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The Adult Broker has an amazing background to say the least. She grew up in Chicago; gone to college and studied television. She produced an award winning documentary on a many with aids and then interned at CBS and Fox for a few years. After smoozing with some big name celebs, she got restless and left the US to produce all kinds of shows in Buena Vista. She got into adult with Playboy and then spent some time with xbiz and from there branched out to work on her own company. Her work with projects like, Women in Adult, shows her commitment to give something back to the industry. Something that increasingly rare these days....

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Lori Z

Question #1
How many dead bodies have you seen in your life? Burried?

I have seen more dead bodies that I care to remember...but the one I remember the most is seeing the dead guy washed up on the shores of Bali when I was out doing surfing lesson with long board. It was rough water... seeing that dude lay there, made me lay my surfboard down and go get a strong cocktail. yuck, he was all bloated and just, yuck! the most recent dead body I've seen was two days ago when our hamster croaked, I made my friend take him out of the cage.

Question #2
Talk about the documentary of the man with Aids.

In 1990 I was doing my graduating video (just dated myself, heh) and I chose my close friend who got diagnosed with AIDS. He was a big time partier and we had a ton of fun together, but this hit hard. I did documentary on the L-train/subway in chicago and train ride represented his life, ...peeps at the school thought I was making porn film cuz I had guys sucking each others toes in the video...I had to put a black cloth over my edit bay window cuz of the controversy. But I won first place! Remember this is back in 1990 when AIDS was taboo and gay not as widely accepted. And here comes Ms. Lori shocking the hell out of the school. Haha

Question #3
Why did you get kicked out of your sorority? Discuss in detail.

I went to spring break at South Padre Island and entered the 'tan line' contest. well, needless to say it was showing more than tan lines in order to win. I was as dark as could be but needed to show a bit more.... I won 3x, got too much exposure, the Pi Phi Sorority sisters were not happy with the attention and I didn't 'represent' the sisterhood appropriately. It was the buzz of the campus and was on a ton of videos...so I turned in my Pi Phi sweatshirt - but it was cool, too clicky for me anyway. and I had so much fun. My two other sorority sisters entered the wet t-shirt contest and it became a topless contest with whipcream - they tag teamed ( I was the one squirting them with the whipcream cans) it got so out of control, we had to be put up on 3rd floor balacony of hotel for the contest. Needless to say they got kicked out too!Now that I think about it...I guess I was content . bahahaha I'm gonna have to find those pics of us all!

Question #4
Talk about the mansion in Hollywood Hills where you lived and that Keanu Reeves was a neighboor. Is he gay or straight?

Keanu Reeves is straight. He was doing my neighbor and she was hot. He drove a Norton cycle up and down our road, his band sucked, they use to rehearse in the house and you could hear it across the canyon. When he moved, me and my roommate when into his house and scored stuff he left behind like his hockey stick, My Own Private Idaho movie sign and other stuff. hehe The Mansion had 8 of us in it, all walks of life. We had some wild parties. Mark Cuban was one of my roomies - he started Broadcast.com and sold it for billiions now he owns the Dallas basketball team you may have heard of him! My nickname in the house was LuLu ;)

Question #5
What's your favorite motorcycle? Do you currently own one? Are you into the biker culture? Are you a biker bitch? Did you get laid at Sturges?

Let's see...I owned a little Honda 250, then I got a Harley Low Rider, show bike with lower kit so I could reach the ground. I rode for years, and the longest trip I did riding was about 1000 miles driving and 5000 miles as co-pilot. I rode around Hawaii on my 28th birthday on a Heritage soft-tail. rented a sportster in Thailand on KoSamui island. I did a fly and ride in 1999, posted on net, found a guy in Arkansas going to Sturgis, I flew in from LA to Arkansas to meet him...we drove through 5 states and into South Dakota...I took the pics, lit his cigs and handed them to him while he drove, and enjoyed the long ride over a few days. In Sturgis we rode all through the Black Hills, Mt. Rushmore where there were Buffalo walking 10 feet from us, and soaked in the harley culture. I saw Robbie Knievel again, used to date him...so did I get laid? good question ;) Hopped another ride back to California with Harley Bob, another guy I met on Harley site, and we drove through the petting zoo of the US, Montana, Big Sky, Wyoming, and we detoured into Canada on our way home and border thought Bob was kidnapping me haha. We got caught in a major rainstorm and I slept fully engulfed in plastic under an awning of a bank in the middle of nowhere at 1am to wait it out. The cement never felt so good, I was exhausted. We drove all through Canada, Banff, Canadian Rockies, down back into states, through Idaho, Nevada (there was a sign in middle of nowhere that said what out for cows....all of a sudden there were hundreds of them in the middle of the desert!) we did 2 weeks, 5000 miles, and I blew off 20 rolls of film and made photo books for each of my Harley pilots and sent them to each as a thank u gift, so they have the pictures they couldn't take cuz they were driving as I kicked it on the back and watched the world go by.... one of the best experiences of my life...

Question #6
How long have you known the people at paycom?

When I worked at cable channel back in 1996-1999, couple of guys were working on something in an office in our space...turns out it was porn...I was like very interesting...it was original owners of Paycom...they grew in our offices and took over our space when we all left cuz some peeps lined their pockets and we tanked after all that hard work. And poof, paycom is what it is today.

Question #7
How did you get a job with Playboy? What did you do there?

