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Co-Owner of Totem cash, Rex runs one of the - if not the - largest dancing download stripper sites on the planet. Wildly successful, he's made a name for himself and his company that solidly places him as one of the real big early players in this game. Everyone and I mean EVERYONE has told me ( and I include myself in this as well) that hes a great friend whos only been gracious, hospitable, and always generous with everyone.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread Sexy Rex

Question #1
Just what exactly was it that you inhaled from that bag in Winnipeg?

I knew this one would come, but I did not expect it to be the first one. I should know better hehe.

Ok, it was weed. I don't smoke weed, only cigars, too afraid to inhale and go back to cigarettes (was smoking ages go). So the last time I smoked pot was around 15 years ago at least. I don't know what made me accept this bag, maybe JMan's very nice dinner and smile, well, I took a few bags. Holly shit, I never really enjoyed smoking but this thing is different. All was a bit fuzzy after, I remember telling my GF that "I felt drunk, but a different kind of drunk" and realised everyone went to bed a solid hour after the fact. Thanks JMan for that hole in my memory ;)

Question #2
What is the 'autoration freeze of death'? Why did you almost crash and almost kill soo many people in a helicopter last x-mas?

I got my helicopter pilot licence in 2001 along with Herve my partner. I rarely fly anymore when he became an instructor. SO when I feel flying, I usually go with him (not too safe to fly when you don't do it for a while, especially helicopters). One thing instructors do often when teaching how to fly is to cut the engine off, mid air. You need to react quickly by reducing the blades angles to minimum in order to have the heli glide to the ground, then do a nice flare and land smoothly thanks to what's left of the blades rotation. Thing is there is little space for errors, even when u practice. So, that one time, Herve cuts the engine, I react quickly enough (if you don't, u fall like a stone) and we start going down, 3 times as fast as the normal descend speed, which is normal, the ground aproach quickly and I froze. Paralysed, not moving anymore, we were going to crash. This happen when u are overflowed by informations / danger in flying. It was the first time for me and as it was me, Herve reacted and took back the commands a second later than he should have. I really saw the crash coming, but we only touched the tail... Herve clearly saved both our lives that day.

A few months after, we decided to give all employees of Totem a tour of Paris by helicopter for Xmas. So Herve fly them by group of 4 and I'm on the tarmac organising the thing. Once it's over, he offers me to fly the helico back to its garage, by the taxi way. Long story short, I was not use to that helico and I missjudged the wind wich caught my tail and made us spin real fast. Before I know we did a 360 and we're starting a new one. Herve took back the helicopter right before the third spin which is usually the last one before you touch the ground and destroy everything. Of course this is happenning with the entire TotemCash crew watching me...

Anyone wants to fly with me?

Here are a few picture of the helico that day (when I almost crashed it)


Question #3
What's your problem with finger food? Live food?

I don't know what my problem is, I didn't think I had one until friends and GF made me notice  I've been invited to a few dinners this year that have been quite chalenging to me I admit. Went to a crab house with Mike Strouse, had to hammer the crab, eat with my fingers (not even mentioning the lack of plates, eating out of the table...). I'll remember that one for a while believe me (what a great experience, ty Mike!). Had lobster in fine restaurant with my GF in Montreal, threw up after, I had the image of that thing looking at me in the eyes right before being boiled to death....gggghhhh.

I guess it's because this is so far from my education  Last thing I want is to look like a French snob (tought enough to be French, don't want to add to it...), so I'm fighting it and I really enjoy what's for me pushing the limits. Next step (for my therapy) is pizza in bed I heard...

Question #4
What is sooo disgusting about truck stop restruants? Why not eat at them? Why take pics of the food?

Knowing my taste for good food, Greg Dumas once brought me to a truck stop restaurant, on our way back to LA from Phoenix (we did the trip on Harleys last year).
I really had no clue what to expect and until then I truly saw a good friend in him. What he had me eat there definitly proved me wrong, lol. I could not find anything on the menu so I let him order. This was the most discusting food I EVER had. And I mean ever. I had some sort of bread with gravy, another thing made of corn with a big chuck of butter soaking in it, a burger made of g.d knows what...gggghhhhh To be honest, I only had a few bite of each and couldn't finish the plate.
I had to take picture to show my french friends back in Paris, but pics were not enough to describe the experience...
I'll remember that lunch forever, thanks Greg for such good memories  (and I mean that now the bad taste finaly left my mouth!)

Question #5

What the fuck is with the expensive shoe fettish? Isn't that for women?

