In honour of the 100th Ambush Interview, our very own Sleazy is the target. Scott aka Sleazydream as been running a very successful TGP site called for many years. He’s a great guy that loves to tease and also as a heart of gold. Some love him, some hate him and others love to hate him. Nonetheless, you are a curious bunch. This was your chance to get revenge on Sleazy, the originator of Ambush Interviews. Thank you to all who participated in this ambush and for being such good sports about being put in the hot seat in the past. Here are your questions. Now rip it up Sleazy; it’s your time.

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!


GFY Ambush Interview thread on Sleazy

Question #1
Are you really part Viking?

My mother is english and my father is Icelandic. The country of Iceland was settled by Vikings and the town I grew up in and still have a cottage in (Gimli) is the largest Icelandic settlement outside of the country of Iceland of Icelendic people.

so yes - I AM part Viking!

Question #2
Why do you buy hookers for your friends?

Yes - I've bought dozens and dozens (maybe even hundreds now) of strippers, lap dances and full on hookers for friends. I live to mess with people, and one of my favorite ploys is hiring a hooker to hit on a friend and take him home and fuck the crap out of him not ever letting the guy know it was a hooker. Thinking it was just some hot girl he picked up at the bar- Everyone else around usually knows it's hooker and it makes for a hillerious evening! So if you score and you're around me that night - think twice. I MAY be messing with you. with strip clubs - sure I've had lap dances but i get more enjoyment out of buying dances for others than for myself, that isn't to say I hant' had a lap dance, just that if given the choice I'd buy one for a friend before taking one myself. I often end up in a club spending $1000 or more a night just on lap dances for my friends - where the dances are usually $10-$20 each - so that's a LOT of dances! In some of the countries I've visited I've bought what I THOUGHT was a lap dance for friends only to find out it was a FULL SERVICE escort. Some country's strippers are more like hookers I guess. I don't descriminate - I buy them for men and women too.

Question #3
Can you explain how Sleazydream began and what made you think of this domain name? began in Jan 2000 or there abouts. I and my brother had been making galleries promoting AFF and the site was created as an archive of my and my brother's galleries as a way to send some traffic back to the people who posted our galleries. problem was - people really liked the site and book marked it like crazy so it grew FAST! guess we had likeable galleries. the name was conceived in my basement at the home I owned with my ex-wife. I ran about 10-15 adult like terms against each other looking for a 2 word combo as all the one word urls were gone and looking up to other sites like and - when i ran sleazy against dream I liked the way it sounded and thus went from there - by brother and partner at the time registered the URL and thus was born!

Question #4
Have you ever fucked a G.I.L.F? If so how was it?

ok, think about this. I have NOTHING againt fucking a Sexy mature women. Done many 40+ year olds in my time. Now if they had a kid age 15-20 and then their kid had a baby - well then they are a grandma. so yep - I've fucked a GILF - and more than one. Did I set out to specifically fuck a GILF - no. it happened. Have I set out to get a friend laid by a GILF on his birthday - YES. did I succeed? YES Have I boned the same one - maybe I have no issues in having sex with women who have had children. Hell they're often better in bed than those that havn't had kids. I don't discriminate on age - 18+ and sexy and I'm a happy camper if she likes me is my motto! my current girlfriend is 22 - the one before that was 38.

Question #5
How many historical monuments did you visit in the Philippines?

Is the shangrala hotel a monument? In Dec I was in the philippines for 6 days. I had a LOT of fun there. I was happy to come home. I hope I don't have any children there. God I hope I don't have any children there.

Question #6
Who do you host your business with and why?

My primary host is Flying Croc/Sextracker I use them cause they take care of me and keep all the people who want to take my site down away. believe me - with how I've acted on GFY over the years - there's been a LOT that have tried. Some have succeeded but it's been short victories. Flying Croc is the BEST host I have ever sceen and used. No one else has come close. I owe them a LOT for everything they have done. They have my FULL endorsement. I also use mojo host for some galleries and overflow - they are great and their service rocks. I love brad - he's a close friend and runs a tight ship. I've used other hosts in the past - won't mention names. Issues I've had have been service, level of service - people telling me how to run my business, speed of the servers and their lines, and costs.

Question #7
What post-secondary degrees do you have?

BA - criminlogy - university of manitoba some financial industry stuff, LUATC, RHY , CFP and crap like that i have a class 4 driver's licence and a firearms licence- does that count?

Question #8
Having completing University, how come are you so Illiterate and sloppy with your grammar? have some one who edits? If you’ve completed university why are you sloppy with your grammar? Did someone write your essays for you in university?

i love it when someone hammers me on my spelling and grammer and makes mistakes in the attack! i wrote my own essays - many profs downgraded me on my spelling. I would ream them out saying I wasn't being graded on spelling. didn't work - thus I got B's and not A's I guess..... never been able to spell - have terrible handwriting too. in grade 8 a teacher would REAM OUT anyone in his class that printed instead of wrote. i was the ONLY person he allowed to print - my writing was that bad - couldn't get it any better either - don't know why - i did seriously try though.

Question #9
You've lost a lot of weight since back in the day. How did you do it? Can we call you Jared?

I was 380 Lbs at my heaviest. I'm somewhere between 280-288 now, depending on the time of day i weight myself. I feel my ideal weight is about 220-240 for my height anything lower than that and I'm a BEAN POLE. i got down to 187 in university for a while - it was WAY tooo thin for me and everyone said it. I have a lot of muscle mass and need to be 200+ I hope to hit my target weight in about 1-2 years - not in any hurry - just living better - eating better and enjoying life more. i lost the 100lbs fast after I decided to leave my wife. - didn't even really diet - the weight just fell off. now I exercie a lot more and it's just happening naturally. honestly and in all reality i think i subsitue food for sex. when i have a good healthy sex life the weight falls off me. I'm loosing weight again these days.


