The Legacy
This ambush was written by Rochard. Thank you Roc!

Robert, aka The Legacy, is one of our industry's best kept secrets. He doesn't have an ego and tends to be low profile, but he's pretty well connected in the
industry and in the course of a few years he took Webmaster Paradise from an unknown and crappy product to a well known and great product – and then moved on to try something different. He was Phyton's first Marketing Director, and put Sexxxycontent on the map with the entire Lawrence Connor thing.

Usually when I do the Ambush Interviews on someone, my first question is "Is there anything off limits". Most people ask that drugs and any past infidelities not be included. Robert told me he has nothing to hide from anyone and told me nothing was off limits.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread The Legacy

Question #1
Is it true that you are the one person responsible for introducing Lawrence Connor to the adult industry? Explain how this happened, from the conception of the idea to selecting Lawrence to how it went down.

Introduced? No – he was annoying and harassing people long before I got here begging for a chance to get into the industry as a model. When sexxxycontent hired me on to help bring their company to the next level hoping that within a few months by Vegas Internext that their companies name would be on everyone’s lips my name came up as a solution when they searched around.

First off I want to say that in any company I have worked with it has never been a ‘me’ situation. I know the concepts/resources of success and how to get a company there, but without the agreement and team atmosphere then the comany's success simply won’t work. The owners at the time trusted me to create this event and gave me the resources and their time to make it happen. My network is my strength – as I have said many times – I don’t know everything about this industry – but I sure as hell do know those that do know the answers. So here is how it happened.

I had an epiphany that if we created a webcam show with the hottest porn star around matched with a wanna-be pornstar who is prepared to risk everything for his shot – someone that everyone hated and wanted to see fail – then you have married content with passion.

The stakes were if he failed that Lanni would fuck him in the ass symbolizing every adult film stars feelings of surfers who feel they can do a better job than them. What Lawrence failed to realize was that it was to the company’s best interest that he succeeded. With that he would have had the chance to have a website and more opportunities to carry the idea along – but we all know the history - that the pressure was too much as he was warned by many adult film stars who jumped in during radio interviews to give him advice

To this date he still feels that I “set him up” or that I somehow had control over his weenie’s performance when faced with a beauty such as Lanni. Well - no more than any male performer who has to retain an erection while 10 stage hands get the lighting right, the model is on her cell phone screaming at her boyfriend and the director is telling him to keep his leg up so he can get his camera in tight.

I should have heeded Vid Vicious’s (my brother from a different mother) warning when he was doing the production that LC was unstable and he continually requested that LC think about what he is doing and hoped he would back out. In the end (no pun) Lawrence stayed strong to his conviction that he could do it and marched on into industry history.

Personally my goal was to promote the company and not myself in all this. They needed their name to make sales not me. No one wants their name associated with LC and I have tried to keep it that way. I already had a strong reputation long before LC came along and will long after he is gone. I smile as many GFY’ers and industry people still talk about it and yet many don’t realize who it was behind the scenes – as it should be.

Those of you with different opinions don't realize that whether he did this show or not he still would have been around. In one month alone I had over 12 different ICQ numbered requests by LC and the list goes on. He even called webmaster paradise's office and spoke to the owner hoping to make my life hell. The list goes on but I think you see my point.

Truth is - I have been in this industry for 12 years - LC showed up in the latter of that - the past 4 years would have been a great deal more enjoyable without him continually bothering me and my friends. My hope is that I never heard of him again - my advice is to simply not speak of him or even respond to his emails or ICQ alerts

Question #
Jesus Christ – You were a pastor? You toured as a "gospel singer"? What caused you to move over to the dark side?

Because the dark side has better cookies

26 years ago I entered into the seminary to be a pastor – I also had the ability to sing and did solo work, even sung in Harlem New York but also toured throughout Ontario as I preached. This is where I learned my ease and comfort to speak in front of many people. The largest I preached and sung was 7000. One funny moment while singing in front of 1000 people was my eyes spotted this girl who was as beautiful as Sunny Leone and right in the middle of the worshipful song - I went - "oh WOW!!!" We both went red in the face and I had to finish the rest of the song embarrassed. Yet there were many factors that helped me change my direction. The final decision happened when I realized that going to church makes me as much of a Christian as going to the movies makes me an actor.

The “church” was man’s best way to worship an entity they couldn’t understand – so they created a building and a set of rules that in their heart they felt this God would want from us. After realizing that I preached on a phrase, “in the beginning God created man – later man decided to return the favor”

At 26 my sister died of cancer and it took a lot out of me. As I held her hand when she passed I didn’t blame God, but I did realize that I wasn’t living my life for me – instead for everyone in the church. I had lost myself in it all. Fast forward a few years to when I arrived to the offices of Python, David asked me if I was okay with adult content and I had to make a decision there to work in an industry that I only heard rumors about and no fact. My first few weeks was a shock because I was not use to people so open about their lives and sex – but found a great environment that David produced in the team he created, it was a family.

David was an owner with vision back in the late 90's as he realized that webmasters weren’t the only valuable resource to the company – but also its employee’s. Weekly he would take someone out for lunch so that he could find what their concerns were and how he could help them do their job better and more effectively for the company. It worked and I respected him greatly for his ability to keep in touch with each of his employee’s. Did it cost money? Sure but the benefits of known exactly what your company needs for growth was greater as he took Python into the stratosphere in numbers and financial growth. I think that was well worth the lunch money don’t you?

Long after I left Python as their Director of Marketing and Sales – David invited me back to look over the place. I was amazed that the lunch room had pinball machines and everything in place to make the employee’s feel like they belonged (free drinks etc) – it was home to them as well. I attribute that attitude of David's to the great success this company has seen over these many years. The employee’s were happy and that spilled over to the webmasters – enthusiasm is infectious.

You see many owners who mirror that today - Steve Lightspeed - Mark from 2much - PlatinumDave - Fred from Braincash - Ron (12clicks) from 12clickscash - Sleazy - AaronM - the list goes on as I have only scratched the surface. These men I consider friends and they have allowed me to learn from their success's and watch as they carry on that same mathematical equation for success - that is the formula of old school.

I had entered into the ministry to help people, but was not going to be bound by walls and regulations – micromanaging your daily life to the point that the life God gave you was being sucked out by religious overlords who demanded obedience. I think that is why I am so opposed to the old 70’s style of management called ‘micro-management’ in any form. Owners who feel that watching their employee’s every movement and show a lack of trust in their abilities often fail and rarely get recognized as a good company to work for or do business with. They often fail and instead of blaming themselves for their poor management style - often push even harder their rep’s just give up. Watching pennies as dollars are passing them by.

Yet for some owners they are justified to a point that on the other hand, we have a new set of employee’s out who bring to the table a whole set of new game rules - there who now find acting irresponsibly at conventions and on webmaster boards is an acceptable way to represent the company. This also causes some employers concern as we hear of reps who leave their company taking lists and programs with them to share sensitive information with their new employer.

What amazes me is this is a multi-billion dollar industry and we are running it like a door-to-door vacuum sales company or a sleazy car sales company.

I am going to be soon 47 years old - and over the 12 years I have tried and kept true to my philosophy that I have grown up with. I don’t preach at all my beliefs – it’s not my place, but I do hold fast to my ethics and morals in living a life free from lies and deceit. If I have a problem with someone or a company I generally allow Karma to catch up to them and not getting into any pissing matches. You attract what you put out – simple as that. That is what I grew up with and was taught in seminary.