Do I have a fettish for that? Who's your source? ok, maybe, I don't realise. I admit I buy a lot of shoes, always the same ones, black leather sporty kind... just did not realise I was so into it. My GF confirm I'm buying more shoes than her so I guess you guys are right, lol

Question #6

Take about scuba diving, motor cross, race cars and your other adventure hobbies.

Just trying my best to live an interesting life there. I've been diving since 1990, got over 150 dives all over the planet, still really enjoy it. I'm going to Snowgathering in March in Iceland a few days in advance to be able to dive there. Zero degree water, dry suits, going to be fun!

Dirt biking is kinda new to me, bought a dirt bike three years ago, have been doing enduro around Paris or in south of France, that's really cool too, u feel like flying above the ground on theses things! Once a year we go to Lozere, south of France, to ride with 100 other guys, they open the national parks for us, u get to go to places that can't be reached otherwise, so cool.

Had a 911 GT3 for a while with Herve, we raced for a season with it, I remember starting in pole position, 30 other cars behind me, pouring rain on a formula one track... levels of adrenalyn u reach can't be beaten  We finished third on that one, you don't know how victory feels till u go urself on a podium!


Question #7
What's your take on how France surrendered in WW2 and had to be saved by the Americans?

Nice try, but I'm not that French  French build the Ligne Maginot after WW1, it was a line of concrete fortifications, tank obstacles, machine gun posts and other defenses which France constructed along its borders with Germany and with Italy, in the light of experience from World War I, and in the run-up to World War II. We did not think about airplane (they fly over walls and bunkers...) not that the germans will invade Belgium first and then attack that Ligne Maginot backward (and it was not made to fight that direction).

How could I defend that? So we were dumb, pretentious, disorganised and lost that war quickly. The true question is did we change? hehe.

Question #8

Don't cigars negate tasting the true flavor of good wine?

For me that's one of the true cruelty of life. I love fine wines (read: French wines) and cigars (read: Cuban cigars), but they don't go along at all. I always sip some drink when smoking a cigar, but it can't be wine, cigar just kills it. Too bad. This said, and knowing who most probably sugested that question, I could smoke cigars with californian wine given it does not really taste anything to begin with...hehe
Just kidding here, there are great wine all over the planet and somehow, even the American managed to do real good ones

Question #9
Why did you kick Derek (mr skin) in the shins?

haha, I don't recall laughing out so loud recently. We were at an epoch dinner and I had been waiting for Sam to show up for a while. We were not together yet, but there was something in the air already. And as the party goes on, I see Derek really hitting on her, in a lack of words as he came to me to talk, I just kicked him pretty strong in the shins. Did not even think, it just came naturally. He froze for three seconds, looking at me with a mix of question an pain on his face before understanding and exploding in laughs. We couldn't stop laughing. Please accept my appologies once more Derek, but I believe u meet the girls of ur dreams only once 

This story came to further development when I came back home. Nothing hapened between me and Sam, but I was really anger to find pictures of her as soon as I returned. So I waited for the fubar pics to be up and went down the galleries to find her. Only to find her kissing Derek...

I'm still able to give her a hard time about this after so many months, and that's priceless ;)

Question #10

You have a girlfriend, why keep going to the strippers?

Told you before I'm the luckiest/happiest man on earth I'm going there to work, of course, what else?

Question #11
What the fuck is with the dungon servants quarteres in your appartment?

Haha. North Americans, that's what's wrong with it! Ok, I moved to a new place in August, it's an appartement in Paris, two bedrooms, and it comes with an extra one, under the roofs, that people were using a long time ago for their servants. It has separate stairs (7 stories, NO elevator, tiny tiny staircase) and communicate to the rear of the kitchen by a small door (perfectly sized..for a kid). Staircase to the has not been redone since...mmm most probably since the building was built around 1930. Almost no paint remains on the walls, wood floor is dark dark brown and you can feel the holes under it. It's dusty and there is old old old furniture abandonned in the corridor. The room is less than 9 feet by 10 feet, just a maitress on the floor and a tiny window on the roof (I could buy a bed, but 7 stories with no elevator...ggghhh). It's very convinient when a friend needs to sleep over, but it seems it's soooooo far from American standards that the few people that came to visit me since I got this new place (except for Sean who loved the place) keep talking about it. I agree it's very aged and sooo different, but u guys have been so spoiled with 5 stars hotels you don't even recall, at least my dungeon will be remembered!

Ok, next friend to visit us in Paris will have a helico tour and dungeon package

Question #12
Why do you live in Paris? Lived anywhere else?