Question #10
When you fly women to Gimli, are there any sexual favors involved?

I've flown MANY women in this industry to Gimli. I've also shared MANY hotel rooms with women from this industry - even shared a bed with maybe 10 different women from this industry for several nights. I've told everyone - if anyone asks the deal is you tell them we're fucking. fact is - I've had sexual contact with only one women in this industry. At the time I was very serious about her. There's maybe 300-500 behind the scenes women that frequent the adult internet shows. I figgure with 3 billion women on the planet I can write off 300 or so so as not to cause any problems within my business circle of friends. And I'm HAPPY I adopted that philosophy! It's served me well.

Question #11
Have you ever had sex with someone (male/female) in the industry besides JMan?

I've had threesomes/orgies with several guys from this industry and sexual activity with them around. Several women from the industry have sceen me naked and having sex. I'm not gay but i'm pretty open- havnt' had sex with any men in this industry or otherwise and only had sexual contact with one woman from the industry.

Question #12
Who do you look up to and who do you look down on the industry?

My brother has a saying -"ambition is as common as dirt, it's actually having DONE SOMETHING that's extrodionairy!" I look up to people run their own businesses. This industry and any other. Esp those that started them from scratch. I look down on people that say something can't be done.

Question #13
Name your top 10 GFY IDIOTS.

The only way I can answer this is to say - I honestly don't think anyone IS really an idiot. People - all people - do stupid things and when I label someone an idiot in my mind it's for that one time period when I felt they were doing something stupid. My hope is that by me lableing them an idiot someday something will click inside them and they will realize just how stupid their actions were. but one thing is for certain - when someone is truly being an idiot - they ALWAYS freak out when you call them an idiot. It's a sure fire test to see if someone is being an idiot or not.

Question #14
Have you ever done drugs?

Yes - caffine and alchohol are drugs. Done both excessivly at times. Also my doctor has prescribed things for colds and flues to me - I suppose that counts. When in amsterdam where it is legal I tried some smoke. didn't like it - it didn't do much to me. I've also tried muffins. They wrecked me - it was like being drunk for 12-15 hours but no hangover after. Don't really wana do that again any time soon. I can count on my fingers how often I've done that. It's not my thing. To each their own. Some people, some of my best friends, like to smoke and do harder things often, it's not for me. I don't look down on them for it, everyone has their own thing. I don't drink to get drunk often. It's happened, never two nights in a row and i get bad hangovers so after getting one I tend to not drink again for months on end other than a glass of wine or such with dinner. My optimal evening is 2-4 drinks. Considering my size - that has little effect on me. Never done any other illegial drugs. EVER

Question #15
How long was your career as a Financial Broker, did you enjoy it?

I was a financial broker for 7 years. near the end I hated it.

Question #16
How old where you when you lost your virginity?


Question #17
Someone ever pay YOU for sex?

funny story - in college - 3rd year, i was 20. (34 now) I was thin and had no problem getting women then. I was having a good year in residence and the guys on my floor were looking up to me as a pick up artist. there was this girl on my floor - her name was mira - she was a law student and really hot but socially stupid - everyone hated her. The guys bet me $5 each (4 of them) that I couldn't fuck mira by the end of the year. The next night - YES the NEXT NIGHT - i was banging mira in her room, and since she lived next to the lounge everyone heard her screaming my name. So they started calling on the phone. They called 20 times - mira stopped EVERY FUCKING TIME to answer the phone. she would not unplug her phone. Then they started calling my name - like 60 people from the lounge - SCOTT SCOTT SCOTT - while i was fucking her - she asked me what was that and I said it was some sporting event on TV. Then they leaned over the balcony (7 stories) and took photos of us fucking - she couldn't see the window but she saw the flashes and asked what that was - i said lightening (it was dec - there are NO lightening storms in dec and it was a stairy night) then then banged on the door - THANK GOD SHE DIDN"T ANSWER- then the guys slipped the $20 under the door. They got bored cause with all the action I wasn't able to cum so I ended up fucking her for about an hour. She couldn't believe I lasted as long as I did (neither could I LOL) and had multiple orgams and had soaked the bed. I didn't wana stay in her wet bed so i told her that nicely and I took the $20 on the floor that was slipped under the door when I left. When i entered the lounge there was 100 people there chearing for me. SO i guess I got paid........ I was never bad to mira - i talked to her on and off over the rest of the year and kept it casual. she fell further and further out of the social scene though and finally left rez 1/2 way though the year. I think she was banging a few prof's for grades and it was catching up with her and she had to leave. Never heard from her again. She was a good fuck that night though..... I hope she did well with her life.

Question #18
How many employees work for you?

me, my mom, eric, trish, lucy (lulu), daphne and my brother and his wife part time does some stuff for me but i trade for that.

Question #19
Can you explain how you ended up employing family members?

my first employee was my mom. when i hired her i needed help with submitting galleries. my father had JUST had a quad bypass and she knew she needed to go get a job to help them out. they didn't know what i did for a living yet so I pitched it to her on the way back from the hospital. She said no. I said think about it. the next day she called me and said she would do it. she's worked for me for many years now - a VERY loyal hard working employee who I'm happy to employ.

Question #20
Do you have any addictions? If so, how do you deal with them?

my worst adiction is food. i'm trying to manage my food intake better and run my life better but it's hard. i have a shopping problem. i try and manage that. i think i'm obsessive compulsive. i try and use it to my advantage though.