I help when I can without asking for anything in return. Often companies are amazed that I won’t take a referral fee or money under the table – instead giving it to the company. Yet that is what you do when your under salary and have only one employer. Accept money elsewhere and now your working for two people.

I also have helped in the growth of a few companies out there who in return listen to me when I hear of someone who has contacted me because they are out of work. My network of friends often team up and we together can find mostly anything that is being asked out there. This is the walk I have chosen – that has been taught to me by people such as Bob Rice and others – to give back to a community that has given so much to me.

So religion has helped me become who I am today - and I will never regret that - my word is my bond. I do have pride as I have worked in keep my name good for so long with few enemies and a long line of those who would help me if I need be. I am living the best years of my life now - I have a great wife - awesome new child and one of strongest network of friends any person can hope for. I am truly grateful for everyone and take no one for granted.

Question #3

You used to train high school students?

Before I started in the adult industry I was National Director of Sales and Marketing for the educational market here in Canada. My job was to create CD-Roms of colleges and universities across Canada that had a virtual tour – application for school and the ability to get scholarships and aptitude tests all in one place. These CD-Roms went into high schools.

I had to not only get the colleges/universities online with this but also gather the information and then sell the school boards and also train the students on how to use it along with government approval.

If anyone knows about government red tape then you’ll understand why I am very patient and careful in my speech along with being politically correct. Also if anyone knows about high school students then you’ll know about teaching them and not loosing your tempter when they don’t care. That is maybe why I am tolerated so well on GFY.

Question #
Your family is dieing off – your sister and your mother have both passed away. You also have your fair share of health problems. Are you concerned for your future?

This is a very personal question – but yes. The birth of our daughter Mackenzie last year made me realize that being 46 may be an age she would regret if I don’t live longer. My dad is in his mid 80’s so I was born when he was in his early 40’s, but I don’t want her or any future children to grow up feeling that they got ripped off because they only lived to 30 or so and their dad dies of old age.

In saying that I have diabetes and ulcerative colitis I got when I was around 12 years old. Thankfully I try to keep myself active with karate classes and watch my diet. Also I have learned that running your body and mind to the max daily is simply not good for your health. In fact stress will kill you sooner.

You do better at your job if you only take time for yourself. I see webmasters, reps and owners running themselves almost 24/7 pushing the limits all the time. What is sad is that they don’t realize that it will only do their body damage and shorten their life span. You can achieve all the tasks ahead of you, and probably more if you have a healthy body and mind to go along with it.

Similar to a runner or a car that is kept moving at top speed all the time without a break – eventually something is going to give and break down. Is life that invaluable that you feel burning it off with stress and tension is the best way?

Men/women who work so hard to achieve financial success that in doing so – loose their families and personal values to get it? That’s not a life. I worked for many years with seniors who had that lifestyle, and all I kept hearing is regret. They missed out on the greatest moments of their life because they burned themselves out to soon. What’s all the money in the world going to do you if you die alone and missed out on what it truly means to live? I talk to webmasters and people who seriously consider suicide and the only thing that keeps them alive is work, sex or drugs. They do not consider what their life will be like in a few years - or the consequences. I am a strong supporter of a balanced life that will make you a better and smarter employee/person.

Personally - I use to smoke 3 packs of cigarettes a day a few years ago and lived off of junk/fast food - coffee and heavy pain med's before I met my wife. Now I am clean – I haven’t smoked in over 3 years except a cigar or two per year and only smoke occasionally at trade shows and watch my carb’s daily. A week ago the doctor said that I am healthy with a strong heart rate of a younger man – excellent control of my sugars/carbs and overall have it all under control. To date I am the happiest I ever have been in all my years, even with all the physical problems, I would not change a thing. I have what so many wish to achieve - peace of mind - body and soul.

I want to achieve living well into my 90s and with future medical break-thru’s I feel that is possible – but if not – the best “legacy” I can give her is that from day one every time my daughter looks up to see daddy’s face, he is smiling back at her. She will know she’s loved but also I want to instill in her the ability to make choices properly. She won’t fear strangers – but strange behavior. Nothing more – nothing less.

Question #
Congratulations on the recent birth of your first child. Who your daughter's godfather?

Sadly the real godfather hasn’t been told yet. His name is Scott and for the entire birth and her first year he was basically locked up in the house with his wife of 20 years fighting cancer. She died a few weeks ago and he is now in grief counseling. I also knew her from high school when they were dating and was in their wedding party. I had hoped she could at least have seen her and shared in our joy.

Scott and I have been best friends since embryo’s – can’t remember a day in my life that we weren’t friends nor have we ever fought. His last name is Mackenzie – which is also the first name we chose for our daughter. When he is able to finally visit our home and see her for the first time – then I will ask him to be the Godfather, but I didn’t want to ask over the phone.

Scott (Sleazy) is the crazy Uncle btw

Question #
You started your career at Phyton? You were their first marketing director? How did you get that gig?

I actually was part of a small online adult magazine called Hush before Python for a short time, but I had answered an ad in the newspaper for a marketing director for an online company – I do consider Python my first major gig in the industry though. From what I understood I was their first marketing director, actually they were just starting out themselves – before Aly (some of you remember her) even got into the industry. They basically hired me on the spot and the rest was history.

Question #
What is your wildest convention story?

I have had a few – one that DonMike won’t let me forget, is when I forgot DonMike. There was some weed involved (supplied by my boss who handed it to me in a Burger King bag) – actually the size of a softball – and the weekend was lost. Though I do remember sitting in my room with the sales team laughing our asses off watching Jaws by putting words in the fishes mouth. I also apparently I did an interview with ronaldo (Ron Steward) and had the best sales of anyone on the team, but I still can’t remember a single day of Vegas.

Though I feel that isn’t what your getting at – there was a Internext convention in Vegas when I was working with a gay company. A brief history will tell you that although I did sales with the company , they were having difficultly finding a writer so to help out I said I would do it much to their surprise. A straight man writing gay advice column's and erotic stories?

Well 3 years later I was still writing for them and actually the magazine had grown huge in the gay community and won a Cybersocket award! They had pulled me to the center of the bar (Gypsy's) and had a male stripper dancing all over me. What was more comical was the idea that in that room – I was the only straight man who turned out helped win a gay award for the company that was totally gay owned and operated.

That to me meant more than any other compliment at the time because I have always prided myself in learning what webmasters and clients want. To cross over into sales/marketing to the gay community by having a knowledge and sensitivity to what their needs were – to understand their culture and be accepted – meant that I did my job right and my network grew even stronger.

Soon after that I became a moderator on the gay chat board of YNOT and held that with pride for several years until they closed it down and I carried on as mod in the general area – many thought at that time I was gay but honestly I didn't care, I was actually glad that they thought that because it meant I was doing my job right and at the time I was able to help and work with both markets when I knew few others could. I spoke on seminar panels, talk shows - even interviewed a Gay Archbishop on YNOTRadio and also got to know the Godfathers of the gay market very well. It has made me a better man to have worked with that community by dropping my guard - ego and pride to just relax and open my horizon's to a community that had so much dynamics and lessons to teach me that as time went on. The community knew I was straight but were amazed that I had no judgments against them and was willing to listen. In the end it helped me become a better and stronger voice within the adult industry.

Question #
Are you aware that some industry veterans were surprised when you announced you were getting married because they thought you were gay? Is your marriage a front?

Definitely there was industry veterans who would contact me surprised - even Bob Rice hit me up on ICQ wondering if it was all a fake – we had a long discussion as to what gay truly meant and what is happening between SheDevil and myself. My feelings were that just fucking a man doesn’t mean your gay. Being in the gay industry I noticed many guys who were hitting on women as much as men. That is just horny – prepared to fuck anything that moves and gets you off.

