Webgurl can be seen at most adult conventions trying to gain an advantage on unsuspecting webmasters by flirting with her young good looks. She's worked as an accounting clerk, in a medical office and at a casino before setting her sights on messing with the hearts and minds of some of the bigger companies in online Adult. Always up for an adventure, she's one of the few out there willing to admit when she's made a mistake and own up to it. Working for herself now, Webgurl has been able to carve out a nice living for herself in a male dominated industry without taking her clothes off. Self-employed women who aren't content are few and far between in this game - and Webgurl is one worth getting to know.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Webgurl

Question #1
What's a gravelmobile? Why do they stop in the middle of the road?

Gravelmobile hehe . Yes that was a trip i will never forget !! Sleazy took a bunch of us to Kelowna to go snowmobiling and a few of us got lost and end up driving the SNOWMOBILES into gravel and really screwed the tracks on the bottom . That answers your 2nd question "Why do they stop in the middle of the road" ! I like to say one thing openly admit "idiot"

Question #2
Why do you work for yourself?

My personality makes it difficult to work for or with others , its been proven time after time . I much rather work for myself , do what I want , when I want, set my own schedule most importantly achieve my own goals .These days I finally have a good solid understanding of what is going on ( in terms of what I want to do) so IMO once u have the knowledge of running your own shit in this industry , there is no reason for you to work for others .I started out in this business self employed as webmaster and doing it again ! I'm back and baddder than ever.

Question #3
As a good looking women is it an advantage or disadvantage to your business relationships?

This is a really qood question , I can write a novel on this, but I will make it short. Yes there are both advantages and disadvantages, hmmm not sure if it has anything to do with being "goodlooking" its more of just being female itself. Advantage in the sense that you are more easy to be approached whether its online or at a convention. What I have discovered is that guys don't feel like they have to act or talk a certain way to you so they don't look like a dumbass. Women makes them feel more comfortable and when they're relax you can develop a smooth relationship wheather its business or just casual talk. I have encountered this at the shows people asking me very foolish questions or on icq many many times its cool though it does not bother me. Another advantage is that for what I have been doing, like my TGP trades or gallery submissions it's easier to get traffic trades or get partner accounts. Well it helps if you actually know them too ! Anyways of course there are special treatments when you are a chick. As for disadvantage like any other industry some men don't take you seriously . Another thing is you get alot of weirdos on icq hitting you up for much about nothing.

Question #4
Have you ever fucked someone for a business reason or advantage?

HeLLLLLLLLLLLL NO , *oh boy* i thought u knew me better than that LOL

Question #5
Why did you get into Adult? Why do you stay in Adult?

I quit my job at this accounting office that I was working for almost 2 yrs in 2001 and had nothing to do, so the boyfriend who has been in this business since 98' got me into it . I started off with building free sites and submitting them to PK, GG, MBookmarks, Tommy , etc.. He is the best teacher and one smart cookie and most of you won't know who he is he's not a board poster or doesn't go to the shows . Why do I stay in Adult ? Whynot ? I'm going to be a multi-millionare [soon]

Question #6
Why are you always near Lolita69? Have you ever had sex with her? Can you put in a good word for me so I can have sex with her?

Lisa from Lolitampgs and I are very good friends! No you can't have sex with her Silly!

Question #7
What's with you not taking Pics?

Yeah i am not a big fan of pics . Honestly , I don't know how to pose or how my face should be, feel weird most of the time . Anyways , I am pretty much over that , its too the point where I can't avoid and I don't want to be rude by declining ALL the time . If you can't beat em Join Em

Question #8
Have you ever taken your top off at an Adult Convention party? Any public area?

Once again HELLLLLL NO ... Never .... I'm as nerdy as they come.

Question #9
Are you single? Are you a Virgin?

Not single , that answers the virgin question

Question #10
Why did you drop out of college?

I was working full time at an accounting office doing excessive amount of work at the same time taking Financial Mngt Accounting part-time I thought I was going to be an accountant . Things were getting too stressful juggling school and fulltime work I was very exhausted . After 2nd year I knew that being accountant was the last thing I wanted to do . So that was it.

Question #11
Do you own your own home?

No I do not own property at this time I am going to buy a condo downtown.

Question #12
Where do you live, Why? What's the US deal?

I am currently in Vancouver , BC Canada , WHY?? because its a nice city with great weather and because " I AM CANADIAN" hehehe I was working for US company for few months in LA only temporary project.

Question #13
What companies have you worked for/with? Work for now?

Sunnydollars , I luv the owner kris awesome guy , easy to work with I am very compatible with him, if someone asked me to describe the ideal perfect boss it would be him forsure. Sunnydollars was a great experience the company is solid he is one guy that I really enjoyed working for , I have nothing but good things to say about SunnyDollars ! I just felt that it was my time to move on and do my own thing again thats why I am no longer there.

Question #14
Just what the fuck do you do exactly?

I do lots of stuff these days since I am on my own again Working on my new project , Running my board , Still doing the fetish tgps submitting galleries , also I have a new MGP coming out soon ! Here's a movie gallery I made lastnight Gallery

Question #15
How many conventions do you attend a year?

Last year I recall attending about 8.

Question #16
What nationality are you?

Chinese 100 %

Question #17
How much money do you make a year?

Not as much as you ! Still in the 5 digits

Question #18
How long do you intend to stay working in online Adult?

I have no plans of doing anything else at the moment.

Question #19
What was the best moment of your life so far and what was the worst?

This is another one of "THOSE" questions hmmmm... I'm not that old yet so i'll let you know in a decade


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