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GFY Ambush Interview thread SWorld Megan

Question #1
What does four drinks equal?

Anal! OK before you all go thinking i am some sort of crazy girl ... this is an inside joke. That has turned into a phenonem LOL Here are it’s roots:
One night at the www.nscash.com christmas party I was talking to simple and we were getting drinks at the bar. By this point I was pretty buzzed. So we were joking around about relationship sex in general. He asks me if I want another drink. I said no, three was enough because we all know what 4 means. Some how .. I have no idea why .. when he said what does it mean … I replied with .. Anal. Since then anytime I am around someone from nscash they always ask .. is that your fourth drink? Which has since spread to more people. So if you ever hear someone asking me at a show if I am on my fourth drink … you now know why!

Question #2
What prior jobs have you had before working in the adult industry?

I have had several! I was a sandwhich artist, I was a telemarketer, I was a telephone psychic! Oyy so many they are hard to remember! Waitress, assisstant, trade show cordinator,etc.
When I was young I job hoped a bit .. always in search for that extra money so I didn’t have to eat Top Ramen .. again!LOL

Question #3
Does Shane's World ever shoot content in your house?

Yes, yes they do! There is the “don’t sit there!” couch in my house. It has gotten more sex then most people I know! Actually sometimes other companies shoot at my house too. Many famous people have been on it … Shane Diesel AKA Blackzilla has fucked on it, Ashley Jensen, Brother Love, Emily Evermore, etc!
Now everyone is thinking why do you allow shooting in your house and I will tell them why. Shooting money goes directly to my “House Upgrade Fund!” . Pretty soon my medium toned bamboo hard wood floors will be fully paid for =) Basically I thought it was a great way to remodel my house for free for when I flip it and sell it for a bigger better house. But my bedroom and the couch I watch TV on … are off limits.

Question #4
Whats with the yuppy hybrid car? Do you really think you're saving the environment?

I LOVE my yuppy hybrid car! Did you know Cameron Diaz drives one too? I seriously think Toyota should pay me for how much I push their Prius! I guess my appreciation comes from driving a V8 for sooooooo long and living in LA. I was spending a TON on gas and maintenance because you have to drive everywhere in LA. I was filling up about every 3-4 days. I finally decided I had had it and wanted something economic. I fell in love with the Prius after the test drive. I get 56 miles to the gallon now and only have to fill up 1 to 2 times a month. Plus the seats fold down in the back for cramming all of my stuff into. I swear the thing is as big as a minivan in the back. I don’t know if I am saving the environment … but I like to think I am. But I am sure I am not giving the oil industry nearly as much money as I was.

Plus.. My car is a ninja! When it’s driving under 15 miles an hour it’s engine doesn’t make any sound and I scare the crap out of people in parking lots all the time.

Question #5
Your experience working in the adult industry goes back further than most people know. You originally started working in the adult industry for a small and still unknown company in Arizona. Who was this company, and what were your experiences with them?

Surprisingly I was in it even before that. Around the age of 19-ish I taught myself HTML and Photoshop on a whim. I wanted to see how web pages worked. Once I learned people started asking me to do sites for them ..Little things like baseball card shops and such. I did a few of those and then was asked by a friend of a friend if I had a problem with adult content .. I thought about it and said, no. Turns out the guy shot all of these spanking fetish videos and I started building sites for him. Then I picked up a part time job working for a web company as a grunt and that guy did adult sites too.

I told my Dad all about what I was doing and he gave me a great piece of advice. “Sex always sells .. it’s the oldest profession out there. Figure out how to make money from it!” Shortly after that my dad gave me a few hundred bucks to buy some content sets and I started doing AVS sites. Made some money on the side with that for awhile.

Around this time I had to move to Arizona to be with my family because of a family illness. Once I was out there I found a job working for a guy who was starting to build a program. Turns out the guy was not on the up and up at all! I finally quit after I discovered my software CD cases covered with coke and scratches from lines being cut on them. Plus the cops had showed up that week because he hadn’t been paying models and one of the girls turned out to be a cop’s daughter. The following week I went to the Phoenix forum to see if I could find someone legit. Which is where I first met Rochard and the Lightspeed crew. Rochard and I had a long talk about my former boss (they had had some problems too) and he said he would help me out. Before he got the chance I had an opportunity to move back to my hometown in LA .. and took it. A few weeks later I started at Shane’s World and have never left. Once you have worked for the worst … you really appreciate working for the best!!

Question #6
In the past Shane's World was very popular in the DVD market but didn't have much of an internet presence. In the past few years this has changed dramatically. What part did you play in bringing Shane's World up to speed with the adult internet?

