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GFY Ambush Interview thread VooDoo

Question #1
Without naming any other message boards….. What exactly do you do in the industry? Programming? Design stuff?

I currently run the web department for http://www.hushmoney.com. I am versed in numerous aspects of this industry. My passions are design, marketing, SEO, some coding (PHP/MySQL) and traffic generation. My skills are only limited by my willingness (or unwillingness) to commit to learning, which is another one of my passions. I also like to post about cakes in an attempt to convert all pie lovers.

Question #
You used to work for – gasp! – MaxHardcore. How do you feel about his kind of extreme hardcore, and do you think it has a place in our industry?

I'm not personally fond of his style of porn, however I do believe that he has a place in our industry. Some of his clips are quite funny actually. Granted, he may push the limits of what most of us would consider to be "acceptable", however without this type of content, the powers that be may consider anything but missionary to be obscene.

Question #3
What is Max Hardcore really like? Does he abuse women?

Max is a great guy! He's a legend in this industry and has a loyal fan base. If you don't already know him, he's definitely someone to put on your "meet list"!

Question #

Question #
You tend to move around a lot – Texas, Washington, California. Are you hiding from the law?

I moved around a lot, due to my family being scattered about the U.S., and I went where the work is. Born in Tampa, FL, raised in Texas / Cali and moved from coast to coast a couple times, Virginia, and a couple other places for short periods of time, eventually ended up in Washington, where I worked with my Brother on his old AdultCheck Gold sites, and built some TGPs etc... and worked on some online games he was developing. From there I moved back to Texas to hang w/ my family for a while, then went to Portland, to LA, back to Portland, and now back to LA where I plan on staying.

Question #
How did you come to be in this industry?

Initially, back in '96-'97, I was going to newsgroups, BBS sites, and chatrooms and started seeing a few porn sites come up here and there, spamming a bunch of the binary channels and putting banners up on the chatrooms. After clicking some of the links and visiting some of the sites in the newsgroups and checking them out I started seeing other much nicer sites around like CyberErotica, BabylonX, WatchCams, VoyeurDorm, ClubLove, SexHound etc... (some that I recall off the top of my head) and it seemed as though they were all doing well financially. It got me interested in trying to build some sort of site that was adult related, just to see where it would take me. Around this time, I spoke to my brother in Seattle, who told me that he was earning a nice amount from AdultCheck, and he looked at some of my site designs, and asked if I would come up there to help him with his designs. In exchange he would show me how to get setup with AC and show me how to code. That was the start. Unless, you count the collection of Playboy magazines my Dad gave me when I was like 13.

Question #
Did your parents tell you that you were you an accident or were you planned?

I didn't have any parents. I was a test tube baby.

Question #
It seems at once point you were into the whole "Goth" thing. Do you have any good make up tips?

Right Guard. Lightly spray your face prior to applying your water-based pancake or base (never use grease or oil based). It helps keep your face from melting in clubs or in hot weather. (Close your eyes when applying the antiperspirant). Exfoliate.

Question #
Do you think that TGPs are dead?

No. I think they are changing. Good ideas never die. They only evolve.

Question #
You seem to be very close to the crew at Shane's World. What's the connection?

The Shane's World staff is a top notch crew! We are now distributing a few of our titles through them, so we all work together on various projects.

Question #
Do you play any musical instruments?

Yes, I played drums for 9 years back in Middle & High School, and into my early 20's. I was in 3 different bands in Silicon Valley. I also played a bit of piano, keyboards then picked up sequencing / tracking and using more electronic equipment. Recently I bought a couple electric guitars, however I'm not very good with them yet, but I'm learning the basics pretty quick. I can tune it now!

Question #
What do you think about people who steal content?

This is a tough one. I think a bunch of people in this industry started out stealing content. 20 pics here and there from various places. Maybe a video clip if you could find them. Then you'd build a site around this newly aquired content and hopefully earn some $ on it. Most people moved on from this activity, as it's just not a good business model. That was then. NOW, I must say... These sites going up aren't just stealing 20 pics here and there, it's entire sites, DVDs, libraries, with massive amounts of content. BIG difference on the damage it causes, not much of a difference in the ethics behind it.

At the root of this, I think of all content theft, and software / music piracy the same way. It has it's place, most people have participated in piracy in one form or another (you may not even know you have), but sucks when it happens to you.

Question #
What kind of car do you own/drive?

Black 2006 Scion xB

Question #
Have you ever lived with another man where one of you cooked and the other cleaned?

No. I was roommates with Mikie Mike for a while in Portland, we shared in the cooking & cleaning duties.

Question #
Where did you get your nick name?

