Gunner is a solid businessman and a good friend. His growth in this business and in business in general is a testament to how he runs his life.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread GUNNER

Question #1
Why don't you have any kids? Steroid related?
My baby making unit is fully functioning - just ask your girlfriend When I know I can do as good a job raising kids as my father did, then I'm ready. Kids are greeat and maybe someday I'll even have one or two of my own, but not until I'm absolutely sure I'm ready for that immense responsibility. The world is filled with enough children who don't get the love and attention they deserve. Deadbeat dads and meth addicted moms seem to be the norm these days, and that's just pathetic. It makes the idea of requiring individuals to obtain a license for childbirth seem more appealing than appaling.

Question #2
Have you always talked with a Baritone James Earl Jones?

Yea, and it works out really well for my part-time job as a Tranny phone sex operator. When my voice changed, I went from sounding like a Vienna choir boy to Satan overnight.
My Dad was in radio all of his life, started in the 40s as a DJ and eventually had his own syndicated morning radio show that aired in some smaller midwestern markets. He was also used in many commercials and voice-overs, due to his deep bass vocal range, but mine isn't nearly as low as his was.

Question #3
Talk about your acceptance to Interlochen Arts Acedemy for music and why you didn't go.

I came from a musical family, with an Aunt who played in the Chicago Symponthy Orchestra. From about the time I could crawl, I would climb up to her big baby grand piano and bang away on the keys... well needless to say, I got much better and by 14 I was good enough that I was encouraged to apply to Interlochen. It is widely touted as the best high school in the world for gifted musicians. I was accepted after I spent nearly a year putting my application together. For the performance part of the process, I played a classical Mozart piano concerto as well as my own jazz composition. In the end I decided not to go for a variety of reasons. I loved music, and still do, but I liked it on my own time and in my own way. I wasn't really a fan of the structure and conformity you had to accept in order to be sucessful at a school like Interlochen, so I chose not to accept the scholarship and just attended a regular high school.

Question #4
What world records did you set as a powerlifter?

I enjoyed competing, although I was really never a very good powerlifter. I set a few records, but nothing super impressive. A few different state, national, and world records as a Junior/Collegiate powerlifter in the APF (American Powerlifting Federation) and ADFPA (American Drug Free Powerlifting Association). I haven't looked recently, but I think most of them have been broken, I might still hold one deadlift record or something. All that's left now is a hundred trophies and lower back pain. I should've listened to my mother and taken up something less physically taxing like golf.

Question #5

Why leave Spread4U after 6 years? Were you fired?

I had almost 6 great years with WebcamCash and I wouldn't take back one single day. However, dealing with Barry's crossdressing at work became just too much to bear. I didn't mind it at first, the heels and hose, or even when he went through his tube top phase. But then over the summer, he insisted on wearing these short mini skirts, and started walking by my office and flashing his man was just too hard to stomach any longer. Seriously, there was no drama, it was just time to do something new. Besides, who in their right mind wants to live in CANADA?!?!

Question #6

Discuss your time as a male stripper? Did guys hit on you? Did women pay you for sex?

I think I was about 18, hanging out with some friends in this nightclub, and the stripper for a bachelorette party didn't show, so these girls asked me if I'd do it. I said yes, and ended up stripping on the side for about 4 years in my early 20s. I never really got comfortable doing it, but the money was just too easy to pass up. Women can be brutal. Believe it or not, it's hard work performing 1/2 naked in front of a group of 10-30 drunk girls. I remember this one show where I was dancing for a girl that was so heavy, I leaned over on her and the chair she was in broke - fell right on her ass and I damn near landed on top of her. I danced at many clubs and sometimes there were mixed crowds (gay, bi, straight, lesbian), so yes I've been hit on by men.
Never been paid for sex by a woman, and can't say I really even recall any offers. Maybe once and I just don't remember... At any rate, I decided I was a little past my prime a few years ago, so my stripping days have been over for a while.

Question #7
What do you do now for ATK?

They told me my position is VERY important. I'm officially the "Chief of Beverage Retrieval Operations". I'm up to carrying 6 cups of cofee without spilling a drop!
Actually, I am the Affiliate Manager for ATK Cash. ATK is really a top-notch program with a solid reputation and I'm going to bring the cash program up to speed. We've got big plans in the works. Anyone interested in doing biz should hit me up right away, and if you're going to be in Vegas - keep an eye open for me, I'll be passed out in some random corner of Mandalay Bay

Question #8

How did you escape a 20 year prison sentence? discuss in detail.

