After talking to several women Derek has had sex with, I found out the reason Derek doesn't need to have a luxury car, mansion, yacht, big muscles, a private jet or 7 figure bank account. He doesn't need to compensate like the rest of us. He's got a 9 inch penis. That being said, we're still going to make fun of him on here.

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!


GFY Ambush Interview thread Dwreck

Question #1
Have you ever frenchkissed a man? pics

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh this question. Ok here's the deal, its not quite like that but the short answer is yes.

It was in Toronto when Sunny Leone was in town fora show or something, I can't recall 2 years ago. Jman and I were up to our usasual antics. That invloves heavy drinking, telling drunken tales and chasing girls. We had our camera's out that night and we were taking silly pics. Somehow we *Were* going to take a pic like it looked like were were kissing,................ HEY! it sounded like a good idea at the time. HAHAH So when we went to pose for it ummm ...........well it got closer and closer then for pure shock and entertainment value.. WHAM!! it happened 2 seconds, 1 picture later and here I am.

That's all there is too it. It's not really a big deal. Nor will it ever happen again.

Question #2
Why do you have issues with sabotaging good things & self esteem issues that hold you back?

What a great question and I have no idea where you got that from for I have told about 3 people in my life. Well researched.

I have not a fear of failure but of success. Iím very hard on myself and give myself no credit for any success I have had big or small.

I have failed lots lol and I'm quite good at it.lol so when things start going good it freaks me out. I can't explain it. I wish I could. Mostly it sneaks up on me during a deal, when talking to someone of the opposite sex or public speaking. You go from being on top of the world too feeling like WHAT AM I DOING HERE GET ME OUT OF HERE NOW in 1 second. Itís weird, not normal and I can't articulate what it feels like. I guess its like being scared, nervous, embarrassed and naked in front of strangers all at the same time.

It washes over me and haunts me. It haunts me. I have everything from personal development tapes and have even taken public speaking courses to fight it.

It doesnít happen as much as it used too.

It's one of my personal demons thatís never been talked about until now.

As for self esteem issues thatís not something I have ever been told. I have been told Iím shy, to maybe be more assertive but now that I think of it maybe I do. Donít we all?

Question #3
Why are you afraid to fuck chicks with Ynot Bob?

Well I have knowed Bob since 2001 well look at this old school pic!

Love the look on my face and Bob's mullet. Bob was the first person I met in this industry. I was so timid and three months in the biz. Never will i forget his words of wisdom and his guidance.

This is now

I have done most everything with YnotBob from traveling to drinking until 6 am over a Mexican sunset. Bob has mentored me from Day 1 and one of the only things we haven't done is anything sexually related.

I'm a big talker when I'm half a bottle of tequila deep with Bob.... and when it comes down to it, I always bail. I just can't bring myself to do it. I'm single and have no one to report too and never paid for sex directly so I would be lying if i wasn't curious. Bob knows the hottest chicks and always hooks me up with a killer intro and is one of the best wing man in the industry. I'm sure it will happen it just has to to be on my terms.

Also how can I complete with a guys with balls the size of small grapefruits?

Question #4
Why do you love Mexico so much?

Before this job I didn't travel that much. So when YnotBob invited me to Mexico to some shady resort with tons of booze, no lines up, no ego's, no dress code and no plans. I thought HELLZ YA! This is my kind of trade show.

I went and I was blowed away. I checked myself and realized how fortunate I am and promise never to take anything for granted again. I had so many first times that trip. The vibe was intense so beautiful yet no one had money. I would tip $1 a beer and get VIP service. I went back to to the same bar a year the same bartender was working, he remembered my name and got me a corona and a free shot of Tequila. I knew I loved Mexico for a reason. I love mixing it up with the locals. I love Mexico for what it is. I'm not into the fancy resorts and wristbands for free drinks.

I have had the most intense and interesting conversations in Mexico.

Mexico is beautiful and I there is something about there culture that fascinates me.

The water, weather,the food, the tragedy, the corruption and despair all make Mexico awesome to me. I could go on for days and days.

