Exceptional photographer and total sweetheart all around, Belinda has a resume most would kill for in the camera business. She's built her way up on shear talent alone - and as cute and nice as she is it's refreshing to see someone that awesome succeed in this business.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Belinda

Question #1
Do you find it hard for people to take you serious as a businesswoman being as hot as you are? Do you feel your looks help or hinder you in your career?

First off, I donít think of myself as hot. I am around hot girls all the time, I donít see myself as one of those girls. I can be cute at times but I have to work at that.

I think people do take me seriously even though I am a female in a male dominated business. Most people see what I do as a fresh breath of air. Takes out some of the ego in this business.

Being somewhat cute helps me more then hinders me. I donít come off as someone to be intimidated by at all and that helps me with the models. I am very down to earth and girls can relate to that. As far as working with other companies, many of them have told me that they love that I am a female photographer. When I interview models on camera, the clients all tell me that their members love it more then a male interviewing the girls. I donít think it hurts that I am cute but I have never been told that the reason I am being hired for this job is because I am cute.

Question #2
Are you bi? Do you get horny taking pics of sexy models? Ever slept with any of your models? Discuss in detail (with pics please)

No I am not Bi. I know, I know. That statement disappoints you all. I was not into girls before I entered this business and I am still not into girls. Being a photographer has helped me be able to admit when I see a hot girl but I have no desire to have sex with a female. Sometimes after I am done shooting and I am going through the photos, I do see a hot picture or pose but I canít say that it is an erotic or sexual thought. Itís a business to me. The girl would have to be SUPER hot for me to want to have sex with her and to this day, I have not photographed one that I would have sex with.

The only bi-experience I have had is that picture of me kissing a girl but there was no tongue involved. I know, how boring.
I have had girls interested in me. Very few have ever told me to my face, but a lot of time, they go to Donny and ask him if I have ever been with a girl. When he tells them no, they tell him that they are going to change that and be my first.

Question #3
Talk about your educational background - where did you go? What did you take? What happened?

I went to Chico State for a few years but ended up dropping out. I started shooting naked girls full time and couldnít justify to myself going to class day after day when I was already making more money doing this.

I took some photography classes but they didnít help me much. They were art photography classes where we used black and white film and no lights. I guess I did learn some about f-stops and such but I learned the most from having Brian Bradley (wanton) come show me some tricks.

Someday I plan to go back to school, or at least take some online classes or night classes. That would at least make my parents happier. LOL

Question #4

How has working in porn changed your life for the better?

I lived a very sheltered life growing up. My family was poor and even playing sports was hard to do cause that meant buying shoes and other necessary things to play. Sports were about the only life I had outside of home. We couldnít afford to travel so seeing different places was out of the question. Leaving home at 18 and starting school in Chico was my first experience out of Humboldt County where I was raised (other then being born in Texas but I was to young to really remember it).
Toward the end of my freshman year, I met Donny. He was already involved in Adult and was making a little bit of money. He decided he was going to take me places and let me see things. Within the first month, I took my first plane ride and flew the plane a little. The week after that I flew alone to LA. When I got back from there we went to Vegas, the Grand Canyon and Tahoe. No where to amazing but for someone who hardly ever crossed a county line, it was amazing to me.
So I guess porn has allowed me to travel and see places I would have never been able to see on my own..

Question #5

How many men have you had sex with? Total? At one time? In one day? How many have you had sex with without a condom? Same questions for women? How about TVs?

This is a funny question as just this last show, a bunch of girls and I and a few guys were sitting in a hotel room and one of the girls asked who was a whore. Her idea of a whore was someone who has had sex with 50 people or more. Anyone who has had sex with 10 or less she considered being inexperienced still. No I am not a whore, not even close.

Question #6

Talk about conventions. How many have you gone to? Going to? Favorites? Least Favorites?

