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Owner of one of the largest movie post sites on the net today - Jason is a solid businessman and a good friend. His growth in this business and in business in general is a testement to how he runs his life.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread IM Jason

Question #1
What's the deal with always hanging out in the getto Strip clubs in Montreal? How many lapdances have you bought over the years? How many for toothless people? Discuss your theory on the perfect strip club.

ok, this si a loaded question, for one I dont ALWAYS hang out at ghetto strip clubs, however I do frequent them faily often, and often they are nice clubs but sometimes ghetto, lapdances = a fucking shit load your guess is as good as mine, as for toothless guys, thats a nice little story, Ok, last year in vegas I decided to hit cheetas at 4 am, on the last night, my flight was 11am so I had to be showered and ready to leave the hotel by before 9. I had about 2 g's us dollars in my pocket to get rid of. My cousin hank was supposed to roll with me but he fucked off and I could not find anyone else to go so I left alone from the venetian. I got to cheetas the place was empty, 4 strippers, 2 nice black chicks and 2 god ugly old white chicks. 1 waitress, 1 bathroom attendant and 1 bouncer. so I though my self a little party, the 2 black girls for me, and the 2 older ladies for the TOOTLESS bathroom attendant named lee from veitnam.
I think I dropped about 1 g but its was worth it, I never seen a more happy man that this old dude with no teeth, my personal favorite is when he got too fresh with the girls and got slapped, and aparantly that just got him more going being abused by these old lady strippers, As for my theory of the perfect strip bar. well you nead to pick it with your big head and not your small head. Often the club with the hottest girls gives the worst rip off experiences. So choose with your big head and your little head will be fine.
PS a special shoot out to Baby Blue strip bar on st laurent street,

Question #2
I heard he went and saw the Ice man in LA, who exactly is that and what the hell did you buy and dare him to say how much he spent.

Answer: yah I did, hes chris aire aka the ice man, king of bling, I went to his office in LA expecting a store but ended up chilling with the man himself in his office, so I had to buy something, so I got this chain, 10K all platinum, this killed me to spend this money, but at the same time I had to buy something this is joke to this guy, he makes custome jewlery up to 1 million dollars, they dont call him the ice man for nothing, anyways please no hatters im not bragging, I know lots of you cant afford this stuff and lots of you can afford a shit load more and choose not too, im not making any sweeping statemens or claiming coolnest with my bling, I bough it becuase I like it, and im posting about it because sleazy asked, and I had to answer peace actually I cant paste a picture because I dont have a 30 post count yet because im using a new gfy account, someone psot this image for me, angellinternet dot com slash ice.jpg

Question #3
Rumor is you almost got rolled by a group of black dudes in Miami.... how did you get out of that?

ok, well you got it wrong, it was in montreal actually that we got jumped, I was with some webmasters at the new jersey montreal game, we got supper drunk, and after the game one of the guys I was with started some shit with some black guys selling drugs on the corner, well basically he got his friend beat to shit and ran off, myself I avoided getting beat down and talked the guys down, afterwards I took the guy to the hospital, was a close call, we could have got stabbed or some shit, you should never mess with loser on the corner, even while drunk,
but anyways I never pull that shit, but you never know who your rolling with and when they might get you in shit

Question #4
How the hell did you get up at 5am to deliver the gazette for 3 years?

well, by being alot more motivated than most kids my age, I made 200$ a month at 13, which payed me a cd player, first kid in my class with one, anyways I frooze my fucking ass off at that job, only to be replaced by 30 something indian guys driving little toyota shit boxes, basically the paper eliminated the drop off guys and I would have neaded a car to go get the papers each morning, so since I was 15, that was not gonna happen, PS also my dad really helped me out alot

Question #5

Any relation to Vid Vicious?

no , not at all, and no disrespect to vid, IM jason and hes vid, thats the way it is

Question #6

Where do you live and where have you lived? Why?