This is a very dynamic question! But I will try and make it short and sweet. When I first got here there had been several webmasters and the sites had no uniformity, were on separate CCbill programs, etc. I spent a long time streamlining, redesigning tours, getting MPA installed, a content management system... which was ONLY the tip of the iceberg. Once all of that barely started coming together I was promoted to VP of DVD Sales.

I spent the next 4 months looking for the person I thought could finish the job I started and more importantly take the marketing to the next level … enter DJ Airek. I knew he could put together a crew to finish it up and could market the hell out of it. Which is exactly what he is doing... and he is doing a damn fine job!

I think I laid the foundation and got the blueprints started for Airek but he is doing all the heavy lifting.

Question #7
Who is this woman and have you had intimate relations with her?

I don’t see a picture of a woman... but I know who you’re talking about. I have a dear friend who is a super hot smoking chick … and last year at a party she was super drunk made out with my face LOL I had never kissed a girl in my whole life nor had I really even thought about it. But it was a super quick kiss from an awesome chick! So if I was ever going to have a chick catch me off guard make out with my face at party... she would have been my choice!

Question #8
You seem to be obsessed with your dogs. How many do you have, and do you dress them up in cute little outfits?

I am obsessed with my dogs... they kind of run my life! LOL I have 2 Chihuahuas named Joey and Chloe and 1 Boston terrier named Boz. I am insanely attached to them! Joey I got at 4 and ½ weeks old and had to bottle feed him. He is my child I swear LOL (OMG I sound like the crazy cat lady ... only different!)

As for their outfits... the dogs may dress better than I do LOL Joey and Chloe have a few things from Juicy Couture … Chloe has an angora sweater... few dresses, etc. Boz has a Hoodie that has a skull on it... but he doesn’t like to get dressed. Actually he hates it LOL Joey and Chloe just put up with it. Now the whole “dressing my dogs” in clothes thing started out of necessity. Chihuahuas get cold really easily and when I would take them for walks in the winter they would be shaking like crazy... so I got them sweaters. This has now turned into outfits and a drawer of dog clothing!

Question #9
Nothing turns on webmasters more than a woman who can debate the finer points of HTML while making love. Is it true that you know HTML and once ran all of the Shane's World Internet properties on your own?

Yes it is true! I know HTML, CSS, some PHP and a multitude of other things. I can actually build a site from start to completion … no need to outsource LOL I actually code in notepad .. which is crazy, but that’s how I learned. Although I occasionally use Dreamweaver to preview my work aka typos.
I can do a few other cool nerdy things too. But the most “impressive” is probably 3D modeling. I am decent at Maya. I went to school at http://www.gnomon3d.com/ for a few semesters, but ended up not loving it as much I thought I would. So I said on the web side.

Question #10
Why do you want to have a stripper pole installed in your house?
Because they are fun!!! Plus they are great exercise and amazing for toning. I hate boring exercise. I just don’t do it if it is. Since climbing on a pole and dancing are fun... I don’t even realize how long I have been working out. I recently found a Pole Aerobics class in my area and I am going to take classes there.

Question #11
Is it true that you're a fan of Britney Spears? Are you okay with everyone knowing that you rock out in your hybrid while listening to Britney?
I have terrible taste in music! I am totally OK with that LOL I am not some music snob. I like fun happy poppy music sometimes and other times I like something more meaningful. But yes, I crank up Brittney Christina, Jessica .. all of them up in my little hybrid and I ROCK OUT!

Question #12
It's no secret that you are a rather shy person. How has the industry forced you to get over your shyness, and how do you deal with it?

It’s weird I am totally shy .. until you get to know me. Then you can’t get me to shut the fuck up. So at first shows were a little overwhelming to me. But I always give myself a tiny bit of me time to rejuvenate at shows and take a breath. Sometimes it’s hard to be “ON” all the time. So I make sure I get a little break every now and then so I can refresh and do my job even better.

I am not sure if the industry has forced me over my shyness as much as alcohol has LOL

Question #13
What is your goal in adult? Are you gonna make this your career for life?
My goal is to have a job I like doing with co-workers I adore and lots of laughs. I seemed to have accomplished that. But one day I think I would like to run my own studio... Although I am more than happy to just head up distribution and not deal with all the headaches of being an owner.
I am not sure this will be my life career but I wouldn’t be upset if it was. I can truly say I love my job. Not everyone can say that and I feel blessed to be able to. But if one day I own my own studio I hope to make it successful and then sell it once I feel I am ready and open a day spa or something. I have always thought I could run a killer day spa!

Question #14
Would you be content if you were paid enough?

LOL Wow! who has been listening to the Shane’s World Lunchroom conversations?? My argument to this question is always... Everyone has a price. Currently because I am well fed, spoiled, have shelter, etc .. I don’t have a price. But I always wonder if I had children who were starving and we were homeless and sick or something crazy like that .. And that was the only option I had (this is obviously WAY hypothetical)...to save my children .. I am sure my pride wouldn’t cost more than whatever their safety, health, etc cost. So my finale answer is …(drum roll) … circumstances determine my price. But I don’t for see that ever happening.
But I do commend the women who do it. If you’re completely comfortable with it and enjoy it and are setting a life of for yourself... More power to you!

