It is amazing to watch the respect this man gets when he walks into a room. Guys that run online companies that make millions of dollars make an effort to show they know him. The amount of money involved in the business deals he's been involved with is stagering by big player standards in mainstream and absolutely mind boggling in the online adult world. Guess why? Stuntpig's had an interesting background. Aside his savy online business sense, this world class mechanic is comparable to Jesse James. His auto and bike projects are truly works of art. He has worked with some of the MOST profitable companies on the net. His life experiences coming up from the streets of New York and having been sober for years only add depth to this smart guy.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Stuntpig

Question #1
Just where the fuck do you live, New York or California?

Technically, I live in Brooklyn. Thats where I pay rent! But I have so many good friends in Northern California that I try to spend as much time out there as possible, in fact I was just there for a month, got back 2 days ago. (OK, fine, I'll admit it. Winter in NYC SUCKS DOG BALLS!!!)

Question #2
What company do you work for now? Why do they pay you?

Im currently doing outside sales for And when I say outside sales I mean I work on a commission, but they actually listen to me if I have suggestions on improving their business model. And when I say Activenet I mean the entity formerly known as Profitplantation. I've also been throwing a lot of different shit against the walls, but most of it falls off. I guess thats always the case, right?

Question #3
Do you have any formal auto mechanic training?

I have never even taken a shop class. But I cant claim I was self taught either.I have has A LOT of help from friends along the way, people like Indian Larry and Wally Siegl. Im even in a car club, which is a great way to get to know other people who might know what I need to know.The truth is that Im just an enthusiast, not a pro, I can fix and build, but it takes me twice as long as it would take a professional.

Question #4
How many motorcycles/choppers do you own? How many have you made?

Hmmm, I used to have a lot more, but its really hard to keep cars and bikes in New York City, so I let a bunch go (sniffle, I still miss em!) But heres the current list: 94 Chevy Imapala SS, daily driver 88 Honda 650 Enduro, a great beater bike for the city 51 Buick Super, Chopped, Channeled, Frenched, Shaved. The works. 52 HD Panhead, Chopped 78 HD XLCR, stock Cafe Racer 73 Laverda 750SF, Classic Italian Sport Bike 66 Guzzi V700, Chopped and lowered (Guzzi people hate me for that... ;-) 56 James Colonel, Super Classic British bike, with a whopping 7 HP. I think theres another bike, but I cant remember.... Oh, and I built/chopped the custom ones myself. When I say myself I mean with a LOT of help and guidance from friends; I didnt drop them off somewhere and pick them up after the work was done, got my hands dirty.

Question #5
How many girlfriends have you had? Knocked up? How many boyfriends?

I swear to Baby Jeesus- I dont know how many girlfriends Ive had. More than I deserve, thats for sure!! Lets say... Less than Aly, more than Trafficdude. And whats with the boyfriends question, Sleazy? What are you getting at??? I told you that you were the only ONE!!!! The truth of the matter is that Im not a shy guy, and if I were gay I would be the gayest guy in the world, super gay. Sofa King Gay! Cept I dont find men attractive, never have, probably never will. But!!! If theres one man who has a chance at turning me out, its you Sleazy!!!

Question #6
How long did you work for Profitplantation? What exactly did you do there? What happened ?

I worked at Profitplantation from day one, I designed the webmaster program. A dialer company really needed someone to layout a system that would focus all the stats and inbound info in one place and would also interface with webmasters and partners, and they hired me to do that. Once it was up and running I focused on getting traffic to it, I was the sales guy. It was a pretty easy job because Profitplantation didnt really target webmasters as their market, they targetted the big paysites and adult networks. Rather than competing with the paysites for their traffic they were giving them country sorting tools and helping them convert their foreign traffic. Its a great system that is still making a lot of poeple solid money. What happened to it? Its still there, still getting and converting a lot of foreign adult traffic. They have business relationships that will last forever, and they continue to be competitive regarding rates and performance. Another thing, the dialer market in general has solidified. It is now a regular business, much like paysites. There are competitors, and there are rules, and it can make a decent return, but nothing like it did 2 years ago when there were only 3 real dialer companies and it was still new and hot.

Question #7
Why did you get involved in online Adult?

Wow, why did I??? I remember, late 96, I was using a desk at an office that was mostly traffic buyers for adult websites. I was doing ad sales for a network of Environmental websites and a network of Sports websites. It sucked. Everyone I would call would try and talk in terms of print, radio and TV, which DONT WORK on the internet. Lots of confusion, lots of jackasses. And the guys next to me were having a great time, all they cared about was buying traffic, they didnt care where it came from, or how it got there as long as it converted. Basically there were no real rules, and people were figuring it out as they went along. It looked like fun. I didnt really do it for the money (but Id be lyin if I didnt admit it was a factor), I did it because it was new, and we got to invent stuff. Like mad scientists. Im pretty sure that Im the first person to ever run pop unders, that was a lot of fun, figuring how they worked and convincing the mainstream search engines to run them. I might not have been the first, but I hadnt seen anyone else ever do it. What a concept, a pop up that loads before the surfer has time to close it. At least theyll get a flash image of the brand as they are heading for the 'X'. Wow! Hahaha, I know all that shit is so mundane these days, but at the time it was great.

Question #8
What kind of woman/man do you find sexually attractive?

I like my women to be at least 6'1" tall. Must weigh in at a minimum of 300 Lbs. Brown hair, and a caustic sense of humor are a must. And it cant hurt if their name fits in with the 7 Dwarfes theme. Thats you Sleazy! The eighth Dwarf! Sleazy, baby, will you be my girl? I'll dump the skinny blond with the exotic accent for you sweety. I mean Sleazy.

