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GFY Ambush Interview thread JC-OCCash

Question #1
How in the world does a Mormon end up in porn?

LOL....Greed and perversion....I am a very in-active Mormon..

Question #
XXXJay is a most color character and now your partner. How did you guys first meet, and did it involve tequila and a mop handle?

Yes..Jay can be quite colorful lol....Its all just carefully calculated buffoonery...got you all fooled- we met because when ganjasaurus and I first launched OCCASH I sent him a personal email asking him if he would push the program lol....he was our first affiliate- We struck up a relationship over icq and then met at the San Diego show...He was interested in partnering up with us and he had the skills we were lacking as a company...It was a no brainer really..The rest is history....as far as tequila and a mop handle goes......not sure where that fits lol

Question #3

At what point did the two of you decide to open up a program together?

See question 2

Question #
What exactly did you do at Phillip Morris and do you feel guilty for pushing smoking on all of us?

My first job out of college was in marketing on the Marlboro brand team...One of the most successful brands ever...I learned a lot....and I take full responsibility for all of your smoking addiction...you will all die soon.

Question #
Did you play football in college? Ever plan on making that a carreer?

Yes....Kinda- I was recruited by a handful of schools...Chose BYU kinda to make the family happy, but mainly because at that point BYU was always a top 15 program and I felt I had the best chance to play because of their offense. My freshman year we beat Miami and our quarterback Ty Detmer won the heisman...Ultimately I left because I hated the school and didnt wanna go on a Mormon mission..I also realized that D-1 college football is a business and I would probably only ever be a special teamer and maybe see some playing time on offense by my senior year....For all the work it just wasnt worth it...So I transferred to Division 2 UCSB started right away...had a blast, but then UCSB dropped their football program LOL!! So I partied my way right outa school...Got it together after a couple of years and ended up at U of Arizona where I ultimately graduated in Dec 1996

Question #
All kidding aside… Your father was a life long smoker and he died in 1997 from cardiovascular disease. Is this why you quit your job with Phillip Morris?

Yes actually....kind of a strange story about my dad...he was a devout Mormon yet he was addicted to smoking...funny thing was he hid it from me my whole life..My father raised me to believe I could conquer anything so long as I put my mind to it...He believed himself to be a bad example and a hippocrite because he couldnt conquer his smoking habit..He thought I would interpret his inability to quit as weakness...I am lucky to have had a father who loved me soo much..Also...I went to work for PM at the height of the Tobacco industry litigation (1997) so there was all this negativity surrounding everything I was working on...and then my dad dies from complications during a quad-bypass....shitty time in my life....Moved to LA and got into cardiovascular pharmaceutical sales...ironic

Question #
When your father moved on to a better place where did you invest the money left over from his estate?

Thats the one thing I would do over...I wasnt left with alot...160k...but that is a lot of cash to a 25year old and I proceeded to SPEND all of it....I bought a harley and a bunch of stupid shit I thought wouold make me happy..the best thing I did even though some would call it wastefull was start Tobacco Free Kids Racing....I raced super-late models in a local nascar series and then ASA Speed Trucks...I bought a car/hauler, piece of shit truck to pull it and a spare motor....that pretty much tapped my resources..then I went out and got sponsorship grants from ZYBAN, AMERICAN LUNG ASSOCIATION etc etc....I had my sponsors and also "IN MEMORY OF MY DAD" On my car...In some ways it was my psychology and helped me work through the loss...my dad was a HUGE race fan and woulda loved it!

Question #
What is Tar Wars?

TAR WARS was my main sponsor...Its a curriculum drawn up by the AAFP to teach the dangers of smoking to children...I used to take my racecar to elementary schools and tell my story and give the TAR WARS lesson to all the kids...then I'd fire up the car and let them climb around it etc etc...

Question #
You used to shoot content for Triple X Cash? What kind of content did you shoot, and how did that work out?

I started on the video side of the business and had a video line called Rectal Rooter....I met Kevin from TXC at one of the www.collegefuckfest.com parties and he thought my video line would make a great website....
www.rectalrooter.com was born. Site did very well and even made KB'S movie American cannibal...lol That was my first taste of internet success and the catalyst to my founding OCCASH....I STILL make money on that first site ;)

Question #
You've done some work with TT Boy. Who is he and why is he not better known in the industry?