I lived my whole life up until recently with my parents in a place in south montreal called lasalle, at 20 I moved to verdun, the area right next to lasalle closer to downtown, and Ive been here ever since, I live here because its were im from and its who I am, IM 5th generation to live in this house, was built by my great great grandfather, and passed down to me

Question #7
What kind of car do you own? Pics

I got a 2005 bmw 330 ci


Question #8

Ever sink a paddle boat? discuss your knowledge of them.

my first and only real job of my life, was working at the paddle boat place in old montreal. and know I never sunk one, but I can take one apart and put it back together. actually some of the best times of my life were spent down in the old port hanging out in the sun all day shooting the shit with tourist, also I got a huge boost of confidence from it, I started as a shy kid, and one year later I was the manger making the scedual for 14 employees, working 60 hours a week all summer, and the boss trusted me with the key, the combination to the safe and so on, after year two I almost bough the place from him once I made a few bucks on the internet durring the winter season,
but instead of selling to me he sold to the bicycle rental guy,

Question #9
What is it about Peru and Greece? I hear they are big on anal in those locations.....

yah well I visited those places for the culture, not for the anal, but you know maybe next time. but actually this is my life long dream to travel the world, and I feal im off to a slow start so I really nead to get to it and see more, because the time i spent in peru and greece which you mention have been awesome, good for my soul


Question #10

How did you cut your foot open in the shower in Miami one year?

I was drunk and I took a shower, and while drying myself I fell on my ass and almost killed myself. I though it would have been fitting to be a webmaster and die at a webmater convention.
At any rate I just cut my fucking foot open and I blead all over the carpets in the room.

Question #11
How old were you when you started vidsvidsvids?

i was 18 when I became a webmaster and opened my first sites, and 19 when I opened this guy wade from australia, I think who is still working on blue design studios and some other stuff, well he offered me domain hosting and helped me open a more profesional site, because at the time I was just doing free hosting stuff and posting around the net, mostly jenna jameson porn, I think in 1999 I have like 80,000 a day in jenna traffic before club jenna or vivid or wicked had web sites, the only thing I could sell with jenna was from trafficcash gold because they had jenna on the site from some photo shoots ,and also I promoted who was giving away a vivid VHS tape with every jenna VHS sold,

Question #12
Why did you take a 2 year course to get into university? Not that bright?

ah in quebec, you finish high scool early at 17, then you take a 2 year prep for university, either, social sciences, arts, or aplied science, or commerce, I did aplied science, calculus and physics,
after you do those 2 years you go to university at 19, or you stay in college and do a 3 to 4 years vocational training,

Question #13
Why soo many majors in university? Why were you a failure?

yah this is true, I was well on track with high school and college, but once I arrived in university I went numb, I was starting a bachelor in commerce and switch majors three times in three semesters and then I dropped out, my majors where, 1. accounting, 2, MIS, 3 marketing,, 4, drop out, but at that time I already had started my site

Question #14
How long did your house take to build? How long to renovate? Why didn't you buy your own place?

yah this is something that is a endless strain on my soul, see like I said before my house is 5th generation built by my great great grandfather, well when my grandparents died, like 10 years ago, my mom inherited the house, and well she kinda rented to welfare losers who trashed this 105 year old innner city box, well after my first year in biz i decided to buy a house in the suburbs, which would have been alot less stressful, but for some reason I ended up taking over this old house, and well, fuck what was supposed to be a small little thing turned into 3 to 4 years of hell and constantly changing plans, every time I made more money I upgraded the scoop of my renovations, and though the meantime I traveled, lived with my ex gf, ran around, and drank and partied, all along not working on my never ending house, so what I learned is the following, 1. always buy a new house, 2. if you buy a old house and want to renovate, HIRE A FUCKING CONTRACTER and give him a blank check, because doing it yourself will take years off your life. I put new plumbing, new wirering, new roof, new brick, new grass, new kitchen, new bathroom, all in all though I got a brand new house, for like 150,000$ in renovations, that I can sell for 350,000$ today, and 0000000 no morgage,, but fuck, its not worth the stress,


Question #15
What was your first good business decision.

the best thing I ever did was grow balls, I had started a fairly good site with wade from australia, but he registerd the domain in his name and efectivly controled the site, basically one day I decided to 1. drop out of school, all me 2. open a company, get a lawyer and accountant, PROPS to shap for the guidance 3. take vidsvidsvids away from wade and make it bigger, IE get my own hosting and move the domain to my new company name 4. become a full time webmaster, PS wade did not let it go easily, I payed him 15,000$ usd for vidsvidsvids and cost my self 10,000$ in lawyer fees , I bough a brand new computer and fax machine, 6000$ registered a company and payed all set up costs ,5000$, so basically I spent 30K plus in a month at 19, years old, with like 50K in the bank, that I made online , I made that 50K without spending a penny, as a hobby, but the best thing I ever did, was blow it all and invest in the future, when I spent this money I live at home in the same bedroom I grew up in. anyways, when I got away from wade I grew balls and its been great ever since

Question #16
I know you like to travel, so why don't you travel more?