Being truly gay means that sex isn’t always an option – it is more than physical. I have seen gay couples who have lived together for over 20 years, and truly love each other as a straight couple. One where the partner died of AID’s as the other one watched, holding his hand as he passed on. It wasn’t about sex at all – it was about commitment to another soul – a human being. The physical aspect was not the primary reason they were together.

So no - my marriage is not a front at all. I was married before to a stripper who left me for a DJ. I certainly didn’t want to get into another relationship much less marriage. When SheDevil came along she was totally into women – never figuring she would love a man at all. Yet in saying that, it was our souls that connected in a strong way. I totally felt at peace with the idea of living my life with her, as she did with me. In some cosmic way it worked, and we just knew.

When my dad asked me, “why would you ever marry again?” I responded with, “Because dad, I can tell her to shut the fuck up and she can do the same to me!!” He smiled and said, “Marry her”. He knew that what I was saying is that we can truly be ourselves together, for all our good points and lousy ones. Few marriages can boast that each partner is secure in the relationship that they have no secrets from each other. That they speak their mind and resolve the issue with love and refuse to consider separation as on option. I will remember always the senior citizen I asked who was married for over 50 years, “During all the time, did you once think of divorcing your husband?” She looked back at me, smiled and said, “Divorce? Never. Murder YES – but Divorce never”. That’s an act of the will – commitment to make it work.

I can go into a long version as to what love is – but in short - it is not a feeling but an act of the will.

Question #
In the past you've had "issues" with 12clicks, AaronM, and even Sleazy Dream. How has your impression of these people changed, and do you really call Sleazy Dream "Uncle Scott"?

For starters yes we do call SleazyDream ‘Uncle Scott’. He is actually one of SheDevil’s clients so naturally he has called our home a lot and we chat all the time so he is family to us. I have a great deal of respect for him – but that wasn't always the case. There was a time I was annoyed at his postings but when I finally read an article in AVN along with being on a speakers panel during a Qwebec Expo a few years back I found that he has more to offer webmasters if they were only prepared to listen.

I remember actually speaking up during the seminar and admitting my error in judgment for him. I am always happy to correct myself and be willing to admit it, that is how we all grow by learning from our mistakes. Sadly this industry has individuals that are so egotistical and full of themselves that they simply can’t admit that they made a mistake, which usually leads to more threads and verbal assaults from others who know better. That is probably why you won't find much dirt or negative threads about me. I realize that I am here only because of the grace and friendship of those who helped me throughout the years. If you feel I am doing an excellent job after 12 years in this industry then thank all those who have had a part in my growth.

Scott today I can speak on a personal level sharing my frustrations and thoughts as I listen to his wisdom and sincere advice. I am truly thankful that I have that opportunity and look forward to many years in the future learning about this enigma.

The same admission on my part was true with AaronM and 12clicks (Ron) both of whom started off the same way - but I willingly admit that I was totally wrong in prejudging their character.

AaronM more than anyone knows how stupid I was and how far my arrogance and pride took over. Thankfully I came to my senses and asked for forgiveness hoping that he was the man I hoped he was – sure enough we started a friendship that I hope will last a long time. In LA, AaronM along with Baddog took me out for a great dinner and some awesome laughs - thank you again. That to me was as important as going to the Mansion for the first time – but it also showed that there is no disagreement that can’t be overcome. Now I truly respect that man, humbled and honored to be able to call him friend when we meet now – thank god I grew up or I would have missed everything.

12clicks (Ron) - I have learned even in the past year has a heart of gold and truly appreciates those he works with. As we speak I hear it in his voice that his first concern is that of those who put their trust in him.

Our friendship grew I believe after I saw him being banned on a board that I was moderating. My conscience could not justify the board taking such drastic action after what I felt was started by them attacking him first – and whether I liked the man or not at the time, my ethics and morals had me standing up for him - I refused to go with the flow against Ron when I knew the board was wrong in what they did. It was then that we started speaking as human beings and I started to see a side of him and his care that only few do. Whether he wants to admit it or not – his heart is as big as his stature.

Question #
Why did you leave Sexxxycontent?

This is not complicated – once the event with LC was over it was time to move on. I had a nice talk with Greg (one of the owners) and we both knew that. I am still friends with them and we parted on very good terms. They are an awesome company and I wish them all the success in the world. "It was the best of times – it was the worst of times", pretty much sums the experience with LC for all of us there.

Question #
How did you meet your wife?

The only way two people who eventually will work in the adult industry could meet – on the MSN chat rooms. January 13, 2001 I believe was the actual date. After chatting for sometime online we decided to get together – thankfully she wanted to meet at a complex an hour away from my home rather than that first house I drove up to where DateLine NBC’s truck was parked – so dodged a bullet there.

The rest is history as she tells me that even though she only liked women – during that “date” she knew I was the one she was going to marry. For me, it was only a matter of time as soon as I saw her eyes and could see myself growing old staring at them.

Question #
Has anyone ever sent you hookers? Care to name which person/company would do such a thing? What did you do with them?

Problem in the past with sales rep’s (as well as companies) is that when you are being interviewed then hired, 9 times out of 10 one of the first questions is – how many webmasters or webmaster lists from a previous job can you bring to us? Second problem is in firing an employee is how many webmasters are they going to steal should they get a job with a competitor. This is why many companies do a strong forensic on a employee's computer when they go in order to figure out who they talked too and how bad the damage is.

We all know whoever has the hits has the power – and lists are gold. This is also true with sales rep’s and managers who are well networked. Companies sometimes only hire short term hoping to steal lists from as many rep’s as possible then after a few months let them go based on “performance”.

For 12 years now I have never once sold or offered up any list of previous employers to any new company. I specifically remember sexxxycontent’s conversation before I left when he said, “I know you have all our lists but I also know your character in that you would never allow them to fall into our competitors hands or use them in any way”. I was very impressed and taken back at the trust level but also his ability to know exactly who he was talking too. Yet over the years when I am being asked if I would consider working with a company I know immediately their reasonings when they requested lists as one of their first questions. Often the negotiations die when but I refused to surrender them.

I will not mention who sent hookers to my room – but while working for one employer I was being courted to work at another company. We were to meet in Vegas during Internext one year but before the scheduled meeting they insisted that I offer up any webmaster lists I had from previous employers which I had an ethical and moral problem doing. My first evening while in Vegas I got a knock on my hotel room and there standing in front of me were two, very beautiful ladies saying that they were mine for some fun times.

I realized then and there not only how valuable my connections were but also to what level some companies will go to get it. What the company didn’t realize was at the time I was married (before SheDevil), and that being married I would never cheat on my wife. I reached into my pocket and pulled out 400$ and had them split it between each one saying, “I know it’s not much, but take this down to the casino and enjoy – if it is at all possible – when you do speak to whoever sent you – tell them that I was the best fuck you ever had!!”

They laughed, and I closed the door a better man knowing that I never compromised my belief’s in that I could not be bought or sold by a piece of ass. In this case - two. If I was - then who would trust me again in the future? If I could be bought and sold like that, then who's to say that someone else wouldn't come around and get all your company secrets by sending me more women? My reputation and legacy would be lost.

Mind you –now that I think about this question – it happened around the time that people started thinking I was gay – wonder if this had anything to do with it?

Question #
I'm guessing your family is religious? What do you tell them you do for a living?

