A brand name and female icon, Elli has become a symbol and idol for strippers and other sextrade workers who want to have a successful career. Aside from most of GFYers, and her fan base drooling over her, it is amazing to see the respect and awe people have for her when she tells them what she does for a living. Elli has been in the online game since before 2000 - long enough in our business to be considered old school. online world and long enough to be called old school. She is now working on her website more than ever as well as doing some consulting work for Streamray. A sweetheart and supermodel rolled into one, I'm proud to call Elli a good friend...lets hope she's still one after these questions....teehee...

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Elli

Question #1
How many guys have you fucked on film? Any plans of doing more in the future?

Well you got the burning question out of the way first, didn't ya? *wink* The answer is: one. I dated the same guy from 1994-2004, and he was the only guy I ever had sex with in that time. Since I left him in September, I have found a new someone special, and he rocks my world, just not on film yet. Maybe one day.

Question #2
Why did you start taking nude photos?

For fun! My boyfriend really enjoyed it, as did I! Our second Christmas together we got our first digital cam (the Kodak DC10) and promptly returned it for being the piece of crap that it was. We finally settled on the Epson PhotoPC 500, which had an onboard memory of 4MB. That's when the fun REALLY started!

Question #3
What got you into doing this as a business?

I was SO MAD. I mean, FLAMING MAD. <-- Like that dude. See, I caught my man surfing porn while I was out of the house, and I thought, "What the hell? I even take pictures for you to enjoy, but no, that's not enough. You have to go and look at other women for your jollies!" Like any redblooded male, he tried to downplay it. He showed me how they were real women, not plastic barbie dolls. And once I really looked, it appeared that they were having a lot of fun. So I emailed a few of them and asked what the scoop was. They confirmed my suspicions about funness, so I sent a few of my photos in to their webmaster (anyone remember TraceyNude.com or Tracey1.com?) He made SURE this was what I wanted, and then he made a site for me. I didn't open a members area until after two weeks though, to make sure that I was ready for the commitment and workload. Well, it's still fun, so I'm still going at it!

Question #4
Do your parents know what you do?

I really don't think so. I don't care so much anymore, but I'm not about to up and tell them. My mother would probably just put up a mental block about it, anyway.

Question #5
How do you handle knowing the people you meet at conventions have probably seen you naked, having sex and may have even masturbated to your site?

Um, good question! I haven't really thought about it. It's a little different meeting fans at a barmeet, because I know they're there to meet me in person, and it's a total thrill for them (from what they tell me). But at a convention, I have no idea who's seen me or my site, or who even knows my name. I mean, I've tried to give away free passes to my site in a giveaway here on GFY and got chewed out because offering free porn to porn webmasters is (apparently) redundant. But I digress... I think it's cool if someone has seen my pictures and enjoyed them! That's what they're there for!

Question #6
Why did you go to Europe and not post-secondary education after high school?

I only went to Europe for a three week summer vacation. It was sooo beautiful and I want to go back! My mother (who went with me) didn't want to try driving lefty, so we were restricted to places the busses and trains went. As a result, I only got to see one castle (Edinburgh) and one little hamlet (Arrochar/Loch Lomond). I missed sooo much!

Question #7
Will you do video and photo shoots with ANY female model for your site?

No. Would you? It's kind of funny. In 1999 the Queen of Dreamnet at a little Dreamnet gathering awarded me "Sleaze of the Year" Award, because I had posed with so many girls that year. She almost made me cry, but I'm a trooper. Times have changed a lot, and I still love doing shoots with other girls, but I am a bit more choosey who I shoot with. I have my own criteria in mind, let's leave it at that.

Question #8
Why did you leave your boyfriend?

If you want to read more gory details, go here: http://www.thereluctantpornstar.com/ to read my LiveJournal and all that stuff. I left him for many reasons, but mostly because we were not in love anymore, and the relationship was getting very strained. In many ways we weren't compatible, and I finally decided that sitting around waiting for him to change was not the noble thing to do and wasn't going to get us anywhere. So after ten years together, I packed up my stuff and my dog and moved out. This is the first time I've ever lived on my own, and I love it! I could get used to this.