Question #15
Tell me about getting lost in puerto rico? Did you seduce any Rico Suaves?

Well I production managed a Casey parker movie in Puerto Rico. Let me start off by saying I was deathly ill and drinking codeine, snorting nose spray, etc. So I was on a crazy long flight with NO smoking (which I smoke like a mad woman) and about 5 pornstars. So we get to PR which is the hardest place to drive (plus I am a crappy driver) .. I can’t read Spanish signs, etc. So basically the Shane’s World crew, cast and myself spent 4 days in a minivan lost. We would leave at 8am to start shooting and we would just end up lost ALL day and get back like at 3am after trying to talk to 72 gas station attendants who all pointed us a different direction. I feel bad for everyone on that trip with me .. I hate nature, was sick and lost 24/7 .. I was very very mean. Plus I wouldn’t eat because I didn’t know what any of the food was and I don’t eat random meats. So I lived off of protein bars and the random American fast food places we found. No time for Rico Suaves that trip! LOL
Plus we ended up with a catchy name for the movie .. Casey parker’s Lost in Puerto Rico.

Question #16
Which is worse? Working in an office next to a DJ wannabe or sleeping in a bed full of fire ants?

Fire ants!!! LOL Just kidding … Airek and I get along great! Plus he takes all my teasing in stride. He is also a great asset to have around when I am about to rip people’s heads off because I am sooo stressed .. he usually makes me laugh. Which makes me only kick people, instead of ripping their head off.

Question #17
You and Casey Parker were recently on the Tyra Banks show on national TV. You also very shy. Were you nervous about representing the entire industry on recruiting girls into porn?

I was nervous representing the industry .. but I also felt I would show America is not full of greasy old mobsters like they think. I felt like I was giving pornography a new face. I was very scared to go on that show … super nervous in fact. But I am used to fielding a lot of interview questions because I already deal with a lot of mainstream media outlets in my position. I think it went very well!

Question #18
Why do you think Tyra Banks is an evil bitch? And is she hot in person?

Tyra is kind of bitchy LOL But she is doing what she needs to do to make money. Her producers told me any topics they did on porn were their highest rated shows. So that’s why they do sooo many of them. I made it very clear if it turned into a porn bashing show I would just walk off. But I still watch top model LOL
Tyra is 10,000 times prettier in person .. it’s almost freakish!

Question #19
You've been at Shane's World for 4 years almost four years now. How did you get to be the V.P. of Distribution? Casting couch type thing or you're smart? You came from a small unknown company, was the webmaster for Shane's World's internet properties, and now your in charge of sales for a rather large and well known company. How did this happen?

It’s the smart thing =)
I did what everyone else does .. find somewhere they fit and love and move up. I find my job quite easy in the sense that I get to sell a product I truly believe in. When you know you have a good quality product it makes it much easier to do sales deals all day long. Who would have thought updating the websites for so long would have made me so knowledgeable about our product that I would eventually head up DVD sales! LOL

Question #20
Tell us about Shane's World and why they take people to Disneyland on days that they want to work? Was this all your idea?

They do it because we do company trips all the time! It’s part of working here. We eat lunch everyday together .. like a family .. no matter what. We go on vacations together (river rafting which I freaking HATED!), camping, Disneyland, universal studios, etc! We work hard together .. but we also take the time to just have a blast!
Airek had a hard time with this one … it’s something you have to get used to. If everyone is stressed out and pissy .. no matter what is pending … sometimes our bosses drag us out to do something fun. Once we relax a little we are usually more productive

Question #21
We heard that you're a member of the Disney Movie Fan club of something like that. Is it true that you're so obsessed with Disney paraphernalia that you're in a club where you get sent every Disney movie that comes out automatically. Please discuss?

This is 100% true! I own a TON of Disney DVDs and collectibles. I really admire Walt Disney’s incredible detail to creating the experiences for people that he did. Everything he seems to have touched is timeless and reminds you to be free, feel like a kid, day dream, laugh, wonder and skip! I can’t get enough of that feeling! I am totally still a kid at heart! I sometimes forget to get in touch with those feelings .. but if I through in a Disney dvd, go to Disneyland, etc … I can’t help but remember nothing in life is more important than life itself.

Question #22
What's your obsession with PEZ dispensers?

LOL I swear you guys are like the CIA!! I have been collecting Pez dispensers since I was a very small child. I always thought they were fun and I liked the candy. So every holiday family members and friends would pick me up a new Pez. I currently have about 300 of them .. most still in their original packaging. I even have the stars wars complete set in a special stars box set. They are just fun and I enjoy them! You can usually always find me with at least one in my purse .. they are my good luck charms.

