Tiffany Preston
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GFY Ambush Interview thread Tiffany Preston

Question #1
Married, dating, or single?


Question #
You were a figure skater for 13 years? Why did you give that dream up?

Yes, I did figure skating for 13 years.
I was a potential skater for representing the Canada for the Olympic Game. But my dream stop very fast when my mother gets sick and they find her disease.
My mother and her husband was rich ($$) whit her business they build together and they lost everything when they find her disease. She was managing all the business, so when she gets sick, her husband did not know what to do to manage the business with the paper and they lost everything.
A trainer in figure skating is very expansive, itís around
50$ minimum for 15 minutes on ice, every day.
My parents were not able anymore to pay that.
I lost my entire dream at that time.
And lost the only thing I loved at this time, doing figure skating.

Question #3

You studied Fashion Design in Montreal?

Yes, Iím certificated in fashion design.
I move in Montreal, to learn the design.
I went to the College LaSalle and Academy International of Design.
I was very good at school.

Question #
You own a lingerie company?

Yes, but not anymore.
I was working for a company for only 1 year after my school.
I find this was not enough to get pay only 200$ per week,
40 h/week and doing the entire job for the company.
I was like a slave and trust me, in this kind of industries itís like that.
So, I stop working for that company and I start my own company, lingerie for lady and men.
I did that for 5 years.
The name of my company was Instinct, for animal Instinct.
I will probably start sale my lingerieís later on my website.
Sometime, in my pictures or my clips, you can see me wearing my creation.

Question #
You're a personal trainer?

I was training myself to the gym for a wile, with the figure skating and after to stay in good shape.
I was thinking to become a personal trainer in the future.
When I move to Toronto, I did not know a lot of peoples.
I was not able to speak English, and I didnít know any words. I had to learn everything but this has been very good experience.
I learn my English
After, I decide to do my fitness trainer certificate.
I did in English, Iím very proud of me.
I got my private studio at home.
Something that I am really proud off!

Question #
Have you ever worked as a stripper? Got any good stories to tell? Ever fuck any clients?

Yes, I have work as a stripper for few years.
I start dancing in Montreal at the club ( Club Wanda's ) and in Toronto (For Your Eyes Only ) and ( Brass Rail )
The reason why I start working as a stripper was, for the easy money
I can tell you, I never did something with a client, but I saw some girls did something with clients, like having sex in the last private rooms and hear the noise and at the end of the night, find some condom in the private rooms.
Iím not dancing anymore, I quit dancing 2 years ago.

Question #
Do you do the HTML or graphics design on your sites yourself?

No, I hired someone 
Iím not good with that

Question #
Who is Magna and why do you bring her every where you go?

Magna is my dog, itís a Great Dane
I donít have any child, Magna is like my baby.
She sleeps with me in my bed, in the morning.
If I have to go to see my mother or my friends or to go somewhere, I bring her with me.
The only place I donít bring her, is where the dog are not allow or in vacation

Question #
How did you come to have your own adult site?

I have thought about it for a while before doing it.
One morning I weak up and I say stop to think about this and do it now!!
I finally pass at the action.
I was kind of tired working in strip club.
I was ready for something new.
This was a huge challenge for me!

After 3 years leaving in Toronto, I move back home.
I start working in the Adult Industry like I was dreaming for
a while.
I find a web designer for my website and now this person who did my website is one of my good friends Michael Plant that I lost him as web designer and programmer recently due to is new work with penthouse.
He helps me a lot in the industry.
I work full time on my website for the past 6 months now and I love it!
I pass more then 8h to 12h on the net to find a way to satisfy my clients and market my contents

Question #
Which do you like better Ė Toronto or Montreal? Why?

For sure I Like both town!
Montreal was a great experience, nice restaurants,
St-Catherine street, a lot of shopping, I love shopping
I like the night life and party, but most of the time I was working in clubs.

Toronto is more business related for me, so great way to make a lot of money, but really expensive town.
They have big buildings, a lot of green areas for a big town.
I will always remember the Caribbean festival so huge, itís totally 2 different worlds for me, but yes I love both for each town quality!
And I wonít forget the great time I spent in both towns

Question #
Is it true that French Canadian women are great in bed?

Iím French Canadian
Yes, French woman are very hot and very good in sex.
People know that and they love that.

Question #
You have an interesting story about a helicopter watching you shoot an outdoor sex scene. Please tell us about that.

I was doing a video shoot with my boyfriend Eric in a field at the l'őle-d'Orlťans (in Quebec, Canada).
We were doing a video shoot where the scene was outside the car and inside the car.

We were beginning to having sex outside the car on the roof of the car, Eric on the top of me.
When we hear a helicopter come and left after and come back again and again and again.
In action, we were not taking attention to that.
We continue to shooting and we going inside the car to have some sex scene and this happen again, we ear the helicopter again and the noise of the helicopter was very strong and the noise was staying stronger, look like she was staying on the same position.
But we was in action so we continue the sex scene, we did not take a look to see what happen.
But this is after we discover the helicopter has seen everything.
She was very close to us.
They got a free sex show.
We are laughing so much about that.
After, we left back to the house.