Question #21
Being Canadian, what is your opinion of GW Bush and the US political situation?

before bush - i got 1.6 or better on my money. with bush I'm now getting less than 1.1 i concern myself with what effects me directly - and bush has had a DIRECT NEGATIVE EFFECT on my bank account. i hope bush will turn the US dollar around but i doubt it - personally i want a democrat back in power - i made more money when clinton was in power. i like making more money

Question #22
What kind of cars do you own? Post pics

I own an infinity FX45 and a 1998 dodge reg cab 1/2 ton truck pics to follow later

Question #23
How long were you married? Would you go back to a married life today?

I was married for 6 years - almost 7 - together for 10 total. I left her a little over 2 years ago - apparently she's remarried now. I'm not against getting remarried. I feel I know what i'm looking for. People change - hopefully i'll grow with the next partner together and not in seperate directions. As long as I learn from my mistakes then I don't regret anything

Question #24
How many people has your dog bitten so far?

I asked Skufty just now and he said he hasn't bitten anyone! he's nibbled on a few people - ok, sometimes there was blood - sometimes stitches were involved, sometimes things got removed, but he's my baby. Can you blaim him? - some people are just TASTY!!!!!!!!!

Question #25
Where you ever caught/arrested by the police? Details.

Arrested - no. Never Caught? speeding tickets - yes, traffic violations - yes. - who hasn't gotten some of those? I've been to court on about a dozen of them - beat every one. and once I got a ticket for riding my off road 4X4 quad on a gov't road in the middle of a blizard but the cop didn't submit the ticket so I got off. I have no criminal record.

Question #26
What's your "Kink"?

kink is an interesting word. what's my kink? hummmm I like food. getting up to 380lbs kinda says I have had a problem with food before and still do - it's an ongoing battle with me. I love women and flirting. I like sex. I have an actve sex life. I'm pretty open about it too - just not into any kind of pain is all. but mostly I love fucking with people. I've been told I have a propensity to tease that's beyond anything that can be considered normal or healthy.

Question #27
How many hours a day / week do you work? Seriously…

When I started sleazydream I worked 10-16 hours a day - 7 days a week. Since my divorse, on average I'd say I work about an hour a day - but with the new paysites and such I've been working on things are cranking up again and i'm getting back into a more regular work schedule. The people who work for me work 5-8 hours a day.

Question #28
Why do you refuse to try dating services other than AFF? What happened at Andrew’s House ?

I have a special deal with AFF - I've been with them for over 8 years. Thay have always been great to me and I'm loyal with the people who are good to me. in 8 years - AFF has NEVER missed a check to me. And my checks from them are not small. They have never been late and that's a LOT more than I can can for any other program I have ever worked with. What happens at Andrew's house STAYS at Andrew's house.

Question #29
Can you do the splits? Are you really THAT flexible, any pics?

In university I was big into martial arts and in really good shape. I was able to do the full splits. Nowadays I'm happy if I can touch my toes. Probally should get back into stretching though - it felt really good to be limber like that. sorry - i don't know of any pics.

Question #30
How much money do you figure you spent at the Grand Prix and Hilton in Montreal?

I didn't SPEND any money there. I INVESTED a lot of money in building relationships with people from this industry by buying them entertainment that they will never forget at those establishments!

Question #31
Why won't you Ambush Donny?

Who's Donny???????????

Question #32
What is your funniest memory from a show?

My funniest memory - the one that I ACTUALLY HURT myself laughing at it was sooo funny - had to be curracco. a few years ago Flashcash took about 40 webmasters to what could only be called a hooker ranch called the mirage. It's an old army base with about 200 rooms all seperate from each other and the hookers live and work there. SO the bus pulls up - most of us had never sceen anything like this place before - and everyone gets off and heads for the main compound where there's a bar and strip club. About 50 HOT girls are waiting for us - about 200 yards away - all in cut off shirts that say flashcash. - Now flashcash had given out (remember this is all LEGAL in curracco) - tokens for a free ride with a girl so the girls wanted of course to get the tokens from us. - they rushed us - a group of about 50 HOT women that couldnt' speak english all screaming "fucke me fucke me fucke me!" - Well everyone stopped in our tracks. No one had ever sceen anything like this before. The mob came closer and closer and no one know what to do. So one of my dear friends realizes he can SEIZE this moment - he looks to the left - he looks to the right - everyone is FROZEN. The mob is rushing in closer. He puts his head down and screams "CHARGE!!!" and rushes into the mob and tackels about 2-3 girls. I have never sceen anything as funny as that before or since. I could not stop laughing for 20-30 mins and actually hurt myself in my sides I laughed so hard.

Question #33
What happened between you and Choker?

No matter what anyone tells you - I did not have sex with Choker. I refuse to answer any questions about other members of his family.

Question #34
How many properties do you own? Post pics.

I own a little house in winnipeg. I own 2 time shares I just got 161 acres - 1/2 mile of lakefront property near the city. i have a little cottage in gimli and a gravel pit.


Question #35
It appears that you're into toys. Any favorites? Post pics.

i LOVE toys. my favorite toys are quads - snowmobiles - speedboat - kayaks, bicicles - big screen tv's - laptop computers, cars, motercycles, watches, and anything KEWL!!!!


Question #36
What comes to mind when you hear: "NoCarrier"?

right now - a man with a sick child willing to do ANYTHING to help that child. he's got enough problems - i don't need to make it any worse than it already is.

Question #37
Why do you attend industry shows? Have any favorites?