It started at AT&T, when I used to work there. I was #1 on the sales floor for outbound cold call sales / telemarketing. They had new hires sit with me, and listen to my calls. Nobody quite knew what my "trick" was, but I had a 95% closing ratio usually. Some started saying it was "Voodoo" that I was doing over the phone to get them to buy. I kinda liked it, and it stuck. I started using it online around 1991-1992.

Question #
You have some interesting tattoos that all seem to have a theme. What's that about?

The theme on my right arm is mostly just ideas, or concepts that I just like. The majority of them have a "monster" theme, or some sort of horror movie concept behind them. Mainly because I like horror movies. The art style to them is one that gives me some inspiration when I am drawing. I am planning out my 2 full sleeves.

Question #
Why do you no longer drink tequila?

Tequila bad. Makes me aggro.

Question #
Are you obsessed with strippers?

Not in the slightest. I would however, rather spend $100 at a strip club, where I can have beer + boobs, over $250 at a club where I only get beer.

Question #
Why are you obsessed with midgets? Why is every idea you have for a porn shoot have to involve a midget?

I'm not obsessed with anything. Midgets make me laugh. Who doesn't like midgets? Porn shoots NEED more midgets.

Question #
Are you obsessed with pain, torture, and death?

Nope. Someone is obsessed with obsession though. LOL

Question #
Are you obsessive?

Nope. Someone is obsessed with obsession though. LOL

Question #
How many shows do you attend? Which ones, and why?

I attend about 3 to 4 shows per year on average. Sometimes more sometimes less. I try to get up to the Vegas AVN / Internext shows, XBiz Summer Forum, and Phoenix Forum as well as a random Webmaster Access here and there. When I can make it out, the Florida show is usually a good one also. I attend shows to meet new people, hang with old friends and business associates and do strike up deals. Oh yeah, and to buy as many people drinks from the Open bars as possible.

Question #
What's the story with the sprinkler at Phoenix Forum?

It seemed more like a killer geyser! I was walking out into the art fair thing that was going on, some guy was parked near the fire truck, and blocking the walk way to get to the path to get out of the parking lot. So, I walked into the little grass patch to get around him, and WTF! The sprinkler head jumped out of the ground, grabbed my pant leg, then proceeded to hang onto my leg as I tore it's head off. The water shot up out of the ground about 20 feet, dumping what seemed like gallons and gallons of water onto me, the bastard who was blocking the walk way, and his car. I stood there for a moment, trying to figure out what was dumping gallons of water on me, I got soaked, and covered in dirt / leaves and other random debris from the ground. I saw the hotel staff just standing there trying to figure out what was going on. The dude that was blocking the walk way was soaked too. LOL (That'll teach 'em!). Try to stay cool and walk back to the hotel soaked and covered in ground goop, while everone who was out there saw what happened.

Question #
You've been in the industry a long time. How many people do you have on ICQ?

Something like 950

Question #
Why do you watch movies with captions turned on?

Neighbors & poor audio balance in some movies. Levels peak too high during intense shooting / gun fire / car chase scenes, then they get too quiet during dialog. So I keep the volume down where I can mostly make out what they're saying, and the captions back up what I'm thinking they're saying. You'd be surprised how much dialog you miss when you're not reading it. Keeping it low is also just a common courtesy for neighbors.

Question #
Have you ever been on the cover of a porn dvd?

Question #
Is it true you never eat? What's for dessert?

I have been dieting since January. I've lost 35 lbs. My eating habits have changed a little. I eat smaller portions, and only eat until I'm not hungry anymore, instead of eating until I'm full, or my plate is clear. I usually eat about once or twice a day, sometimes a little more. I'm staying away from high-fat foods, fast food, I eat very little carbs (if I do, they're in the morning) and I try to stay away from sweets. As for what is for dessert... Do I even have to answer that? CAKE of course!

Question #
Are you concerned about your skin?

Yes. If you don't take care of your skin... who will? I have a multitude of various skin care products that I use. Different soaps, exfoliants, washes etc...

Question #
What do you think is the one thing that affects our industry the most today?

I think, in general and without getting into too much detail... a lack of innovation in our current industry has made everyone sedentary and is keeping us from leading web technologies as we used to. Copying instead of out-thinking. Looking for what others are doing, instead of doing your own thing. If you're chasing someone else, you're always behind. I'll end this answer with a quote... "Lead by example."

Question #3
Who do you look up to the most in this industry? Down on?

I'm above nor below anyone in this or any other industry. So to look up to or down on, would be a moot point. I do however admire and identify with anyone who always puts their best foot foward, always works smart & hard toward accomplishment and success, and when they get knocked down... they get right back up and push through, all the while maintaining a great attitude and focus. These are the traits that I admire in anyone.




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