This ambush was written by Rochard. Thank you Roc!

Kristin is a six year industry veteran who oddly enough has bounced around two different companies Ė Topbucks, where she currently runs Yappo, and Evil Genius Cash which is owned by her and her husband of four years. She is known as one of the guys, can drink with the rest of them, but at the same time is both responsible and dependable. Just don't call her an idiot. It's nice to see someone who can have a great discussion about 401 traffic then turn around and match you drink for drink.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread Krisitin

Question #1
You got married on the beach once in Mexico. Being as you were outside of the US, the ceremony was done by YNOT Bob, and everyone in the wedding party brought their beers up to the alterÖ. Was it a legal wedding?

Yes, I got married on the beach in Mexico, I believe we were the ones who started the YNOT Bob industry marriage business. Bob is an ordained minister and can legally marry couples, if all the paperwork is there. However, since ours was so impromptu we did not have the paperwork. We could have come back from Mexico and done it, but three months later I found out I was pregnant and we decided in December to make it legal and got married down on the strip at 1a on Pearl Harbor day by a lady who was 75 going on dead. We had woke her up to marry us.

We had a full ceremony, and the surfer band Rockfish played Here Comes the Bride, while we Tucker and Gail as ring bearer and flower girl. Richard gave me away and in our bridal court was Ellisa, Laura, Billie, Tanker, George, and Mystery Man.

Fun times, and the cheapest of the three weddings Chris and I had. We finally had to stop wearing the two for $20 wedding rings when they turned our fingers green.

Question #
How did you get into the business?

So Allison (TopBucks) and I were roomies in college, we met freshman year and my junior year and her senior year (she was an over-achiever and did college in three years) we had a casita together. So when she had graduated she was looking for jobs in the Tucson area and had applied and interviewed for one. When she came home that day, I asked how the interview went. I remember she said, ďGreat, but itís a porn company.Ē I asked if she was taking it and she said yes. Throughout that year, we remained close and such and sheíd tell me about the industry, show me stuff, etc. So when I graduated a year later, a position had just opened up at TopBucks. I interviewed and was hired Ö I worked on the gay side of things at first, not understanding a lick of the industry. I remember I spent the first day I registered on GFY trying to get ďIím Probably SpammingĒ or something like that from underneath my name.

Question #3
Tell us about the slip and slide in Hollywood, Florida?

This all started at my second show, Miami 2002. I was standing in the lobby the first night talking to Local G, we were standing in front of the long, marble fountain in the middle of the Westin lobby. We were evaluating how it might be to slip ní slide down this, but because of the tile, groove thingys it would not be possible and it would hurt.

So the third night of the show, I had been swimming and came back into the lobby. I want to express, there was NO alcohol in my system, seriously. So LAJ and I are standing there and I have my towel around my waist with my bathing suit on and I go ďFuck it,Ē drop the towel and just slide down head first of the fountain.

This was great because there were about 20 people standing around and this was the time VirtuMike valued his camera more than anything. Sure as shit, I spilled something on his camera later that night, still when I was not intoxicated. Then someone gets the genius idea to put a chair on the fountain and sit in it Ė not me, some other retard. Thatís when security got involved Ö and thatís pretty much the story of the slip ní slide in Hollywood.

Question #
You and your husband recently moved from Arizona to Colorado and then back to Arizona. What's up with that? Too cold for you in Colorado ?

This is just some background first Ö I actually moved up to Vegas when I first started with BigCockContent, for some dumb reason the bosses wanted me there even though I was gonna be working out of my house. I didnít get it.

Anyways, year and some later, we bought our SUV and we decided to take a road trip that weekend (Memorial Day), so we went down to visit Allison and her husband. She then kept talking about her community she lived in, blah, blah, blah and we left that weekend owning a house that was to be built and ready in October. So now we are in Tucson.