Some people goto shows to sell - i sell from home. I goto shows for relationships and relationship building. if you have the relationships - you can get your work done a lot faster and more efficentially than someone without them. the best show of the year is probally the phoenix forum. It's done for the right reasons and it's got a high concentration of people who know thier shit in this business. without all the idiots around. After that - I'd have to say webmaster access. The GFY crew does these shows for the right reasons and works their assess off making sure everything goes perfect. I give them a lot of credit on them and they are the shows I make the most effort to attend. I try and get behind these shows as much as possible. Internext is important and the largest show of the year - i tend to get lost in the crowd at them though. Depending on your business model internext may be essential to you. I've had a lot of fun at cybernet expos in the past and done GREAT business at them. Some of the smaller shows have been the most productive to me. qwebecexpo is always a BLAST as are some smaller gatherings. I look for shows now where I can spend more time on a personal level with people. I get the most out of that kind of situation.

Question #38
Sleazy, do you have any medical advice for people who "accidentally" injur themselves with your business cards?

doesn't have the guts to answer

Question #39
What makes a sponsor better than others? Can you name some of your favorites and some of your least favorites?

my favorite is anyone who PRE-PAYS me. a good sponser is one that has quality content and runs a sound company. the ones that piss me off are the ones that keep asking me to do affilate when they know i only do pre-paid. think about it - if you make money pre-paying me - then prepay me and be happy makeing more money. - if you wana suggest something else - you're probally trying to scam me.

Question #40
Why do you giveaway X% of your revenue to Cybercat?

'cause he's cute. there may be business reasons but mostly it's the cuteness factor.

Question #41
Why do you live in Winnipeg Manitoba?

some people like to be a big fish in a small pond. I'm one of those people winnipeg is a first world country city - with 700K people - it's got EVERYTHING I need - easy traffic - and it's cheap as hell. plus my parents are my dog's babysitters when I travel and they live close by

Question #42
Why post on GFY rather than other boards?

loyalty and time - if i posted on other boards i wouldn't get ANY work done and GFY has the best reach. Plus other boards don't want me calling their people idiots. I'm home here. I come here for sport.

Question #43
Are you a nudist and is it company policy to work naked?

at this moment I'm working at my office in my underwear, nothing else. I have worked naked - i usually have breifs on. i'm not really a nudist - when nude i'm usually thinking about sex - true nudists try to just be nude and not have it be about sex - when nude i'm usually thinking about fucking, fucking, or in the shower....

Question #44
Is it Icelandic custom to wear jeans at a wedding?

I bought a new $600 suit for sweetums wedding last month- and when i got to the hotel I realized that I had forgot to bring the pants - just the jacket - tie and shirt. the only pants I had with me were jeans and I didn't have time to get new ones for the wedding as I found out last min so I had a suit jacket and heans on for Sweetums wedding. sorry babe - it wasn't done on purpose and I feel horrible about that.

Question #45
Have you ever had an albino hooker?

not sure what would constitute as an albino? have I had sex with blondes? yes have I had sex with white haired women? yes have I had sex with redheads? yes do i know if they died their hair - no idea. have I had sex with women that have pale skin? yes were they albino? no idea that's about the best way i can answer that......

Question #46
Pickles or pickle relish. What tastes the best?

pickles. me loves a good pickle when the time is right

Question #47
Any advice for a newbie trying to get into this industry?

buy my ads

Question #48
What type of music are you into?

i like dance music and 80's and 90's hard rock as well as pop. i listen to the radio a LOT - finally in the last 2 weeks getting into my ipod - had it for 3 years and never used it. LOL

Question #49
Was your ex-mother-in-law really that bad?

let me tell you some stories. these are just the first few that come to me off the top of my head first time i met her - i went to shake her hand and she pulled back not wanting to touch me. went to dinner once before i was married with them - they stopped in on us. we were BROKE at the time and couldn't afford to go out - but they insisted. we told them several times we couldn't afford it - they insisted. we were clear we were broke but they forced it - telling us we had to pay our own way too. (they made in excess of $100K a year). so we did it cause we were forced into it and my ex couldn't say no EVER to her mother. anyway they order some wine and ask if we want some - we say no, we can't afford it - ok. wine comes - they say here - try some - so they pour us a TASTE - a small small amount in a glass each. they drink the rest of the bottle. bill comes - they expect us to pay 1/2 the cost of the bill - we had maybe 1/4 of the cost - we ate VERY little - but they said when you go out you dont' seperate items and you split the bill in 1/2. And demanded it. We didn't eat much that week. i knew then and there i would never like this BITCH. she wouldn't let me pick my own tux for my wedding. they knew my parents didn't have much money - the location was ritzy for our wedding and that was their choice so they helped pay for this place. I would have paid for a much cheaper place and actually wanted a more afforadble place - as did my ex wife, but since they wanted it and said they were paying for it for their oldest daughter I said ok. anyway - my parents chip in several thousand over what they can afford to it - what they said they could afford at the begining and they had the gall to beg my parents for more at the wedding. my parents didnt' tell me that till a few years after. my ex motherinlaw has many brothers and sisters - one family party - and they are all good people - several of her brothers and nephews were talking about mother in laws and who had the worst - they were all telling horror stories. I listened for a bit then cleared my throat. they all stoped dead - looked at me and said "you win" - this was her family and brothers. she would call me fat and overweight rudly all thet time when my weight got out of controll - and she was a fat battleaxe herself. I refused to borrow anything from them cause they would charge us. i usually had new or almost cars - they had 15-20 year old junk. one day at their place I told my ex father in law to take my new car in a snow storm cause he had to go somewhere - high risk - no problem for me. insurance would cover any damage if something happened and it was way safer for him. I would let him drive my new cars any time he wanted. and he did. dozens of times. I'm like that. I never let the things I own own me. didn't bother me at all. so one day they get a new van - a safari - nothign special but new so it's nice i guess- and they pull up and are talking to us and one of the first things my ex-motherin law says is "and YOU can't ever drive it!" to me- i hadn't even asked to drive it - honestly didn't care one way or the other - even her husband was disgusted with her for that remark. after i was seperated my parents ran into my ex's partents at an auction - my exfatherinlaw went to sit with my parents to say hello - my exmother in law wouldn't come close to them. they were selling everything they had related to the marriage. It was less than a month seperated. My inlaws NEVER called me when I seperated. My parents called my ex several times. I had a paper proposal to my ex about the settlement. my inlaws saw it and took it to a lawyer saying it was no where near enough - must have cost my ex $20-$30K in legal fees - she ended up getting a lot less, a LOT less. lawyers don't scare me - i scare lawyers. i can go on for hours about this bitch and how she made my life hell. my ex would never stand up to her for fear her mother would stop loving her - and you know what - she was probally right. thank GOD i have that fucking BITCH out of my life - 10 years was enough HELL with that witch around.

