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After five years with YNOT, running her own radio show, and now leading the sales department at Trafficdude, Twinkley has a unique perspective on our industry. Bursting with personality, Danielle is well known for all night partying, crazy antics, loosing her stuff and loosing her mind.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread Twinkley

Question #1
For years there have been rumors floating around about you and an improper relationship with a goat. Can you please explain what really happened that fateful night in Jamaica?
I believe someone has me confused in this story with a Mr. SEGURU (perhaps too much of that lovely cake they serve in Negril?) -
I had to put a stop to that particular Jamaican love affair when hotel management
brought up concerns with health issues and livestock in the hotel at the time ... I won't spoil it with too many details, but lets just say that Gu and company were VERY close with that goat, and it was a teary goodbye when the goat went back to the mountain.

Question #2
Your mother has a burning desire to attend an adult convention. Why won't you bring her to one of the shows?

Actually, the first picture above is of me and my (very proud and excited) parents at Cybernet Expo this year in Tampa  Now all I hear is "why wasn't rochard there?? we know you looooove him!" My parents are the absolute best, and have been extremely supportive of me in the industry. Why didn't i take them before this?? Well, some lines just arent meant to be crossed LOL - would you take YOUR parents to a big show?.

Question #3
On "Pillow Talk" you entertained us with stories about getting a college education while working full time in the adult industry. Were you thinking at that time you would be leaving the adult industry? What benefit has your college education been to you since graduating?

No No No and No. hahahaha - Most people who know me well know that i am adamantly NOT about getting married any time soon LOL. Also, I have been many different sizes since entering the biz, and no matter what size I was, I always had a group of people who loved and respected me whether i was mootastic or fit and slim Altho, being fit in this industry as a woman *is* a big plus hehe

Question #4
On "Pillow Talk" you entertained us with stories about getting a college education while working full time in the adult industry. Were you thinking at that time you would be leaving the adult industry? What benefit has your college education been to you since graduating?

Ahhh bitches and hoes, bitches and hoes .... gotta love the school stories for the bitches and hoes hahahahahaha

Pillow Talk, and YNOTRadio were actually the driving force behind me going back to school to get one of those "degree" things. I haven't graduated yet, but rather took a year off in the midst of all the other changes going on in my life right now. I DEFINITELY plan on going back, as the experience has been awesome and has greatly helped me in the industry. I have no desire to leave the adult industry anytime soon, but believe that the outside perspectives that going into the "real world" help me understand and do my job better here in "the porn bubble"

Question #5

YNOT was your bread and butter - at what point did you realize you wanted to leave?

I never *wanted* to leave YNOT per-se, but as the old saying goes i was "made an offer i just couldn't refuse" by The Dudes

Question #6

How often now do you get asked to be content?

(See Question #22)

Question #7
You've spent a lot of time with Sweetums at conventions, and more often than not the two of you have roomed together. Have you ever had a lesbian encounter at a convention and not told anyone?

Now if i told you that publicly, I couldn't say that i didn't tell anyone!! :-X

Question #8

How did the name twinkley come about?

Apparently some friends, a long time ago, realized I *twinkle* when im drunk - and therefore (in their drunken states) I became twinkley .. it fit my personality, and at the time I enter the industry EVERYONE used a nickname ... so it stuck!

Question #9
Your cats are rather large and it's rumored that they have eaten local dogs. Why are your cats so big?

Hahahahaha so many people want to know my secret to big fluffy kitty heads! The secret? Iams cat food - 20 lb+ cats guaranteed! LOL

Question #10

Have you ever flashed anyone at a convention?

Not at a "convention" Thats all I have to say about that *whistles innocently*

Question #11
How often do you play final fantasy online or wii when you should be working during the day?

Hahahahahaha never! As a matter of fact, my gamer friends BITCH at me cause I am working when i *should* be playing!

Question #12
Now that you are with trafficdude and have an expense account, have you considered spending any cash on yourself?

Not from an expense account, but if you really want to know what I have been spending my phat lewts on recently, next time ya see me in person, ask to see my "shinies" - I have a couple of really bad habits I like to splurge on - shoes and jewelry!

And last (for this round) but not least ... for all the Pillow Talk fans out there ...

Question #13
It seems that radio shows for our industry have fallen by the wayside. Are there any future plans to breathe life into "Pillow Talk". If not, why not?

Actually, there are plans in the works, but since life has been ... shaken, not stirred for me in the last 6 months, Pillow Talk has had to be put on hold until I can wrangle the rest of my life into a semblance of order. That being said, keep your eyes out for a revitalized Pillow Talk coming in 2008!

Question #14
You seemed to have shown a lot of interest in YNOT Bob when you first met him. Have you ever had feelings for him or a secret crush?

