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This ambush was written by Rochard. Thank you Roc!

Albert is an all around great guy who is both fun to hang out with yet also one of the most intelligent members of our community. He more or less ran the ship at Platinum Bucks, had a long and unexplained absence from the industry, and then returned to crack the whip at Silvercash. Albert is very much a "long term / slow burn" type of person and chances are he'll be at Silvercash a long time. His friends were all too willing to cough up questions for this interview.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread Silvercash Albert

Question #1
Dude, what happened to your hair?

The balding is certainly not genetic  In high school (when everyone was relatively my height – I just stopped growing) I was initiated by the seniors on the basketball team. They shaved by entire body. From that point on, the bald head became a ‘convenience’ statement. I don’t own any hair products except for disposal razors. I would be happy to introduce anyone to my barber 

I also went through this ‘Thug’ phase and the bald head suited the ‘lifestyle’ (If you know me, I am a teddy bear and the furthest thing from a gangster). In turn, I realized some girls liked the bald head and it reinforced me to keep shaving my head. And I encourage all females who like bald heads to call me ASAP!

Question #
How did you end up in bed with Steve Lightspeed at your very first show?

First and foremost, Steve Lightspeed is one of my favorite industry people and has grown into a personal mentor and friend. He is widely known as a marketing genius and successful entrepreneur. However, in his earlier years, Steve was and continues to be one of the funniest practical jokers.

On my first show (which was the very first Phoenix Forum), Steve broke and entered by hotel room in the middle of the night (I gathered it was the first time for a B and E). With his ‘ninja like’ prowess, he cuddled with me in spooning position. I finally woke up. For a ‘brief moment’ I thought to myself that “I am getting action – hell I am at a porn convention” As I rolled over, the blond I always dreamed about was Steve. I jumped out of my bed ready to fight this person. I was certainly intoxicated and tired so my vision was off. I finally realized it was Lightspeed once the hysterical laughter broke out! To this day he still reminds me that I am the first Filipino he slept with. For the records, he did get a hard.

Question #3
You had a long absence from the industry. Where did you go? Prison? Missionary work?

I did leave Platinum Bucks abruptly. After numerous years with a solid company I left the industry to take care of my father as he was experiencing illness. Things negatively progressed with a massive family dispute that lead me to return to the Philippines to sort out an ‘ugly’ family issue with legal battles that concerned my father directly.

There was another incident that contributed to my exit from the industry that was a secondary reason. However, this forum is not appropriate to discuss this matter. However, I want to make it very clear that it had nothing to do with any personal or professional issues with both Dan and Dave. Along with Shaliza from Epassport, they gave me the opportunity to enter this industry.

I did return to Canada and opened up my own marketing firm in the mainstream. In November 05’ Platinum Dave contacted me to see if I was interested in returning to the industry. In January 06’ I decided to pursue the opportunity, however at that point the position with Platinum Bucks no longer existed. This lead me to contact both Top Bucks and Silver Cash. There was a better fit with Silver Cash and Mike Price hired me approximately 13 months ago. I am grateful for this opportunity and it was the best decision I have ever made.

Question #
You have a Masters degree in what?

Currently I hold an Honors Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Minor in Psychology. In addition, I have completed the applicable course work for Masters in Business Administration. Both degrees are from accredited universities in Canada. I have numerous certificates from professional workshops and truly blessed to have been able to attain these academic goals.

I plan to return to school on a part time basis for additional business courses that will directly help me be a better manager and leader. With my transition to California from Canada, this has been delayed. However, it is certainly on my radar. I believe you can never stop learning and that doesn't necessarily mean in academics. I simply appreciate the classroom format now that I left that envirnoment with working full time

Question #
You listen to motivational tapes. WHY?

I am a NERD. I love motivational speaking and I aspire to do motivational speaking in the future. However, to read the books and buy the tapes, there is an expensive price tag associated with it. With the advent of file sharing on the internet I consistently download motivational speaking that is business related (NOT self help – although I should probably look into these as well). With my busy schedules, this is the most convenient means to keep my head clear during ‘downtime’. Not surprisingly, it is also a great way to put me to bed. IMO, motivational speaking is a little bit hypnotic – I know it’s a little weird and not the best strategy with the women

Question #
Do you feel all content is going to HD, plug in feeds, or what?