Question #50
Did you and your ex-wife go to a couples counseling BEFORE you got married?

yes we did. counsilor told my ex she had to stand up to her mother. i figgured she would and trusted her to. ex never did ever.

Question #51
So, Captain Titanic, how many boats have you sunk? How many new propellers destroyed?

I ONLY sunk ONE BOAT. well it sunk at the dock when i left it there - bad buy on a used boat 18' crestliner - there was a crack where the moter mounts to the boat and water slowly got in and sunk it 3/4 of the way before we caught it and pumped it out - I sold that boat. but i tend to go though about 3-4 props a year on my new bayliner speedboat. my cousin who owns a boat repair shop one day when i came in once too often that month for a new prop called out from behind his desk "ohh captain titanic is back" - and the name stuck..... i need to get a jet boat - maybe next year - the season is so short here and i only get out a few times a year it's hard to justify a new boat purchase when mine is almost new and works good.

Question #52
How many speeding tickets have you received since Winnipeg installed the photo radar stations? How many times has Skufty been photographed by the police cameras?

i honestly don't know. for a few months i was paying $800+ a month is speeding tickets. Then i got a letter saying the Winnipeg police service was planning on posting the names of the top 5 speeders in Winnipeg and I was #6. I slowed down after that. these were all photo radar tickets sent to the licence plate of my car. I still have 4 merits (max 5) on my driver's licence if you can believe that! ( you loose 2 or more merits for every traffic ticket you receive from a police officer and only get one positive for every 2 years of clean driving.

Question #53
Do you really know the Canadian customs agents by name? Ever been ass probed at the border? Did you like it?

For a while I got redlined on every trip I made out of Canada. That means a full search. I don't lie about what I do - and they figgured that since I was in Adult I was a target. After 2 times a month for a couple of months a couple of times when I got sent back for a search would see me and say - don't even unpack -just go - we know you. That happened about 4 times. I spoke to a manager several times about it - every time they said they would remove me - but i kept getting redlined. I had my laptop seized once and I got a lawyer involved. Apparently he didn't seize it for the right reasons - regular porn is LEGAL and I showed him everything - so he got a repremand regarding it and isn't supposed to deal with me anymore. I don't object to being searched - I object to being searched EVERY TIME. It's a hastle and huge waste of time and disciminatory against me and my profession. I seem to be on a regular search schedule again - I haven't been redlined in my last 5 trips so I'm happy and won't complain if I get redlined the next trip or two.

Question #54
Why is your dog on steroids? How much are Skufty's vet bills?

a lot - some months it's $50- $100 - some it's a lot more Skufty has been on a steriod for most of his life. He's hulk hogan the basset hound! - the steriods help his skin rashes - he's had all his life.

Question #55
Is "Sleazydream" a phenomenon of the past, a page torn from the history of online porn? Or is there something more to look forward to from you besides the slow reconstruction of your GFY post count?

Sleazydream was the first LARGE 200k uniques plus a daythumbnail TGP. I keep the site clean without crazy redirects or the like and try to keep good content on it. Basically I post what I like, and others seem to like it too. The site stays steady with it's traffic. It has minor ups and downs - as do ther sites but the fact is it has a core of loyal surfers that bookmark it. I have other projects we're about to launch. I'm always trying new things. not ewverything works but every once in a while something sticks. i think i was the first person to reset a 20K plus post count.

Question #56
Why are your TGP parties always a great success; what's your secret?

We've thrown a lot of unique venues in the past: blue man group, "O" show, helicopter rides, dinner at the stratsophere, paddle wheel boat rides, balloon rides, yaught dinner on flordia on the intercostal - yaught seated 300 - only took 120 so everyone would have SPACE, did a western sixgun shoot out in phoenix and a few other's I'm forgetting. many companies have helped me throwing in funds to make these events possible. AFF,, cybercat, AEBN, Webquest, Platnuim Bucks, and others please forgive me if I forgot to list you.... the events were done just to have the event - I threw in as much money as every sponser personally out of my pocket. I never profited on any of them. The guest list is business associates and friends. basically if I don't know you or do business with you , you ain't comming. People have told me past events have been a how's who of the main players in the TGP marketplace. I just have fun and I do them to give something back to the people who got me to where I am today. thank you everyone for your support on them and for comming!

Question #57
Have you set you set your sights outside of porn?

my next few years are all porn. but I've begun to purchase land to develope for 10+ years down the road. have 1/2 mile of lakefront already - plan to acquire up to about 4-5 miles of it before I begin my next career in 5-10 years developing it and selling off the lots

Question #58
What kind of girl are you attracted to?