I was born here and I lived all my life in Paris. Can't get enough of it. Ok, weather sucks, taxes are above anything that you would believe, traffic makes the 405 in LA look like a racetrack and it's packed of French people with attitude. But I love the city, its food, bars, clubs, nightlife, exhibitions, shops, monuments and this is the culture I grew in.
I've done more than my share of traveling, seen dozens of other cities and countries, found a bunch of them better than Paris on severall aspects (the better weather, less taxes, no traffic and no French attitude is not too hard to find...) but I still love it. Maybe, one day...

There is a French say that says: Passion has reasons that reasoning cant reason (hope it makes sense for you guys)

Question #13
What did you do for Fox interactive?

I was working in the video game industry before jumping into adult in 1998. Started programming video games when I was still at school, ended up managing the game Planet of the Apes for Fox Interactive. Crew of 50 people, two years project, and sorry to say, game was not even good.
Good part is it made ma travel a lot between Paris and LA, I started to know that city better and somehow to like it.
I've always felt that I jumped in the video games industry a year or two too late. It always made me feel being after the wave, not riding it. I guess it pushed me (us, with Herve) to do the big jump and leave confortable positions in that industry for new chalanges on the Net.

Question #14
How old were you when you started programming? What computer was it? What early computers have you owned?

I started programing at 14 when my uncle offered my a Sinclair ZX81. Interesting to wonder what would I have done without that xmas present at that time... So I started programing right away, very few games were available at that time... Learnt Basic, then assembly langage, then Pascal and C. Owned a Texas TI994A, an Apple II, then an Atari ST and an Amiga before geting my first PC.

Question #15
How many virtuagirls have you shot loads on in your living room?

None. I don't mix my personal life with production at all.

In the studio, that's a different storyd, we encourage the girls do be wild. We had over 320 girls so far and about 100 guys. Producing a new girl/guy takes about a week from shooting to publication. That's a lot of exclusive content that we use both for VirtuaGirl and our mobile stuff.

Question #16
Talk about Virtuagirl and Herve.

As I explained before, we were both working in the videogame industry before VirtuaGirl. We get bored and decided to ride the Internet wave. We had a friend at that time that started a small porn website and he was making money with it. Not loads, but enough to show that clients where there and it was possible to bill them. First idea was to do a free dancing girl that we would use to advertise for adult paysites. After filming the first girl and watching her dancing / striping on our screen, it was obvious that we could sell it as a stand alone product. That's when the third guy, who had an adult website decided to bail and leave us alone with the project (talk about bad decisions...). So we released the product with one girl, she was in 63 colors only (32 for the skin and hairs, 31 for the swimsuit), size was 1.4Mb (to fit on a floppy disk). At that time there was no real video on the net, best you could get was a stamp sized bunch of moving pixels if u had a fast PC. So it was really impressive and we did our first sale a few hours after puting the thing online, no idea where the people where coming from as we were buying no traffic. We quickly got reviews and article and our number of visitors rapidly grew as well as our sales. Did I mention we were processing with iBill at that time? lol. We had to change servers twice the first month as we started buying some advertising. One day the banners we were buying on TheHun were down so Patrick offered to comensate by publishing a galley for us. We managed to gather enough still images to do a gallery and he posted it, servers crawled and we did over 150 sales with that one post  GOOD old days! We started to produce new girls and to buy prepaid listings on all major TGPs. We grew up very fast from there, we were doing 20 to 30% more each month, sky was the limit. Our peak was I believe around the end of 2001, processing over $1M a month. Not too bad for a little dancing girl  Then we reached a plateau and went down slowly, (with a peak at each new product release) to $400k a month in 2003 which we are still doing.

I know most programs don't show their numbers, I personaly don't care, our conversion and retention are available in real time on our site ( ) and we are a French company, our numbers are public. I never wanted to enter the PPS game and have to shave to pay $50 per signup, so my only other option is to be very honest and show all my numbers. Might loose affiliates looking for quick buck, but I'm more interested by the ones thinking long term.

What else? mmm, we're now working on VirtuaGirl HD, the next version of VirtuaGirl. We're bringing HD (girls are up to 1000 pixels tall), automatic downloads to the user's desktop, interactivity with the girls and are building a community of people collecting the girls (to use them as a vector of distribution). Have no doubts I'll post more before the release 

Any other question on the VirtuaGirl story or numbers?

Question #17
What was it like to ride the concord?