Bottom line - I didn't "escape" it, I wasn't convicted because I wasn't guilty.
Details? Many years ago when I first got started, I shot a model who, unknown to me at the time, gave me a fake ID. After a few months, she decided to go and tell someone what she'd done. A county prosecutor decided to try and make a name for himself by nailing me with a bunch of charges, including manufacture and distribution of child pornography. After a long legal battle, I plead guilty to a simple charge of obscenity, forfeited one computer, paid a fine and was placed on probation. He never got his big headline, and it was really just a huge waste of time on their part, but I learned many valuable lessons about the legal system

Question #9
Talk about all the years you worked as a bouncer and experiences therein.

I worked on and off as a bouncer most of my through college, so it would've been about 6 years or so total. I worked at different clubs and bars, sometimes as the only bouncer in the bar, and other times as part of a 6-8+ man crew. I've seen people do everything and anything in sometimes comical, sometimes hostile, and a few times, life threatening situations.
Once we went outside the club to find a guy who had just been beat on by about 4 guys, against a curb, with many foot kicks to the face and head.
I don't remember how long he spent in ICU, but the other guys were finally caught and charged. A few times I orded and ambulance be called for people with alcohol poisoning.
Then there was the time I had to break up a fight between a guy and a tranny, after the guy had found out on the dance floor in a most surprising manner, that the 'woman' he was dancing with had some extra parts. I've had beer bottles over the head, been blindsided by punches/slaps/shoves, and even been bitten - (that guy took a thumpin' for that one). For the most part though I don't like to fight and I never ever tried to start something with someone for no reason as some bouncers are known for doing. It was a paycheck, not an ego trip, and I did my job to the best of my ability.

Question #10

Why the fuck did you bear hug a multi million volt transformer? Why are you still alive?

I was home from the Army and out with some buddies at a party. Behind the house we were partying at was a power substation. The big electrical plant looking things that supply electricity to a whole area of town. You see them surrounded by fencing with barbed wire, "DANGER: HIGH VOLTAGE" and "KEEP OUT" signs. Something like this
I decided to climb the fence and scale to the top of the scaffold support structure and then proceeded to bear hug a high voltage transformer. It shocked me with about 100x the voltage of a regular power line, and luckily it blew me off backwards instead of killing me. When I woke up hours later, I was in the burn unit surrounded by nurses and doctors covered in white, tending to the 3rd degree burns over most of my chest and arms. I was pumped full of morphine and covered in bandages for about a week, then spent another few days before they sent me home for another month of recovery. Undoubtedly it was the most physically painful and by far the dumbest thing I've done in my entire life, but what doesn't kill you just makes you stronger.

Question #11
Talk about your time in the army. We heard you were a drill sergeant. Why did you leave high school early to go?

I took summer school and extra classes so that I could finish up all my high school credits by the middle of my senior year. This allowed me to leave in Jan. to go off to Army basic training. While everyone else was at their graduation cerememony in May, I had already started my AIT (Advanced Individual Training) in Ft. Gordon, GA. I was very fortunate that my military career was fairly uneventful in terms of actual combat. We got activated for the Bosnian confilict, but at the last minute the orders came for us to stand down and we never did get reactivated. After I got out of the active duty Army, I spent time in the Army National Guard and while I was in the Army Reserves, I went to Drill Sergeant school.

Question #12
How much can you bench?

560 is my current personal best

Question #13
Why do they call you Gunner?

My time in the Army as an M60 machine gunner. You have the "gunner" and the "A-gunner" (assistant gunner). Just a nickname I'd had before and decided to use it when I came into the industry.

Question #14
What is up with you and Wolverine?

I grew my sideburns out for a while, really long "pork chop" style. I was also wearing a pompadour hair style - very 50s retro, since rockabilly/psychobilly music is one of my likes... I'll get to that in your Reverend Horton Heat question.

Question #15
Is it true your favorite sport is eating?

Yea I do love eating, although I don't think it's technically considered a sport. Anyone who has eaten a few meals in my presence will tell you I can take the eating experience to a whole new level. I truly enjoy food and all the pleasure it brings. My favorite actual sports are powerlifting and strongman.

Question #16
Who the fuck are Reverend Horton Heat and Henry Rollins?

2 of my favorite bands, although I'm really big into music, so it's hard to pick only 2.
Reverend Horton Heat:
Henry Rollins:

Question #17
What's the deal with the sideburns? Loose a bet?

3 words Witness protection program

Question #18
Talk about when you operated a webcam studio and how you met Barry.

It was at the New Orleans show in 2000, which was Barry and Hazel's first show and mine as well. They had a booth and I was walking the show floor with my partner at the time when we stopped to talk to them and it all started. I ran a cam studio with anywhere from 2-6 live cam rooms. My partner handled all the tech stuff and I handled everything else. So initially, we were just providing Spread4U with cam models as a studio, but it eventually grew into much more and I left the cam studio to go to work for Barry and Hazel full-time.