Actually both SheDevil and my family are religious, that is actually one of the main reasons why SheDevil and I had such a rough start in our relationship – her family knew I was in porn and had to work out their biased attitudes towards someone in the industry. Like most in North America as soon as you say you work in porn immediately they think you are into child pornography and get women drugged against their will to take pictures.

Safe to say I was not allowed around their children or even to park in their driveway. Yet after a while they realized the person I am and not what they thought I was, and today – we are a very close family. Even her mom who once was my nemesis, are now best friends speaking constantly - and yes – I can now park near the house and no one is hiding their kids from me.

I cannot speak for everyone only myself – but I am not ashamed of the work that I do or try to hide it when asked, though I do need to be sensitive to those under 18 or even a few that simply are too closed minded. I have some of the closest friends in my life right here in this industry - even more so that my own family. When our daughter was born in December of 2007, industry veterans sent gifts including JFK who send clothing – LAJ who sent an amazing fur coat for when she gets a little older, and others who sent cards and phoned us with their best wishes. Bob Rice was the first person I called after the baby was born along with my boss and Vid Vicious. Why would I be ashamed of people like this? You rarely get to have one close friend in your life you can be yourself with – I have many and am truly blessed.

My dad was a church deacon and actually was the architect of one of the largest Baptist church’s in Canada – even though he may not “like” what I do, he realizes that it is not going to affect my character or the way I treat my family, wife and child. We had a long conversation recently when I called to tell him I went to the Playboy Mansion – I was surprised at his knowledge of Heff and the Mansion, but I knew he was merely attempting to show interest in my life and not judge me also that I had come to terms with it and my faith and that is all he needed to know.

I learned a long time ago – that there are people who will like me and those who will not. I can try my hardest, be as sweet as possible and guess what? I will still have those who hate me and those who don’t. It is me that I have to accept and love when I look into the mirror in the morning. No one else.

During my time at the seminary I had asked a pastor friend of mine, ‘is it okay to go into bars?’ He said some of the wisest words to me. He said, “As a Christian as long as it is not an addiction for you then fine. Problems arise when you speak of it to others who do have an addiction. If they see you going in then to them it may be okay, and that will cause them to falter. You have no choice because as a minister you are in the spotlight all the time” He knew that people watch what I do and that I have a responsibility to those around me that are influenced by me.

Right now all I care about is my relationship with myself – if someone can’t handle the fact I work in porn, then do I really want them as a friend? I mean seriously – working in porn makes me as much of a bad person and threat to your family as going to a movie makes me an actor. It’s a product – simple as that. You don’t harass a corner store employee or brand them pervert because they sell nude magazines on the shelf?

Now I do not walk around boasting about it nor wear T-Shirt’s that kids can see, but when asked I am not going to necessarily shy off the topic unless I know that the person I am speaking to simply is too immature to handle such news – then it becomes a matter of, “do I really want to get into a debate of morals right now?”

Look - be my friend or don’t be – the choice is yours and my door is always open. I am not going to run after you. Same as family – my door is always open should you choose to enter. I am happy with my life and who I am as a person – I follow my heart and what it is saying is that religion doesn’t like what I do, but I don’t follow man’s religion on how my life should be dictated – my gut is that God doesn’t have a problem since He/She is the only one who knows my heart/intentions and I have not sensed that my life is in anyway offensive.

So trust me, my inner child is a real shit head sometimes - but on the whole, I'm happier now than I ever have been in all my 46 years.

Question #
Who from the industry attended your wedding?

We initially wanted Bob Rice to minister the wedding but our schedules unfortunately could work together but as you can see Vid Vicious and Sweetums were directly on my side at the front. I remember when SheDevil came into the church she started crying – I looked over at Vid and Sweetums and said, “What the fuck did I do now?” We smiled together.

Ron Stewart also flew a great distance for the wedding and a few others. We were extremely humbled at the flood of love and care that came from our adult family that made it a very special day in our life. There were so many who were there in the city but refused to go to a church so instead a party was arranged by them the same day downtown so after the reception we drove down to be with our extended family in the industry.

Bob Rice headed the list of well wishers as we also had a massive volume of cards and phone calls from just about everyone I could think of wishing us all well and asking the same question, “Fuck dude, I thought you were gay!!”

Question #
Your rather old and your wife is rather young. Has anyone called your wife "your daughter" to your face? How do you deal with the age difference?

To date no one has mistaken Shannon for my daughter – in fact overall we hear that she looks more mature and I look younger than I appear. Generally the perceived age gap range is 10 to 15 years rather than 25. There are actually many celebrities who have the same difference from Humphrey Bogart, Michael Douglas to Paul McCartney, Rod Stewart and Bruce Willis.

I remember my dad said to me, “No one here has a problem with the age difference but you” when I asked him about this same potential problem. In short if it’s legal and we can be ourselves together then who cares what others think? The difficult part comes in as I get older. I don’t want our children to feel ripped off if their dad is only around for 30 years of their life, not too mention I need to look after my health so that SheDevil has me around well into her 70’s.

My feeling is that anyone who dares to judge without honestly meeting us first has no right or valid opinion in my mind. SheDevil is a tremendous addition and value to this industry and has spoken at many conferences. She has done work for Playboy, Rochard, Bob Rice, Sleazy along with 2Much just to name a few big names. It honestly means a great deal when I hear webmasters say, “Who is that guy (pointing to me) with SheDevil?”

In all honestly I have seen more maturity and industry smarts from her than I have in some 50 year olds. That can be said for anyone who has worked with or listened to her presentations during seminars at Internext or Webmaster Access. Even Xbiz has asked her to be a writer for several articles. So I really don’t have to deal with anything in regards to her - especially age difference as I treat her on the same level with anyone and everyone else. She is not my slave nor am I hers. She is a very strong and determined player in this industry who commands respect from anyone she works with – including and most of all – me.

Question #
You put Webmaster Paradise on the map. Why did you recently leave them and who are you working for now?

I do appreciate the compliment but Webmaster Paradise has been around for 12 years as well – I don’t think I put them on the map. I believe as the community grew that I only assisted in pointing them out on the map. A lot of the top affiliate programs were already using them before I started.

To be honest I saw myself retiring there – they are family to me and making a decision to leave was one of the most difficult moments of my life. I had security for my family and a team atmosphere with a work ethic that many envied and emulated. An atmosphere you only see in the largest trained Fortune 100 companies that spend a great deal of money on positive – motivational – teamwork driven campaigns.

They already knew the strategies for success so I was merely complimenting their current program. They saw their employees as important as the webmasters who were their clients. Not driving them as slaves and cutting benefits for bottom line. Employees were motivated to work harder simply because they cared about the company rather than the paycheck. The company rewarded this by making sure employees weren’t worried about their personal lives knowing that you couldn’t focus you entire attention onto the job if you think you can’t make your mortgage or rent. Not too mention employees are more than likely to quit for a better paying job and atmosphere which ultimately affects the trust of webmasters when they see good people leaving.

Managers realized that good management style happens when you are not in the office. To trust and entrust decisions to those under you then if any problems arose, worked on a solution together. Employee’s were never belittled or treated negatively. It was part of that strategy already in place that put them on the map. I only introduced more webmasters to it. No matter how networked you are, the only thing you can do is open the door so webmasters can take a look, if the program/content sucks no level of kissing ass will have someone sign up or risk loosing money over.