Big. That was something. I took it to go to New York in 2002 right before they terminated it. I had heard from that plane all my youth, couldn't let it go without riding it once. I left home a wenesday morning, went to the airport, they had the lounge and registration at the gate itself, we boarded and took off on time (got to mention it coz that was the only time I saw Air France on time, lol). That thig did a lot of noise, A LOT. Acceleration was not terrific, but the angle it takes at take off makes u feel more like in a rocket than in an airplane. Ground is behind your shoulder, not on your side. Then u enter the sky, so hi it's black at the top, so hi that you can see the curve of earth (goose bumps talking about it). Felt nothing at Mach 1 nor Mach 2, there is a display inside the cabin that gives u the speed. We went up to Mach 2.4 (got my certificate for it, lol). Food / Wine / Service was first class and we arrived in JFK three hours and half after. At home, kids were not even back from school.
Sooo glad I did it  Ok, I flew back coach, end rows, on a smelly old 747, but I still had stars in my eyes.


Question #18
What kind of car(s) do you own? Moterbikes? Helicopters? pics

I own a 911 and a 900 CBR RR Fireblade. Think I like speed?
Helicopters none, don't fly anymore and unless u want to be able to park it in your garden and fly a lot with it, there is no real point owning yours.

Question #19
How many stamps are in your passport? Talk about your worst border crossing experience.

I had to open it and count. Got 83 stamps on it since december 1998, that's an average of one trip a month give or take for 7 years. Not bad 

Worse one ever was landing with Delta in Cincinnati in january 2002 on my way to Vegas. Stood two hours an half in line for immigration after flying 8 hours, missed the plane, had to sleep in a Ramada inn that was last refurbished in the 70's. Good times. I never stop in the US anymore, if I need to go to Vegas and there is no direct flight, I do a stop in Europe, London or Amsterdam and fly direct from there. Immigration bacame so ridiculous that u miss ur plane each time.

Had a good time more recently on our way back from Vegas with Sam and a friend. Felt asleep at takeoff (not difficult after 5 days and nights in Vegas...heheh), woke up with plane shaking, pilot announcing an emergency landing because we have an oil leak. Went down in spiral really quick, landed in between fire trucks. Fireman in full gear made us leave the aircraft. They put us in an unused part of the terminal in Amaritto Texas, no food no water no news for 8 hours. I found that if u went to the far end of it, glued to the fence, u were geting a wifi signal, so we spent our day on the Net at least. Finaly that snet another aircraft, you had to have your original boarding pass to get on (they left 30 passengers there...ggghh) and we landed in Atlanta shortly after. ONly to go to another crappy hotel for the night, and believe it or not this is where I had one of the very best wines of my life. My friend Greg gave me two very nice bottles of Californian wine for me to bring back home and taste with my snob French friends. We decided to open them in an effort to turn a bad day into something better and we were soo right! (Did I just said two bottle of Calif wine were among the best ones I ever had? ggghhh)

Question #20
Who do you look up to in the online adult industry? Down on?

Definetly Lars. And I love him being a bit bit bored now he made it Down on? mmm, anyone making an ass of himself on a show, being too drunk (spliting wine on your white shirt is ok, tho) and/or irrespectfull to woman.

Question #21
How mad was the French IRS at you for cheating on your taxes?

Pretty mad. But I was even more than them because I didn't cheat. They came to us about VAT, stayed a year at the office coming back and forth and asked us to pay... 700.000. We fought and ended up paying a bit less than 200.000. They logic was european surfers should pay the VAT one way or another. They couldn't care less that customers were buying from and american biller and from an american company (TotemCash is in Florida), they basicaly told us that as they couldn't reach companies in the US they were going to make the French company pay.

Few people know that European law says that any company billing a European customer should collect the VAT (19.6 percent in France...) and give it back to the EU country of its choice. Of course they have no mean to enforce that to American companies, but if they can put their hands on anything in Europe, they'll try to get their money. And law here when it comes to IRS is guilty until proved innocent, they take ur money and then u can try to sue them if you don't agree.

Sometimes I wonder why I'm the only idiot not to be incorporated in the islands. Maybe the answer is in the question.

Question #22
What are you favorite adult conventions? Least favorite?

The smaller the better imho. Love Curacao, snowgathering (this year in Iceland!). Phoenix would be an exception, only real good show with lots of people.

Least favorite would be Vegas, I don't get why they have (had) a showfloor, who are you going to impress with a booth today? I hope the new formula will be better and that I'll be proven wrong this January 

Question #23
What is the best airline to fly? discuss in detail the airlines you travel on.

I mostly travel on Air France because it's the online airline with direct flights to almost everywhere from Paris. This said, this is a terrible airline. Always late and their frequent flyer program is a joke. I'm gold with them, but I can't use my miles to upgrade. Unless I pay full fare (which is the price of business on other airlines), there is no upgrades possible. I'm using AircCanada more and more, at least Sam has vouchers for upgrades from them all the time.