Question #19
What kind of car do you drive? pics

I had a brand new truck and a $550/month payment to go along with it for two years and said enough is enough. I started investing that money and bought a 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee to have as my daily driver. It's in the garage for the winter, but I also have a completely restored 1977 Ford F250 High Boy

Question #20
Why did you pimp out poor litle Misty and go nude with her?

Who said Misty went nude? News to me  Decisions about Misty's career are hers to make, not mine.

Question #21
Discuss what happened when you totaled a Mustang in Toronto last year

It was my fault completely. I was driving very fast in a 2006 Ford Mustang, listening to music, and I decided to floor it at a huge intersection just as the light changed to yellow. Bad move. I ended up ramming head-on into a light post at about 55mph. I also caused a 3 car accident, since people had to try to move to avoid me. Luckily no one was seriously injured. The car was a complete loss. That also happened to be the 2nd car I totalled in 2006.

Question #22
What is your favorite drink?

Ice water. I also love chocolate milkshakes - if they're made right. alcoholic? used to be Jack and Coke, but I gave those up and I haven't found a new favorite yet, although I have been on a RedBull and Vodka kick lately.

Question #23
Talk about some of the jobs you had as a kid.

I took my first job at 12 when I signed up to detassel corn during the summer - a mistake I didn't make the next summer! I also had numerous paper routes and lawn mowing jobs, but I guess I officially started working for a weekly paycheck at a restaurant as a dishwasher/bus boy when I was about 14. During the spring and summer I'd also worked with one of my friends whos father was a roofing contractor. All in all I had my share of tough jobs and I'm thankful I did, it's partly what motivated me to go on to college and earn a Masters... I know what hard manual labor is like.

Question #24
Discuss your time as a disc jockey.

My Dad was the general manager for a group of radio stations, but he started his career as a disc jockey back in the 50s. I grew up in the radio stations, so as soon as I could legally get it I obtained my FCC broadcasters license and started with my first time slot on an AM station during the Chicago Cubs games.

Question #25
What is your involvement/past with martial arts?

My freshman year of high school I started wrestling and I liked it, but wasn't very good. It was frustrating to me that you coudn't hit your opponent, since striking before trying to take-down just seemed to make more sense. Anyway, I'd taken Tae Kwon Do for a little while when I was a lot younger, and decided to give it another try. The only thing was all the Tae Kwon Do schools sucked, so this time I tried Okinawan Karate (Isshin-ryu). While doing the Karate, I met some guys that trained in Jujutsu, and I after watching about 10 mins of it, I knew I'd found my thing. I spent about 5-6 years training in the martial arts, did a very little bit of competitive fighting, and then eventually gave it up when the main dojo I trained at moved even further from my house. I was already driving an hour each way, 3 times a week to train, and trying to do that on top of college and work just got to be more than I could handle. I do miss it and wish I'd never quit. I was definitely in the best shape of my life back then. To this day the only tattoo I have is the logo from my old YamaBushi Jujutsu school.

Question #26
I've heard all weight lifters are uneducated big dummies, What kind of education do you have?

BA and Masters (MPA) from the University of Illinois

Question #27
What kind of house(s) do you own/rent? pics

Don't have any pics of my current place, but it's only temporary anyway. I own 2 homes, one of which I sold recently CFD. The other one is currently rented and I'm probably going to end up selling it as well. The past couple years I had lived out in the country on 5 acres, but just recently moved back into town

Question #28
Who do you look up to in this industry? Down on?

I'd rather not name many names specifically, but let's say there are a few people who I look up to and a few I look down on. I'm not big on putting someone up on a pedestal, nor do I like bashing anyone. I think those folks who I do hold in high regard know who they are.

Question #29
Why did you cut the dreadlocks? Are you related to Dugmor?

he's my brotha from anotha mutha I cut the dreads in high school because they got in the way when I wrestled.

Question #30
Is it true you were a skate board nerd?

I was into skateboarding back in Jr. High... I was never a nerd.

Question #31
What's with the fear of flying?

I'm not a fan of air travel. I don't have a fear of flying, I just don't care for it - at all. I wish the rail system in the US was equal to that of Europe or Asia so I could take a train everywhere.
I don't mind road trips though, so I've been known to drive to some of the shows, even if it means leaving 3 days prior to make a 1800 mile drive.

Question #32
Why chew ice? new snack craze?

I like to chew ice. Supposedly it's the sign of obsessive/compulsive behavior or sexual frustration, but anyone who really knows me can tell you I'm a lot of things... sexually frustrated is not one of them  Craving and chewing ice (pagophagia) is often associated with iron deficiency (anemia). Again, anyone who has ever seen me eat will tell you I'm not deficient in vitamins or minerals.



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