Where else can u have guess the boobies contest?

Question #5

Do you act gay to get women?

I don't act gay or act anything. How do you act gay? Just an odd question overall.

I'm myself and I'm comfortable in my sexuality. I'm not some pig headed chump looking to get laid or need my ego stroked. I have a very relaxed approach and I admit when a girl's guard starts to go up I have at times said don't worry if I was straight I would totally hit on you.

I love meeting new girls and a lot of them. I can open anyone. Some girls are so used to be hit on when I don't they are slightly offended and run to my males friends asking if I'm gay or not.

Just four weekends ago I was out with Odie and ElvisManson (Brent) and we were at a local bar having some Sunday afternoon drinks and he introduced me to his hot female friend. We ended up laughing, talking and drinking all night. I was getting pretty tipsy and Brent said Derek is the straightest gay guy I know. She looked at me and goes dude your gay? I'm like hell yes you didn't noticed? I haven't touched you or hit on you all night. The conversation soon switched topics and I didn't mention it again. It was so odd after that the minute she thought I was gay our conversation grew deeper and more intense and very personal. There was no way I was going to tell her I'm straight at this point. This is way to much fun. LOL

Next Day I get an icq from Brent. No intro no whats up just


DWRECK: Hells no Brent you know me. Where did that come from?

BRENT:You told that girl you were gay last night and she got home and said.

You know your gay buddy Derek he's super cool. I told her you weren't and she didn't believe me.

Funny thing is and my sexuality was never questioned until I got in the biz. I have a lot of hot friends and people just assume I'm gay because of that.

BTW Brent she texted me last night. HOLLA LOL!!

Question #6

How old where you when you lost your virginity? Was it a man, woman, or animal?

Ahh this is a funny story actually. I was a super late bloomer and I was 20 almost 21 and my first year of college.

I never liked her and I always treated her like one of the guys. Her friend hit me up and said she had a crush on me and I blew it off.

I was working a at local gas station at the time to pay for college and she showed up at 11 after my shift by herself all dolled up.

Invited me back to her place to watch a movie. I stunk like gas and oil but she made such an effort I felt kinda bad not to entertain her offer. I still remember the movie it was Trial and Error with Micheal Kramer and Jeff Daniels.

Let me interject and say this girl would indefinably fall in the bbw category. LOL

So she goes on about how she likes me etc and asked if she could kiss me. At this point I had no sexual experience at all. No blowjobs, handjobs or even heavy petting. I love saying that. haha heavy petting! lol

So yah next thing ya know she is like take your pants off. I said no! LOL Thats how cool I am! LOL

So it happens! By far the most disappointed day of my life. I waited 20 plus years for that. That wasn't as fun as I thought it would be. I felt empty, cheated and used. Seriously lol

I told her not to tell a soul next thing ya know it was all over campus. I guess its quite the prize to get the virgin boy.

I didn't have sex for 9 months after that.

Question #7
Why do you love Toronto? Where did you grow up? Why do you live in the gay district in Toronto?


I could go on and on for days. Living core downtown in the middle of the action is AWESOME. Everyday I fall in lust with a new girl on the way to work. You should see some of the hotties that lurk in this city. I love the variety of people, the cultures, the sites, the amazing concerts, killer restaurants and having a great social group only adds to the fun.

I have lived here almost 2 years and I haven't even touched the surface of what the city has to offer.

I have done more in Toronto in the past year than i did anywhere else I have lived before in my life. Here is 10 things that just popped in my head now

1. After 16 years I finally got to see TOOL
2. Got my dream mountain bike for less than half price.
3. I can skateboard anywhere without getting the look like dude how old are you?
4. Went to my first NBA game(floor seats), saw the MLB Toronto Blue jays a bunch of times. Never a big sports guys I thought but I admit I had a blast! Thanks Odie, Shan and Sherie.
5. The shopping is kick ass! You can get anything and you can be anything you want.
6. Where else can you sing on the way to work and no one thinks your crazy.
7. Im a block away from MuchMusic our version of MTV, I have met everyone from Tommy Lee to Snoop Dog.
8. I have the top adult affiliate companies located down the road. I can put into words how much I have learn t hanging out with the Platuim bucks, Python, Camazon and SexSearch guys and girls. Priceless
9. I have 9 hookers on my street that all know me by my first name. I always get dropped off on their block when I'm on my way home from the bar thinking that tonight will be the night. I never do and they are at the point where they are like dude cmon already. It's only 100$. LOL
10. There is always a drink special going on somewhere in the city and everything is 10 minutes away.