Hmm I think I have been to Vegas 4 times and Phoenix 3 times. I just recently went to my first Florida show and my second LA show. I like going to conventions to meet the people I shoot for and hopefully meet potential new clients.
I plan on attending more shows now that I am on my own. Before, Donny did all the networking. I kind of hide behind him and stayed out of the spot light, let him do all the talking. I am not that great at talking face to face with people and I think I need to do more shows to get over that shyness. I donít want to be an attention whore but it would be nice to go to a show and have people know who I am with out Donny being beside me or having to tell them I use to come to these conventions with Donny.
My Favorite show is Phoenix. It seems the most personal and not all spread out. I also love the weather. I hate the cold and the Vegas show always seems cold to me. I canít say I have a least favorite cause I have not been to enough different ones to be able to compare.

Question #7
How come you don't have a passport? When do you plan on getting one?

Never had a reason to get one. I guess I will be getting one soon. The way the laws are becoming it is almost impossible not to have one. Plus, I may want to attend shows outside the US.

Question #8

Discuss booze and if and how much you will drink. Do you do drugs?

Not much of a drinker actually and when I do drink it is usually beer, Corona. I hate the taste of alcohol so a mixed drink has to be made really well. I donít do drugs, of any kind. I have never even smoked pot. Ask *name removed* about this. Many people have been trying to corrupt me for years. I donít care that people do them I just prefer not to. I like to be in control of myself and drugs and alcohol take some of that control away. Not saying I will never try them, just havenít at this point in my life.

Question #9
Describe the WORST experience you've ever had with a model, in detail.

Worst experience, hmmmmÖ. The worst are when you get a girl who isÖummmÖ not clean. You would think that they would want to be extra clean down there when they are coming to shoot nude photos where EVERYTHING is exposed. I have dealt with a few girls that forgot to wipe when they went #2. Or maybe they just didnít do a good job, but either way, I keep baby wipes on hand for all shoots and tell the girls before the shoot even begins to wipe from front to back to get everything off. Sometimes a girl will become very creamy from being turned on or maybe she had sex before she came and stuff will ooze out. I have to tell her an excuse like she has some toilet paper stuck to her lips so I donít have to embarrass her.

Question #10

What city do you live in? Where have you lived in your life? discuss

I live in Redding. Way up in Northern Cali. I am only a few hours from the Oregon Border and about 2 hours from Sacramento. I was born in Texas and lived there off and on till I was 6 or so switching between parents. Then I went full time to California. Most of my life, I lived in Humboldt County. From there, I moved to Chico, then to San Diego for about 6 months, back to Chico, and now in Redding. Getting ready to move more toward Stockton area to a town named Brentwood. Going to see how business does there.

Question #11
Who do you look up to in online adult? Down on?

I look up to the great photographers like Dean and Wanton. I strive to be able to shoot like they do. I also look up to Aaron for his work. Shooting is hard work and there are days that I want to call it all off cause I know the model isnít going to be easy to shoot. He has fun when he shoots and he loves doing it. I want to have his energy when I am working. I also look up to anyone that can take criticism well. I canít but that is something I am learning. People who are willing to share anything and everything like Halcyon and not care what they say about him. Takes a lot of guts and I donít have them.
I look down on people who only have negative things to say. I hate people with big egos and donít know when to back off. I also donít like photographers that feel they need to degrade women on film and talk down to them. They are not sluts, they are not whores and no they will not sleep with you cause you are photographing them nude. Some will, but they do it because they choose to. It is a job to them as much as it is to us photographers. Every model should be treated with respect.

Question #12
Talk about karma and how you feel it effects your life and how you approach it.

Not sure what to say about this one. Everything you do has a consequence whether it is good or bad. I have had good Karma and I have had bad karma. Some of the bad things that have happened lately in my life have led to some very good things. I donít feel I am a bad person and I donít feel like what I do is bad. I think it takes time to get things right and along the way things will go wrong. If you can acknowledge the things that go bad and strive to fix them for the future then that is about all you can do. I donít like to dwell on the bad things in life. What happens, happens. You canít go back and change the past so why worry about it? I donít think I am owed good karma and I will not sit around waiting for it to happen. You have to do things for yourself if you wanna get anywhere and not be afraid to ask for help along the way.

Question #13
Why do you come to GFY?

I come for the drama duh, Doesnít everyone?

