This ambush was written by Rochard. Thank you Roc!

Young, smart and ohhhhh sooo sexy. Ariel makes most everyone she's hanging out with feel comfortable. Few ladies her age have her kind of people skills. Already an internet icon, this woman has no where near peeked yet and we'll see a lot more of her in the future.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread ArielRebel

Question #1
Have you ever made love to another woman off camera?

MMmmm.. good question ;) lol What do you think? lol! 

I discovered another side of me when I started working in the business lol! Is that really a suprise? 
One of my favorite girls without a doubt is my best friend Melody  For the ones who read my blog... she's been a regular tease on my site  Recently I did a video teaser for my site... If you want to get teased a little bit by Melody just CLICK HERE! She's really perverted in bed and that's the way I like them 

I like the softness of a women... but no one can fuck me better than a man 

Question #
Is it true you were "discovered" while working at a webcam studio?

MMmm.. another very good question... lol!
The true is... yes, when I start in this biz it was on webcams.... but it was only for 2 weeks 
I had the chance to met Stephanie Soucy. She introduce me to photography and I just felt in love with it!
She work in the business for a long time now and she will always be a very good friend for me... she gave me some good advices about the business and I really respect her for that 

I had also many more persons I can talk about who gave me very good advices about many thing in the business and I just follow the pro  I felt in love with this business and you guys will see me for a long time... Model or not!

Question #3

Did you really live in the same building as Vid Vicious? Is he really as strange as we all think he is?

LOL!!!! I was waiting for that one!! ;)
How can I help you to understand mister Vid Vicious a little bit more ;) LOL!

He really is a character  He is a great friend too and I know he will always be there for me if anything happend in my life 
I actually met him at the Miami convention last years... And we realize that we were living exactly in the same building...Really funny!
I can say that he is one of the persons who gave me also a couple of good advices about the biz.
I cant say that he is wierd because it's not true ;) He love what he do and live the way he want too Maybe it can be wierd in a!

Anyways, I'm always having fun with him... in the convention or just for a beer at his place ;)

Question #
French is your native language – it's one of the perks of being French Canadian. When you make love, do you scream out things in French? (How do you say "Oh my god I'm cumming" in French?)

When it comes from deep with in I moan and groan in french but when I'm feeling more naughty the english me come out lol !

And in french to say "Oh my god I'm cumming" it's "Oh mon dieu je vais venir" or "Oh! mon dieu je vais jouir"...
It's sounds a bit wierd in french, in french we don't yell "I'm about to cum" in the french world  we can tell by our screams, yells and moans...

Question #
Your currently considered the top solo teen girl. How does this make you feel? Have you been recognised in public?

This was really a suprise for me...  I worked really hard on many levels for my site  Managing my image was and is really important for me  And I promissed myself to always keep that in mind, too never let anybody put words in my mouth.
Receiving this prize was surreal, it made me want to work harder and better to assure that Ariel is always "On Top" of her game! lol!

Was I recognized on the street ?!
For the ones who know Montreal a little bit... it's a big city but the rumors travel fast! lol! I've been recognized a couple
of times and people have always been very repectful (kind of like everybody in me! lol )....At the last Qwebec Expo I met some
fans and they all told me the same thing ;

Oh! shit you're shorter than I thought!!

Question #
Do you have any regrets about working in porn?

What kind of question is that! LOOL!!
To be honest, never would I have thought that I would end up in this kind of business... I was suppose to be a fashion designer lol! I stoped school after a couple of months because I discovered that I prefer making clothing only for!
For many months I was really depressed over this situation... I started working in a adult store not too far from Montreal... It was an adult video store and boutique... That's where I fell in love with PORN! LOL!
One day I was bored at the cash and one guy came to me and ask me "Do you like photography? Did you ever try it?" (By the way... It's nobody from the business... just a guy who was doing erotic glamour pictures...)
So it's pretty much at that time I started to fall in love with the camera.... The pictures were only topless... not really a big deal but I was extremly shy! It was my first can imagine! lol! I think every girl started off something like this.... I was shy but in a certain way it was turning me on like crazy....

As you already know I did webcams for 2 weeks but I realize that was really not for me...! I met "mediachick" and everything happened so fast durring the first year! What a crazy year! Merci encore pitoune je suis tellement contente du tournant de ma vie!!! 

My only regret could be... If I knew everything I knew now about the business.... my start could have been a little different... but I'm happy to learn all these new things and now I'm more able to take controle of my career  If I can say it that way.... 

Lol! When it comes to porn i'm like a sponge towel, i suck all the info up... watch me in the future.... many of you will be suprise of me

Question #
How seriously do you take your myspace page?