I grew up in a small town called Brandon Manitoba Canada population 48 thousand and its about 3 hours from you Scott. Its just above North Dakota. I moved every 5 years so before I moved to Brandon at 15 years old. I don't really have a home for my parents have since moved and my siblings are all over the Canada. Small town boy with a big big dream. I haven't seen my family in 2 years.

Why do I live in the gay area in Toronto is simple that where Barry and Hazel found a kick ass affordable apt which happened to be doors down form Odie. It was never meant to be permanent just a place to lay my head until I got settled in. I call it the GAY BO HOOD!!! HAHAHA Its great you have no idea. No one bugs me, I leave my doors open, and they are clean. Do you have any idea how many hot lesbians I see during the summer?

I can count the number of people I have had over one 2 hands. I NEVER EVER have people over. Im so weird like that.

Question #8

Talk about how you saw an opportunity to be part of the webcamcash team and how its worked out for you.

This by far is my single biggest success story and I think about it alot but I have never vocalized it.

The feeling I get when this is brought up is better than any orgasm and its feels like i won the lottery. It's like picking the underdog and watching them win the superbowl or whatever right from the playoffs.

When I first looked at what WebcamCash had to offer yet I didn't think they were running at full steam. I figure they were at 40% of their capacity before I started with them. SO withs Barry's background, Hazel's smarts, Gunner and me. Shit its a dream team. Let me run with it and I give you my oath that will get things rocking.

The only reason I"m here is cause of Tanker. I pulled him aside laid my cards out and he told me i would be stupid not too. He gave me that push I needed.

And this is when I get somewhat cocky and snicker at all my buddies told me out of all the companies that you entertained why WebcamCash. Its small time.
And this is why I choose WebcamCash

1. I will be the only sales guys. SO that means all new accounts will be mine! 2. No internal fighting with other sales reps
3. I will be the goto man. Simple
4. I don't have to hang out with my bosses at shows. They give me full reign to entertain and cater to my affiliates in my own way.
5. Barry and Hazel have got me an xbox 360, new dell laptop, new cell phone, tickets to Mid evil times, Blue man group, took me to the most posh restaurants in town, presidential suites at shows you name it. They know how to treat the employees. I knew this going in.
6. Im all about longevity and I have no iinterest in entertaining the sales rep job of the month game you see so many people playing.
7. I knew web cams are hot and saw an opportunity that no one saw.

Thing is i knew there would be a one year struggle to get my accounts and my ideas in place. So as my sales buddies busted my balls in private for a year two of them have changed jobs TWICE and one quit the biz cause he hated his boss.


We have personally doubled our affiliate base in the last two years, gone to the playboy mansion twice, launched some of the most progressive marketing tools, i have tripled my income in the past year ok whatever right who cares.


Question #9
Discuss your caffeine and nicotine addiction.

I have an addictive personality no question about it. I was in gamblers anonymous at 21 years old. I know the power of addictions.I would say caffeine is my drug of choice. I get caffeine head aches in the morning if I don't a coffee, coke or a red bull. I get so waked up on caffeine that i forget to eat.

Like today its 5.30 and I haven't eaten yet nor am I hungry what I do want is a smoke. BRB


Question #10

What do you do more in a day - coke or cigerettes?

See Question 9

Question #11
Who's the boss: Barry or Hazel?


When you have a married couple that work together 10 hours a day , the "who's the boss" dynamic is contstalty changing. Its really funny to see because of the constant shift of power you see first hand you can't have one with out the other. Its not like its a power struggle it's just they both have strenghts and weaknesses and they know how to manipulate it without stepping on each others toes.

