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The top GFY poster - Juicy's image is by far the most recognizable. Always happy, he's brought a smile to more than one person with his horny sexy persona. But Juicy's more than just a pretty face living in New York. His background is the headhunter business. He ran a successful computer book business and currently has high traffic porn sites. Juicy's marketing skills show this cutie has more tricks up his sleeve than many may think. His SEO skills are impressive, and these days he's becoming a who's who database for the main players in the game. Everyone knows Juicy - that's a given. What's becoming important these days is does Juicy know you?

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Juicy D Links

Question #1
Why the fuck did you do Mary34D on Film? What the FUCK were you thinking?

K I was going on no sleep for like 36 or so hours...I was fucking horny. Opportunity was there so I grasped it. PIMP PIMP

Question #2
Any plans on staring in any more porn films?

I have been asked on numerous occasion to stuntcock and such. To be honest I think with a room full of people and such i might have erection issues. I am not totally gonna say no but if opportunity presents itself and I am horny and the chick is hot pretty good chance i might just say "Fuck it...Lets do it"

Question #3
I have to ask - are you a little bit gay or bi? SERIOUS QUESTION

100 Percent Straight. Have been for 29 yrs almost. Not even a little bit bi curious or gay curious at all. To each his own. Being with gay people and such or partying with em doesnt matter to me. But sexuality wise I only will sleep with women PIMP PIMP

Question #4
Do you do any of the metrosexual crap to your face like mud packs and such?

Yes I do , I exfoliate my skin with a deep scrub thingy made from the Dead Sea minerals from Israel. I also have a great hand exfoliant from the Dead Sea that makes your hands ultra smooth and removes dead skin, I do get my eyebrows waxed evry few weeks to keep them groomed. I try to go tanning 2x per week also.PIMP PIMP

Question #5
How did you get so many posts?

I used a postbot here and there. But out of 50k + plus posts majority are legit posts. After 50k who really cares anymore? hehhe... PIMP PIMP

Question #6
Why do you continue to live in New York?

TBH I ask myself that same question. I forsee in the next 2 years or so leaving NY. NY is fun dont get me wrong , we have hot bitches and such. But I lived here all my life and you get sick of things after awhile. Sometimes change is needed. PIMP PIMP

Question #7
How often do you actually go clubbing? How often do you score?

In the winter time now we try to go out every friday and saturday night. Summer time we go out maybe a extra night here and there. How often do I score? I have various outlets of picking up. Clubs , bars and lately internet dating. I dont score as much these days as i did when i was in college and in my early 20's Back then there was not too much to worry about except getting laid. These days when we go clubbing If i see something i like and opportunity is there i go for it. I dont really do the "come home with me or lets go back to your place routine" I pretty much take there number and get in touch. First date, If she puts out then I basically will use that girl for just a fuck buddy nothing more. I am not a relationship guy as I get bored very quick. Some people might portray me as being cocky but i feel without being confident and such you wont tap any ass or succeed in anythin for that matter PIMP PIMP

Question #8
Who are your favorite GFY posters?

To be honest I like the people that have been around here for awhile. I really dont have any "favorites" per se. Some of these fake characters though make me laugh so hard sometimes. I like GFY as a whole , cant really say I pick and choose whose posts i read. PIMP PIMP

Question #9
Why do you come to and post on GFY so much?

GFy is like a home away from home on the web. Been here since 01. I find it very entertaining and a good medium to get you name , program and what not out there to the masses. I really dont post that much tbh. Most of my posting occurs like at night , I can easily knock out a bunch of posts as long as my work and stuff is done for the day. PIMP PIMP

Question #10
What was the biggest fight you ever got into on GFY? Who pissed you off the most on GFY?

Biggest brawl fight I ever got into GFY was the incident with Jupiter and such way back when. But I have short temper and both sides went overboard. We resolved the issue and its water under the bridge. Also the Brawls I had with AMP back in the day. But again we both lost it and things got resolved PIMP PIMP

Question #11
The most women you've had sex with in one day?

2 at the same time back in my college days. so 2 is the answer for this one. PIMP PIMP

Question #12
Have you ever fucked a hooker?