Webmaster Paradise did need some tuning, but they quickly and willingly took the advice given and we had the entire company changed within a few months and immediately growth started to occur once it was done. Webmasters merely waiting for the doors to re-open to have a second look but liked what they saw. Still today after I left the growth continues with Ron Stewart running the show as Director of Sales and Marketing. He was the only person I could see settling into the position I once held. contacted me requesting that I use my networking and management style to bring similar success to their team. In a world where adult dating sites have such a bad name because of fake profiles and unwanted programs – these guys grew the old fashioned method by getting one real profile at a time. They lacked the ability for global dominance and needed a strong representative to compliment their program not only to get them there but to tell others they arrived.

Still - my first reaction was no way. I was happy – secure – and had a team that worked well together. Why would I sacrifice any of that for a risky venture in a team I knew nothing about and in a field that was already stained by negative programs?

As I considered the offer, I then realized that this is what I do best. Change the landscape of a company’s future for the best by working with them to open the right channels for success in addition to remolding their management style for optimum sales potentials and they seemed to have that same goal in mind. They were hungry for change. The past few months have been working directly with each person accomplishing the larger goal of making the company world wide so webmasters can now get the maximum dollar return on their traffic.

Anyone in this industry knows of my reputation and that I have spoken and helped many webmasters/company’s over the 12 years rise to worldwide recognition and or company growth. I’ve done seminars and written articles on the topics.

Yet success is not accomplished by one person - it is only through the teamwork and positive management styles that a company offers in return. Those companies in the past that contacted me that were too stubborn, arrogant, watching pennies while dollars floated by or micro-managed themselves into a slow sales slump simply could not be helped and I had to leave them to their own preferred old style of managing in frustration as they simply could not let go of the reins in order to let their company grow.

It is not pride that I say this, the methods I suggest are not my own - but the experience and wisdom I have gained over all this time from speaking to owners who now are multi-millionaires of successful adult companies that offer advice to me. I do not know everything about this industry, but I sure as hell know those who do. It is that combined knowledge of success from those greater than I that I draw upon to help others out.

If some companies chose to ignore the advice from successful business men who turned their companies around from nothing to garnishing respect from everyone else in this industry then who am I to force them? Whether it was pride or something else is not my concern, but I can only say I gave it my best shot.

Sexdatecash’s president Mark is an amazing guy to work with and I am often taken back that in his early 30’s he has driven this company along with his natural abilities for success. How many presidents of large dating sites actually contact the members personally to thank them? Or stand up for their employee’s? If the sexdatenetwork membership had a planned get together, not only would Mark be asked to come but he would want to show up – that’s a community and dedicated man.

I an excited about what the future of this company has to offer and how each employee can shine by bringing to the table their insights along with those successful owners and legends who are much wiser than I in this industry.

Question #
Do you think Bromasters is childish or extremely funny? Who do you think is behind it?

I honestly had to ask Cyndalie from about this and she said, “A bromaster is an idiotic male webmaster with few actual technical skills, who has a so called over the top "personality" often confused with "marketing skills", a half rotten liver, very little sexual prowess, and essentially one who seeks success through the attention and approval of other males in the industry.”

Let me answer the second question first – I think Juicy is behind it, but like any masterpiece there are always copies out there, and we all know what happens when you copy from an original. Do it enough times and you have a bunch of idiot clones out there. What many out there who try and copy Juicy’s style fail simply because they do not have his abilities and smarts that make that style work for him. It is natural for him. He’s cool. But now you find skinny white kids walking around as though they are from the hood – when in fact if they only looked in the mirror they would see that “dude your white.. and your from the suburbs!!!!” It truly is sad that you need to loose your own identity just to get people to like you. When in fact when I meet these people and they drop the act and allow themselves to be real – they are seriously great people, but just want to play an act that someone told them works in this industry for success.

This is a multi-billion dollar industry with sales agents who get drunk and splash around in hotel fountains and basically humiliate their company by making fools of themselves. I can only blame the owners who are un-imaginative that focusing on your companies features as to why they are a better choice – instead they try and draw attention by either price wars or by saying, “look who has the most arrogant party animal employed here”.

Webmasters care about money – and if your showing them that you don’t know how to make them money then your program is no different than anyone else’s. Show them your company’s strength in product and service first, THAT is how webmasters will sign up – NOT who can literally fuck more hookers in Vegas than the next guy.

More adult companies are waking up that more money is wasted on this style of marketing and sales then actually doing marketing and sales.

Question #
 Do you have a warm spot for your wife's grandmother?

Yes – when we were first dating everyone in her family was opposed to us because they knew I was in the adult industry and felt I was going to talk SheDevil into becoming a pornstar and that I didn’t care about her.

Yet her grandmother was the only one who invited me into her home to meet and talk to me as a human being not caring if I was in the industry or not. She refused to get caught up in the drama that the families were creating saying, “I will make my own judgment on him by meeting him not by hearsay”

From that meeting she was greatly impressed as she told me and continued to invite me down much to the horror and anger of her children. A few years past and that is all a faded memory now – everyone in the family gets along well together. SheDevil’s mom and I are best friends and speak often on the computer along with her step dad. I was never ashamed of what I do for a living, and although I don’t mention it around them – especially their children – we can all enjoy our time together as family.

Yet for her grandmother – I hold a special place for her. When everyone else turned their back on me in the family because I worked in porn and I was older than SheDevil – she truly acted as a Christian should and accepted me without judgment, as family first. I feel humbled and blessed to have met someone such as her.

Question #
What does the term "we suck, the competition doesn't" mean?

Wow I haven’t heard that in such a long time but it goes back to the first days of Python when we sat around the table trying to find a catch phrase. It was a wonderful time when no one’s answer was wrong – but we just laughed and joked as mates until it popped out – “hey we suck, the competition doesn’t”. David and the others on the team loved it and soon we had it on all our advertising – it was then that I knew my humor and personality did suit this industry. The best way to have a creative idea is to have lots of ideas. So how does a company do this?


Sadly there are still a few companies around that are not set up to assist in the creative process for success. The adult industry is one of the few that do not have any strong advertising agency that someone can go to in order to develop ideas for banners, trade shows or promoting their program. Instead they wait and watch other industry company’s in what they do, then when someone moves – others attempt to mimic their success (if any). Why is that?

It truly is the way we organize the corporate structure and work environment. Look at the largest companies out there and see how each owner treats and encourages their employee’s. Here’s a small breakdown of examples of the failures that can occur that will slowly disintegrate your company.

An Accountant Based Company

Account Department running the company generally means that no one can budge unless approved by the accountant. This always ends in disaster since creative ideas are immediately squashed as costing too much and the standard foundations of marketing and advertising such as banner ad’s or trade show appearances – redeveloping your website etc. are limited because of cost factors.

It is possible to accomplish these goals cost effectively, but in general accountants like to think they understand all jobs and the industry, then take steps to hinder any positive development. When it fails then blame the management for not being creative with no money. Accountants know how to manage money and are vital in keeping the rest of us in check, but they are not managers nor are they knowledgeable on sales or marketing.

They can brag all they want but in the end – they manage money and their desire to save money usually means, “I can do that job for less so why do we have to hire a professional?” They generally have no respect for employees or their talents; instead they tend to view each person as red. If they are not in sales, then they are expendable. Those in sales are only there until they have a bad month. This attitude then filters down to the employees who at first may work hard but eventually either they become ill from worrying about their job or simply give up and wait to be fired or start looking for another job.

Accountants will never understand someone saying, “I would work for a company for less money if only the company had a corporate management that is friendly”. Their response is: Feelings!!?!! Good I was about to fire them anyways, now I can save more with their salary gone. Here accountants rarely understand just how much the company needed that persons input until it is too late.