Question #
Who is Magna?

I told you
My dog

Question #
How well do you know YNOT Bob?

I know bob, but not very well lol
I meet him last year at the Qwebec Expo and he was very nice to me.
We have exchange some business card.
We talk together on ICQ and when I have a problem or I want some reference, I ask Bob to help me with his advice.
He is a very nice guy and a good friend.

Question #
Growing up were a good girl or a naughty schoolgirl?

Good girl and very shy.
I was wearing most of the time long sweater and no skirt to cover all my skin.
I remember one time when I was young.
My mother she was changing her clothes in here bedroom with the windows open.
I was arrived in her bedroom and I was screaming of her because she leaves the window opens.
I close the window.
Me and my mother, we still talk about that and we laughing a lot.
And now Iím the opposite, Iím naughty and Iím not (pudique) Shy anymore

Hey! I have my Adult Website!
Click on the Link to see how I am now!!

Question #
Do you like to read, and if so what's your favorite book?

I love read Books
One of my favorite books is (How toÖ Make love like a Porn Star)
Because Iím a fan of Jenna Jameson

Question #
Where would you like to live?

I would like to live in California or Arizona
Iím not sure where yet, but Iím sure I will move until the next year.
I donít like the cold weather.
Winter time is to cold for me.
I would like to get more contracts and I think United States is better for that.
I would like to do Adult movies for company.

Question #
Have you ever acted in a movie?

Yes, I did many movies.
Iím a member of (UDA) and (ACTRA) it's like (SAG)

Acting and Background:
- Cheech
- Leap Years
- Confession of dangerous mind
- Levity
- Samhain
- Human Stain
- Undress
- Mambo Italiano
And way more...

Question #
How did you fare in the Miss Universe competition in 2004?

I went to the Canadian final of Miss Universe in 2004.
I was in the Top 18.
This was a very good experience.
1 month of training with the girls for the contest.
Learn how to walk on the catwalk, and workout to stay in good shape for the contest.

Question #
What is your fantasy, and does it involve another couple?

Yes, I would like to watch a couple having sex in front of me and tell them what to do.
And me, I would like to masturbate myself at the same time looking at them.

Question #
How often do you get a professional massage, and does it include a happy ending?

I like to go in a spa 1 time a month.
One spa I very like and recommend is this one:

I like the sauna, the Turkish steam bath, the cold waters of the Nordic bath or in the river, the Jacuzzis and after,
I like finish with a Swedish massages provided by professional registered massage therapists.
This is very professional.
After a day like that, I feel very relax.

Question #
How often to you go to the spa?

I just answer that question on the # 21 lol

Question #
Have you ever had sex on top of a car and been spied on from above?

 ( Did not answer the question.)

Question #
How long has your website been online? 1 year 7 months 6 months

Iím very happy with my websites.
I accomplished a lot from the time I added my first website until today.
Iím very proud of me.
They convert very well.

Question #
Is Jenna Jameson the woman you most admire in the industry? Why?

I read her biography and with the life she had, I think she is very strong to be where she is now.
Everything she did in her life and for work was done with perfection.
She is a strong business woman.
Yes, I admire Jenna Jameson.

Question #
What's the first thing you do in the morning?

I open my computer, start working.
Cook my breakfast and eat in front of my computer.

Question #
Why do you have two websites Ė One more "babe" and the other fetish?

I have 2 completely different websites 
One more Babes Girl, Glamour, Hardcore XXX site, this is
On my site
You will find almost everything. 
Pictures and videos of me in style: Babe, Glamour, Hardcore XXX, Fetish, in my life of every day.

And the other one is more Kinky, Fetish site, this is
This website contains all the kinky, fetish stuff unimaginable.
I do all.
This is what interesting and captive my clients.
I have a Forum where my clients can give me some suggestions for my videos.

On both Websites and :
You will find of course (Live Cam Chat) where the client can see me and chat with me and take a look to other girls doing her Cam Show.
You will find (Plugin) service.
The client get access over 4 000 videos from ether girls with different categories (17 categories) from the client looking for.
I got all 
You will find a virtual store where I sale my lingeries.

( is more the Babe Girl, the Cover Girl of Magazine for Glamour and Hardcore XXX.
Instant of is the girl who showing her rebel side, fetish and kinky thatís the opposite  )

Question #
If you could model for anyone one adult company, who would it be and why?

I would like to become a Vivid Girl.
I would like to do some videos for them.
This is my favorite Adult Company, this is one of my goal.
I would like ofcorse shoot for Playboy, Penthouse and Hustler.

Question #
You've been in the Hawaiian Tropic contest four times. Did you ever win? What was it like?

I did Miss Hawaiian Tropic Contest for the year 2006- 2005- 2004- 2003.
I did the Canadian final four times.
This is very good.
One weekend with all the girls from everywhere in Canada.
I met new friends.
This was a very good experience.
I will probably doing again this year.

Question #3
What's your favorite way to spend time?

I love doing Rollerblade, swimming, tennis, snowboardÖ
I love sport
I like to watch movies in my sofa with a lot of munchkins.

Question #3
Why be a part of the adult industry?

Because I love that and Iím an exhibitionist.




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