Evil Chris
This ambush was written by Rochard. Thank you Roc!

Evil Chris is one of a handful of industry professionals who's screen name might as well be "Mr. Dependability". He's been in the industry longer than most of us remember, runs a high profile program, and is the owner of a high successful webmaster board. As I did my research preparing these questions I was unable to find anyone who had anything bad to say about him, which is a fitting testimony to his character.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread Evil Chris

Question #1
Let's get this out of the way Is Elvis still alive?

You know, at one time I did think that Elvis had staged his own death to be able to disappear, get off painkillers, and live a normal life. This guy had no chance of ever living a quiet life, so the conspiracy sounded somewhat plausible. OK maybe I just enjoyed pretending he was possibly alive. 

He's dead now. Sorry.

Question #2
You look like the bastard child of Richard Gere and George Clooney. Are you related to either of them?

Not related, and I'm starting to wonder how two men can conceive a child here. This must be one of Rochard's questions.

But I will say that the chicks dig the grey. 

Question #3
Why do you drive "chick cars" cars that you usually see chicks driving?

OK I admit that back in 1992 I had a Mazda Miata. But it was the green one with the wood finish interior and nice mags. It was a lot of fun!

Question #4
What is the Snake Removal Service, and do you offer this service in the US?

It's very simple. Take the club of your choice (in this case, a 4 iron), usually one from an older set and things can sometimes get messy, locate the snake and beat the shit out of it. Pose for photo (optional). Services to the US are not currently available.

Question #5
How many times have you been caught jerking off in the shower?

Caught? Never.

Question #6
Instead of the typical "who do you look up to question", let's mix things up a bit. If you weren't working for Teen Revenue what company would you want to work for?

That's a good question that I don't mind answering. I excel at many different things in this business. You name it, and I have probably got it on my resume. I have been with Paolo and Teenrevenue/Triplexcash for over 5 years now. That says a lot in our industry. It's not too hard to say who I could see myself easily working for despite the fact that I don't see myself leaving TR anytime soon.

Question #7
You were in the Canadian Army for fifteen years? What did you do in the Army?

Yes I was in the military from 1983 to 1998. I served all over Canada and also for NATO in central Europe for many years. Germany to be precise. I can speak pretty good German to this day. When I wasn't in an infantry unit or a helicopter squadron, I worked several different staff positions. It was a great experience

Question #8
If your wife gave you a "free night" where you could have sex with anyone in the industry, who would it be and why? Did She tell you about her Free night?

I think I have used up all my free nights back when Rochard was with Lightspeed.
Actually I'm not sure how to answer this one at all.

Question #9
Which is your biggest obsession? Big boobs or golf?

Without a doubt it's boobs. Golf is a close 2nd though.

Question #10
Your wife wants us to ask you about the "pink thong". What does this mean?

What can I say? Some men look good in a thong, and some don't.

Question #11
Have you ever heard the phrase "I like dem boobs and I like dem out"?

ha... the story that won't go away! Yeah I've heard it. Back in 02 during a Negrilnet gathering, we were all down at the beach soaking in the reggae and Jamaican sunshine. Some of the ladies were topless. Some Jamaican dude goes sauntering by, noticing FB laying out topless and says "I like dem boobs... I like to see them OUT"... We just all burst out laughing.

Sean... get yourself free mon!

Question #12
Do you care about what people think about you?

I think everyone cares to a certain degree, so yes I do care. I'm a good person who cares for the well being of others. I'm a "do unto others" kind of person. That being said, one must consider the source and I don't pay much mind to what some people think of me.

Question #13
You worked for Wild Rose. What was Carol Cox really like?

This is a good question that I'm happy to answer. I used to hang out a lot with Carol's husband Danny on a popular Montreal BBS way before most people were browser any sort of "world wide web". Eventually Danny developed Carol's site into the biggest amateur site on the entire web and I helped put together a lot of her first paysite. We all worked together for several years before parting amicably.

Carol is a super nice lady. Anyone who has ever met her was probably surprised at how shy and reserved she is in person. I don't see her and Danny very much anymore, but I still care for both of them.

Question #14
Some of the friends you told us to contact to come up with these questions included JMan, J$tyle$, Mangus, Good Chris, Funbrunette, The Legacy, LAJ, and Evil Dan. If you think about it this would a great cast for a movie. Why do you call these people your friends?

