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GFY Ambush Interview thread AVNChris

Question #1
You take your wife everywhere with you. Are you joined at the hip or does she have a leash on you?

It would have to be a mixture of the two. My wife is a cool girl, she can hang with our groups and feel very comfortable. I travel so much that so it would really be unfair to leave her home - plus she really enjoys all our shows events and parties. We've been married almost 10 years - and she is still my best friend. How many married couples can say that? I don't get to take her to all the shows, but I try to bring her along whenever she can make it.

Here she is - for anyone who hasn't made her acquaintance. Hands off!!

Question #2
You used to do mail order for Leisure Time. Are you the guys who invented the entire " Get 100 adult videos for $19.95" deal?

Actually yes. Leisure Time was and still is a power house in both the Mail Order and wholesale adult video market. The kind of numbers we we're doing would shock and impress anyone. I ran the Advertising and Marketing for the mail order division and yes we we're the originators of the 100 Videos for $19.95 / Videos for .99 cents / Crazy Benzi, etc. There were 100's of differnet version and creative for these ads, but the premise was always the same - get alot of porn for a little money. These ads worked - period - insanely well. Want a sample - go to www.crazybenzi.com - basically thats a web version of one of the print ads.

Question #3
Why can't you dance?

Who gave you this question - I object! I can dance, really well in fact. (In my own mind and as long as I have quite a few drinks in me). Truth is, is that I missed that rythym gene - I really suck on the dance floor - but I do try once in awhile.

Question #4
Your prior employer Leisure Time, specifically Mark Carriere, invented the comp in porn - the compilation tape. Does this mean you're the one responsible for a lot crappy porn tapes?

I have alot of respect for Mark. He built an empire. Leisure Time produced and still produces an amazing amount of product. They own the largest content library in the industry. That being said, yes an amazing amount of sub-par porn was produced by them as well. With over 100 releases a month the quality of the scenes was not always the main focus. They did have the best boxcovers, which is what propelled the huge numbers (along with the low price). They also had successes in the celebrity tape arena - the John Wayne Bobbit Tapes and "Sunset and Devine" were all LTE products that had massive succcess.

Question #5
You are one of the few who have made the transition from the video side of the adult industry to the internet. Why is this, and how to you feel about this?

I'll be honest when I was hired at AVN I was originally going to focus on the Video Side. There was more of a need on the Online side so with hesitation I accepted the position with the AVN Online team. I was a bit apprehensive about all you wild west internet kids. What I found is that the Internet side is much more social, and for me it was a perfect fit. I love people and the social nature of the Internet side (which is sorely lacking on the Video side). I embraced the nature of this veritical and I think I owe my success to that. I love meeting new people, clients and partners - when the need is there I help them with their marketing plans for print, tradeshow and our web properties.

To speak to the second question, yes many of the Video side people find the transition hard because they are set in their old ways. There are some pretty glaring exceptions to that rule as well - LFP, New Sensations, Red Light District, Vivid to name a few. I think in the future the Video will have to dare I say "converge" otherwise they will find themselves obsolete.

How do I feel about this - hmmmm. Well I like it because I am on the right side of where the industry will be going.

Question #6
What are the differences between the video side of the adult world and the internet side?

I spoke to this question in the last question. The main difference I see is the willingness and effort to work together. On the Internet side your biggest competitor can be your closest business partner - you dont see that alot on the video side. Also the networking and social aspects of the Online Vertical have been perfected to a science. The old dogs could learn some new tricks from the Internet "kids".

Question #7
Tends indicate that video sales are down while the Internet side is doing well. What do you think will happen to the video side of the adult market in the next five years?

Personally, I feel that DVD's and "Video" will phase out in the next five to six years. People will hold onto their hardgood DVD's and Video for some time after that but I dont feel that the sales or marketing push will be on the hardgoods. It will be all about content and delivery - whether you are getting your content delivered through your computer, cable, PPV. There wont be the need for the physical DVD. The producers that realize that, and most of them know its coming - will make the nesscesary adjustments to their business plans and succeed in the years to come.

Question #8
What's the obsession with Thailand?

I wouldnt call it an obsession. I do visit Thailand once a year - and no - I am not a sex tourist. My wife is Thai - we met here and got married almost 10 years ago. We go back once a year to visit her family in Bangkok and usually get a week or two of beach time in the south. For those of you who have not visited Thailand - I highly reccomend it. Thailand is probably one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world - beaches, rainforests, cities (in that order) are great. The people of Thailand are the most warm and welcoming as well - that why they call it the Land of Smiles.

Question #9
You seem to be very close to Silvercash Albert. VERY CLOSE. If you weren't married, would you be living with him? Who would cook?

Y'know I do have an Asian fetish ..... and SC Albert is the best looking Pear Shaped Philipino out there. Bahahahahhahaa.