The prices of the houses skyrocketed while we were there and nine months after living there we sold and made a good profit. I thought at the time it would be good to move up to Colorado, I had visited my friend and really liked it and wanted a change. Iím from WNY and missed the four seasons, snow, etc. So we moved up there and let me tell you Ė Denver not so mountain, itís pretty much Kansas to one side and the mountains are two and a half hours away. Itís not a cheap city either Ö We were living in a rental that had issues and we were looking to buy a house there but couldnít find anything we really liked in the right location (ie: a mountain home with hi-speed internet) that wasnít ridiculously priced.

So in May, TB opened up their VOD department, and I flew down for an interview with Kevin and Allison. I took the position of Marketing and Sales Coordinator and moved back to Tucson. Within two weeks we had bought and closed on a house and movers fíed me over. Either way, I realized when I moved back that this was home, I went to college here and find myself calling it home. Itís a smaller city with a town-like feel and itís hippie. I fit right in. : )

Question #
Is it true that there are more cows than people in your hometown? Ever done the cow tipping thing?

Yes, it is true there are more cows than people in my hometown, no Iím not a farmer. We just went back home and I forgot how much it smells like shit, literally.

I grew up in Warsaw, NY, itís a town of 3000 people and is about an hour south of Buffalo. It was a fun town, I had a lot of fun growing up there and still have fun when I go back, but I still have yet to tip a cow.

Question #
Have you ever been on a porn site?

Yes, yes I have Ö

Wiseman was visiting Vegas one night to film this and he called us up to go to dinner and to go out on the strip to do this ďfilmingĒ with him.

So we went to dinner and Simon and his girl were with us, we had a good time and then we headed down to the strip, where a taxi awaited us. But this wasnít any ordinary taxi, this was a taxi setup for filming. Well, I guess they had done all the sex scenes earlier that day on the strip and were getting some funny looks. The only part they needed people for were to yell at ďthe cabbieĒ when he tries to con ďthe passengersĒ into doing sexual acts. So thatís where we came in, we were there to help recruit people into doing this.

So we are down on the strip and Chris and I are one couple that yells at the cabbie and get it filmed. No biggie, now we just have to get more victims, shouldnít be a problem. Well, there was a problem Ö more people wanted to do the sex part than the other. One girl and her boyfriend were signing releases so she could blow him in the taxi when he realized he forgot his license. I canít quite remember how many couples we got to yell at Wisemóer, the cabbie but it was a fun night.

So about a week after the site launches, a non-porn friend that I donít talk to often hits me up and asks if itís me on this site yelling at a cab driver. Sure as shit it was!

Question #
Why are you called a "Ginger MILF"?

Hello? Cause Iím a Ginger Kid and Iím a MILF. Duh

Question #
Who do you think is the funniest in the business and why?

This is really hard for me to answer. There are different kind of funny, like funny ha, ha, funny stunt type stuff, or just funny to talk to. One person that always comes to mind is Steve Lightspeed. For many reasons, Steve can always make me laugh. I joke around with him that I am writing a book about him, little does he know Iím up to Chapter 11. ; )

LAJ is another one who can always have me laughing or con me into doing stuff that I normally donít do. We were at the Phoenix Forum two years ago and there is nothing like Jay and my husband discussing the roast beef on my plate and making references to my anatomy. Or the fact that we got the waiter to allow us to stack plates Ö hahaha.

Charie from Karups and I just got to know each other this last Forum and we had a great time. This is a guy who can sit and talk biz and make you laugh all at the same time.

Tanker always brought out the kid in me, dancing around his apartment acting like the Dinkas.

And of course Allison, but we are the funnest when we just sit around and entertain Kevin at shows. We are brutal to each other.

Question #
Why do you consider yourself a 401 expert?
Question #
How in the world did you come to work in the adult industry?

See question number two.

Question #
Have you ever fallen asleep while talking on the phone with someone?

I know who supplied this question Ö yes, yes I have. If any of you have been lucky enough to talk to my husband on the phone, you know it can get rather long winded. A lot of information and good convo, just long winded. So one time when he was just my boss, I had to pee really bad and I just hung up the phone on him because I couldnít find a break in his talking to tell him I had to go real quick. So I just hung up, peed, and then he called back Ö ďoh we must have gotten disconnected,Ē I said.