Playboy....I worked for a master merchandising licensor of Playboy. Used to work out of his huge house in hills of Beverly Hills...I worked poolside making deals for Playboy licensing deals such as watches, clothing, etc etc. Had nice two hour lunches on the veranda that his housekeeper cooked for us and guests, he was French so they are used to the long lunch thing. I also did a big presentation for Britney Spears at the time with this guy and they got her perfume line I believe. I called it World Brittney. It was a cool gig to say the least....

Question #8
What exactly did you do for Xbiz?

I think the post would be shorter asking 'what didn't I do for XBiz' haha. I was brought on board to build up the brand, exposure, sales, presence, promotions, marketing, events, and create a publication to launch... I believe I did my job... I was brought on board to build up the staff infrastructure, the brand, exposure, sales, presence, promotions, marketing, events, and create a publication to launch... I believe I accomplished the goals of the company and then some...nuff said.

Question #9
What exactly do you do now?

I rep Porndollar for marketing and to nudge the hell out of him everyday for things to do to grow his biz. http://porndollar.com WE ARE GIVING AWAY ALL EXPENSE PAID TRIP TO PHOENIX FORUM - see other thread. I work with DreamTank, UnRealVideo--to build business model and brand as the Content Clearinghouse...coming soon! I rep CECash's new publication and publication site coming out so get in on it or else : http://awtmagazine.com I also broker one-off deals for lots of peeps, see my site as to whom I've worked with so far since I launched. I broker content and media buys across all resource sites. and I partner strategic relationships for new business ventures that I cannot discuss at the moment. a few in the works People hit me up all the time looking for certain things, I put them in my network pool and I help them find their match if I can. Maybe I should start singing...."Matchmaker, Matchmaker, make me a match, find me a find, catch me a catch...." I'm a Jew what can I say...I know the words to that song. I'm corny too, did I mention that? I love what I do, take care of peeps, and we all win

Question #10
How many conventions a year do you attend?

Seems like one a month, but more like 6-7.

Question #11
Why stay in online porn?

Cuz it's fast paced, and I am a fast thinker and worker. Cuz it's never boring...It's a challenge, and I love to build business and this industry is building all the time. Plus, the peeps aren't so bad ;)

Question #12
Why do you live in LA now? What's so good about LA?

LA? WHY THE HELL AM I HERE...That is a very good question. I took off from Chicago in 1992, was just 'done', sold all my stuff -packed my little white honda crx with as much as I could, including my 3 foot stuffed moose who rode in the passenger seat and whose antlers were hanging out of the sunroof, and hopped in the car and drove to LA, somewhere around Utah, I met up with a trucker who I met at a site seeing spot, he handed me a fresh rose, in the middle of nowhere...he offered to take me and my car the rest of the way in the back of the semi...cuz he said I was speeding and cops are out. I declined politely said I would see him in Vegas....20 minutes down the road...I got pulled over for speeding! hahaha The semi drove by and honked, laughing at me...I caught up with 'Toby' was his name, somewhere on the border, callled ahead to a friend in Vegas, gave him trucks license number and said if I'm not there in 24 hours call the cops....then I had him load up my honda crx into the back of the semi and I hopped in front of the cab and we drove the rest of the way together. It was platonic, and great to have company other than my big moose, we made a documentary of sites and trip and learned about each other...very cool. He unloaded my car in Ontario CA, we thanked each other for the great company and adventure, I got in my car and I drove on to LA. Never saw Toby again, but he was a great person! really was. Thought I would be in LA for a couple years, it's been like 12~ Time to go....heh. I'm ready to head back east, maybe NY. I hear there are a lot of cool webmasters there too. But my daughter, (I'm a single mom) has a commercial agent and LA is where that stuff is at so thought we'd test it out...

Question #13
Have you ever had sex at an adult convention? male/female?

hmmm, that answer would be.... yes, BUT not with a person from the industry HE was a good boy/badboy Jewish doctor....he's still around As for Females....I'll never tell (and Lee, shhhhhh )

Question #14
How much do you charge for your professional services? How does it work? Are you taking new clients?

Pricing is based on needs and responsibilities, a day to day responsibility, one campaign, a package of stuff...so price ranges...but I always deliver more than expected. I have been hit up quite a bit. I am open to hearing new things. Always room in the network broker pool, I can take on one more retained client. If other clients goals have been reached, then I a open for another.

Question #15
As a women in Adult, do you use sexuality to help your business?

I don't think so...but it doesn't hurt being a woman ;)

Question #16
Who do you look to as an example of what you DON'T want in life from this business?

Anyone who chooses business over their kids or anyone who will throw you under a bus to further themselves...that's happened a couple times...but like I said, karma is around that corner.

Question #17
Define happiness to you. Are you there yet? If not how close are you?

Happiness is a non-tangible fleeting enigma that everyone is trying to 'find' - but it's not out there anywhere. It's your perspective on life that will define your happiness. Because I've been close to the casket a couple times, I value my life and I try to consciously feel a bit of happiness each day.... and it could be the most rotten, crappy day...and then my 4 year old daughter will look me in the eyes, touch my cheek with her hand and say ..."you are the best mommy".... So am I happy? Yes I am, for what I have -live life fully

Question #18
What exactly do Women in Adult do for the industry and for the women in it? What do you do for that organization?

Women in Adult bring peeps together in industry through networking parties and leads for business by it's members. We recognize and support the women in this industry and WIA is open to both men and women. I am President of WIA and we have some great things coming up in 2005. Plus we just got two new sponsors...thanks AEBN and Guba!

Question #19
What's your take on the drugs and booze at conventions?

Have a good time, but business first.

Question #20
What kind of porn do you like? Favorite site.

Straight, Girl/Girl, Bondage. Favorite site? http://theadultbroker.com


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