My whole life I've gone gaga over short haired brunettes. a cute short haired brunette makes my head spin. that being said - my current GF is blond with long hair. natural brunette though........... I'm attracted to all kinds of women - from smart ones to knockout models. with all the women I've fallen in love with I'd have to say somehow chemistry plays a role more than anything else - as I've gone head over tails for all body types, education levels, ethnic backgrounds, hair colors and types, heights, economic status etc. I love all ladies. Hate all bitches. I'm easy to please and fall for different things with different people. what I honestly prefer is a slut. I have no use for virgins. If your'e a virgin and want me - please go fuck at least 10-20 guys first, and that's an absolutle MIN. Experience makes for the best sexual encounters and I'm totally totally done with virgins. The more partners you've had in the past (and have a clean STD test) the better I say! 100 good, 500 great! 1000+ I'm fucking drooling over you!!!!!!!!!! Some women don't think a guy wants to know how many men they've slept with - but if a woman says hundreds or more to me I absolutly HAVE to have her. She KNOWS THINGS and I want her to do things to ME!!!!!! I have no quams about comparing myself to other men. Do I have the biggest dick - NO - but it's not tiny either and I have a clue how to use it or at least most sexual partners have told me so. Thus I have no problems with people with a lot of experience! Any body type but a sexually agressive women towards me ALWAYS turns my crank.

Question #59
What was your ex-wife like and how much did she take you for?

what was she like? she was a nice girl. we had our probelms - people grow appart. She'll make a great wife for someone - just NOT for me. she took me for a lot less than she origionally asked for and what I origionally offered before she got a lawyer involved.

Question #60
Has living with another man stunted your sex life or has it opened up to new experiences?

I got laid by women a little more before I got a roommate - but I think that was cause I was serial dating and lonly. I'm more about quality than quantity now. what happens with Jay stays in winnipeg .

Question #61
You have frequently said that you have a crush on a woman on GFY. Will you ever say who she is?

It's actually been several different women thoughout the years I've been here. most have eventually known who they are. I won't post their names.

Question #62
Explain the hot dog maker?

the hot dog maker came about on a plane ride home from curracco. I was sitting in 1st class beside DH and it was when the choker wars (if you can call them that) were going on. DH came across this pop up hot dog cooker in a magazine he found on the plane and just started laughing - he showed it to me and said I HAD to buy it and send it to choker - as a make up gift and sign of good faith - too see what he would do as he had stated many time he liked hot dogs and was going on about being a big baller. so I sent it - and he loved it. Remember this was the same time we were warring about big balling and money- he gets this hot dog cooker in the mail from me and posts that he loves it and uses it all the time! I think I got 200 people that icqed me laughing their asses off about that. mind you - remember he has young kids so a popup hot dog cooker would probally be a usefull thing for a single dad raising a couple of kids.... but still - funny as hell!!!!!

Question #63
What do you have against pelicans?

big beautiful birds - Jay and I filmed an eposide of 'the pelican hunter' we would sneek up - me filming Jay - on the pelican heard - and scare the crap out of them. - funny as hell! i think they are regrouping now as we speak for a counter attack.

Question #64
In all your travels what has been your favorite place to visit and why?

honeslty - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada first world country - friendly people- cheap as hell to live here - 4 seasons - great home here - helathcare - etc. I love my city where I live.

Question #65
Can you explain this picture?

costa rica - wegcory was presenting so I SEIZED the moment!!!!!!!!!

Question #66
What was your career plan prior to this? Why the switch to online adult?

I was a financial broker and slowly growing buying out other agents. I love this line of work MUCH MUCH more! I was born to work in porn.

Question #67
Is it true you secretly have a crush on Steve Lightspeed?

how can you not love Steve Lightspeed. He's got short hair - small waist - tight little ass - and always willing to push the limits.


Question #68
What's your favorite movie and why?

my favorite movie is 'Swimming with Sharks' staring Kevin Spacey and Frank Whaley it describes this business to a tee i'll be blunt - if you don't 'GET' that movie - you won't make it big in this business.

Question #69
What is your favorite sexual position?

every women feels different all all bodies are different in how they mesh and whatever works best with the person I'm with - that's my favorite position! so long as we BOTH get off - wait - scratch that - as long a I get off!!!!!!

Question #70
Have you ever been part of threesomes and orgies?

yes. I believe in being safe - condoms or RECENT std tests. but I enjoy what some people may call a swinger lifestyle. not into pain at all.

Question #71
As an online adult company owner, why the fuck do you have a gravel pit?

my dad was in the gravel business for his whole life - so i bought it off him as an investment when he was selling off the stuff from his business. it's awesome for quading!!!!!! i'll sell it or trade it or use it for land development in the future. almost traded it once for a lakefront lot.... guy backout out at the last min.... it'll come in handy sometime in the furtue I'm sure.

Question #72
Describe yourself as a child using one of the following: a spoiled brat, a nice kid or a bully?

I was all three. people wear different faces for different crowds. anyone who's always the same to all people is boring as shit.

Question #73
Why are you obsessed with Skufty's balls?

Skufty is a 60 lbs basset hound with balls bigger than black man with a 10 inch dick and He knows it.

Question #74
Being a veteran with the working girls, what are your rules for dealing with them? i.e. what happens when a whore tries to upsell you or if the price is different in the back than it is in the front?

I have a rule with strippers and it almost 100% determines if you're going to get a good lap dance or not. If they say it's $15 for a lap danse - you offer $40 for 3. if they take that - you're going to have a great lap dance. If they sit there and argue about the $5 - no matter how hot they are - DO NOT DO ANYTHING with that girl. She WILL be horrible as she's there ONLY and I mean ONLY for the money and doesn't enjoy her work. If a stripper changes the price in the booth, stop the dances immediatly and pay her and leave. Hardcore models are the same way - if they won't negotiate don't film them - you want to film a girl that looks like she's into it - not someone who's there ONLY for the money. I also believe if someone does good work to pay them extra - ie - a tip or bonus for good work. But I never state this upfront. business is business and a deal is a deal - I have little use for someone who changes a deal after the fact. I've made a killing on some deals and lost my shirt on others. I still hold to the deal. I expect the same from others and people who change a deal loose my respect. Our society is based on contracts and people holding up their end of them - be it verbal or written and I believe that transends even into the sex trade.