I first met TT in 94' thru Peter North...I was active as an amateur boxer at that time and he was really into training as well so we kinda connected on that topic....as far as how well he is known in the industry I would surmise he is one of the best known people in it lol...He has been AVN performer of the year multiple times and is in the XRCO hall of fame..His company Evasive Angles is one of the top creators of ethnic and interracial content...We ran into each other over the years and I was able to launch OCCASH on the strength of the content agreement I made with him....I knew his content would be great for the web because it is shot reality style and he gets girls and covers niches that others dont...also- he is an incredibly hard worker and I know we will always have new content at our fingertips....The relationship we have is integral to the success of OCCASH now and in the future....Aside from that- I pride myself on sticking to my word and he is the same exact way so we work well together....

Question #
Is it true you moved to Vegas to "slow down your life"?

Thats actually true....As mutch as I love Ahn and the www.wantedlist.com crew...I was partying waaaay too much...My friends in vegas dont really party that much so realizing I had no self control.....I changed my surroundings...only because I had weaknesses that I wanted to address...now that jay lives in LA...I would be having sooo much fun I might be dead lol.....Vegas is much safer for me...

Question #
Were a pharmaceutical rep or test subject?

LOL.....Pharma rep....First for Wyeth-Ayerst then Novartis and lastly with KOS......

Question #
You went to college in Arizona? Was it always that fucking hot there?

Ya...IT pretty fucking hot...I went to U of A though in Tucson...Tucsons not quite as bad a Phoenix.....Sooooo many hot girls...ahhh Loved College

Question #
What did you study in college – What degree?

I have my Bachelors in Political Science and a Minor in History......

Question #
Have you ever been a professional boxer?

See Question #16

Question #
Do you still box?

No and Yes......I have had 4 amateur fights.....3 in 1994 and 1 sept 14th of this year...I am 4-0.....I absolutely love the training and will fight again next year..Unfortunately I hurt my shoulder training for my last fight and am having surgery in early December....getting a little old for this lol, but I'll fight again after I rehab...

Question #
Whithout googling: what does HTML stand for? How about RSS?

HTML is what happens when we combine our partner Morgan aka Ganjasaurus and some really stoney weed....Its just amazing- all of a sudden things like www.brickhousebutts.com and www.littlecoco.com just appear out of nowhere... this one time www.blackmotherfuckers.com even showed up...I just cant figure it out....

RSS is this thingie that xxxjay swears is helping our traffic.....

Question #
What happened with Rick Latona in Mexico? Is he really a bad luck magnet?

LOL! I dont know if I would call him a bad luck magnet per se but he and I seem to get into some sort of trouble whenever we party together...The Cancun incident happened a loonng time ago....It was my first show and I went with the guys from TXC..this was probably 2002 I think...Long story short- 50 cent was performing at this club and Ron C had a big skybox where we were all partying.Kevin from TXC was running a seperate tab for a few bottles he ordered and he just kinda skipped out..When we went to leave- security grabbed Rick and I because somehow they knew we were friends with Kevin. They wisked us away soo fast that no one saw we were gone..Next thing you know they have taken us into some sort of basement and we are surrounded by about 10 4'10" mexicans armed with broom handles and nasty attitudes...I am hammered so of course I am yelling and screaming at them and contemplating whether or not we should try to fight our way out lol..They took our wallets and were running every single credit card we had in order to pay for the bottles that Kevin had ordered...somewhere in all of this Matt from Nat Net (now with revshare hosting I think)figured out we were gone and heard that they were holding us hostage so to speak...So as I understand it...Tony Morgan gave him the "ransom" money and he secured our release lol.....Thats pretty much how I met Rick....the better story is the fight he got me into in Amsterdam and how that ultimately led to Gerard giving a lapdance in his underwear to a brazilian hooker in Ricks hotel room..

Question #
You're the President of OC Cash. What's Fresh Checks?

