Probably the most all around photogenic women I've ever known, Lia works full time as a model and runs with the big site owners and businessmen of this industry. Not just a pretty face but an incredibly well connected businesswoman Lia defines class and fun as the pics that will be posted to this thread of her will prove!

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!


GFY Ambush Interview thread on Lia19

Question #1
Talk about joining the mile high club in a private jet.

Hasn't happened yet!! Unless you count that time with SweetT,Vanilla, Punker, and me . But we hadn't even taken off yet. So technically I'm not a member.

Question #2
Is it true you were a baywatch lifeguard in school? discuss

Not really I was a swimmer in school and I spent my summers as waterfront director/professional rescuer/lifeguard for teens and mentally challenge young adults in The Poconoís

Question #3
Talk about playing nude water polo.

I also taught water sports like wind surfing and water polo (which I havenít experienced it naked but sounds like a good time)

Question #4

Discuss what it was like to watch someone die. Did you kill them? How did you get away with it?

Seeing someone die especially if they are younger is a reality check. Makes you want to run home and hug your family. Itís hard when you canít help them and they slip away right in front of you. It's a lot harder than just looking a dead body.

Question #5

What's your average golf score? Talk about golf and how you almost became a pro golfer.

My average golf scoreÖ.. Well depends 90ís Ė 100 thatís on a good day. My game is not up to par at all, being how I really donít have the time to play like I use to. But I can hold my own and keep up with the big boys! I worked for Troon golf at the headquarters before I got into the industry. Also had a coach and was playing 2-3 18ís a week and hitting the range 4-5 time a week, with hope of getting into the golf academy. I am kind of like your average guy, I think about golf almost as much as sex!


Question #6

How did you fall into modeling by accident?

Well I was on a bikini team for speed boat racing which is pretty much an excuse for me and my girlfriends to get into matching bikinis and speed around the lakes dancing and drinking beer. Good Times! Anyways the manager took the 3 top girls and posted them on a forum and told me I would start to get emails. I was like whatever... then within a few days my email box was full from photographers one of them was offering 200.00 for an hour to take pictures. I went not knowing a thing about modeling and just went with the flow. The rest is history.

Heres a few of my favs from mainstream stuff


Question #7
What's it like to be in magazines like Star, 944, and FHM?

Itís pretty good feeling the first time it happens or when you go national. I was almost in tears for my first FHM appearance. But itís also a silent ďin your faceĒ to all the people who looked down on me modeling or having a solo site, so that feels pretty awesome. Plus not everyone can to go into any mans bathroom and find that they are part of his favorite reading material


Question #8

Discuss the 'gay club"

Wow which one? Either the one I was at in MN with PB, Mason, and Steve PP, where I got the whole place to start chanting MOHAWK< MOHAWK< MOHACK until Steve got drug on stage by a drag queen dancing next to a little boy in Hanes. Men love the Mohawk!

or the time PB and I were riding around downtown with Shock ĖG from Digital Underground on one of the bike caddies look for a club and we take him to a gay club not even knowing it until all these men started making out and hitting on him. Both Good Times 4 sure

Question #9
Why did the police have to bring you home once?

I was in Tampa partying with my ďFlorida familyĒ Rage Cash and friends from the BTLS show at the Hard Rock. Some how I ended up in the lobby sleeping when I was woken up by the police with my partner in crime sleeping next to me (Extreme John) so the cops took us to my room at the hotel where Dj A1rek was because he had been carried out like a baby by the green mile of bouncers for doing a stage dive. So the cops knock on the door and ask Dj do these 2 belong to you. Usually itís the other way around.

Question #10

Who likes strip dances more - you or Raven Riley?

Hmmm thatís a tough one. Do you mean giving dances or getting them? I know we enjoy both!

We love to get dances


We love to give dances

with Brooke Skye! She's a giver too


Question #11
Cabo - is there anything we can LEGALLY talk about concerning this?

Hmm have to discuss a few things with my attorney first. What happens in Cabo stays in Cabo . Loved this show canít wait to go back.

Question #12
What kind of car(s) do you own? pics. Talk about and post pics of your home.

Here my car FTV got it for me for my 1 year anniversary


I have a 2 bedroom / 2 bath condo with a loft.

Question #13
Who do you look up to in the online adult industry? Down on?