A Micro-Managed Based Company

Then there are companies that are driven by over achieving managers who micro-manage everything because either they simply don’t trust the people they hired or feel they could always do a better job. They are just as dangerous – wanting to give power to others but never being able too since they honestly feel no one can do the job better than they can. Always looking over your shoulder, always correcting and being negative – creative ideas are lost in this company because anything said will always be stomped on as silly or stolen and given credit elsewhere.

Micro-managers will never understand someone saying, “I would work for a company for less money if only the company had a corporate management that is supportive”. Their response is: Supportive!!?!! Let them go, they couldn’t do their job effectively anyways.

A Self Absorbed, Sexually Based Company

Companies that are driven by self centered management where they have to be the center of attention also feel that anyone being hired should not in any way steal the spot light or not worship them in their achievements. Here you have a boss who may be kind, and open to new ideas – but they either steal them for themselves, boasting to others how awesome they truly are or they use their power to satisfy their own desires.

In this case your either ignored or hit on to sleep with the boss, and in a worst case scenario you need to cover up their indiscretions and keep your opinions to yourself. Creativity once again is shot because if you speak up or show yourself stronger than your boss – they feel threatened or you may be forced into a situation to sleep with them.

Are there really companies where the boss/owner would force an employee to sleep with them or they are fired? Sadly yes and I have seen it too many times over the years. This is a multi-billion dollar industry based on sex and money. Few men can keep their two heads separate and often begin to fantasies about the power to control an employee whether dating or married. This always ends is disaster - ALWAYS! Yet as long as there are women needing money and work with managers who are power crazed - feeling that rules don't apply to them - then yes - it will always happen.

Cesar managers will never understand someone saying, “I would work for a company for less money if only the company had nothing to do with my past employer”. Their response is: Isolated!!?!! From me!!?!! I created them and made them who they are today, how dare they turn their back on me after all I did for them.

A BFF Based Company

Companies that are managed by the buddy boss (BFF-Boss) are just as dangerous. These hire the people that are either only like them in personality or are close friends. The employee’s are hired only because of their relationship to the boss or manager whether they can do the job or not. We all know what happens when you photocopy a print too many times, it becomes blurry and ruined. How can you develop any new ideas when you only have those with one like mind?

Buddy managers (BFF-Boss) will never understand someone saying, “I would work for a company for less money if only the company would not treat me like an outsider and make me feel like I was not involved personally”. Their response would be: “Outsider!!?!!” Good I wanted to hire my drinking buddy anyways so saves me from firing that gloomy person from my team.

A Reverse Pyramid Based Company

Here you are working for a company that realizes that sales are increased only by creatively promoting the strengths within the organization in a manner that webmasters/clients can understand. The employee’s that usually are the base of any organization where the management is at the top suddenly find themselves as the most valuable part of the organization. The pyramid is reversed. Face it a manager is to only manage employee’s – they are the driving force of the company. A true manager serves not dictates the employee's.

If you ask me which part of a pyramid I would rather depend on for possible success the thick side with more people or the thin side – I would choose the thick. Yet some companies would rather not rely on their employee’s feeling they are either too dumb (which surprises me since you hired them), or simply don’t trust them (which still surprises me since you hired them) or finally that they are only a number and don’t really have any significance in the overall decisions of a company. That means they weren’t important to begin with which still surprises me even more since, YOU HIRED THEM!! So start hiring qualified employee’s that can benefit the company rather than hiring someone who is now ‘fire-able’ at any time.

Here a company is now focused on their strengths as a whole rather than who’s in charge. Your not into price wars that focus’s the webmasters attention only on getting the best PPS or gift prizes, instead you are focused on services provided that leave the impression, “why wouldn’t I sign up with these guys?”.

Each employee is a valued member of the team and is seen as Buckminster Fuller once said “there is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”

Creative managers will understand someone saying, “I would work for a company for less money if only to give me the chance to expand a part of myself that at this time I am unable to do here because that’s someone else’s job”. Their response is: “Awesome, best wishes and if you need a letter of recommendation you have it.”

These managers train people to be future managers down the road. Whether they end up at their current job or somewhere else who knows. They work on improving their employee’s by giving them self-confidence, recognition for their work along with taking time to listen and teach them. A good manager doesn’t have to know everything about their job – only hire those who do. If an employee surpasses you then that is the greatest achievement you can hope for. The good manager sets targets and date sensitive goals then trusts their team to reach them. If missed then a stern warning is made, but the employee’s future is in THEIR hands to succeed or fail NOT the managers. Should they get fired then an employee will know that they have no one else to blame but themselves.

Yet they likely will stay with the company providing beneficial advice and creative solutions to increase sales and the company’s profile. Webmasters will appreciate their wisdom and assistance which in turn means referrals. Your company is not dying from within.

Arthur Koestler once said creativity is a type of learning process where the teacher and pupil are located in the same individual. A “Manager” is only a title that someone else at the time gave you hoping you would display these characteristics – or you added to yourself hoping it would give you power since you didn’t like being called sales. Yet having that title doesn’t mean you are qualified, but if you follow some advice and wisdom from others – learn to listen and thank those who have helped you along then you may earn that big fancy title you possess.

Company management wishing to raise their bottom line as they watch sales drop need to then start rethinking that maybe it’s not your employee’s effectiveness but yourself. In failure everyone points fingers to those lower in the company food chain. In success the finger turns around to themselves. I wish sometimes that was reversed. A change of attitude is what is needed if your company is failing and no creative ideas are left. Rid yourself now of accountant run, micro-managing, self-absorbed management teams and start rebuilding from the top down.

Now you will have valued employee’s who care a great deal more about your company and make extra effort that is not forced to work harder for the success. They will have inner fire and energy when speaking of you and your company – infectious and boisterous that it self is infection to others, especially webmasters.

Good luck.

Question #
What is your relationship with Interclimaxx?

Oh man, does that goes back to when they first started about 12 years ago. The owner at that time was Claudia who use to work as models for Python. Well she had left Python to start their own venture around the same time I did. Claudia had met me in Vegas at the Monte Carlo and handed me a CD of what she wanted to do and asked for advice in how to get her company started. We had a long talk and over the months as I was establishing my network offered advice in how to get the company moving ahead. We briefly kept in contact over the years.

A year or so ago when I was at Florida Internext I met Claudia’s husband in their Cabana. We chatted for a while and I had mentioned that I wanted to have a cigar and relax after a long show. He was very kind and had the entire place corded off and guards posted at the entrance just so I could have a cigar. He even asked permission if he could stay there to finish his work on his laptop. I was deeply moved by his gesture and enjoyed my cigar to the fullest as we laughed about old times. I have always been proud and honored to know the good people of Interclimax and wish them the very best.

Question #
Has any past employers written you out a check for $10k as a "parting gift"?

Question sounds like someone paid me to leave their company – but actually it was Python. After it was announced I was leaving I had finished a presentation on a 5 years business plan as to how I felt the company should progress for the future. The owner afterwards I felt seemed so impressed that when I was leaving I was handed an envelop with a check in it for 10k$ (that cleared).

I don’t recommend this for every company but the principle was there, that you showed appreciation to your employee’s – giving them respect and self value – in return they will have an inner drive to help the company succeed whether it is a Christmas bonus or birthday gift to a call thanking them for their work. People do what they love to do – make the work environment something they regret and you have droids working rather than an extended team willing to put in extra hours for the success of the organization.

Question #
What is our connection with Tiffany Preston?