So I went home the Christmas before we got together, and my sister was there and when she first met him (which was the same time I had) she left saying, I know you two are gonna be together. So anyways, I went home and I had called him I think intoxicated and was just laying on my bed, (mind you itís a three hour time difference) and heís just chatting away. Yeah, I fell asleep and he just continued talking.

Well that same week I was home, Chris was on the YNOT radio show talking about traffic. I was listening to it when I again fell asleep.

Now, I am forced to listen to him and the only way he makes me go to sleep is a good back massage or oral.

Question #
How many times have you worked for Topbucks?

Iím on my third time at the company. The first time around I was fresh out of college, knowing everything like every college grad does. I left TopBucks shortly after I started and went and sold BigCockContent. Well after we had moved back to Arizona, I got pregnant with my second child. PluginFeeds was looking for a sales rep and I was looking for health insurance that covered maternity. (I have epilepsy and I could get health insurance personally, but it never covered maternity Ö $500/month and I had to pay $6k for my first kid, I couldnít do that again). So I went back and started selling PIF. It went really well, I succeeded and made them some good deals. But I was still working part-time for EGC, selling PIF full-time, doing my double MBA and had two kids Ö so after Jacob was born something had to give. I ended up leaving PIF and focusing back on EGC. We then moved to Colorado and then when the VOD jobs opened up I was interested and applied. I took the job offered and was sent back to the office working with the old crew again.

Iím really happy to be back and this time itís long-term Ö well, pending no more slip ní slides. : )

Question #
Someone at Topbucks tells us that you have a problem running into walls at the Topbucks office. Do you have poor eyesight, a drug habit, or just bad coordination?

Well two out of the three guesses are correct. : ) As many of you know, Iím a stoner. Well, actually recently I quit Öso ex-stoner. I have eagle vision, so itís no issue there Ö but Iím not the most coordinated person. I tend to fall for no reason, hell at the Gay Phoenix Forum a year ago my legs just gave out. Nothing like showing the Epoch crew you can fall not so gracefully. I was more pissed it messed up my new pedicure.

My favorite wall-running into experience was with the Programming Manager, Rob. He use to have an office with glass and one day I turned the corner and somehow ended up doing a body plant against his glass. I looked like Garfield on the side of a car window.

Other than that, itís mostly just hitting my hips, elbows and bruising the heck out of my body. I look like I get beat, when in actuality I do it to myself.

I think part of it is the epilepsy because between that and my meds, it does cause for some unbalance. Sure, that sounds like a good excuse, right?

Question #
You call yourself a salesperson for life Ė Why?

My dad always saw a salesperson in me, he would tell me that and I never wanted to recognize he was right. I didnít like salespeople, they were pushy, liars, etc. He always asked when I would apply for any job ďWhat will I get out of this?Ē He was always joking, but he did push RV sales Ö and I donít think he was joking on that one.

So when I was in college I was a telemarketer, I was so bad at it that they promoted me and gave me different duties. Then after college I started with TB and they were growing and so dominant that I really didnít have to ďsell.Ē It wasnít until I got to BigCockContent I realized I had to sell, sell, sell.

I had no list of contacts when I started working for BCC, I had only been in the industry two months Ö so I had to start from scratch. And as any content sales person knows, the content buyers arenít the affiliate reps and rarely post on the boards. Well at the time I was the only person with big dick content. And boy did I charge the shit out of people, my clients were paying $10/GB. Yes, $10 PER GB! This went on for years Ö I had one person up to $12/GB and I had gained clients that no other company had or still does, big ones at that. So it became quite an accomplishment when one feed was making $25-30k/month. This funded the start of EvilGeniusCash.

So when I went to work for PIF, I pulled out my contact list and just started. I had five or six clients in the first two-three weeks I think. I made Kevin a good chunk of money in my first little bit there. I always chalked it up to that PIF was a good product and anyone would take the content, regardless of the salesperson. So I left PIF and went back to EGC. I would work out some good deals considering I had no traffic to give back and we were revshare.