Question #9
Why do you shave your head?

I used to shave my head when I was younger, and broke, and living in shitty neighborhoods, because it made me look a little bit psycho and people wouldnt fuck with me as much. These days the reason is even more fucked up. Wrong. Yes folks Im referring to a social problem that is systematically ruining the lives of good and kind citizens in this crazy world. People who only want to live their lives in peace, yet are constantly harrassed by this growing dilemma. Male Pattern Baldness. Yes, its time to bring these issues out into the light. My name is Fred, and I have a receding hairline.

Question #10
Being sober, what's your take on the booze and drugs in this industry?

Booze? Drugs? Where, I've never seen them... OK, bad joke. I think this industry is more honest about it than most. You motherfuckers can PARTY!!! In other industries it seems that they still have as many issues with drugs and alcohol, they just take more time to hide it. And lie about it. So I see a lot of drug abuse and alcoholic behavior, but who am I to say who is an addict and who is not? I've seen a lot of people, over the years, that sure did seem like it, but then they mellowed out on their own. Still drink, still 'party', but not to excess. Not me! FYI, if anyone is interested, Drugs and alcohol beat me, I did not beat them. I dont drink because one drink doesnt interest me, Id like to get drunk and violent and fuck shit up. If I could drink like a normal person I would drink as much as I could, all the time.

Question #11
Talk about some of your sailing experiences and races.

Sailing is great, as much as I love Choppers and Hot Rods, to be out in the water, moving along with no engine is really cool. The only races Ive done are all bouy races, mostly out of Southern California. Last year we did the Marina Del Rey to Malibu, we got first place, then we did the Marina Del Rey regatta and took first in that too. I am really lucky, I get to crew on boats that are run by real pros. Ive also done some long distance stuff, but that just called a 'delivery', when you bring the boats back to their homes after a race is over. Sailing is good, but Im still just a newbie at it.

Question #12
What is your favorite passtime?

My favorite passtime... Dont have just one, but one of the things that I like more than most is building hot rods and choppers.I really like taking something that runs just fine and changing it to what I think is better..

Question #13
Why do you come to GFY?

I come to GFY because Im a morbid motherfucker, its like the true reality TV. Why would I watch some asinine show about jackasses on an island (hoping theyll starve and then begin cannibalizing each other)?? Fuck that, Ill come to GFY and watch real people (some of whom I know) talk shit, do business, BS, and get along. Ive never really used GFY to do business, Ive never posted "looking for traffic" or any shit like that, but I have come out to support my friends and business partners when theyve gotten slammed on the boards.

Question #14
Could you retire today if you chose to?

No Fucking way. I wish. Many people seem to assume that Im totally loaded because of the big business I've done over the years, but they dont realize that Im just an employee! Yeah, Ive made HUGE amounts of money, but I never got to keep it.. ;-( It always seems to go upstairs, to the owners of the companies, as it should. But I am not, nor have I ever been one of the owners. Which sucks. Although I have seen a lot of guys made fast cash by being scumbags, and guess what? They are all gone. This industry is too tightly knit to go fucking people over. You will be banned from doing business. So no, I cant retire, but I can sleep at night, and I can still do business in the community.

Question #15
What's your take on religion? Sprituality? Karma?

Religion - For the sheep. Sorry, but thats the way I see it, maybe Im wrong. I see the religious institutions manipulating society for their own good, for no other reason than to perpetuate the church, and to get even BIGGER. And the congregations go for it, they eat it up. Church's have the potential of being a very good thing for society, yet they always fall a little short of the mark. Spirituality - Its essential for me to believe in God, or a Higher Power, even if the only reason is so that I dont think Im God. Im perfectly capable of running around all day thinking that I know what is best for everyone, myself included. Well guess what? I dont. And as long as I believe in a Higher Power then there is a pretty good chance that Im not gonna tell you how to run your life. Karma - I absolutely think its true, Ive seen way too many 'coincidences' for that stuff to be random. I used to be a, umm... not very nice person, and guess what, really bad stuff happened to me all the time. I also believe that Karma is entirely based on Intentions. Not actions. I think that if you try to do the right thing, then you are in good shape, no matter what else happens.

Question #16
How many bones have you broken in your body? In others bodies?

Hard to say really. I guess its easier to count the ones I havent broken. Left thigh Upper left arm left collerbone Some of the bones in my neck, back, hands and feet, although Ive defintely broken several in each. But Im done with all that. Sold the Sport bikes, quit talking shit on the subway, thats the old Fred, this is the new and improved Fred. I havent broken any bones in like 2 years.

Question #17
What are your latest business and mechanical projects?

Hmm, kinda hard to come up with a smart ass answer to that. OK, still doing the dialer stuff, its going well, but Ive been working with DRM traffic and its going really well. Its pretty detailed, but its interesting. And Im collecting parts for the next chopper, but I still dont have an engine! I need a 1927 - 1942 74" or 80" Harley Davidson Flathead engine, from a UL or a VL. Anyone know where I can find one????? Im gonna build a Long Beach style Bobber.

Question #18
Hmm, will Lars have to rethink his/your answers?

Lars rethink? He doesnt think. He has keyboard Tourrettes, he just types whatever is flashing across his mind at the moment!!! But really, he met her, she came out to California for a weekend, we stayed at a really nice lodge on the coast just above Ano Nuevo. Walked along the cliffs, went and saw Sea Lions and Elephant Seals with IrishPimp... it was sweet. So basically, no, Lars will not rethink his answers, Im sure he still thinks Im a total PILE...



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