WWW.FRESHCHECKS.COM is the sister program of www.occash.com we aquired it last year and are in the process of building it up...we finally secured a solid content deal and have some really strong stuff on the way.

Question #
Have any interesting stories about you, Poppy, and WegCory?

I have 1 good one for sure....It was Phoenix Forum prob 2005- I was stumbling back to the hotel from some bar and I ran into Poppy stumbling the other way...So Poppy's like "hey- lets call some hookers to my room" I was kinda iffy and concerned we'd piss Cory off as he was sleeping in the room..
So Poppy pulls some advertisement he must have found in the gutter out of his pocket and starts making calls....after the deal is struck...he's like- "oh ya- I dont have any cash...could you spot me ?" LOL!! So we hit the atm and set off for the hotel...we stumble into the room to find Cory fast asleep in one of the beds....So of course we wake him up to tell him the good news about whats going to happen...Cory isnt pleased....basically tells us
and rolls back over..So we sit down to wait....and wait...I am just about to pass out and there's a knock at the door...Poppy answers the door and in walks the mongrels...First off they ask for the money which poppy gives them ALL OF IT! I was kinda thinking...this just doesnt seem right...then they say take off all your clothes and sit on the bed...Now I am really concerned but still going along with the plan....so here Poppy and I are sitting naked on the bed and the two mongrels are standing at the foot of the bed and Cory is trying to sleep in the bed next to us....So now the hustle starts..The head Ho tells us that the money we gave her was only to get them there and that we needed to pay them basically double...Poppy comes unglued and starts arguing with them...so I am sitting naked on the bed watching Poppy jump around the room like a rabid naked monkey arguing with the girls..Cory has the covers pulled over his head and I dont know if he was laughing or crying...so poppy and the girls start to scuffle...and the girls make a break for the door with "my" money...I cant see whats going on because they are in the doorway, but one of the girls must have gotten a message to her bodyguard because I hear this deep voice growl "HEY MOTHERFUCKER!" Followed by Poppy's scream and the door slam...At this point Cory is laughing harder than I have ever heard....I am laughing at our stupidity and Poppy is shaking like a wet dog because some 7ft tall monster tried to pull him through the door......ahhhh good times

Question #
Every kid wants to be either a pornographer or a race car driver. You've been both. Tell us about being a race car driver.

Racing stock cars is a blast and something I intend to go back into in the near future...I never really achieved the type of success I'd hoped for so its kind of an unfinished business thing for me...The ASA Speedtruck series has a television package on the VS. network and the director has told me I could run adult related sponsorship so long as it wasnt blatantly sexual or vulgar....for example I could be the PAYCOM racing team or CCBILL or NETCASH even HUSTLER was acceptable.....Any of you four reading this???? lol......

Question #
Who is Richie Zaye?

Rich is co-owner and partners with Peter North in NORTHSTAR video distribution...he is also our content partner in several OCCASH sites and the guy that put up the money to start OCCASH....

Question #
Who came up with the site name BUBBLEBUTTORGY.COM?

Not sure really...I have made up most of our names so probably me but I dont really remember....

Question #
Would you like to get back into racing but with all adult sponsors?

Yes I would.....

Question #
You lived in South America? You shot content there?

Never lived in south america....Lived in Budapest for a year but was going to school...not in the adult biz then

Question #
Tell the story about your personal body guards in Budapest in 2005?

See Question #27

Question #
Why did you have body guards?