Question #9
What's so great about Cambell River?

Nothing. Well, alright, it's a beautiful area. It's the sport salmon fishing capital of the world and is surrounded by beautiful forests, and also has the highest cougar population in North America. It's eat or be eaten, I tell ya! But the main reason we went there was because Peter wanted to move away from the parental units for a while, and he had family up there, so we weren't completely isolating ourselves. It was awful. We both had minimum wage jobs and had to beg for more hours just to cover the rent of our crappy little basement suite. In the nine months we were there, we went out for dinner twice. One was on Valentine's Day, and that was the day we got a speeding ticket that cost more than the dinner. It was a fine topper to the evening. Campbell River is a great place to have fun, but you need money to do it.

Question #10
Can you program Java? Discuss.

No. I can program many other languages, but for some reason I didn't pick that one up. In school I studied everything from QBasic, VisualBasic, C, C+, C++, to even COBOL (my mom helped me with my homework for that one). At home I taught myself (with books and online courses) HTML, Flash, and some PHP. I haven't been coding much lately, though, and after trying to play with the LiveJournal customized layers (S2), I realized my brain is completely out of the coding habit. Time to hit the books again!

Question #11
Why did you leave Arizona?

Well, we made an effort at the visa thing, but it didn't look good. I also dried out. Elli's aren't meant to be rasins, they're meant to be kept moist. Also, the politics at Dreamnet (the amateur network my site is a part of) got a bit hairy at the time. So we thought it best to remove ourselves and retreat back home. I love Vancouver. I've travelled all over, but it's still the only city I want to live in.

Question #12
What do you do for Streamray?

Right now my main focus is to get more affiliates signed up. If you feel like using my refcode, click here. I have also written some stuff for them, like parts of the new Webmasters "Getting Started Guide" and a couple other things. I keep an eye on the boards, answer icq's, and smile and shake hands at the shows. I love working for Lars and Sean, they're awesome guys and everything good you hear about them is true! I have been *very* lucky in this business to have worked with some of the best people around. Did I mention Streamray is paying out $70 per sale this month on all traffic sent to Cams.com? (hint, hint)

Question #13
Do you respond to all your members emails?

Yes, I do try! I get between 10 and 40 emails a day, and I do my best to answer them all. I also talk to them on icq/yahoo sometimes.

Question #14
Ever had a stalker due to site? (other than me)

Not that I know of....

Question #15
Has your sister ever posed nude on your site?

No. She did pose in a MissGFY photo with me, though.

Question #16
Why do you come to GFY?

I registered here at someone's suggestion, but found it way too harsh, so I didn't post at all. Later, at Internext 2003, I realized that I wanted to have at least *somebody* recognize me, so I started posting to get my name and face out there, and to meet some people. So when I went to shows in 2004 people actually knew me and said hi! I'm naturally very introverted, so it helps if other people say hi first.

Question #17
Are your breasts real?

Yes. I am way too afraid of hospitals and needles to volunteer for an operation! Yikes!

Question #18
How often do you exercise to keep your body in the incredible shape it's in.

I try to do something exercise-ish every day, but it doesn't always work out. Luckily my members tend to like girls with rounder butts.

Question #19
How many photo/video shoots do you do a week?

Instead of doing a bit now and then, I like to have mega shoot days, where I get 5 or so shoots done that I can use over the next few weeks. So I shoot maybe a couple times a month.

Question #20
If you could start over today at the begining of your online career - would you do anything differently?

That is an excellent question. I think I may have treaded a little more heavily than I did before. I was too timid and let people walk on me a little too much. Now I'm older and wiser and I'm not afraid to kick a little ass now and then. ;) Other than that, no regrets! And I'm done! Thank you SO MUCH to Scott for the great opportunity and the chance to reflect on the past 7 years (and then some). And a big thank you to everyone who read this and added a comment to the thread, because you really made my day. Cheers, everyone!! Aye aye, and goodbye, as the Captain says!


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