I would love to travel more, I got trips planed to france adn england with my parents and brother ent summer, and I got the iceland trip for snow gathering, and im thinking of hitting a few places in europe next time I hit the amsterdam show, also planning a trip to BC to ski, but really I feal like life is too short and I aint seen nothing yet, only just scratching the surface

Question #17
Tall about your bling collection. Are you a pimp?

right now my bling collection is pretty small , but one day you never know how stupid I might get,

right now its just the ice man platinum chain and the breitling, but really im far from a pimp, I just like talking shit about pimpin, too many movie and rap videos in my head

Question #18
What kind of real estate investing have you done?

im buying 6 plexes, thats a single building with 6 apartments, like this one,


right now I got 4 like it so 24 units, woth 1.6 million, over the last 2 years ive owned a few others, but mostly IM waiting for the right ones to hold on to, once I get to like 10 of them at 60 units worth about, 4 million Ill consolidate and let them mature, I mean I keep the options of realestate ideas in the future, but for me personaly , 10 is my limit to manage and take care of myself,, thats 60 families to take care of and collect from , its enoght ,and 4 million + is enoght of a nest egg for me, ive been staying away from finacing large and big buildings that I cant control or predit, with 6 unit plexs in my neighboorhood where I grew up, Iknow whats what and whats going on

Question #19
Why such a pathetic hockey team?

OK ,ok ok, don't be fucking with my Montreal Canadiens, they are doing fucking well this year, best season in over ten years, the canadiens are my passion, I even got my season tickets,
PS drinking hard , im calling you out bitch, I want my money, and oh yah, fuck TORONTO,

Question #20
Who do you look up to in online adult? Down on?

u know I look up to those free site people who inspired me , who are the reason I built my site, green guy ,tommys bookmarks, persian kitty, richards realm, jjj, picwharehouse, those kinda people, even though I dont really know them, there work speaks for its self, as for cash program guys, I can say I trust and respect very few, but for sure, fred at braincash, pipecrew from bang bros dave from pimp roll, clement and thomas deluxepass, mitch from aebn, its been a pleasure working with these guys over the years, as for look down on, NO COMMENT i dont nead to wrath,

Question #21

I used to be somwhat of a pot head, but i have not smoked in over a year, I gave it up, I did not like the way it made me feal, too fucked up, I dont touch any drungs at all actually,

Question #22
Talk about your physical health. Any problems? Ever had an STD? Cancer? Heart disease? etc.. Have you been working out recently? Discuss

I've had no heath problems other than being too fat. Over the years of not having a place to call home, and eating out, and sitting in front of the computer, and drinking and all that jazz. I gained alot of weight over the last 7 years, about 100 pounds. anyways ive decided to lose it, so Ive been working out, I got to the gym once a week with a trainer, and twice a week the trainer comes to my house, and the rest of the time I work out on my own, so far im down over 40 pounds since I started with the healthy lifestyle, mostly I eat better, work out, stoped smoking weed and getting drunk 3 times a week, I even eat organic now, i have not had mcdonalds in 8 months or so,

Question #23
How many women have you had sex with in your life? Most at one time? In one day? men? What's with this women you keep smoozing but arn't fucking? Have you ever paid for sex?

woman in my life = 3 my ex girfriend of 7 years is to blame for this dry spell at one time = 1 in a day = 1 men = 0 paid for sex = 0 woman im smoozing, I suppose your talking about cindy form brain cash, shes a great girl and really great friend, not smoozing, just being my normal nice self,

Question #24
Pets? discuss thoughts there.

yah, ive had 3 cat and 2 dogs growing up some fish adn turtle, tina was the love of my life, died when I was 12, my younger brother has had 2 more dogs, a bird, a rabit, a cat, also my brother works in a vet clinic in the summer and is trying to get into vet school next year, right now hes doing micor biology at mcgill university, persoanly I have zero pets in my house and I really like it that way, no responsability or extra work, my parents and my brother especially , are animal crazy, adn they drive me fucking nuts with the jiberish people talk about stupid animals, they are constanly threatning to bring me a dog from the spca where my brother volunteers, hes even taken to emailing me picstures of the dogs before they are destroyed, maybe one day Ill look into a wicked cool fish tank and pay some company to up keep it weekly and take care of the fish for me,