I think HD is now the benchmark for the quality of content to be produced. Silver Cash ( and Silver Sinema ( specialize in the HD quality niches and we have found great success. In comparison to non HD quality of content, we have observed distinct quality differences. Our membership retention is higher then ever and it is the only measurable gage that can confidently support my personal claim.

Most credible content providers already produce content in HD. Along with the above example, it appears there is real value in HD content. However, technology moves quickly and those who can adapt the quickest are the true innovators.

Question #
Do you really wear your PJs and slippers into work?

NO! HAHA…both Silvercash Hugo and I have a flare for style with our summer shorts! Which most of you didn’t know, our team at the office are also part time fashion designers  So the peanut gallery is quick to comment on my lack of style. LOL.

Question #
At your first show Platinum Dave thought you and Pimp Sticky trashed your room. Why did he get the idea that you had trashed your room?

Again, Steve Lightspeed and Tanker miraculously broke into my room in the middle of the night during a trade show AGAIN. After securing wake up calls, ordering in room dining and prank calls for random rooms in the hotel, Lightspeed thought it would be great to call Platinum Dave (My Boss).

Lightspeed pretended he was hotel management and spoke with Dave telling him that I left the hotel and trashed the room. This was an academy award winning display. I believe Lightspeed broke out in laughter once the bill for damages got out of hand and Dave finally realized he got punk’d. If you know really know Dave…you can appreciate his reaction on the cost of damages towards a hotel room!

Question #
Do you fear being alone? Why do you feel the need to mass text everyone on your cell phone list when you land at an airport, get into a cab, get to the hotel, get to your room, take a nap, take a shower, or visit down at the pool?

HAHA – I am such a communications NERD. Anyone who has worked with me will attest to the fact that I send out a massive amount of emails. I admit that not all of my emails are relevant to everyone I send messages to, but it gives me the confidence that the applicable team members are aware of what is going on. With the addition of the ‘Crack-berry’, my emails I have increased even more significantly!

Having said this, my text messaging has continued as part of my tradeshow etiquette. It is annoying at times, however, at least everyone knows where I am if they need to contact me. Again, that ‘Crack-berry’ easily allows me annoy my fellow team members with mass text messages! Proceed with caution - if you give me your cell number

Question #
People are complaining about the number of shows, yet the Silvercash Bikini contest remains rather popular. Who's idea was this, and do you plan on continuing it?

The SC Bikini contest is one promotion that has been a consistent highlight of the AVN summer internext show ( I take NO CREDIT for the success of this promotional idea. This is the ‘brain child’ of Mike and Rob Price completely. It has obviously evolved with the help of the marketing teams at Silvercash year to year, however the idea and success is all from the Price brothers! (

This years show will certainly be entertaining and Silvercash Rob and Silvercash Hugo has hand selected all the bikini models. We are not allowing any talent to participate this year as we wanted to keep this contest restricted to Bikini Models only. With generous prize money to be won, this year’s contest is already at capacity! I anticipate another great turnout!

Mike Price is always been a strong marketer, but I think he prefers the term ‘Big Pimpin’ 

For the records, Mike will not allow me to participate as I would be the obvious winner with my ‘pear shaped figure’ - seeing me in a bikini was apart of the interview process according to him

Question #
What is Silver Sinema?

(SS) Silver Sinema ( is our newest Retail DVD division. It is a division under Price Communications and great compliment to the Silvercash business model. This was a long standing project, that Mike Price wanted to implement for the overall operations. The planning began 18 months ago and we released our first title in April 07’. To date we have 9 titles and the momentum is consistently growing.

SS specializes in HD, Reality, Hardcore and Gay titles. This is all exclusive content and adds a new dimension of branding to the overall business. Mike’s SS vision was to use this division as a ‘spring board’ to other complimentary products/services. It is a very strategic plan of action to build synergistic business models that can cross promote with real value. IMO, I believe this is the bench mark for traditional affiliate programs to compete in the contemporary business environment.

Currently, along with Mike/Richard, I oversee daily operations. We have two very strong managers in our production and graphics divisions who assist me in the overall execution. Special thanks in making this project feasible goes to the teams at AVN, Pure Play Media, GWL and XBiz.

Question #
Why are you called " El Pirata Del La Culo"? Is there a picture of this character?

It is important to note that working in the Silvercash office is truly about ‘fit’. Darwin’s theory of ‘adaptation and the strong will survive’ personifies our corporate culture. However, the application of this theory is that we work hard and play hard!