Living in Scottsdale has helped me in the industry. It gives me a ton of good people at my disposal to look up to and learn from.
Ron C. Ė Is the total picture of what a good boss is. He takes care of his "own" weather youíre his employee, client, or his right hand man. I love that about him.
Rob (FTV) - Everything done is done right. No cutting corners. He never settles for anything but the best and of the highest quality. Iíve learned everything about content and what goes into a successful solo / multi girl site from him. When youíre learning like I am its good to have one of the best in my opinion as my teacher.
Jenna J Ė enough said! What she has accomplished as a woman is great for other women in the industry. She sets the bar high.

Down On-I try not to waste my time passing judgment on others in a negative way. It would be hard to do what I do and then pass judgment on others who am I to say anything about anyone.

Question #14
Ever had an STD? fess up. discuss

F*#K NO!

Question #15
Thoughts on people who brag about sexual conquests with hot women like you and can't move on? How do you handle them?

If they are bragging it is most likely no true. I just ignore them; itís not really worth it.

Question #16
Why do you say you have family in Tampa?

Because thatís where Rage Cash is out of and when I go and visit I always end up staying longer because they donít want me to go and I never want to leave because we are all having such a good time. My east coast family. Love them!

Question #17
Where did you goto school? What did you take? Discuss your education.

High School in Scottsdale and went to Fl. After that to attended college but didnít finish.
I was leaning towards international business.

Question #18
Why do you come to GFY?

To see what all my industry friends out of state are up too and to support them. Also for them to see what Iím doing. Itís a really good forum I truly feel I have a good idea of whats going on in some of my out of state friends work lives on a daily basis. Otherwise I wouldnít have a clue. Also to make new industry associates and to stay up to date on sites and trends. Oh and to post naked pics!

Question #19
Why were you kicked off a plane in Phoenix?

I am proud to say I have never been kicked off a plane in Phoenix. Now Vegas with my 2 best friends for my b-day. Thatís a different story, which involved bikinis, a lot of booze, and Rehab at the Hard Rock.

Question #20
Is it true you're engaged to Mark from naughtyamerica?

I have asked him on many occasions. But a stallion like Ace cannot be tamed even by the likes of me.


Question #21
How long does it take you to get ready to go out? Can you EVER go out on a moment's notice?

An hour and a half to 2 hours depends. Um maybe but I havenít done it yet and I donít think I would want too.

Question #22
What side of the bed does Brumski sleep on?

Right side, but he doesnít snore or anything. But Spannow was sawing logs in the other bed with Naughty Pyne. Opps

Question #23
Explain why you would feel that spannow deserved to be spanked.

Because a lot of these questions have Spannow written all over them. No worries I will give him a good spanking when I see him next.

Question #24
Where did the term "parfaits for life" come from?

It came the morning after surviving a long night with Spannow and Mr. 25. After partying with him you need some nutriment the next day.

Question #25
Why do your friends hang out car windows and shout racial slurs at black people?

I don't know! But he's a really good friend! And we still love him! No comment on his personal interestÖ.

Question #26
Have you ever pissed outside on the curb and why? are there pics?

Well in AZ we have desert parties and no bathroom. I know I have got a few pics of PB!

Question #27
Describe the phone-sex voice you turn on while you shoot video.

My voice is really deep to begin with, so I donít have to turn on anything! I have a sexy raspy morning voice all day long.

Question #28
Do you do drugs? Discuss. What usually happens when you get drunk?

I have a bad crack problem.

Question #29
Everyone says you're just a cock tease - how many different men have you had sex with in your life? Women? Trannys? Anal? How many girls have you kissed at one time?

Yes I have heard the ďAĒ sexual rumor. I can count the number of people I have been with on both hands. The number of girls I have kissed at once on 1 hand. Itís more than 2. No Trannys or Anal!

Question #30
How is it you know every security guy for all the clubs/bars in Scottsdale?

Because when we go out in AZ we do it big!!! A lot of the time we have out own.

Question #31
Ever showered for fun with another chick?

Sure. Plus it saves time and water.

Question #32
What's a sweaty monster?

Thatís Me! My girlfriends call me that because when we are out dancing I am always sweating it up. PB name is cock block lol!

Question #33
What gang are you in?

Not sure the cripts? Lol j/k Sparrow Cash - Bird Callll P4L - Pirates 4 Life! Arrrrr

Question #34
How do you know Korn?

Ah the Korn question. Well they invited me to a show a few shows back we became good friends and now I get to hang out whenever I am in LA or when they are here. They are an awesome group and so talented. They always take really good care of me and my friends. And no we donít sex with them.




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