I'm at the point now where I can read moods, tonality, and body language of them both so I know who to ask at certain times. lol

So who is the boss?? Well Hazel signs my paychecks does that count for anything?

Question #12
You seem to have an odd hobby of pissing in public. Please explain this odd fetish.

Oh I know where this question comes from. HAHAHA

I don't what is more odd ,having your friends get all excited that they got a pic of you pissing in public or doing the deed itself?

I have to admit there is something exciting and risque about pissing in public. As it being a fetish I don't think that is accurate. I just don't know where the washrooms are at most of the places we go.

I never realized it happened that much until all these pics starting show

Rochard caught me in Mexico and had his camera on hand and caught this

Rochard still gleems with pleasure that he caught me and bugs me so much about it.

Laura from Naughty America got this on in San Diego.

JFK caught me once too.

Then almost 3 years later Rochard catches me again.

Question #13
Do you like boys, girls, animals or all three?

All three on different levels. I'm not quite sure what your asking or where this question is going.

Question #14
Have you ever worn makeup before? If yes, how many times and why?

A girlfriend of me tagged me once when I passed out with my eyes open. She also put iceyhot in my underwear that night. So needless to say I woke up 5 mins later because my balls were on fire!! I ran to the washroom and looked up to find make up on me. The past night events raced thru my head and I wondered that the hell happened to me. I never saw a person laugh so much in their lives. I admit fully and completely she got me and we still laugh about it to this day. I did get her back but that's another story for another time.

Question #15
Do you own a fleshlight? how many? and why do you enjoy filling it up with warm water in the shower?

I own three fleshlights and have used them both very rarley. Nothing can beat the convenience, stroke,pressure and rhythm of your hand. They are the closest thing I have found to the real thing. Its a great alternative to regular masturbation and i highly recommend every guy should try it once.

Fleshlights are a amazing product that I truly believe in. I love the reaction i get when I show people. I love how girls look at me in disgust when I tell them I own a male sex toy. They always think Blow up doll and when I explain what a fleshlight is they instantly get curious and creeped out at the same time.I love when I make girls touch them for the first time. The reaction is priceless.

I don't masturbate with a fleshlight in the shower because I grew up with a one sister and one brother we all shared the same bathroom and being in the middle of Canada if you dont keep your shower fairly short and sweet you run out of hot water quick. It acts as a lubrication for me and it takes me longer as well. Our shower never gradually ran out of hot water it was instant and the cold water would pierce you. It wasn't worth the risk for me. I have never bothered since.

Question #16
Was your favorite sport in high school wrestling? Why?

I wasn't allowed to participate in school sports.

My dad ran three martial arts schools and I taught martial arts from 4 pm to 8 pm every day for most of my school years. Which indirectly lead to my first job in adult.

I was also taking drum lessons so I really didn't have time.

Yes i got my blackbelt at 12 years old and YES you can prolly kick my ass. I haven't trained in 10 years and it breaks my dads heart but my passion is my drumming and martial arts were just a hobby.

Question #17
What kind of car do you have?

I'm not a big car guy and never have been. I know the name of the major manufacturers but as far as individual models go I'm completely ignorant.

I live in the heart of Toronto where insurance rates are pricey,parking is expensive and impossible to find plus im close to everything.

Im a pretty simple guy and I don't know when I would use it even it I owned it.

Makes sense doesn't it.

I can appreciate a kick ass car . I got into JFK's jaguar and knew that maybe I am missing out with this whole car thing most males have.

But with all that being said it's too hard on my ego, I think that I have limited myself to what I can do. (visiting friends, traveling, day trips, cruising and it makes dating so much easier) so I'm looking into my first set of wheels in 5 years. Sometimes want and desire overcome logic with me.

Question #18
Have you ever been arrested? discuss

I should have. I guess. But if you don't get caught it's not against the law right? lol

Never! Not even a night in the drunk tank! I have kept my nose pretty clean and never really had any brushes with the law.