Actually, I mostly come to look at pictures that others have taken. I want to study the pictures and try and figure out how it was lit. I also like to post some of my images to get feed back or post a model that is looking for work. By doing that, I have acquired a few more potential clients.
It is also a good way to keep up on industry events. If there is something happening close to me, I wanna know so I can make try and make it.

Question #14
What kind of car(s) do you own? post pics.

My very first car was a 1990 Camaro convertible that was black. That car is still in my family. I sold it to my mom for a dollar LOL she loves it.

After that I got a White mustang cobra. I loved that car and I miss it but I donít miss the lack of room and how uncomfortable it was to drive long distances in.

Then we moved to the snow and it got stuck for about a week and buried so I traded in the cobra for a 2003 Explorer. I then added on a F150 crew cab. I still have the F150 and not the explorer. Now have a brand new 2006 Honda Accord. Bought it with 59 miles on it and it now has more then 20,000. That is a lot considering we only got the car about 4 months ago. I like to drive what can I say.

Donít have any pics of the cars though sorry. I am getting ready to buy a different car and get rid of the truck. I want a Lexus but that is a lot of money. There is also I nice used BMW I want so we shall see.

Question #15
Post pics of your house.

It is in the process of being sold though. I am very sad about that. I love this house.


Of course these are of my house to... somewhat LOL


Question #16
Ever have models change their mind after a photo shoot is done? What happens? discuss

It has happened a few times. Usually it happens when the girls go home to their boyfriends and the BFís freak out. A lot of the girls choose not to tell the bfís but later on someone always seems to find out and the girls call up crying cause they are going to be dumped or their families are sad they posed. Started happening a lot more when people spread the word about us actually owning a site. Living in small communities, it was hard to hide. Pretty soon it seemed everyone knew the site. Even after the site was sold we continued to shoot for the site. I decided not to shoot for DonnysGirls anymore till I move. It is easier then having girls call up wanting us to remove the pics.

Question #17
Ever had a model go single white female on you?

We have had models threaten us when we told them there was nothing we could do about her photos being online. She signed the release and we donít own them or the site so it is not our call. We had one pretend to hire a private investigator and threaten to post letters to all our neighbors telling them that porn was being produced in this house and in the back yard where kids could possibly see. Of course that didnít go far when we told her we knew where she worked as well and knew her car and would post the most graphic pictures we had of her on her car and all over her work. The guy turned out to be her boyfriend or something. We were in phoenix when the model called us and we happened to be sitting by the owner of the site. We told him her situation and he said he would do something about the photos, it was no problem but since he was out of town as were we, there was nothing he could do till he got home. She couldnít wait of course. It was only 2 days and she freaked out.

Question #18
What companies do you or have you shoot for?

I have done work for ATK, including the Galleria, ATK Hairy, and ATK Exotics. Crazies Cash who own I also shoot for Karups, Nubiles, Donnys Girls. I have done some work for AMAContent, Matts Models, and BV for his bikini site. I also shoot for Amateur Pages along with doing some work with the playboy staff in Sacramento. I think I covered them all.

Question #19
Do you think it's harder or easier to be an adult photographer of women as a (sexy) woman yourself?

I think it is easier being a female photographer is this business. The models I photograph tell me all the time that they never would have posed if it were a guy taking their photos. Of course, that changes after they shot a few times with me. They get comfortable with themselves and me on the first few shoots and then it becomes easier for them to work for others. Although, there arenít many other adult photographers where I live currently.

Older women are a little different. I think they feel intimidated more by a younger female photographing them. They donít feel they can be sexy posing for someone half their age and female. I understand that and when those instances came up, I had no problem letting Donny shoot them. Everyone likes a day off ;).

Question #20
What are your future goals?

Hmmm future goalsÖ. Well I would love to learn to shoot more glamour stuff. My niche is amateur and although I like it, I would love to learn to shoot a wider range. I know I could easily do it but I am pretty busy shooting amateur that I donít have too much time to study up on it. Maybe I can get a quick lesson from Dean (hint hint).
Other then that, I just want be successful no matter what I do. I always want to work for myself and eventually be good enough that companies will hire me exclusively. Maybe get a few assistants as well.
I also want to start my own program. I have the girls just not all the knowledge. As I keep learning new things, I eventually want to start my own sites and hire others to shoot for me. Maybe somedayÖ *sigh*

Question #21
What is the KINKIEST thing you have ever done in your personal sex life?