But it finally came to me when I started with YappoDollars that I knew what I was doing and I was good at it. Really good at it. Iím not a person to toot my own horn, so this is even hard for me to write Ö I have met all my quotas, exceeded expectations and gained new studios that most thought werenít possible and it was because of my sales skills. So when I finally started to get these clients that were once thought of as ďunattainableĒ I realized that unfortunately, I must accept my fate and that I am a salesperson for life.

Question #
You once took a dip in a pool in Mexico with your clothes on. Explain how that happened.

The only ďclothesĒ I had on were some cute, magenta thongs. This happened because of RAM and Rochard. We were at Rock ní Roll Taco in La Salina and again, I want to express, I was NOT Intoxicated. I had one beer in my hand and that was it. Somehow it got started about going into the pool and I said ďIíd have to be drunk to do this.Ē Next thing I know there is a shot of Jack Daniels waiting for me. I hate Jack, more Jack hates me. So I made the deal that Iíd go in as long as I didnít have to do more shots of Jack. So off came the pants, top, bra and I dived into the pool. Good times, until the Federales didnít agree so much and wanted me out. But the problem was I had started a trend and everyone started getting naked and jumping into the pool.

That night Chris and I were married, so I like to say that was my bachelorette party.

There are some lovely pictures from that experience that need not to be posted. Thanks JFK.

Question #
What kind of car do you drive and why? What does it say about yourself?

Iím a Jetta TDI driver Ö I love my car, I love more it gets 43 MPG. I was gonna get a Camry Hybrid, but as my friend said thatís a mom car. And when they wanted $575 a month for a Camry that was pretty much a Corolla with some extra features, I said no. So we got the Jetta and I LOVE it. This car definitely suits me, itís makes me a Hiyuppie. Thatís a partial hippie and yuppie. : )

Question #
Are you related to Ralph Malph from Happy Days? You sure do look a lot like him!

He's part of the extended Ginger Kid family.

We use to eat lunch together when Cartman banned us from the cafeteria.

Question #
You've been in the industry a long time. What do you think about the state of the industry?

I started the thread a year and a half ago ďAre We Working For a Dying IndustryĒ Ö I kinda want to bump it now that the new 2257 regs are out. ; ) But seriously I think this is the year of business. I think people are done with the games, the shows, everything that doesnít make them money. I think you will see a lot more small companies close shop and sell to big companies this coming year, I think a lot of the people that carry themselves on personality alone will find themselves hurting. The industry is hard right now with everyone and their brother running an affiliate program, there is more leased content to choose from at $1/GB, and there are more sales reps than people know what to do with. I know everyone has always worked for money, but now you have to work for it harder, and the good ones will prevail.

Question #
What the fuck does Yappo stand for?

We get this question all the time, and it means absolutely nothing. When I first got the job I refused to market a product called Yappo, but after about a week there, I gave in to Kevin and realized that this would actually be beneficial for us. With us coming into the VOD game when AEBN, HotMovies and others have a good part of the market, we had to use something to stand out. People are gonna remember Yappo way more than AdultMovieCinema, which was our first URL for this project.

Question #
Can you post your econopass photo for the bus system please?

No, no I canít Ö first of all I donít have it, second of all if you post the picture Alli, the video comes out!

But to give you a story on this, I was fat after my freshman year in college, I gained four peopleís freshman 15. And for some reason my freshman year I just didnít think I needed to go to class. I thought I could just pass, well I was wrong. So after my freshman year, the University of Arizona sent me a nice letter stating I was disqualified after my stellar .714 GPA. So I had to go to a different college for one year and get a 3.0 and I could re-apply to get back in, oh and I couldnít be in the Atmospheric Sciences program anymore. So, I went to a community college and got a 3.5 and grew up a bit. Well, during that time I had no car, so I was forced to take the bus. And let me tell you, the Tucson bus system, otherwise known as the Sun Tran, not so fun. I want to write a book called ďTales From the Bus Stop.Ē I was pushed out of the back during a fight once, sang to, offered my first tamale that was half eaten and the list goes on.