Quite a group there isn't it? You might notice that they are all from different places and don't just make up one "clique" at all. What you noted above there is indeed a short list, too. But how can I justify why these people are important to me? It's easy and it's obvious. They have all touched my life in a positive way at some point. The easy one to isolate in the group is Funbrunette. She's my soul mate and we have a beautiful son together.

Question #15
When did you start dyeing your hair grey?

Getting married (twice) will do that to you. No dye required whatsoever.

Question #16
Teen Revenue has the Texas Twins, the Milton Twins, and the Simpson Twins. How do you sleep at night knowing that these are sites are borderline incest sites?

They're not on any borderline at all. Our twins don't do anything to one another. There is always a 3rd party involved unless they are just posing. There's nothing incestuous about the twins sites at all. We simply realize that "twins" is a huge fantasy for a big number of men out there. Capitalizing on it is good business. No, it's damn good business. Our affiliates couldn't agree more.

So to answer your question. I usually sleep on my side with an over-sized king pillow

Question #17
What stories do you have from Dokk's Negril Net bashes?

OK those were some of the best ever. Those people who were there will never forget them. You know how in this business the tradeshows and gatherings all blend in to one another after awhile? Not these Negril shows. I don't know if it was the chemisty of the groups who attended, or just the plain timing of them. They were great. I even found a few pics. I hope JP doesn't mind me hotlinking them.


Question #18
You have a hot wife Funbrunette - have you ever considered allowing her to film porn or at least have her own website? If not - why? If so - where the fuck is it?

Never considered it. The reason why is easy... I don't share her.

Question #19
Does your family know what you do? How did you tell them?

My family members are all very open minded people. They all know what I do and I can't even recall how I told them. It was never any big secret. Remember we're very liberal up here

Question #20
Would you allow your wife to be photographed with another man?

I guess it's assumed that this would be an adult oriented photograph?
The answer is a definite no. Sorry Rochard.

Question #21
I am sure you see a lot of webmasters and companies screwing over someone else - care to tell us who you can't trust?

How interesting that this question comes up at this moment.

I'm not someone who names names. But seriously, do yourself a big favour and check out the background of an individual or a company before you decide to do business with them.

Character goes a long way in this business.

Question #22
If not porn, what else would you wish to be doing?

I think professional baseball players have got it made. Yeah I would definitely be doing that. I love hockey, but it's too much physical conditioning. Ball players can sit on their asses.

Question #23
At conferences, has there been any gay guys hit on you and have you ever considered it?

Uh no. There are some great people in our gay community. If any of them hit on me, I'm unaware

Question #24
Any words of advice to those webmasters starting out who want to be as successful as you?

Well, it's certainly not as easy as it once was. The days of easy and free SE traffic are gone. My advice would be to pay attention to what works and ditch what doesn't. Do your own thing, and above all else, don't be a sheep.

Question #25
Does being married to such a hot woman help your exposure and sales in the industry? Do you pimp her out?

No and no.

Question #26
Now that the American / Canadian dollar are so close, how do you think it will affect the Canadian adult market?

Obviously it's having an effect. 5 years ago the rate was 1.47 and now it's around 1.04
That's frightening math. The US economy needs to surge while the Canadian economy needs to splat. I don't think it's coming anytime soon though.

Question #27
Would there be any situation that would make you consider leaving the industry?

Life takes strange turns all the time. You never know what's in story tomorrow and if you think you do, you're fooling yourself. All we can do is our best at planning for the future. Any situation? Yeah there are probably tons of situations that would make me leave this industry. I'm not married to it.

Question #28
Your wedding ceremony was the shortest ceremony in history. Why the rush? Did you have someplace to go or were you just in a hurry to get back to the honeymoon suite to consummate the marriage?

It was? We tried to figure out what this question meant and couldn't come up with anything.

Question #29
You and your best friend have been trading the same gift on and off for the past twenty years. What is this gift and why is it important to you?

We were room mates back in the late 80s and we were doing the weekly groceries. It was his turn to pay. While in the lineup I grabbed one of those impulse items. A book and cassette entitled "Is Elvis Alive". We got home and upon unpacking the bags he finds and and goes "wtf is this?". I said "I dunno, you paid for it..."

We've been sending it back and forth to each other ever since. It has been all around the world in the strangest places too. You never know when or where it will pop up.

Question #30
If someone told you that figure skating is much more exciting then hockey would you be offended? Why?

I don't think it's possible. I wouldn't be offended, but I'd find it very funny.

Question #31
Your father is most famous for?

Raising two good kids




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