Question #75
Did you ever get into fights? If so, how many times? Who won?

verbal fights - all the time physical fights - it's been MANY years been in a few physical fights - won some - lost some - won some but still got really hurt. fighting isn't for me anymore. not my thing.

Question #76
Why have you moved so far out of the free site/ tgp game?

ummmmm - that's pretty much all I do?

Question #77
Who gets invited at your TGP parties?

think I touched this earlier - business associates and friends. I view them as a way to give something back to the people who helped to get me to where I am today. moochers can go fuck themselves, they arn't open parties

Question #78
Did you EVER use installs or adware programs?

on canadian and US traffic - i don't want any of that stuff ever - although I did get hacked once and they put it on my servers for a few hours before we figgured out how to get it off. Germany sent me some nasty letters about my site and they pissed me off so in revenge I sent my german traffic for a few months to hell. Litteral hell - installs, dialers etc - made a small fortune doing it and only did it cause their govn't sent me letters to my home about my site that weren't nice. That was a few years ago. these days - my site is totally clean - if anyone catches anything PLEASE let me know as it's a client cheating or someone's hacked me and needs to be dealth with.

Question #79
What was your best part time job as a student and why?

humm, best job. probally as a waiter. did it for 2 summers while going to university. I knoew how to take care of people and how to upsell wine and booze- cause of this I made more in tips than the hot girls. My totals were almost 2X theirs for the same amout of tables. I did well at that

Question #80
Do you like your job as much as you appear to or is it just a facade?

I absolutly LOVE my job - I was made for this career!

Question #81
If you ever re-marry will JMan continue to live with you?

why would I remarry when I'm alreayd married to Jman?

Question #82
If this was your last week on earth, how would you spend it? What would you have learned?

you know what - I wouldn't change a thing. I'm grateful for everything I have and have done. I learned a long time ago to live every day as if it was the last day I had to live. That isn't to say I don't plan for tomorrow - I do. But why leave for tomorrow what you can do today? Are there things I wana do in the future - damn right. I'm getting my motercycle licence - planning on pilot's licence in the spring - business plans, travel plans, etc but they are all time restricted so i can't force them early. I try my hardest to live with no regrets.

Question #83
Is ketchup really that good? What don't you eat without it?

anyone that knows me knows I LOVE ketchup, and yes - it is that fucking good! i put it on steak, i put it on mashed potatoes - i put it on toast. i put in on eggs, on bacon, and on muffins. I put it on my hamburgers, french fries and even the pickel sometimes. I won't add it to a beverage and shy away from ketchup on icecream I don't like it on sushi but love it on cooked fish. i like it on pasta and love it on most meats i often look in the pantry and call out to Jman - hey - after this bottle of ketchup, and these other 2 bottles of ketchup - we only have one bottle of ketchup left. maybe you should buy a few more bottles...... to which he usually growls at me.

Question #84
What is your favorite restaurant of all time and why?

I think it has to be Wasabi on Broadway in Winnipeg. It's a sushi place - and no where I've traveled to has been able to beat it - some are on par - and I've been to some pretty high end places around the world, but Wasabi on broadway in Winnipeg is pretty much what I define as the perfect restrauant for me. All the waitresses are foxes too - that helps! It's not cheap, dinner for 2 with saki and a couple of beers can run $200 - $300- which for Winnipeg is one of the most expensive resrauants here as you can do the same at other very good high end sushi places in winnipeg for $80. But the service, food, and atmosphere is almost perfect there. there's a steak restruant in winnipeg as well that's amazing - called 529 Wellington - I've never has steak anywhere else in the world that compares. Pricing is similar to wasabi - expensive for Winnipeg - exceeding cheap on a world scale for what they are offering.

Question #85
Do you have XXX home movies?

I have many XXX DVDs and I watch porn myself. I love, use and promote porn. I buy pay per view porn in hotel rooms. I'm not one of those people who hates what they do.

Question #86
When Paris Hilton video came out and everyone was on the craze and making a buck, did you promote her? If so, which sponsor did you use?

I have re-paid sponsers that buy spots every month on my TGP - month in and month out. I was offered a little more money - it wasn't even 30% more - to drop everything. I'm not dropping everything for a fly by night craze. I have more respect for my stable clients than that. Plus the paris thing wasn't pre-paid - all my clients are pre-paid. People offer me affilate every fucking day saying I'll make more - if that's so then buy the ads and we'll both be happy. I'm usually sold out so i don't pressure people for my ads. Even when I'm not sold out - (don't happen these days) I just put more of my own stuff up as I make more with my own stuff than pre-paid. I head LOT pf people didn't get paid on the paris thing. My clients paid in full - and have been paying me in full every month before and since then. I think i made a lot more than those that saw huge stats on the paris thing but never got their checks.

Question #87
Are you superstitious?

as a general rule no - but why temp fate? touch wood - ohhhh - that felt good. I like touching my wood

Question #88
Ever sued/served anyone since you are in the Adult Industry?

anyone in adult - I've threatened to - got lawyers involved but never had to sue/serve anyone in adult. they always backed down. I know too many people in adult I generally don't need courts - I can damage someone's servers, hosting, reputation and pay check in soo many ways with my connections that few with a brain will fuck with me. I'm not saying people can't fuck with me - there's hundreds who can and could hurt me - but I bite back and it would leave welts even on large players in this game. I know most people of any significance in online adult these days - and most on a personal level. Outside of this industry - a contracter ripped me off - charged me an extra $2000 on building a deck - and then sued me for the AMOUNT cause I refused to pay it. I counter sued him for $4000 in damages and won a good chunk of that plus he lost his suit. Jman served him on X-mas eve or the day before at his home in a Santa suit. Hillerious!!!!!! even though I won the lawsuit and got a judgement against him - the contractor never paid me.