“Our” connection with Tiffany? Not sure about you kimosabi but my connection started a year ago when Bob Rice hit me up asking if I would have the time to assist a new girl in the industry who’s trying to make her mark. That was all I needed to hear so I contacted her and got a rundown as to what she has accomplished to date and what targets she wanted to reach. Many teased her because of her attempts to translate English to French, then French back to English just to have a conversation. Others felt she was fake – either way – she was “family” and you have to help.

What impressed me greatly was not just her background but her desire to take the advice given and be willing to try it out rather than have an opinion and bias. By the second month she had surpassed her sales and traffic targets and was well on her way to rising above other solo girl sites – especially in the fetish market which generally is smaller in size.

Today still there are some who make fun of her not realizing how difficult it is going between languages, but she does have a strong desire for fetish and a powerful work ethic. Those are qualities I do find admirable and worthwhile spending my time to assist. I was so proud of both of them when their business had grown to the point of being able to attend shows such as Internext and to start becoming a strong female webmaster in a mostly male owned and dominated industry.

She really is a gem, but is growing stronger every month - webmasters interested in the fetish market and happy to see this new star who is beautiful and kinky as well

Question #
How many shows do you go to a year, and which shows do you plan on going this year?

That is such a difficult question to ask simply because there are a lot of quality shows that produce many great leads. I have enjoyed Qwebec Expo, Internext Florida (currently the stronger of the two Internext shows), Cybernet, Phoenix Forum, Webmaster Access to name a few. Yet trade shows are the life force behind any sales for a company. Not showing up leaves an impression that your company is not moving forward and that makes webmasters nervous. I know it’s smoke and mirrors but belly to belly networking at one show does more for the bottom line than a year on ICQ or Skype. If your looking for a job you need to ask what shows your required to be at – if they say none (which is unlikely) – then don’t accept their offer. No company succeeds in this industry without been seen.

This year I am in a transitional phase with and currently we are bringing on one of the industries top lawyers Eric Bernstein to make sure we are compliant with everything. If that all goes well then maybe I can start going to trade shows sooner but right now there are a lot of programs and new ideas that need to be implemented in order to help webmasters make money from a dating site without having fake profiles or unwanted software. In addition to all that we need to hire seasoned persons along with re-organizing and initiating some creative ideas as a team we have come up with. So our plate is full but we want to make sure the house is in order before invited guests along.

My hope is that I will be at Florida Internext and then the following year I will be more active again in speaking at seminars (my passion) and exploring more trade shows including overseas including the major ones as mentioned above. Maybe this time I can hopefully and finally hang with Dwreck from – each trade show it is like two ships passing in the night. Yet men like him and others are family to me and going to trade shows is more than just doing business, it’s a family reunion.

Maybe this time I can take the corporate jet instead of the helicopter

Question #24
Who is this girl? Did you ever photograph her? Why not?

This is Lauren – a truly beautiful girl and daughter of one of the webmasters I was helping out. They had brought her to Internext for her first time. I did not photograph her and the reason is very simple – trust - and also I am married. SheDevil would take the picture instead

Honestly - I am paranoid about being caught in a situation that would bring negative comments or rumors towards me when I am representing a company. You will never find in all the 12 years a girl saying I treated her with disrespect or attempted to make out with her etc. at a show. Simply is not my nature. I avoid being in any situation alone with a girl whether it's in a room etc. so that no opportunity for misunderstanding would arise. Unless we were long time friends it simply isn't going to happen. Not too mention I have spent too long developing a strong reputation of trust among webmasters and company's that if something did happen - my "word" and "name" would be questioned in the future and I have worked to hard for to say with meaning, "my word is my bond" and not be doubted.

Even if she asked by her, I had the parents trust not to do anything and I wouldn’t. I am not going to manipulate a girl into a photo shoot or anything else. Now I know at times that I stick out like a sore thumb at shows when it comes to this – but I am there for business, not pleasure and certainly not to take advantage of girls

Funny thing about this trade show in Florida that is a true story; a guy apparently hit up Lauren with a fake Hustler business card near the pool saying he wanted to take naked pictures of her up in his room. She came to me afterwards and asked if it was real saying, “he has on a Hustler t-shirt!!”

I smiled saying I have 3 of those at home myself and going into the showroom floor and grabbing a handful of business cards doesn’t make you a Hustler photographer. There are rules and regulations on how they shoot content or any professional shoot. Thankfully I was there to stop her from making a terrible mistake and allowing some webmaster kid from taking advantage of a girl who was naive.

Question #25
Why are you called "The Legacy"?

It is a term used when discussing wills, “I am leaving a legacy to my family” – or something of value that can be used after your gone.

Now this is very personal to me and I do not discuss this to anyone but here it goes. When I was in high school entering seminar I had a vicious sarcasm that could rip anyone to shreds within moments. I was fast – say anything to me and I would have a come back that would leave you the center of everyone’s laughter. It had gotten to the point that it was second nature and I didn't care of the fallout or who it hurt.

One time I use to have this ongoing banter with a girl named Ann (saving the last name) during a lunch break. We did this often much to the delight of the school. I had thought nothing of it until on day after lunch at 1pm when I went to class early to get a good seat.

I entered the class room hoping to get my thoughts together without any interruptions, but I was not alone – there was Ann sitting at the back row crying her eyes out. I came up to her and asked what had happened and after a while she confided that it was my words that hurt her deeply and that they do every time. Now most people wouldn’t have given a shit, but for me I realized at that moment that my words could either raise someone’s spirits – encouraging them, or I could rip them apart to tears and leave them a train wreck. I began thinking just how many people in the past I had actually hurt inadvertently with my flair for abusive language.

I think asked myself - what kind of legacy was I leaving people? Here I was promoting that I was a good person and caring, yet all the time I exuded painful remarks and was intimidating to be around as people feared what I may say to them. I had chosen at that moment that anytime I meet someone I would prefer to leave them a better person – happier, wiser and encouraged. This was going to be my "legacy" as now so many have done for me in helping me throughout the years in this industry.

Lately I figure that I have another 40 or so good years in me to live life to the fullest. Do I really want those years to be filled fighting people, treating them like crap and stepping over them just so I could rape another dollar from them being a bromaster? When I’m 95 dying in a hospital room do I want to be surrounded by 65k$ or 65 close friends?

If I do not develop Alzheimer by then, I will know I lived a peaceful - successful life measured not by the wealth in ones bank account but by the wealth of friends and those you helped along the way.

With my recent daughter now 1 year old and a beautiful wife who most including myself would consider very successful in the industry - I may have given up opportunities and riches untold - but at what price? I know men who have worked so hard that their marriage has ended in divorce and children are growing up not really knowing their dad because he is working too hard. They are externally rich but alone in their wealth. My family gives me strength and motivation to continue, but I also need them for my peace of mind to work - not longer - but smarter.

Question #26
How many people are your ICQ list?

Over a 1000 for sure including Skype, AIM and MSN – but it’s not the quantity but the quality of people on my list. You should also see my business card folder – just about anyone and everyone from 12 years in the industry.

I honestly go through it as much as I can then removing names from long ago – people who added me just to say hi and nothing else. Then there are those who have left the industry - which as anyone knows when a rep comes in they have a shelf life of 3 months to a year.

If they are really good then they can be around for 5 years unless their family etc gets in the way then they take a job in the mainstream world. Quite honestly there are very few left over 10 years - so yes - it's an ongoing process of updating my system. Generally I keep most of them since I do consider those within the industry family.

This was honestly a boring question so I am including a pic of my wife kissing Christine Young in Florida to brighten the day.

Question #27
What do you think of Bob Rice?

At any given conference you will find early one morning sitting alone together Bob Rice and I having a quiet breakfast just to catch up on life. In my life I have never once use this word to describe anyone – but Bob Rice is my ‘mentor’.