Most women are hookers in one way or another ...so yes I have. But as far as paying and banging a escort and such nope never have. Closest was back in day got a handjob at the massage parlor , bitch was yanking my cock too hard almost pull it off :-() PIMP PIMP.

Question #13
Have you ever been paid to fuck someone?

No I havent, but if anybody needs a good fuck let me know juicy@juicycash.com

Question #14
How many conventions do you attend a year?

the two Internext's in Fla and Vegas , I hit the GFY toronto thingy. Planning on attending maybe 1-4 more events this year in additon tot he above mentioned. I really hate getting on airplanes and shit and traveling

Question #15
What has GFY done for your career?

Made me into a "celebrity" which in turn opens doors and opportunitees.....

Question #16
Does your family know you hang out on GFY?

Evry one in my immediate family expect my mother knows casue she is a nutcase bitch .

Question #17
If you couldn't post to GFY ever again - what would you do with your time?

I would start my own board and talk to myself all day on there

Question #18
Are you rich? Discuss

No I am not "rich" , I do well to be happy. I dont lead a big lifestyle and most of my money gets reinvested in business. Between multiple stuff adult and non adult I do well. I am not a multi millionaire .....yet

Question #19
Do you make more from your sig or your other businesses? Discuss.

Signature is just extra money to play with with. I have mutiple income streams to keep the money coming in

Question #20
Other than GFY - what is your favorite passtime?


Question #21
Discuss the mental medication and treatments you seem to be on and all that goes with that.

I have anxiety and panic attacks which started few yrs ago out of the blue. Basically the attacks put my life on hold. I was afraid to go out and such as of fear of another attack and such. First doc i saw misdiagnosed me. I finally found a good doctor whom put me on Paxil , which helped me alot. I felt i regained my old life back. My doc recommended i go see a shrink. I was aginst this. So after a while i decided to see one. My health insurance covered it so why not. been seeing the shrink for about 7 months or so. He put me on Xanax and it helped me even more. I might kid around about it but I am under supervision with these meds, so no need to worry.

Question #22
Do you own your home or rent?

I own 2 properties in NYC that I have had for 2 years. I have been renting those out. The values have risen so in due time I will put them on the market. Rent covers the mortgages and such and puts a little bit of extra coin in my pocket monthly I purchased a home here on Long Island a few months afterwards which i was living in ,now i rent that property out to 2 people. There was some issues with my parents and such and thus leading to a divorce. Currently I moved back to my orignal home and watching over my brothers and mother. I am helping her out with bills and such and waiting for brothers to get settled then we plan on selling that house. My father is currently living buy himself but we are looking for another home on Long Island to purchase with him in a joint venture. Hence to the previous question the family issues and divorce have had a effect on my anxiety and stress levels.

Question #23
What ethnic background are you?

I am a Persian Jew. i speak english , hebrew , farsi and some Spanish

Question #24
Have you ever killed someone with your looks?

Not yet. Women often find a good looking male like me intimidating and unnaproachable. But in essence its the opposite I am very outgoing and socialable so feel free to come say hi to me

Question #25
How do you deal with the fame at conventions?

I embrace it. I enjoy it. It introduces me to new people and new contacts. It can get a little annoying at times , but that comes with the territory

Question #26
Has anyone ever recognized you in your real life at home from gfy?

No not really tbh. But it is bound to happen soon.......

Question #27
What is a Guido?

K Guido is really a deragatory term towards italians. Sterotypes em as wife beater wearing gold chaing weaaring people But when i use the term Guido , out here in Ny/Nj area is different. Guidos are basically juiced up , hair in gell , reaking of cologne , tight muscle shirt , eyebrow plucking guys in the clubs you see in NY Guidos usually drives anything from mustangs to mercedes out here. So when i imply guido that is what i am in essence referring to not the "italian" stereotype Anybody can be a guido its the look and attitude i am referring too.

Question #28
Do you have a girfriend/boyfriend currently?

Currently single. I like to have fun and dont feel ready to be tied down at this time.

Question #29
How do you come up with so many cool animated images for gfy so quickly?

I used to be a photoshop dude back in day , also keep in mind i self taught some stuff by ready the PS books i get in stock. I have psd files also that i can use for new chops


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