So since I was in college and poor, I was able to get the Economy Pass or EconoPass for $28/month, unlimited transportation. You have to get your picture taken for it and so since itís always hot in Tucson I was wearing a tank top. Well, the picture comes out and it looks like Iím not wearing a shirt and my face was all smooshed back and I was fat, so I just look hideous. And thanks to my good friend Alli, I will never live it down.

By the way, I went back to the University and still graduated in four years with a degree in Retail and Consumer Sciences

Question #
Outside of Top Bucks and your marriage, who in the industry do you trust the most?

Thatís a hard question because I tend to trust people and then months later I find out something Ö just happened to me recently by someone I thought was a good friend.

I probably trust Jay the most, heís just Jay and I can tell him anything and know it goes in the vault.

Business wise, I probably trust Mike from VideoBox the most, heís a very honest, stand-up guy. Seriously though, Mike and I have recently started doing a lot of business together and I can tell itís gonna be a long, profitable relationship.

Question #
You acquired some of the most exclusive content for Yappo. What content was this and how did you get it?

We gained Mayors, Twistys, TastyDollars, FlashCash (Tramp Stamp Studios) and some others, but Twistys is the most exclusive to VOD. I had started talking to them one day to show them how to optimize their 401 traffic and I had inquired about gaining their content. Twistys has one of the most recognizable brands and some of the hottest ladies; it was a good score for us. It also started putting us on the map to gain other affiliate programís content.

Itís always been a pleasure doing business with Shap and Kevin; these are guys who know their stuff. They just get it and I like that.

Question #
Your married to Chris, more commonly called "The Doc". How did you meet him and why did you fall in love with him?

I had started working for them and moved up to Vegas, so when I had to go and meet Chris for the first time and get my apartment, etc my sister came with. She said weíd be together and I called her crazy, Chris had a bitch of a girlfriend at the time. I mean bitch, she could kill me with her looks. So we would talk a lot and we really go to know each other, well to finish up college I had him do this website for me for my independent study it was all I had left to finish and I was just sick of school by that time. So he had finished it and sent it over to me, well when he did that I was intoxicated and made some comment about how to thank him for this. Hehe Ö so at that point we started talking on ICQ about us, ICQ because he still had the bitch of a girlfriend.

So a week later or so was Alliís birthday and I was flying up to Seattle to celebrate it with her. So Chris out of the blue decided to join me and go up there, cool no problem. But then Platinum Becky or Platinum Sketchy somehow got invited (not by Chris or myself or Alli) but she was there. So Chris and I stayed at the Westin there and we had two beds, I canít remember why he stayed in my room but I think he had to.

So on the flight up there we bumped to first class and got hammered, more feelings started coming out and by the time we were off the flight we pretty much knew. But he still had a girlfriend too.

So that night we take Alli out for her birthday and Scott from SexTracker and Sketchy had joined us. So that night we went back to the hotel and mind you, Becky had her OWN ROOM IN THE SAME HOTEL, and somehow ends up crashing in my other bed that was allocated for Chris. So he slept in my bed, no sex happened but I think I got some good oral. That secured it for me. : )

But the best part is, the next day Sketch wakes up and rolls over and goes ďUgh, whereís the water.Ē Sheís not hot at all in the morning, on top of that she left her face on the pillow. Seriously.

So we left Seattle and he got back and packed his bitch up and drove her back to Texas and drove 18 hours straight back to Vegas to start us. About a week later was the Negril trip, Chris was suppose to go but I messed up his flight, I booked it for exactly one month later. We ended up talking on the phone a lot over the trip. When I got back, it was official and weíve been together since. Four years married and two kids Ö Couldnít ask for anything more.

Question #
When at adult conventions you tend to be treated like "one of the boys". Has this helped your career or hurt it?