Kinky is different for everyone. When I went to my first show in Vegas I was blown away by all the things that people thought were normal. I had never seen a she-male in real life. I hadnít even heard of half the toys they had on display and it certainly wasnít normal to me seeing people have sex in the middle of a room full of people taking pictures while they are using giant dildos on each other.

I am way to shy and conservative to allow myself to do half the things I have seen since I began going to shows and photographing woman. Kinky is not really in my vocabulary, at least not what everyone else in this business considers kinky. I prefer private, intimate settings with the lights off LOL

Question #22
What's your favorite sex toy? pics

My favorite sex toy is a penis. Not sure you want pictures of that though. I prefer the real thing to a toy any day. The only one I have tried is the Rabbit. It was ok but nothing spectacular. There is just something nice about seeing a penis hard, and knowing that is was you who made it that way.

Question #23
What jobs have you had in your life before online adult. list them all.

Before adult I never really had any jobs except one. When I got out of high school I moved in with my aunt for the summer before I started college. Her and my Uncle worked for a company that bought houses and were paid to take care of mentally handicapped people. Some of then had criminal records to. I think for my first real job, it was the worst choice to do. I had to change diapers, shower the woman, which meant taking them out of wheel chairs and washing every part of them. Oh, man they smelled so bad! Some of them were sexual offenders so I had to be careful not to be left alone with one of them and some of them just had anger issues. One in particular use to take his freshly cleaned clothes and throw them outside over a fence. He also use to masturbate REALLY loudly. He would start yelling so everyone knew what was going on.

Question #24
Do your parents know what you do for a living? Their thoughts on the industry and you in it?

Yes my parents know what I do. It isnít their first choice for me and they werenít super happy that I quit school to do this full time. But they donít lecture me on what I do just ask that I donít recruit and shoot in the small town they live in. I have no problem with that at all. I think they wish I was working for a company in adult then on my own because of the risks.
I get to travel and see things and they tell me that they are glad one of their kids gets to do that besides my brother who is in the Navy. They are proud that I am successful at what I do and warn me about all the bad people in this business (they learn their info from tv of course) I also get to teach them things related to adult.

Question #25
Do you help your models with makeup and beauty tricks? Where did you learn?

No I do not help them. Most of the people I shoot for like the natural look so they donít want me to have the girls wear a lot of make-up. Some girls I have to tell them to take off some of the make-up. I want them to look like they look on a normal basis. As for me, I donít wear much make-up unless I am going out. I usually wake up in the morning, take a shower, put my hair in a ponytail and only put on mascara and cover-up.

Question #26
How old were you when you lost your virginity? Talk about the experience.

I was 16 and it was not a very good experience. Not because it hurt but because it was at his house and his parents were home. He also had another guy living there with them and they had to share a room. The friend kept coming in and out and the parentís keep knocking on the door to have them both help move things into a moving van. His parents were moving out of town and the guy was in his senior year so they were letting him stay there till he graduated. We never even finished.

Question #27
Ever had an STD?

I deal with models and the possibility of STDís all the time so for this reason I know what a sensitive subject it is and why it is really no oneís business unless you are in a sexual relationship with that person.

Question #28
Belinda - now that you are single are you open to the idea of another relationship and how do I apply to get you as my love slave?

Oh no, no relationships for me. Sorry to disappoint. I need some ME time to figure out what I want to do in life. I want to focus on myself and my business, if I am not happy with that then how I can even began to make someone else happy, know what I mean?

Question #29
When you were 10 years old - what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to teach or be the first girl in the NBA. I use to tell my parents that and they always said they hoped it happened, then the stupid WNBA came out and my dreams were shattered. Oh well, I still had teaching.

I wanted to teach up till I started college and you had to go to a school and sit in a class and help the students with work. I knew then that I did not have the patience for that at all. Not for someone elseís kids

Question #30
Jman wants to know if you want any kids (specifically French kids)?

Yes I want kids. If the guy that is lucky enough to have kids with me is French, well I will have French kids. LOL



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