These 2 kinda go together and its maybe the best story of my life so here goes...About 6 months before the Amsterdam show 2005 2 of my best friends(non-industry) and I went to Budapest for a week of fun and mixed mayhem...while there my boy Gavin fell in love with a truly wonderful and beautiful girl (now his wife) ...so after the Amsterdam show Gerard, Poppy, XXXJAY and myself decided to meet my buddy Gavin in Budapest...I had been hooking up with gavin's girls sister and she had hot friends so the situation seemed fruitful..The first night there -we went to this place we always go called BED BEACH.....on a scale of 1 to 10 the girls at the club go to like a 14 lol...So we are chilling at our table and the guys next to us start to hassle my buddy Gavin and his girl...apparently- one of the guys had always liked her and wasnt pleased she was hanging out with drunk obnoxious americans (gerard and poppy)  (who got in a fight with each-other and poppy ripped gerrards shirt right off his body and was thrown out...but that another story) anyways....these guys were mafia types and we didnt really want any trouble there the next nite....so we started joking about hiring bodyguards fo and asked Francesca (Gavins girl) what it would cost...she said she would look into it... so I told her hell- check into a Limo also....Now Francesca is a local attorney and a very connected girl ....so she calls up and tells this security company that "Johnny Vegas "(me) who is Steve Wynn's (owner of the WYNN hotel and casino's )step son is in town and is a high priority security client. She goes on to tell them that there was a kidnap threat made against me and I needed top notch protection...She also booked what at the time was the only 2005 lincoln stretch - limo in Hungary....So the limo picks us up and takes us to this golf hotel resort that was recently built on the outskirts of Budapest...The developer is waiting there to meet me and gives XXXJAY the girls and all of us a private tour and insists we dine in his private dining room..All the while I am playing son of Las Vegas Casino mogul...Its getting late and we decide to head for the club...as we reach the Limo 4 cars pull in....8 guys get out...I mean serious no bullshit motherfuckers...The head bodyguard greets me and breaks it down for us as to how things were gonna work...as I am looking around I realize that these guys are all packing!! Jay and I are like holy fuck!! So we get in the Limo and a caravan forms....2 cars in front 2 behind- and we take off hauling ass to the club....this was some serious shit...we get to the club where apparently they had warned the clubs internal security of our arrival...the first 4 went in and secured our table...It was up top and in a very safe position..then the next 4 took me in -one in front one behind and one on either side, while everyone else followed...I was trying not to laugh..this was fuckin crazy..I mean they were just knocking people out of the way and everyone was looking trying to figure out who the fuck I was....so we get up there and I see Poppy and Gerard trying to get up to meet us...
..I told my security they were okay and they were frisked and escorted to my table....IT WAS A FUCKING BLAST....everyone hooked up...we felt pretty much invincible...I couldnt even go to the bathroom alone...4 guys would take me -2 would clear the bathroom and 2 would stand outside...I mean- they literally chucked people out of the bathroom...It was crazy....The guys from AWE even showed up at the end and were laughing their asses off..
It will be tough to ever match that night...There will be many more great stories but none like that! The kicker is all that only cost $1500.00 ....good tim

Question #
Why did you body slam Gerard (Mr. Romance) in the pool at the Florida show in August of 2008?

It was really more of a full contact body block....Gerard was wasted and attempting to lay some romance on a girl in the pool- so I just took an appropriate angle and checked him up under the shoulder and he went down like a pile of bricks...it was pretty funny actually...

Question #
Is it possible to go an orgy in Prague and not get laid?

Yes lol.....Jay and I didnt have the proper wristbands....regardless of that- The whole thing was sensory overload...It actually made the 2 of us uncomfortable lol......trip to watch 100 people going at it all around you....

Question #3
Tell us about your trip to Cuba….

This was one of the most fucked up stories in my life...Jay blogged about it here...

Question #3
What is your definition of "concealing a loaded weapon"?

Ok.....back from Webmaster EXCESS......great seeing everyone!! So the "loaded weapon" .....lol.... Concealing a loaded weapon is basically another term for blue balls.......I like my term much better....it kinda came to me one night in a certain situation.....there is nothing good about concealing a "loaded weapon"....

Question #3
Who is CJ? When and who does he come out and play with?

CJ is my alter ego....he tends to show up around 4-6am while partying....

Question #3
Have you ever urinated on a friend's girlfriend. If so, who were the parties involved and did she reciprocate?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #3
Who are the biggest cock blockers in the biz?

I figured question 28 was a good opener for this one and I would have to say that pretty much myself and everyone I associate with are quite adept at the cock block....some of us are better than others. Some even have special routines they use and take their craft very seriously....I would have to give special credit to Mark from Naughty America....he trains very hard in the art of the cock block.....

Question #3
How do you look up to in this biz? Down on?

( Did not answer the question.)

Question #3
Post pics of your house(s) and car(s) and describe.

 ( Did not answer the question.)



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