Question #25
Talk about the separation politics in Quebec and your take on it.

this is a loaded question, lets just say im a linguistic minority here and over the years Ive felt the discrimination, Im very pro canada, and pro english rights in quebec, I think all history and politics in quebec are fucked because of the language issues, I think the quebec, goverment is right to seek autonomy and power from canada, but I im not a seperatist and I beleive bill 101 is a racist law, and I beleive the quebec, goverment in the name of nationalism and protecting the french language, I beleive they tell lies about history , change name, institue sign laws and enforce them especially on english comunities, and the civil cervice does not employ english people, also I beleive quebec has problems respecting its imigrants and native people, and there is a undertide of anti semitism in quebec society, and a deep hatred of english people, especially in rural areas, at the end of the day, if canada is divisible, then so is quebec and so is montreal,
my vote, and my money, and my skills, will never be scared away or pushed away, my family has been in quebec for 250 years speaking english at home, and my children will also speak english at home one day,

Question #26
Why were you refused entry to a dress code club?

this happends to me all the time, because I always wear a hat, and running shoes and jeans, I have to make a consious effort to dress right sometimes,

Question #27
Why were you going to quit the tgp business and work for sexhound at one point?

this is true, at one point before I took control of and before I left school, I was hitting up people online for jobs, I had a couple of posible offers, and yes when TY from movietitan was president of sex hound, I discussed with him the posibility of going out there to work I think internally I used posible job offers to reinforce my self worth, before I realized I could do it on my own

Question #28
Just how did you get started with VidsVidsVids?

I started online by making picture galleries, and submiting them to tommys bookmarks, eventually I started linking free hosting accounts together and giving away celebrity and pornstar content,
yes I was a content thief, anyways eventually I started a site called with the help of this guy who set up hosting and some script in exchange for advertising, back then this made him lots of money, I converted cyber erotica and karas at 1:100, 42$ per 1.99$ trial

Question #29
Is it true your favorite shot is called a blowjob?

no my favorite shot is a uppercut, which is ameretto in peach juice adn something else, but I like it with southern confort and some fruit juice or pinaple juice, PS a blowjob shot is like milk and baileys and khaluah or something with a whip cream topping, I drink em from time to time, a bar in montreal called peel pub has 1$ shooter nights on thursdays,

Question #30
Why do you salt and pepper strangers in Vegas?

honestly I dont know why I do half the stuff I do, probably because I was drunk or for some reason I though it was funny


Question #31
On your trip to Easter Island, how much trouble did you get into? Explain

ah honestly, a little bit of trouble, easter island is a place of 2000 people, 1 dance club, 2 bars, 2 restaurents and a national park full of statues, you can fly there daily from either santiago chile or tahiti, ah, in this case pictures speak louder than words ,but basically, 1. I busted the clutch on a jeep I rented, im not good with the stick, and well I got extorted for 300$ us to rebuild the thing, and some other bullshit, 2. we had out passports momentarely confiscated because we defaced the statues, and we were nearly fined like 500$ or 1000$ or something like that, but we talked out way out of it, 3. we got seriously drunk and bitch out some people, made some friends, probably did not break anything so that was ok, 4. ivo fell off his motorcycle, could have hurt himself but seriously its too small a place, everyone knew who we were buy day two and its a good thing we left on day three because we were outstaying our welcome on there little island,


Question #32
What's the deal with movie premiers?

Im simply addicted, I see about 1 or 2 movies every friday night, its pretty much my routine going back over 4 years, before that I was more of a midnight guy at the video store a few times a week, now I collect dvds and hit the movies every week, ive already seen I jsut counters, 38 movies in theaters in montreal right now im english, Ive seen 23 of them and the ones I aint seen are mostly shit, or kids movies, or documentaries, which I go see but not as agressivly as i see holly wood releases, and foreign films,

Question #33
Why do the dutch owe the canadians for WW2?

they dont owe us anything, but remeber as a point of history, canadas often underrated and under represented sacrifice and contribution to WW2, including, the battle for hong kong,
the test invasion and disaster in Dieppe, the canadien air force campaigns , liberating north west europe, including, HOLLAND, giving us all the freedom and and porno and prostitution and weed we all love also coastal and naval contributions in both the atlantic and pacific oceas, More than 42,000 Canadians lost their lives as a result of the Second World War. by the way thats a population of 11.2 million in 1939 and 12 million in 1945 ok, thats enogh about that



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