In this fast paced environment, practical jokes and comic relief is a requirement. So, those who do well in our office have the ability to ‘take it’ and ‘dish out’ harder than the next person! So, one of our senior developers and Silvercash Hugo created ‘Pirata Del La Culo’. I will let the Spanish interpreters fill in the translation for you.

This nickname has stuck with me and figured, if I can’t beat them, I may as well join them! It is not uncommon that you will hear Silvercash Rob singing the sweet sounds of ‘Pirraaaattaaaaa’ to get my attention. And I know Silvercash Hugo and AVN Chris are already conspiring to have the below image as the newest Silvercash advertisement in an upcoming AVN issue!

As an FYI, call me if you need content. LMAO.

Question #
Are you related to Platinum Cash Albert?

No. I never knew Platinum Cash Albert ever existed. With a name like that, he does deserve a drink though – hit me up brotha!

I know now who I can send our fraud webmasters too! J/K

Question #
There seems to be a party network of industry peeps in the LA area. Every weekend or every other weekend you guys have a party. What goes on at these parties?

I have been very fortunate. Since I relocated to Southern California, I have met a significant amount of great people in this area. The Silvercash office is located in Riverside CA (aka Rivertucky according to AVN MJ) which is ‘aboooot’ 60-70 miles from LA.

I generally head out to LA over the weekends because I am too busy during the week to meet with the LA peeps for business and I get to spend time with some very good people on a social and business level. In turn, the party network is never ending. I would love to tell you about some of the crazy nights I have had out in the past year, but I think I would incriminate too many people! LOL.

When I speak to my friends back home in Canada, it is difficult to describe the LA party scene. In my own experiences, it is a combination of Entourage, Sex in the City and your favorite porn that you can always rub one out to!

I am just a kid from the 519 (small town in Canada) and I am still truly star struck when I go out in LA. This industry is tied in closely with the overall entertainment industry, so it is not uncommon to have an industry related party in swank clubs, restaurants or lounges all over LA. With money and porn comes stories you just can’t tell on GFY – especially if you are in the business of relationship building.

In the words of Robert DeNiro from the movie Goodfellas, “the two greatest lessons in life are that you never rat on your friends and keep your mouth shut”

Question #
Have you ever launched anyone's career in the industry?

This is an interesting question, because I don’t agree with the term ‘launched’ because it is relative to how one defines it. Having said that, IMO I have not launched anyone’s career.

I sit on numerous panels at various tradeshows and I meet a number of new webmasters / entrepreneurs. Most are very motivated and they just need a little direction. Following each of my speaking engagements, I usually get 10-20 emails on questions or comments regarding the topic spoke about.

This has lead to a handful people always coming up to me and saying “if it wasn’t for what you said / how you helped me, I wouldn’t be around today”. This is the most REWARDING thing you can ever hear as a manager/speaker. As I mentioned in a posting previously, this is one industry that sharing your trade secrets and helping the competitor can be a good strategy – and IMO, if you don’t understand this phenomena, you still have some homework to do. All ‘sales’ has an element of relationship building, however, generosity and the genuine actions to help others comes back to you and your company exponentially! 

I still remember working at Platinum Bucks where SC Mike Price use to send Platinum Dave traffic where we couldn’t reciprocate back at the same volume. In turn, I know numerous webmasters Dave sent traffic to get smaller programs off the ground once he was better established. This is how our business works and karma has much to do with longevity in this industry. Both Mike and Dave now have personal empires that are direct examples of sharing knowledge

Question #
Did you have the chance to work with – don't laugh – Platinum Becky? If so, do you have any stories about her?

Wow – this is an interesting question. Platinum Becky. There are many adjectives to describe Platinum Becky. She was a ‘fire cracker’ . Dave hired her as one our original sales team members at Platinum Bucks. She was young, hungry and ‘beyond’ a free spirit. Although we can all agree that the shows are much different compared to today, but this little tiger had party endurance that would give Lance Armstrong a good go.

She was attractive and very energetic. However, IMO immature for an industry that parties like rock stars. However, she had and continues to have a good heart. Personally, we had a good rapport and she had told me on numerous occasions that she would of left PB earlier if it wasn’t for me. That was very rewarding and certainly not an insult towards Dan and Dave (owners).

Rather the entire PB environment developed very quickly (in a short amount of time) and the organization grew quicker then our management team (including me) to give the proper coaching and development to our sales team. This lead to Becky’s flamboyant attitude. I know many people have ‘unique’ opinions of her, but at the end of the day – she can sell. Managing her was a different story. Again, I have a bunch of interesting stories, but I prefer to just move forward at this point, just as she has in her own career.