LOL! How seriously do I take my myspace LOL! Seriously, but really not too much! lol! I see the opportunity for non-nude promo, finding new and fresh models (and I'm not the only one who does or just to talk to many new peoples 

Now that I have had my myspace page for quite some time....I see it as "more work to do!" lol... I have so many messages to answer everyday!

It also gave me the chance to experiment with some new projects  I had the chance to work with the photographer Matt Barnes . That was a great experience and I'm glad I have him as a new friend  As for all the others opportunities I've had... you will be able to see the fruit of my labor in due time

How often do you wear mis-matched socks?

As you can probably see in all the candids found of me on the net... IT NEVER HAPPENS!!!!! LOL LOL!

Question #
Is it true you've never shot with a man, and that the only other women you've ever shot with are friends?

Exactly, I never shot something with a man and I really don't plan to do it...
I always prefer to film my videos wih somebody I already know... we always feel more confortable amunks friends... Most of my girlfriends are not really exhibitionist so it's sometimes really hard to find cute girls. I shot with a couple of models in the industry, all of them were very sweet girls but it's not with everybody that I have something in common with.

Question #
Are you shy or just don't trust strangers?

LOOOL, Is that really the kind of vib you had when you met me?? lol! Well I'm always very careful when I met somebody
and I don't know or strangers if you like, I don't think that's a bad thing  I'm still pretty new in this biz and when I have the chance to talk with
older people who have much more experiences than me, I'm a pretty shy  But I listen very carefuly to learn as much as possible!

But when you get to know me better you'll come to see that I'm not a shy girl.

Question #
Have you ever had problems getting into clubs in Vegas because they thought your ID was fake?

What a funny night!  Internext Las Vegas last year, we were suppose to go at the Players ball for a little party.
I had my passport with me for ID. The two HUGE bouncers at the door were looking maticulasly at my passport for over 10 minutes to finaly tell me to wait for their manager and then the guy took one look at me and told me there's no way I'm getting in!!!  Everybody was trying to explain to the guy that I was working in the biz but he did'nt want to listen, Rico even tryed to bribe him! I then came back to the hotel to prepare myself for the other party's of that night... But on the second night Vid had a plan to get me in! lol! He told me to put the most "apropriate" clothing for that night, i.e. Something Sexy! In panic not being able to find anything that could meet Vid's demands i decided to call Vid, he decided to take me to franca who was extreamly sick at that time and not really in a good mood...( don't worry she's an angel for real ;) ) Jamie James lent me a dress and some crazy sexy boots, Franca did the make up. Dam she's good! 25 minute later I was looking 5 years older! Arriving by limo, for the second night at the same club to my surprise the same two bouncers were there. This time not even noticing i was the same girl from the night before! And I got in! Yah!

Question #
You are working on a "top secret" project for Panco Dog? Care to give us some hints about what it is?

Lol! the "Top Secret" I'm preparing will stay top secret for the moment... I prefer to be sure of everything before telling people
about future projects... Many "Top secret projects" with Panchodog will come this year... We plan to add so many
new things on my website!! Many side projects too... lol! I know I'm pretty secret about all these things but I want to be
sure to launch everything at the right moment

Question #
Have you ever offered to have a threesome with Steve Lightspeed and Ynot Bob? Perhaps at the Montreal show a few months ago? Did you tell Steve about your rendesvous with Sleazy?

Sleazy I told you to keep that secret!!! lol! No, to tell you the truth I knew about that rumor a month ago... It still makes me laugh lol! I'm sorry to maybe disapoint some of you but nothing happend between Bob, Steve and I. When they came to Montreal for the last Qwebec expo I had the chance to spend time with those two characters from the industry . I'm glad to say that I can count them amunks my friends instead of just knowing them by reputation

Question #
Would you consider yourself an exbitionist?

As a girl, lol!, I will say YES I am! Of course ! But it's when I feel like it! lol! I love to give myself for the camera and I love to read the comments on my work  I will be crazy sometime and in my regular life I will play the exihibitionist outside in the city... ;) Little private story : A friend and I were a little tipsy in a nightclub in Montreal and I was wearing a skirt at that time and we decided to be wild a bit and we fucked on the dance floor... my best gai friend was just beside me at that time and he never know... But those are my little secrets  I'm starting to be much more voyeur than exhibitionist...

Question #
When doing a video shoot of you playing twenty-one… Have you ever had problems adding up the cards to reach twenty-one?

LOL! Blackjack, I love that game! I'm really not into gamble at all but this game is fun... But yeah actually it's funny that you asked that because I remember the cards were horrible with me... lol! If I remember the same video that you talked about is one of my first one with Audrey from and she's also the owner of I love that girl! She's one of the first person I saw in this biz who work so hard on her website. I can also say that she's THE girl who gave me the passion for my site! She work like crazy and I love her work!