Question #89
If you had the choice: go to war for your country or bail, what would you do?

that would honestly depend on the reason for going to war. if I agreed with it - I would go. if for the right reasons I might even sign up. eg - WW1, WW2, I would go. Canada invaded - I'm in, no one needs to draft me for that. many other nations invaded and Canada goes to war to help - I'm in. most 1st world nations would be included in that - USA, neatherlands, most of europe, england, austraila, etc... If it was for a reason I totally disagreed with - no fucking way do I blindly step into the line of battle.

Question #90
Do you ever cause fake drama for mad views on GFY?


Question #91
What is the best advice you’ve received in your life thus far?

a philosoohy - which I can sumerize as "never let the things you own own you" i lerarnt it at about age 12. I went with my father and great uncle and some other guy to the race track. we lived about an hour away - comming home - my dad had gambled too much money. sure he could still pay the mortage and put food on the table - but this hit hurt and he was complaining about it - on and on and on. 1/2 hour into the drive - it's late at night on an empty highway and we're traveling 60mph - my great uncle daniel ( a very sucessful businessman from the concrete business) slams on the braked and barks at my dad. "what the fuck are you complaining about - you work for yourself! Go make some more" Silence. That never happens when someone barks at my Dad. He was right and my Dad knew it and took it. Never sceen him take anything before or since, but he took that one cause it was unrefutable. Never forgot that line and embrasing it has helped to realize anything is within reach - all you have to do is WANT it. It;s why i've never been afraid of bankrupty either. It's just stuff. Thats not to say I'm stupid about my money - just how I think about it is all. I never let the things I own own me. Once you embrace that - you make undreamnt of money. Most Everyone else told me the opposite - well at least everyone who never acheived their dreams did. Most ultra successful people I know have similar philosphies about material things. Don't get me wrong - I LOVE toys - but I'm more about the GETTING than the HAVING. well i guess i never got that advise - i overheard it. but it made an impact

Question #92
Who the Fuck is Miss GFY?

ok, it's official - I won.

Question #93
Why did your dad think you were gay?

When I left my ex wife I moved in with Jman in what is now my cottage in Gimli one day my then girlfriends Daphne, Jman and I went to a fair called the red river ex. There Jman and I had a picture of us made and put on a banner of Jman and I looking lovingly into each other's eyes and that caption of the banner was "I LOVE YOU" - we used this for a joke we were playing at the time on the Aly TV live show where she was having a gay day and we faked comming out of the closet. Anyway - we had the banner up in the living room as we had been partying hard the night before and my father came in early the next morning - we were still asleep - and saw the banner in the living room and ran out. He called my brother and proceeded to tell him I was gay and living with Jman - to which my brother reassured my father it was a joke but my Dad was adimate - he had sceen the banner. Grant knew all about the joke and kept telling my Dad otherwise but it took some time to convince my father. My Dad was even sure my girlfriend at the time was a fag hag. LOL we still laugh at him about that


Question #94
How many girls have you met through AFF and Lavalife?

Although I think I may be one of if not the top affilate of AFF over time, I have met only a few single girls though AFF when I was single. I do way better these days as a couple on there with my girlfriend meeting people. Aff seems to be amazing for couples looking to meet single girls and other couples and we use it a lot. Myspace is a great place to meet cool women as a single guy- and I dated (and fucked) a few from there. I've met by far the most women though lavalife - the phone service. there were days when I was single that I'd date ( and fuck) 2-3 women a day though that service. Usually at least 2-3 a week though I could count on and I had rediculous amounts of casual sex with women I'd meet though it. if your'e single -my advise is use a telephone dating service if you like to get laid. You'll get a LOT of action if you're honest, sincire and willing to be a little patient and nice - not saying two dates - you'll fuck most on a first date - but dont' expect to show up and fuck every woman you meet. Some do that - most like to have dinner, drinks or a coffee first. Basically invest a little time and you'll have GREAT results on those services.

Question #95
How many joins a day can you send to a decent converting program, what niche would the site be?

I don't generally talk about how much money I make or how many joins I do or can do. more than one - less then 100,000,000 a day

Question #96
Why the fuck did you choose 12clicks for Ambush 99? Did he pay you?

Although I may not agree with some of 12clicks current or past business practices and he can be a total dink in person sometimes - fact is 12clicks holds an important part of the history of what we do online today and does command some respect for that in my opinion. No 12clicks did not pay me to do his ambush, nor did I pay him. I do these for fun.

Question #97
Why does everyone who visits you get hurt?

'Cause they're fucking idiots. next question

Question #98
If you had to start over again in this industry would you do anything differently?

I wana go back - go back - and do it all over but I can't go back you know!

Question #99
Why did you break up with your brother as a business partner when you started online?

when we broke up - we had two business ventures - one paysite and one freesite. I believed the future was with the freesite - My brother believed it was with the paysite. He took the paysite - I took the freesite. We went our seperate ways. The freesite exploded right away after we broke up - the paysite never took off. After a few years my brother works with paysites AND freesites now.

Question #100
Why are there bibles in your rooms at home and hotels are you a hardcore religious guy?

I'm agnostic for the most part - but I have a world religion minor in my undergrad degree. most hotel rooms have bibles in them - open your nightstand. at home - My girlfriend likes to read the bible. She finds peace in it. Doesn't stop her from being wild when necessary - power to her I say!



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