Question #
Have you ever lost a condom?

I don’t even know where to start! There was a particular female in my life. And to spark our sex life she organized a weekend away in a secluded cottage area in northern Ontario (Canada).

On the Friday evening, she blindfolded me and tied me up to the bed while feeding me random foods. In Canada there is a chocolate spread called Nutella. This girl had strawberries dipped into Nutella and began to feed me – sounds romantic right? It was the furthest thing from romance as the Nutella had some sort of nut flavor additive that I had a massive allergic reaction to. This growth like third head grew out of my shoulder while I was still tied up. The lights turned on and we called the local doctor.

This was not your ordinary doctor. We were in cottage country so I was sent to the local veterinarian to get a shot to relieve me of this growth coming out of my shoulder from an allergic reaction. Not a good start to our weekend. 

The next night we tried to make the best of this. We were getting down and dirty and rice rocket was in full effect. So, I put on a condom and we began the best 4 minutes of my life. HAHA . She was riding me on top and she we really close to letting out this massive orgasm and in the anticipation, my swimmers retreated and Filipino fireworks were going on inside me already. But I couldn’t tell her because she was soooo for her orgasm as well. She finally explodes and decides to do keep riding the orient express for four more additional orgasms! But for the life of me, I have no idea how she did this when I wasn’t even hard? And that was the PROBLEM! Somewhere between Orgasm 2 – 4 the condom came of Mr. Flaccid and lodged somewhere in her insides.

Once we realized that there was no condom, we destroyed this cottage looking for it. We flipped mattresses, refrigerators, wall units etc. Finally, this girls says to me, “I know where the condom is – it’s burning inside me.” 

So I made an executive management decision to have her stand over me while I insert me entire forearm to locate and dislodge this condom. I realized that dry labia are not comfortable for females. After 3 failed attempts and 20 mins of her cursing at me, I finally grabbed the condom that was somewhere in her intestines. Once I had it out, I ran out of the cottage like I scored the winning goal in the World Cup.

But the story does not end here. The Veterinarian comes to check on me from last night’s allergic reaction and sees the cottage flipped upside down, the girl I am with crying due to dry labia stretching and me outside making naked snow angels with a condom in my hand decided we were not a good fit for their resort and kicked us out of their cottage/hotel.

Riding home in a snow storm at 3:30am with a semi growth on your shoulder and a pissed off female with a stretched labia was the most unromantic weekend I have ever had.

Question #
You are on a lot of panels. A LOT OF THEM. Has this helped your reputation by tricking people into thinking that you are more important than you really are?

Haha. I am no important then anyone else on my team. Rather, I enjoy public speaking (even though it is the number one fear). More importantly, in my opinion, it is a critical role to have good public relations and serving on panels is an effective way to brand your company and also yourself for building relationships.

If I know I am attending a show, I generally seek to speak on panels because it ALWAYS leads to new business for me and in turn new opportunities for Silver Cash. With our team dynamics, the management team supports my contributions and trusts that I am good ambassador while representing the company is this manner. Secondly, I have attended many seminars and my objective to is to give real ‘value’ to those attending my seminars.

This really has nothing to do with ‘tricking people’ or increasing my own personal initiatives of being perceived as important. I think it is safe to assume that if I was tricking people, I would really be tricking myself and poorly representing Silver Cash. I just generally enjoy the aspect of educating and helping others. There was a time not too long ago that it was the person taking notes!

Question #
Have you ever stopped to consider that you've been the driving force of two rather large and important programs? How does that make you feel?

IMO, the term ‘driving force’ is not accurate. My experiences with Platinum Bucks was amazing, however the drivers of the business were Dave and Dan (owners). I was their first employee and they certainly taught me the fundamentals of this industry. Rather, I believe I am a hard worker and very proactive to take initiative, so my contributions were certainly magnified in this situation. I had strong academics and professional work experiences, so my skill set was very complimentary to their needs and the needs of the business.

With my current role at Silver Cash, the main drivers of the business are Mike Price and Richard Nash. Along with the additional executive team members I believe I play an important role. Yet, it really is an overall team effort. However, in both Platinum Bucks and Silver Cash, my responsibilities included generated sales, build relationships and become a good public relations figure. Having said this, I was often put in positions to coordinate with larger clients and the media. So I can only assume this question derived from this dynamic.

