which is normally the Vegas show. having missed that this year, i might try to get to the PHX forum.

Question #15
What do you think about traffic trading scripts and cheaters of those scripts?

- i only trade traffic with people i know and trust... a few things have bothered me about the evolution of the TGP. - trade scripts are acceptable, high skims and redirections are not. - Ive always thought using a sponsors thumb tor traffic trading purposes was wrong. - sponsors creating and hosting 1000's and 1000's of galleries....this is not necessary.. we have created a saturation syndrome for TGPs, where almost all the new ones will fail...because they rely on other people to do all the work for them, thus making almost all new sites "instant disappointment"

Question #16
Describe the perfect or best type of galleries.

a gallery is pretty simple, no need to make it complex... the purpose is to show the surfer some samples of content, if he/she likes the content, then they hopefully will want to see more and proceed through to the tour. so to me, content is always the most important things on a gallery. You also need some good hook text descriptions as well.... not a lot of fancy graphics... there are variations on this though... some guy builds galleries with 20 pix and a long descriptive story and tells the surfer to join AFF to get some action.. it seems to work well...

Question #17
Do you still get off on online porn?

ive got a nice collection of porn..if i want to see something good, i'll pull out an Anette Haven or Jessie Saint James video from 1979-80... otherwise im pretty much desensitized to the barrage of porn i see every day..

Question #18
What is the best move you have ever made in the adult industry? What was the worst move?

Early on i developed a friendship with Al Fore (Al4a) and he showed me the right way to do things. Worst move was running an ad for the Paris Hilton/John Atherton fiasco, last year.. it came highly recommended from a friend, but it turned out to be a surfer scam. i took huge abuse for it on a couple of boards, while other sites got off scot free. as it turned out i never did get paid one nickel for the lost crediblitity..

Question #19
Describe the hottest/sexiest woman you've ever seen or thought about.

a good looking babe that plays soccer......Mia Hamm

Question #20
You said you made the jump from corporate world to the porn world due to it being the best financial situation to get into. a) Looking back now, was it the best decision to make? b) How did your friends/family react to this decision?

a) it turned out well, i was ready for a career change. i tried retiring a few year previous, but i went nuts... b) A few friends just kind of faded away..thats okay though.. The immediate family was fine. my parents died a long time ago. so i dont have a Mom or Dad to explain myself to..


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