This has 99% of the time helped my career. I donít like people to think that Iím just some girl who is trying to gain sales by showing my boobs or flirting. I like people to know that I do actually know the business very well. I mean Iíve shown my boobs, but just not for sales. ; )

Question #
You're an educated lady. What do you have an MBA in?

I have two MBAís Ö E-Business and Marketing. I found one day that after being out of college for two years that I needed to use my brain more, so I started looking into grad schools. I chose University of Phoenix, and while some think itís not the best place, it really was a good school and I learned a lot. The thing that drew me the most to it was the fact it was online. I took online courses during my undergrad and I loved it, so this format for my graduate work was perfect considering my job and family.

Question #
Has your MBA helped you in the adult industry? Do you think your smarter the rest of us?

I donít ever think Iím smarter than anyone, well unless you prove your stupidity. My manager hears me scream a lot ďYou canít be this dumb!Ē And Iím usually referring to some sheep thatís just an idiot, but that has nothing to do with the fact I have many years of education.

The MBA has helped in the industry especially with Yappo because we are seeing it through its entire process. We got Yappo when it was just a website and from there we changed Yappo many a times, created an affiliate program, and are continuing to grow in sales, team members, and as a competitor in the VOD market.

Question #
Do you ever think you'll leave the safety net of Topbucks and Evil Genius Cash? If so, who would you see yourself working for?

Honestly, I donít even see myself going to back to EGC, it doesnít need me. And unless Kevin cans me, TopBucks is pretty much stuck with me this time. I get offers a lot, but I really do only see myself working for TB.

Question #
In college you had a beautiful room mate. Who was it and did you shower together?

She is Allison, we were roommates for a year and then she graduated and went to work in porn. No shower scene, sorry.

Oddly though, she got me my second roommate to finish out my senior year with. Alli was a Spanish Linguists major as was this guy Dan who was in a bunch of her classes. Well one day Dan looked pretty rough, like hasnít slept so Alli inquires and he had been sleeping in his truck because his girlfriend kicked him out. Who I met months later and she was a bitch anyways.

So Dan came over and we hung out and got to know each other, and Alli and I let him sleep on our couch until she moved out. I remember one time he came home wasted and made me watch scrambled porn on channel 96, that was my first exposure to porn. I hated it Ö it was retarded; I mean seriously who gets fucked on a urinal?

Question #
You've only worked for two companies in the industry Ė Evil Genus Cash and Top Bucks. Why do you keep flip flopping between the two of them?

For many reasons Iíve already stated above I think that if I tell this story it will be a big repeat. But to sum up, TopBucks, first gig, went to BigCockContent, made them money to start EGC, got pregnant went back and sold PluginFeeds, left there to go back to EGC, then new VOD department and wanted a new challenge.

Question #3
What hobbies to do you have?

I have kids so hobbies donít happen so often Ö

But I like to smoke, golf, smoke while golfing, ski, smoke while skiing, read, shop, and travel.

Question #31
Who is the father of your first son? And are you sure about that?

At that time I got pregnant I was only sleeping with one person, actually I donít think Iíve ever actually had sex with two people at the same time for a period of time. But, Chris is and yes Iím positive about that.

Question #3
Your good friends with Tanker. Have you ever seen him naked, and is he really as well hung as we are led to believe?

Yes, and like a Coke Can. : )

Question #3
Why do other people's wives in the industry dislike you? Why is that?

Cause they are all bitches? I kid, I kid.

I donít know but they do and it sucks, I have grown to expect it. Some wives actually get to know me and come to find out Iím not so bad, others still just hate me. Itís not just the industry it happens all the time. I have a strong personality and I tend to be more of one of the guys. So naturally women donít like Ö

Question #3
Have you ever interferred with your company's ad buys due to personal problems with someone calling you an idiot when you were acting like an idiot?

No, it did not matter because there were no ad spots available I was told.

Question #3
How many people in the adult industry have you physically assaulted due to GFY disputes?

Just one and it wasnít GFY per se. Sleazy got beat up by a girl, thatís funny.



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