In all seriousness, I have so much respect for Albert as a friend, business professional, and a client. I tend to hang with Albert alot at shows and here in LA because we are great freinds. When Albert took on the gig at SC we were doing alot of business and meeting on the weekends to go out drinking -it turned into a very close freindship that has endured.

Albert has also taught me alot about this side of the industry - the knowledge runs deep with Albert.

Who would cook - definitly not me - all I can do is BBQ

Question #10
Do you have an addiction, or is it normal to gamble all night long?

Doesnt everyone gamble til 5 a.m. in Vegas? I thought that was normal. I am a craps player, dabble in Blackjack and Poker.

Question #11
Has anyone taught you how to play craps recently, and did they win or loose?

Actually you got this question wrong, the question is have YOU taught anyone to play craps lately and the answer is definitly a big YES.

At the XBIZ show this past July I was having a drink with J$tyle$ and I asked him if he had ever played craps. To my astonishment he said no he didnt know how to play. I take this as a challenge - because if I can have someone share my addiction to craps it makes it all the funner.

I proceeded to teach young Jonathan the ins and outs of Craps - he brought out a $100 bill and in a matter of 30-40 minutes he turned that $100 into almost $1000 simply following my instructions. The funniest part of the story is that I lost $300 while he won the $1000.00

If anyone wants to learn the game - just ask - it's alot easier than it looks (and its the best game in Vegas).

Question #12
How many shows do you go to each year, and which ones other than internext are your favorite and why?

I go to alot of shows. Shows are really my bread & butter. I feel strongly that their is no replacement for face to face relationship building. People (especially in our sector) want to do business with a person, not just a company. That being said, I also think that there has to be a limit on the number of shows our industry can sustain - people should support the shows that translate into returns for their business.

Last year I attended about 15 shows - give or take.

My favorites have to be (excluding our shows):

Phoenix Forum - Great Business, Sherri and the whole CC Bill crew really put on a top notch event.

Webmaster Access Europe - How can you not love this show? For biz and fun.

Webmaster Access West - Hometown Favorite

Costa Rica Bash - Tropical fave

XBIZ Summer - Vegas, gambling, pool, good times.

I havent attended Quebec Expo, WYPD, Curacao - but I hear great things about all these. Hope to get to them as well!

Question #13
What is your favorite story from one of the shows?

Wow. So many stories, and they all seem to blend together.

At the last Phoenix Forum I have two memorable stories.

Lori Z and I we're hanging out late one night and feeling a bit silly so we took all the furniture from the 4th floor lobby and set up a little "office" in the elevator. The office was complete with couch, plants, tables, etc. I think she may have evidence in her camera.

At the same show a couple of unnamed associates and I went to Jenna's Strip club with the very generous co-owner of the club. I've never seen more cash thrown around at a strip club + we had the company of the unforgettable Ariel who also takes strip clubs to next level. During this time I missed the unforgettable Silver Cash Albert shot incident (see his Ambush for this one - quite a story).

Nothing to crazy - I try to keep it proffesional at shows.

Question #14
Why do you live in Southern California and would you move if the right job opportunity came up?

Born and raised in Socal. Most of my life I have lived walking distance from the beach. You can't really beat the Socal lifestyle - Beach, Snow (when you want it) and great weather. I have lived in other areas for short stints, but always seem to return home.

Move? Job Oppurtunity? Haven't really thought about it? I am extremely happy at AVN and love the team we have put together. I really have a dream job (for me at least) I get to travel, see all my friends regularly at shows - and I am passionate about our products which really deliver value for our clients.

How much are we talking???

Question #15
What's your favorite drink and have you ever been shit faced at a show?

I tend to drink girly drinks. Kettle Madras (Vodka, Orange Cranberry and a little soda). I have been known on occasion to throw back a variety of spirits including Jager, Tequila, etc ..... but I tend to be a Vodka drinker. With the amount of "social drinking" drinking we do I like to play it a bit safe. I amaze myself sometimes - I can drink pretty much all day (tend to nurse drinks) and keep it proffesional and still have a good time.

Define shitfaced?

My first Internext Vegas / AEE with AVN I was hanging out with Tera Patrick and Evan at TAO - I drank what I think was a half a bottle of Patron. Felt great going down and at the club - but that turned into a rough night. Cold floors feel great when your in that sort of situation.... The funny part about this story is that I had taken a full glass of Patron back to the room. After I woke up from a wretched night of being ill - I reached for that glass thinking it was water - took a huge gulp. Ouch - not reccomended under any circumstance.

Question #16
What's the longest you've ever gone without sleep at a show?

I know where this question came from. LOL

I always swear that I will get a great nights rest on the first night of every show. I guess the best laid plans are always broken because that never seems to happen.

My record was Amsterdam, I think I went two nights without sleep - but slept for the entire flight home.