Reflecting on my career in this industry, I am truly blessed and beyond grateful for the opportunities, experiences and people I have met. We are a socially misunderstood industry and ‘flying under the radar’ is absolutely fine with me as long as we are all making money and operating honest businesses. I have had an exceptional life and I can only hope my quality of life continues. This is an ironic prelude to thank Platinum Dave/Dan and Mike Price for allowing me to be apart of their personal and professional empires.

Question #
How did you get started in the industry?

I was working at the head office of a Canadian fashion retailer. There was downsizing at my division was terminated. At the current time I had been taking a part time executive MBA. So I took some time off to travel through Europe and complete my course work for school. Upon completion, I had a one year work project to fully complete my MBA. This was to begin in the upcoming academic fall semester.

However during summer holidays and my return from adventures in Europe my roommate was good friends with Shaliza from Epassport (at the time she was working for Python). She had facilitated a meeting with Dave from Platinum Bucks and the rest his history ! Therefore, beyond my thanks to Platinum Bucks and Silver Cash, my warmest and most significant person I should be thanking is Shaliza. Shaliza had confidence in me to be her referral and her own credibile reputation to support my candidacy.

The next time you see her, ask her who her favorite June Bug is….funny story between her and I .

Question #
What was it like working for Platinum Dave?

As Dave’s first employee, working with Dave was an unforgettable experience. To contribute to the success and growth of Platinum Bucks was amazing. We were a team of three people when it all started - Dave, Dan and I. Both Dan and Dave had a solid foundation for the business and took massive personal sacrifices and risks to get this business going.

In any small and new business environment, emotions run high on every decision. So, it was a constant and fast paced environment that had its tense moments . Also, it is a family business so it was not unusual to have typical family matters contribute to the daily operations. The overall experience was very good and my time there was challenging but yielded great rewards and experiences. Ultimately, I would not be writing this interview if my experiences with Dave did not exist.

I think it is important to note that Dave was a young manager and learning to be a good manager in the process. Arguably, he continues to become an even better manager today. So, it is admirable to see the longevity and empire he has built. Although there were occasions where I didn’t agree with some of the deicisons they made, yet that is ‘business’ and certainly not ‘personal’. Making tough decisions takes courage and you cannot impress everyone .

I have moved on to new opportunities and he has publically supported me. I appreciate this and I can continue to do business with him today. I am confident that we both know we can help each other, rather then focusing on the past. I have a very high respect for both Dave and his brother .

Question #
How has it been adjusting from Canada to Southern California?

The adjustment has been great. In all honesty, I thought I would be more lonely and home sick. However, I had been traveling and very independent for a long time now which made the process much easier.

Canada will always be home and I miss my family and my real friends. Yet, California and my role with Silver Cash has provided me with a significant amount of responsibilities that also contains opportunities to further travel through California and business related events. It really is a ‘new beginning’ for me and I feel rejuvenated as my life previous to joining the team was spiritually depressing. I am the type of person to put others before myself and taking the opportunity to join Silvercash and relocate was one of the first opportunities to do something for myself. I work very hard as I never want my career to ever be in jeopardy and making my management position multi dimensional, positions me better to avoid being replaced .

On a social level of adjustment, I am alone but certainly not lonely. I enjoy California and those who live here are spoiled with the sun . This weather just makes the overall people happier and in turn the quality of life is very high. Beaches, entertainment and a great career is exceptional for a young professional. Beyond the traffic and the overall size of California, there are no complaints - only new adventures. Every day, I still thank God for the life I have and hopefully one day Mike Price will allow me to drive the Saleen .

Question #
What is the story about you and the Philipino T-Boys?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #
Tell us about your "mushroom cap"?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #
How often do take a nap in the bathroom?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #
What famous musician did you meet in the bathroom at the Playboy Mansion?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #
Once in Phoenix you were drinking Petron with Shelly and a bunch of other beautiful women. You got trashed and was amazed at the amount of Petron they could drink. How was it that a group of women could drink you under the table?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #
How much Ikea furniture do you have? And do you consider your apartment to be "gay friendly"?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #
You a huge Detroit Pistons fan. How did your team loose the totally inferior team in the Eastern Conference this year?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #3
Do the folks at Platinum Bucks really send you Canadian smokes via Fed Ex? Do you trade them sexual favors for this, or are you blackmailing them?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #3
For the love of God, please explain why you call yourself the " The Pear-Shaped Filipino"?

( Did not answer the question.)



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