Years in the industry do not matter by comparison – we are like minded. His advice and wisdom is given not for selfish reasons, but for my benefit and success.

When our daughter was born, he was the first man I called – he is as close to me as a brother. Men like Bob Rice or Dave Cummings are the epitome of what I aspire to be. Dave although we do not communicate on a daily basis has led a full life and has given so much to this industry in a way that few ever have. I can only hope that as I mature that I could have left a fraction of a legacy as he has. I can only hope before he retires he sends me his little black book with all those hot girls he’s fucking.

Someone once said to me that you rarely find a friend that will stay with you for the rest of your life – thankfully I met Bob during the early years of my adult industry experience and it is his example and leadership that has molded me into the person you see today and keeps me real.

Question #28
If you weren't married, who in the industry (besides Uncle Sleazy)would you want to sleep with?

First off – Uncle Sleazy knows being married won’t stop our love – oh Scott – why can’t I quit you?

Secondly – I was just told by my wife that she requested that you ask this question, so there is a strong chance that either this is going to turn into a 3some or I will be staying in a hotel room by the end of this Ambush. Talk about risk taking, so lets see how well I know her.

Sadly the pornstars / models I have met most of them over the 12 years and honestly find that attitude and their personality turn me off the most – no matter what they look like. That is why I have a difficult time looking at porn these days because the girl I usually know and either don’t like personally therefore cant get excited or I simply don’t want to meet her for fear of ruining that dream. Though there are a few where inner beauty matches the outer – women such as Martina Warren – Sunny Leone – Christine Young (when she was doing porn) – Lanni – Ariel Rebel to name but a few.

Question #29
At the Playboy Mansion you found yourself surrounded by a large group of models. What were you showing off that got their attention?

Mark from 2Much actually brought this to my attention afterwards that when he viewed this strange occurrence he noticed that I had my wallet out and showing baby and family photos. Here I was surrounded by beautiful half-naked women and all I could think about was my family and my daughter sitting at home that I missed greatly. I can only guess that the models were impressed that I wasn’t hitting on them and actually avoiding any kind of chance of appearing I was hitting on them.

I am sure few will realize that when out at conventions you will never find me alone with a girl – not in a room or anything. There is never a time that I will put myself in a position where a girl could misunderstand my intentions or start a rumor that I tried something on her. When at a convention I am there to represent the company I am working for – NOT myself. If I get drunk or act in a rude way towards women then you’ll find webmasters and other company having second thoughts of working with me. Never will I allow myself to get into a situation that could be taken the wrong way by a woman that would make her feel uncomfortable with me. In fact there are several times at shows where I have had to rescue women from drunken webmasters (even potential clients) who are almost raping them or harassing them.

Question #30
If you could work for any one company in the adult industry, who would you want to work for?

I am sure there are a few company owners staring at this question not just for curiosity but to see if they had a chance after I said all those comments about running a company properly. The majority of adult companies already have the sense to know what is required to make it in this industry vs. the mainstream. That the rules simply don’t apply though many attempt to cross over thinking, “I succeeded in one world I can do it in this, after all – its only porn!”

Companies are faceless names and have never impressed me rather instead it is the people you work with at those companies. We all know with the right organization, ideas and people in place ANY company can rise to the top of the adult food chain. Put me into Playboy and without the right co-workers I would become frustrated as hell wishing I was anywhere else but there.

The only person I can truly think of that I would want to work with/for would be Bob Rice. I think as a team we would not only blanket this industry in networking but also have swallowed up most of the spotlight. People like Bob and I are merely “doors” that attract webmasters/clients to your company. No matter who you hire – if they company isn’t set up right and who’s content or program sucks – no amount of begging and friendship will push a webmaster/client to work with you.

So being together we would either have to start our own company or certainly join up with a company that knows the adult industry as being totally separate from the mainstream world in style and organization.

I don’t think I am exclusive in that feeling – many would give their right ball to work for him and by appearance – many already have.

Question #31
Why are you the third most networked person on Adult's Who's Who? Do you think this helps you?

I am honored to be Ambushed and the care in which the questions were asked.

My ICQ has been lit up as much as my Christmas tree with well-wishers and positive comments from many who don’t post but check in daily. If you want to talk about anything that I have written or debate privately please contact me. Should you have questions regarding this industry or your company’s future success I hope that you’ll also contact me should you want a sounding board.

Now for the final question as well as my final thoughts on the soap box. Currently I have over 1100 profiles linked up to mine and growing – but remember I have been in this industry longer than most not too mention I post on over 30 webmaster boards including being moderator on 3 adult webmaster boards.

Simply put, if you don’t have a strong network then your ability to help your company is limited. I am amazed when I hear people say, “I can’t talk to people, I hate crowds, I can’t fit into that group or I can’t do a seminar”. Like seriously – you are in the business of meeting people and getting your company’s name out there. Failure in the ability to do that means your relying too heavily upon a company to advertising or market on their own. Judging by today’s standards there are few company who simply don’t know how to do that well. A lot just mimic one another for the same results.

Networking is what I do – it is how I survived and assist a lot of those today. I have said it many times – it is not that I know everything about this industry but I sure as hell do know those that do. I really don’t have to boast that I have knowledge since my network is there that I can draw information or assistance anytime needed. Same is true about a good manager or president – they don’t have to know everything only to hire those around them who do.

We all need help – and at times we fail to ask for it fearing sarcasm or a sense of a pecking order that a person is better than you. For me I know my limitations, but never do I make someone feel less than me when they ask for help.

Final thoughts for everyone - we in this industry are under great fire and pressure by the mainstream world and government as they attempt to take away freedoms and rights given to us by the constitution. Although I am Canadian, I do believe in what was written on that piece of paper – and urge each of you to start standing up against our common enemy – those that are re-writing our freedoms from that constitution rather than use resources against each other.

As an example - many boast about how much they make not realizing those who watch our tax reports are reading or seek legal advice from an 18 year old on a webmaster board rather than spend $4k retaining one. The worst is when we either give away industry strategies online for everyone to read or start pointing fingers at another webmaster/company to cause trouble not realizing that these same people who wish to shut us down are reading it as well. We are the only army that shoots its own wounded and wastes our abilities rather than on the true enemy. Let me illustrate.

During the French and English wars around 1690, Admiral Phipps was in charge of the British fleet anchored outside of Quebec, waiting the coming of the British land forces. His orders were to remain there quietly and proceed against the city later in a planned “joint attack”. Arriving early, being an ardent non-conformist, he was irritated by the statues of saints which decorated the roof and tower of the Catholic cathedral near the shore. So he spent his time shooting at them with his ship’s guns. How many statues he actually hit and destroyed no one knows; but history records that when the infantry arrived, and the signal for the attack was given, Admiral Phipps found himself out of power and shells. He was powerless against the enemy, because he had used up his ammunition in shooting at the saints!” We must beware of making the same mistake!

Although we are not saints – the historical illustration shows that if we continually waste our time and efforts shooting at each other or useless statues that irritate us – when our real enemy comes to our doorstep, we won’t be able to respond.

I am saddened in what is written on webmaster boards sometimes, when brother go against brother instead of being united with one voice. Forget 2257 – raids and state laws designed to stop anyone operating an adult company – we are destroying ourselves well enough without anyone’s help. Similar to Lord of the Flies – merely leave us alone and eventually we will split and start attacking one another with no help from the outside world – killing each other off in the process.

Once again thank you everyone for the supportive comments and the encouraging ICQ reminders.




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