Best airline I flew on was most probably Bristish Airways, been bumped once in first class and it was niiiiiiiice. But as it's the only time I flew first, it's difficult to compare. I want to try Virgin, but it means a stop in London and that airport is a real pain security wise since 9/11.

Question #24
How many speeding tickets have you gotten? What does your license and car insurance cost in Paris?

I've been very lucky so far. Got only 2, one for 65 Km/h for 50, another one for 111Km/h for 70. Knocking wood. We have a point system in France, you lose one to 6 for each ticket and you start with a capital of 12. Once you lost everything, you have to wait from 6 months to one year and pass you driving licence again. And they added 1000 automatic radars all over the country last year. They take pictures, it's all automated and u receive the fine at home within 48 hours...

I pay around 5000 of taxes a year for my car, plus another 1500 for insurance. This is not where the heavy taxes are here, they mostly focus on salaries and income. When u pay an employee here, he only receive 80% of whatever you want to pay him, the remaining 20% you have to send to the state, plus an extra 47%. Given he will pay anything from 20-30% of income taxes (up to 48% on whatever is above 60k a year), there is a very very very bad ratio between the money a company spend on its employees and what they get. You might like France for a lot of good reasons, but the taxes are INSANE.

Question #25
Talk about the time you carried a blow up doll though the streets and subways of LA.

haha, my friend Greg once told us he had a surprise night for us in LA, no questions asked. So Greg, Chad and David from Python, Rob Gould, Sam and myself are being picked up at our hotel by a limo and a... quest begins in LA going from place to places, resolving puzzles, carrying blow up dolls in the subway, to end up in front of a nice dinner at the house of blues. I never did anything like this before, we really had a blast and I'm still thankfull to Greg for puting up such a nice evening for his friends.

Pics below has never been seen before, I hope I won't loose any friend publishing this, hehe (and yes, Chad is blowing me on the first pic)


Question #26
How does it make you feel to know that California makes better wine than France?

Honest answer? sad. coz it's true. Lots of incredible good wines in almost every country, California, France, Italy, Spain, South Africa, Chile, just to name a few. But as French wines are only about the soil (no blends unless the the ones from the place itself), I'd say that most average Californian, Chilian, South African wines are better than the French where the best is always right next to the worse.

We have had a little wine club going on on shows for a while now, it all started in Curacao in 2003 (memorable night with Greg, Gary, David, Chad, Herve and a few other wine conoisseurs) and since then we always find room to share wine from our respective countries. More recently, Fred from Braincash entered the game with good port, can't wait for the few other I know who like good wine (Platinum Dan feel free to bring a few bottle to the next show!) to step in! Best year was 2005 where Greg was sick and I had to go back with ALL the wine to France. I had a tasting night at home with my French friends and they would have died before admiting that the FarNiente we just had was better than out Chateau Figeac, but IT WAS

Question #27
Why do you always take the stairs up to your 7th floor apartment when you have an elevator?

Because it gives you a nice ass.

Question #28
Why, when talking to Greg about one of your washrooms and after inspecting it yourself, did you tell him to "never go in there"?

That's the bathroom of the dungeon upstairs. It's shared between all the slaverooms and have been last refurbished most probably 40 years ago. So whatever you do if you come here, don't go in there.

Question #29
If your soo smart how did Herve kick your ass at programing in 1985? And what's your problem with clipping routines?

In 1985 I was into video games and hackers demos on Atari ST. There was a competition going on between me and Herve and he always had the upper hand, ggggghhhh  Whatever I was coming up with, he always was one step further. My explanation on it is he was older than me (one year) and that's what made the

Cliping is a bit technical. On older computers, you had to display the sprites yourself, in assembly langage and one of the key feature is cliping. That's where you want to display only a part of your sprite on the screen, the other part being outside of it. The trick is to avoid displaying the part that is outside of the screen, which can be difficult when the screen structure are entrelaced, without compromising with the speed. I always had problems with that, ie small pixels appearing where they shouldn't and it bacame a recuring joke between us... I think I still have one working one a backup CD somewhere, just in case I'd have to do that again 

Question #30
What is the sexy rexy pseudo story?

Miami 2005, Shaliza invited me to the epassporte dinner and I bailed at the last minute. It was in the main hall of the hotel, we were siping wine at a table with a few friends. She was upset and told me out loud, "No more Sexy Rexy anymore". Everybody laugh, end of story. So I though. Next thing I know Sleazy asked Eric to change my nick on GFY and I became Sexy Rexy overnight. Thank you guys, I love that story and it makes me feel part of the family.

Plus it gives me the motivation to go to the gym, don't want to be renamed fatty rexy



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