Man I suck!

Question #19
Explain then nightlife in your hometown and what you do after hours. Ever gone cow tipping?

Nitelife was how do you say interesting. There isnt anything to do as in clubs, pubs or entertainment so you made your own. That and we never had any money growing up in our teens so that makes creative thinking important.

Pit parties, house parties, hanging out a 7-11 parking lot and driving around with your buddies for hours is was what we did. Excessive drinking was involved in all the above pastimes.

I had a strict 1 am curfew without the ability to *sleep over* at a buddies house until I was 18 years old.

OH crap! I went to go cow tipping at 16 years old my buddy Rob went to do it once but I bailed out at the last minute. DUDE those things are huge up close. Im telling you!! It it even possible? or is it urban myth? I wasn't sure but he claimed it was. I haven't heard that term in like 13 years. LOL

Question #20
To the best of our knowledge, you started in this industry with a company called "Content Guys". Explain who they were and how you came to work there.

That's not true. I spent 2 amazing years with a company called http://xamo.com before that. At the time we produced adult games for members area. Strip poker, ASS ROIDS, SEX INVADERS were some of our titles. haha It was a great product and I still believe in it. I learn t everything from the guys and owe them a huge thank you. So im sure they will never read this. But THANK YOU MIKE.

Mike owned Xamo.com and he used to show up at our martial art school for lessons.I taught him for a year or two. He showed up at the school in a brand new Mazda Maita one day. Not bad for a 21 year old kid in a middle class town I thought. So we got talking one day after I asked him how he could afford a new car he invited me to his *office* up the street.

I was floored! Pool table, leather couches, big screen tv's, oak desks, brand new computers and porn. What more could I want. It was geek porn heavon. I cant recall how it happened after that but soon I was getting my first taste of the adult industry selling adult games to members area that were dying to buy any piece of content we could come up with. Three months later I was at my first trade show in Las Vegas. There was no turning back for me at this point. I was hooked.

They are unsung hero's of my career that over the course of the past 5 years I have lost track of. I talk to Ron at itsyourporn still and he gives me updates. Ron worked together at Xamo for a year.

I was just checking out the site and I can see my pictures are still up after 4 years. I think they need update the site hahah on snap! My first Jenna pic is still up! Sweet I thought I lost it.

In true VH1 fashion it was too much to fast. We were kicking ass but we were sloppy. Things weren't being updated, payments missed, sleeping in was more and more common, missed meetings, forgetting calls. Mike panicked and came into the office and fired the whole staff the same day claiming him and his partner could do all the work. They were cool about it and said I got laid off so I could collect employment insurance which is 60% of your income. I was going to get paid for the next year doing nothing. HELLS YES!! I wasn't upset at all. It was like winning the lottery to me at that age and maturity.

I got picked up my www.contentguys and got the offer to work for them. The job required me to work from home. I HATED IT. I wanted to be out more, miss the comradely of my buddies, things are hard to do remotely. I wasn't challenged selling content anymore, I was locked up 8 hours and I wanted out.

Question #21
At Phoenix Forum you were walking around at a bar exposing yourself. Please explain.

I don't recall that at all or is that something I would do. I guess that could be refereeing to when the Mr. Limpy's were first out and I had one hanging from my jeans. The joke wasn't as common as it is now. It was interesting to see how long it took before people would notice because I was so nonchalant about it. Oddly enuff guys always noticed first.

Question #22
You have a habit of dressing down and then can quickly change over into a suit and tie. No one else in the industry seems to do this on a regular basis. 
How is this possible and do you feel like James Bond when you dress up?

Ahh * THE SuperMAN* as we call it. hahaha

Well I dress in what I consider stylish and well chosen t shirt and jeans during the day. Those clothes I feel most comfortable in and at night I tend to dress up. Siut tie and I love my blazers. It was a technique I indirectly stole from Naughty America boys as well as Barry simply suggested it and I went with it. It not that I change quickly I just have the clothes set out and most often my room is in the host hotel so it just a matter of running up a few flights of stairs switch clothes and your good to go.