Question #23
Is it true that Niko Bimini is really as well hung as we are led to believe?

I don’t know is he?? Are we led to believe this? This would be an excellent question for Rochard considering he saw his dick when Niko pissed on his house. (Anyone got that picture to post?)

Question #24
Your addicted to a video game. Which game and what is it? How many hours to play a day?

There are actually 2 I am addicted to. The first one is The Sims. I don’t play it everyday and I go through spurts .. but when I do play .. it can be like 6 hours staright! You don’t even know you have been playing it! It’s crazy! Then I am also addicted to the CSI games. My latest one (which I have almost 100% on everything now) is CSI: Dark Motives. When I was younger I wanted to be a CSI really bad. I looked into schooling, got , books, everything. But then I realised I have a really weak stomach and probably couldn’t do the job.

Question #25
You must be making a lot of money to have your meals delivered to your house on a daily basis. Why would you have meals delivered to your house? Do you not cook?

LOL!! I have my meals delivered because they are 100% nutritionally controlled and I suck at cooking and don’t really have the time (except on weekends) to cook anything that you don’t prepare in a microwave. I realized I was spending a ton on eating out and not making well rounded choices. So I found this site http://www.sunfare.com/ and tried the food. It was actually really good! I was totally surprised. So I signed up to have it sent to me daily. I now am spending a little less then i was on eating out and i am eating a lot more fruits, veggies and new foods.

Question #26
You have a crush on someone on TV – from Jackass. Who is it and why does he do it for you?

I do! I have a sick unhealthy obcession with Bam. He is my desktop wallpaper. He does it for me because he is hot, funny, much more adventours and out going them I am and he isn’t afird to do anything (except for that whole snakes thing). Plus he has the coolest pirate bar ever!! I have this dream of one day having a bad ass pirate bar too!

Question #27
Do you seriously not allow different foods to touch each other on your plate?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #28
You recently got divorced and your single again. How does that feel?

I got divorced on November 2cd 2006 at 2:43 pm. Getting a divorce is a really tough thing and I had truly hoped it would never happen for me. Unfortunately my husband ended up with a problem with alcohol. After trying everything under the sun … I had to except you can not help those who will not help themselves. It was a very valuable lesson I am sad I had to learn. But I can say I walked away better for it. I learned how incredibly strong I am and I that I have a line of just how much crap I will take from someone.

Question #29
Your involved in shooting content for Shane's World. Explain to us what the "tranny shark" was at the gay shoot?

I am involved... Somehow I often get roped into it. If anyone noticed I was only at the Phoenix forum for about a day and a half .. I fly out almost as quick as I got there. The reason I left is because we were shooting our third gay college invasion. The first 2 hadn’t turned out exactly how we wanted them .. so the bosses wanted “all hands on deck” and sent me to go production manage the shoot.
Well the party starts without a hitch .. things a getting hot and heavy, etc. Then this guy who had been there a short period of time had one beer and instantly seemed like he had had about 20 of them. So myself and carrie escorted him out of the party and got him a hotel room to sober up in. While this guy was really drunk he kept talking about how he wanted to be a tranny and how Nicole Ritchie was his best friend etc. we are trying to get him to his room and …Then he pissed himself.
So we leave the guy to sleep it off and check on him about every 20 minutes. The first time we check on him he has stripped down to his underwear. Second time he is naked only wearing a condom and yanking his crank in his sleep. Why he needed a condom to masturbate with I have no clue .. but this guy takes safe sex to a whole new level. Next time we check on him he has managed to barf on himself and has all these random objects around him. The guy eventually sobers up and even tells us he had a great time when we call him a cab in the morning.
On the blazed and confused shoot we had this plastic shark that was called tranny shark as a joke .. well on the gay shoot we declared tranny shark an actual person.

Question #30
Why are you called the "fastest chicken pecker in the west"?

After all this time on the net and coding .. you would think I could type really fast .. which I can. But you would think I could do it properly .. and not with just two fingers. Well YOU WOULD BE VERY WRONG! I can type lightening fast .. but only using two fingers.

Question #31
Your mother seems to attend Phoenix Forum every year and a lot of us know her. Why does she always attend Phoenix Forum each year?

LOL yeah my mom is a phoenix forum groupie!! NOOO!! My mom actually works as a Service Manger in the restaurant. So she serves all of you when you’re all hung over in the morning! LOL My mom is my greatest marketer at that show .. she goes up to every table she is waiting on and lets them know she is “Megan from Shane’s World” Mom. She is very proud of me. I seriously like I could sell oranges on the freeway and as long as I was a good person my mom would be proud of me. She has been my number 1 cheerleader all my life! I wish to be half the woman she is!



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