LOL - I love bob .. but uhhh yeah, not like that LOL - although I did have a drunken moment my VERY first show after meeting him where I yelled something rather obscene across the hotel lobby at like 3am ..

Question #15
When are you going to marry that programmer dude you've been with forever?

AIE AIE AIE - Next question! I like sex! Why in the hell would i want to get married? The only thing I hear about marriage is that you STOP HAVING SEX!
Thats just not gonna work for me.

Question #16
What is your strange obsession with other people's feet?

I have an anti-foot-fetish. Its not just other peoples feet, its my own too. I think feet are gross and dont like touching them, having them touch me, playing barefoot footsies ... ewwwwww. It's just a personal pet-peeve, and one all my friends LOVE to tease me about!!

Question #17
What was the rudest thing to happen to you at a convention by a webmaster?

I had a webmaster who was fully aware of my stance on NOT being content take an upskirt of me at a show. Needless to say I went ballistic. Rude, uncalled for, and extremely disrespectful.

Question #18
There are some strange people in our industry who collect odd things. How many music boxes do you have?

I can't even count anymore - easily over 50, its one of those totally girlie things I have embraced - especially DISNEY themed music boxes!!

Question #19
Have you ever taken a romantic walk with another woman while on a quest to find a bottle of jager?

Yes. More than once I think. For some totally drunk guy I loooooooove

Question #20
Now that you are at trafficdude and have your own personal sales team, do you ever take advantage of them now that your in charge?

Absolutely Not. I depend on my team as much as they depend on me - you start pissing off the people who work for you, and your company suffers for it. Since im all about being filthy rich, and having the whole team there with me, I figure its best to work my ass off right along with the rest of em!

Question #21
Is it true you once removed the scrotum of a negligent advertiser at a show for not paying a 6 month past due invoice?

Hahahahahaha shoulda seen that one coming! Yes, in the early years, I had a client who was deliquent to say the least who thought I wouldnt make a scene in public at a show. BOY WAS HE WRONG. I sat in front of his booth talking with him, sloooowly raising my voice until he realized i would gladly scream at the top of my lungs that his successful company wasnt paying their bills. Rule #1 - do NOT fuck with my money. (rule #2 - dont fuck with my man, but thats a whole nother story)

Question #22
If you were to consider being content, what category would suit you best?

seem to go together pretty well, so those are next on the hit list hahaha

How often *now* do i get asked to be content? Amazingly enough, I haven't had a single offer since I lost all the weight LOL - not sure if its just cause people know better now, or if I was just more "needed / wanted" as a BBW. Either way, I don't sweat it. I'm not content, I have no desire to be content, other than audio content on the radio that is!

If I were (to my parents shock and horror) to become content, I would have to say cam girl / girl next door type for sure. I have never considered myself *sexy* per-se but always thought *cute* fit me much much better. Of course, this is totally moot, as the closest I will ever get to becoming content is being on FUBAR in the show pics

Question #23
How difficult is it for a girl to be taken seriously in this industry as a sales person?

Not nearly as difficult nowdays. There are a lot of successful webmistresses of years gone by that have helped paved the way for women to be seen as more than content in the biz.

Question #24
Who has helped you to continue learning and progressing throughout your career in adult?

Connor, LAJ, The Dudes (scott and tony) of course - sweetums, steve lightspeed, don mike, thelegacy ... and thats only the tip of the iceburg - i love the comraderie this industry requires to be successful!

Question #25
What is the most annoying behavior you have found when doing business with webmasters?
( Did not answer the question.)

Question #26
What really happened that you left YNOT, did it have anything to do with the shake up at the top?

Shake? There were shakes and no one told me??

Question #27
Who do you look up to the industry?

Literally? Very few people as im almost 6 feet tall myself! hahahaha

Question #28
Have you ever considered having sex with anyone in the industry?
( Did not answer the question.)

Question #29
Has anyone ever shocked you the first time you met them, but turned out to be a good friend later on?
( Did not answer the question.)

Question #30
What is the most annoying behavior you have found when doing business with webmasters?
( Did not answer the question.)

Question #31
What were some of your favorite moments from your years of doing the Pillow Talk radio shows?
( Did not answer the question.)

Question #32
Have you ever showed up to a show only to discover your luggage is missing? What did you have to do to get through the show?

Ugh. Yes. This past vegas internext, my "debut" show being thinner and a "dude" and I arrive with no clothes, no cards, no makeup - oh yeah, thank the great googley moogley kiwi girl and CJ were there to play dress up with me in a mix of BOTH of their clothes!

Question #33
How in the world did you end up working in the adult industry?
( Did not answer the question.)

Question #34
Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years? the industry?
( Did not answer the question.)



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