It's part of getting into *character* for me , I like doing it, it gets you a certain amount of respect, its a business for me and I want people to know I treat it that way but overall the main reason quite simple. Chicks dig it. Why lie.

Question #23
Clearly something happened to you in your younger years. Were you beat over the head with a stick and did your friends refuse to let you plain in any reindeer

Either I'm naive or ignorant. I have no idea what that question means.

Question #24
Can you suck a golf ball through a garden hose without spitting it back out?

So many directions I can go with this question not sure what angle to take.

1. Laugh it off and roll with it.
2. Be slightly offended and think to myself out of all the questions to ask why this one?
3. Address everyone's wierd fasnication with my sexuality
4. Comment that I used to enjoy a good beer bong and that's where that could have derived from.

What do you think?

Question #25
Do you know how to drive and do you own a car?

I believe I have answered this one already. I would like to add that I do drive a mean go cart and still have the bruises to prove it. Thank you Scott 

Question #26
You were recently offered a high paying job with a popular industry company that would have doubled your salary yet you turned it down. Why?

LOYALTY. I'm simply not going to jump shit every time someone dangles a carrot in front of me. It was a great offer I must say but there is so much more to consider than just money.

Honestly, Barry and Hazel who are very regular simple people who you could maybe get missed in a crowd gut are really easy to work for. They give me guidelines and I get to paint the picture so to speak. I'm not just a number and my decisions or ideas get implemented and making money the same day. I find that very rewarding.

From family, lifestyle, security, office chemistry,room for growth and new opportunities ,it all played a factor in one of the hardest descions I have made in a long time. Did it pay off? I strategized and I believe with the information I had I made the right choice. I guess only time well tell.

Question #27
Do you like short women or tall men?

If I had to choose shorter woman.

Question #28
What was the drama behind you not going to Mexico this year?

Due to some circumstances beyond both the companies and my control I couldn't make it down.

There was a few threads made about trying to get me down and everything from offers to pay for my flight to room were presented to me. I was quite touched and as I'm very great full but it is what it is.

I had to help run the show back home, some of our behind the scene workers that help me look so good needed some well deserved time off and I needed to cover for them. No drama and it wasn't a case of me not being ALLOWED to go.

Everyone knows how much I love Mexico and they thought it wouldn't be the same without me.

Question #29
How much money does Steve Lightspeed really owe you? What's the story behind this?

Oh shit this story. .I will keep this short and sweet and spare you the details. Raimi the Lightspeed girl is in love with me

Steve offered me a deal. Either I could fuck Raimi, or he'd give me $1,000. I love Raimi, but fuckin Steve never paid me.

so I have a thousand more reasons to fuck her now!

Question #30
Have you ever been content before? Would you?

Neva! I think most red blooded males have thought of it however its just not something I would ever pursue or been offered. LOL That says something in itself.

I have best friends both male and female that are and I have no issues with it. Its just not my thing. I'm too vanilla for that.

The first few times would be a blast then it would get tired fast I think.

Question #31
Rumor has it you never wear underwear. Is this true?

I do wear underwear!!! I just have no hips and no matter how tight my belt is eventually during the night I will get plumbers butt. I wear low rise jeans and as much as I love the style and fit they don't help with that problem.

Its like male cleavage.

Question #32
How did you score the penthouse suite at the Flamingo Hilton at the Internext, Las Vegas Jan 06--and why did you kept it all to yourself?

That was given to me by Barry and Hazel for reaching a sales target. Funny thing is that when I reached it nothing was said and I wasn't about to say anything.

Next thing yah know in Vegas they handed me room keys to the penthouse suite and said enjoy. You earned it. It was awesome.

I pretty humble,down to earth and simple. I didn't need to show off or brag. I kinda ghetto or street like that. It was AWESOME but I don't get OFF on it like most americans do. I never spend much time in my apt or hotel rooms. Give me a nice bed, an internet connection and a shower and I'm set.



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