Question #
Three people claim to have introduced you to the industry? Who was the one who got you into the industry?

Really???? Three different one?? Wierd... lol!  Can I know who?? Because the truth is that only ONE person DISCOVER me and INTRODUCE me to the biz but MANY other persons follow me to give me advices and motivations  MediaChick found me that's 100% sure  After that, I learned a bit from everyone to became : The "Crazy" but "Sexy" Ariel Rebel you know!!

Question #
What is up with your love of knee high socks?
Do English speaking men trying to speak French turn you on like a light bulb?

I'm in LOVE WITH KNEE SOCKS!!!!! Can I say it LOUDER PLEASE!!!! I LOVE KNEE SOCKS!!!!! LOL! Try to guess who gave me that fetish? It's my sweet girl Melody! She was always wearing knee sock when I met her and I just took the idea! lol! Yeah I know it's borring... ;) Everything that can be related to : Knee socks, schoolgirls, and 100% in love with it!! MMmmmm it just so kinky and I love it! My real fun is to keep the sock when I get fuck or when I'm with a girl!!!! KINKY KINKY KINKY !!!

Question #
Do horror movies turn you on?

AHAHAH... I'm a Huge fan of Horror Movies... but it could be wierd if it's turn me on...

Question #
What kind of debauchery went on at the strip club in Phoenix during the last Phoenix Forum?

Debauchery?? LOL! There was no debauchery...  lol! Chris from AVN and his friends that I met that night  took me to the gentleman club "Babes" in Phoenix (beautiful club by the way!) They paid me a couple of dances... It was cool ;) I can say that I had a really fun night  And next year I want to go back...

Question #
How did you hook up with the Pancho Dog Crew?

Candido found the contract for me... at that time I was a real virgin to what the biz is all about.. But I'm glad it happened that way!!

Question #
Who can hold their drinks better – Pancho or Uno?

Both are really good at it but I think Rico has more experience lol! ;) i.e. He's older hihihi

Question #
How many languages do you speak?

French is my first language of course I learned english with my friends, I studied spanish and latin at school but I'm really bad at it because now I cant remember much of either...

Question #
What do you think about the idea of Quebec separating from Canada? What's your take on the anglo-franco conflict going on?

Wow, this question if from someone in the english part of Canada... lol! But I'm sorry to express myself the way I want I have to answer this question in french.

Bon, lol! Si vous voulez absolument mon avis sur la question, depuis quelques temps je n'écoute plus vraiment ce qui ce passe dans notre beau monde de la politique... J'ai été un peu ''déprimée'' de comment les gens qui nous ''dirige'' font les choses. Non, à mon avis le Quebec ne devrait pas se séparer du reste du Canada. Comment? nous francophone et fière québécois que nous somes pourrions nous faire pour combatttre le gros méchant Canada anglais? lol!(joke)lol! Sérieusment, le sujet sur la séparation du Quebec par rapport au Canada, si je peux m'exprimer ainsi, c'est aussi chaud que de débatre de la question noirs et blancs au Etas-Unis. C'est pourquoi je suis peut être un peu hésitante a vous expliquez la question...

Question #
Who was you first girl girl shoot with?

It was with Audrey ( I was so nervious but excited at the same time lol! We took a glass of red wine and we have done great videos! lol!

Question #
When doing a video shoot, why should you NOT use Chocolate ice cream? If you do, what does it look like?

It looks like shit! lol Sorry to be vulgar on that one but I did that one time with a photographer for one of my videos. Seriously it was horrible! And I know it will be on my site one day! lol! I will never do that again lol!

Question #
Have you ever had a problem keeping a straight face when dressed up like a school girl trying to spank Audrey's ass?

Actually she was the one who spanked me  lol Anyways, we had some problem at the beginning to keep a straight face so that's why she had the great idea to open a bottle of wine ;) lol

Question #
You talk a lot in your videos. Is this because you are nervous?

Not because I'm nervious just because I want to practice my english...

Question #
Have you ever covered your body with Honey?

Yes I did and it's delicious!

Question #
Who do you look up to in the industry? Down on?

This is so mean... lol! I'm not really someone who jege people.. I could I know who'p up or bown in the industry...

Question #
What jobs other than adult have you had in the past?

Many kind of jobs any regular studen have Iworked in a couple of restaurent, clothing stores etc... The last one I had was the skate shop.

Question #3
How far did you go with your education? Any future plans?

 I studied fashion design in college but I did not finish my course  I'm planning to go back to shcoole probably to study webdesign.



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