At shows I pretty much run on adrenaline - there never seems to be enough time to meet everyone, and get all the meetings in. I figure I can always sleep at home or when I die.

Question #17
How much luggage do you haul to each show? Do you really need all of that stuff?

Bahahhaha. I have been scaling back on my luggage to shows.... I really do bring to much. I used to bring two full size suitcases - lol.

I like to be prepared for any type of situation and like to have a nice variety of clothes to choose from. Another reason for the large amount of luggage is I usually have to bring magazines and sales material to the shows.

I need to minimize my luggage alottment.

Question #18
What kind of car do you drive?

Audi A6 - Black

Question #19
How the fuck do you deal with all of that traffic?

I don't fucking know - the traffic in LA does blow. I recently moved closer to the office which cuts down on commute time. It's a small price to pay for living in Socal.

Question #20
How many tickets have you gotten and how in the world do you still have your license? How much do you pay for it?

In the past two/ three years I got something like 6 speeding tickets. I still have my license because I have devised a plan (and with a little luck) that has gotten me out of every single one of them - havent paid a penny and have a spotless driving record. No tickets in the last 6 months - knock on wood.

Question #21
Have you ever owned a fleshlight? If so, have you ever used it on yourself?

I have never owned a genuine fleshlight. I have had the chance occasion to take one back from the show, but honestly I couldnt fit anymore stuff into my suitcases..... lol. I have on occasion been known to sport a Mr. Limpy from my back pocket.

Fleshlight is an outstanding product though - I think its one of the only quality sex toys for men - quality novelties made predominantly for the fairer sex.

Question #22
How old are you? Really? No Really?

Reallly? No Really? How old do you think I am?

Question #23
What is your vision for your personal life by next year? in 5 years? what is your vision for your career?

Lets see - besides world domination - I was thinking I'd own AVN in 5 years.

Actually I am very content in my life right, both personally and proffesionally

Question #24
Do you have any stories from band camp?

This one time at band camp..........

I got nothing on this one. Sorry.

Question #25
Why do you smile so damn much?

Why wouldn't I smile. I genuinley love what i do. So many people waste time on the negative, I figured out early in life that stress and anger are usually wastes of time and energy.

I smile alot because what you put out there is what you get back. Positive energy usually attracts positive responses.

One of the keys to being fulfilled and happy in life is having a career that you love - I am lucky enough to have found that. It hasn't always been that way, and my one advice to people who are unhappy in what they do is to find out early what you are passionate about and work your ass off to make that what you do.

Question #26
What do you think is the most important thing affecting the adult online industry today?

The adult online industry on the whole is still doing well. In the short two years I've been a part of it I've seen some major shifts and changes.

I think free content and social networking/tube sites are having a major effect on companies bottom lines. In the past our industry has capitalized on these types of trends, I see some doing this - but alot are not. Capitalizing on major trends like this will be keys to success of our industry in the future. My two cents.

Piracy of course is another huge issue affecting our industry and draining profits from almost every sector.

I also see a trend of some programs shifting away from the webmasters and focusing more on direct to consumer and brokering deals with other programs for traffic - how this will effect the industry?

Question #27
Like poker, golf and you do not seem to be a fit. What do you think is the problem there and why do you back out whenever you are asked to play?

I'm actually a great poker player if I am at a card club or a house game. At shows when I play I have my mind on so many other things so I tend to get impatient and go all in with junk. Winning at poker is all about patience - and I tend to be a bit busy at shows. (I should relax a bit more,,,lol)

The same cannot be said for golf- I suck.

I played a tournament with the L.A. crew last year and my game was so sloppy it's infamous. I actually do love the game and need to practice my long game in order to feel comfortable out on the green. Thats one of my goals for 2008.

Thats why I back out when Im asked to play - sorry Mitch. Lets hit the driving range and get in some practice.

Question #28
You have been at AVN for some time, how much would Alec have to offer you to join the Xbiz crew?

As I said in a few previous questions I am extremely happy at AVN. I do however have a tremendous amount of respect for Alec and quite a few of the XBIZ crew.

I have never been one to take lateral moves, and I feel a huge amount of loyalty. If I we're ever to make a move I think it would be in bad form to go over to such a direct competitor.

I also feel that the product portfolio that AVN Media Network offers allows me to give my clients full penetration into print, tradeshow and Online properties that I really could not do anywhere else.

Question #29
Your voice is very raspy, is that from smoking too much or genetics?

Don't make fun of my sickness. LOL. I have always been an Alto.

Question #30
Where do you see the adult internet going in the next five years? What problems do you see us having?

In the next 5 years I think there will be even more consolidation in our segment of the industry. The demise of the DVD will come, which will usher in more profits for our segment.

As for problems I think Piracy, Government oversight/ prosecutions are always problems and arent going anywhere.Overall I think our segment of the industry is doing great and will do even better in the years to come.



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