Brad Shaw

The owner of Siccash, Bradshaw is one of the few people in this biz who has little to no employment history other then Adult. To quote Brad, "the only other job he's had was as a little league coach". This biz is his entire career and no matter what trash anyone says about Bradshaw, he's carved a successful niche for himself in it. Brad's personal life has often been dragged though the boards, and he's dished out about as much shit as he's had to endure. Despite the board getting personal, Brad's a solid business man with employees and affiliates that are very loyal to him. There's a reason for that.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Brad Shaw

Question #1
What's your opinion on having sex and sexual relationships with the people you work with?

It is never a good idea to shit where you eat. I tell my employees, do not dip your pen in company ink. But, do not do as I do, do as I say. Of course there is a double standard a guy can sleep around and be a hero, a girl a slut. IMHO, women in the biz need to be very careful about what they do at shows, reputations spread very fast. Before you know it, people will only be trying to get in your pants, and not do business. Keep those panties on.

Question #2
How old are you?

top secret information or doesn't have the guts to answer

Question #3
Just how much money do you have?

I have made more $ than I ever imagined. I could retire now, but my wife will not let me. Having enough $ to buy anything I want, I learned that quickly got old. I never blew $ the way some other people in the biz did/do, but I made a few dumb purchases. These days, I save my $ for a rainy day. Being the Jew I am I always think about the millions I have left on the table. I have always taken a very conservative approach to things and this has cost me millions. But, I do sleep well at night knowing I have not played any games with the law.

Question #4
Do you still spam? Talk about the height of your spamming?

I did not start mailing until very late in the game. I left $ on the table being too conservative. The height of my mailing was nothing huge, we never ran a large email operation. I quickly learned that buying lists was a nightmare, we mainly mailed our own lists or lists we swapped with other trusted players. Since can spam, we do not mail at all.

Question #5
Have you ever been involved in spyware? Downloads?

No adware, or spyware. Once again, I left $ on the table being too conservative.

Question #6
Discuss the KB email list incident.

He came to me offering to sell an email list. I paid $17k, it turned out not to be what he presented to me. $17k lesson learned. I hope KB bought some good coke and hookers with that $.

Question #7
What's your connection to Fantasyman?

FM thinks he invented the adult internet, and we all owe everything to him. I first came across FM when he called me in early 1998 wanting to buy my SE traffic. He told me my traffic would make more $ with his program, if it did not he would pay me the difference. Needless to say, he fucked me over, only a few $k. In the old days, word was that if FM did not support you that you could not be successful. He wielded an iron fist and intimidated many people, but not me. To this day, I laugh that I am in the position I am, and he is hiding behind more companies than David Van Der Poel! Most of the people who blew smoke up his ass are not out of the business. And CE is a shadow of its former self. I guess there are only so many processing companies to blow up. I could go on and on about FM, it will all be in my book. Including his many "scams".

Question #8
Where did you find Greg?

I placed an ad in the local paper looking for a marketing person to market my new venture, Fresh Photos. Greg used to work at Starbucks as a manager. I was impressed with his organization and ethniticity. He was lucky to find me, and vice versa. How many people do you employ full time? Too many. Dallas office we have 6 full time employees. Accountant, video editor, Greg, Head Webaster, and 2 asst. webmasters. In Vancouver we have 3 programmers, and 3 other employees. So 12 total. We also have 2 overseas employees, and looking to add more hard working AZNs.

Question #9
Why did you get into Online Adult?

I was in college, and starting to think about WTF was I going to do when I graduated. I took a weekend class on building webpages in early 1997. Surfing around the net, like any guy I was looking for porn. I came across porn, and saw banners and "paysites", and knew right away there had to be a market there. I threw my first site up on my free website that the university gave all students. Needless to say, the next day it got listed on PK and a lawyer from the school called me. The rest is history.... This is a business, not a hobby, not a recreation, not a means to get laid. I treat it as a business, and that is one reason I have been so successful over the years while many have come and gone.

Question #10
Why did you trade off a sports car that was a stick shift?

It was a lotus, I got a Ferrari. No brainer. The lotus was very snug inside, and tough as hell to drive. Very low to the ground, and a tight stick, and tricky clutch. I never did like driving. The Ferrari is a joy to drive. Paddle shifters, roomy inside, and not too low to the ground where you have to worry driving around. Plus, it is a Ferrari and makes my penis look bigger. But, I love modest, my Ferrari is a lease.

Question #11
Why are you located in Dallas?

Dallas is home, has always been home. Dallas is a good place to live, I can feel rich here on $100k a year!

Question #12
What part of your operation is in BC? other areas?

Our programmers and content production are in our Vancouver office. Programmers are cheaper in Canada than in the US. The USD$ has taken a hit, but it was still a smart move to open a Canadian office years ago. Talent prices in Vancouver are on the rise, but when we first moved up there we could shoot girls DIRT cheap.

Question #13
What's your political preferences federally and state wise?

I stay out of politics. I studied political science in college and got burned out. Have never regained any interest. I prefer anyone who will lower my taxes.

Question #14
Do you plan to ever get out of adult and into another career?

Another career, no. I am always looking for other opportunities. But I am very cautious with any investments. You can lose $ fast with just a few bad choices.I plan on making bank in this, and moving on to something that I enjoy. My dream is to open a very high end fishing lodge in Alaska or Canada. Along the lines of this place:

Question #15
Have you ever sued anyone in this business?

I have been sued several times, but I have never sued anyone in the biz. Send C&D's yes, but sued no. I am smart enough to know that lawyers are the only ones who win in lawsuits.

Question #16
Have media personel ever toured your business? Have you ever sent them to another person's business? Who? Why? Discuss.

I have done media interviews, see the 2000 Rolling Stone with Brad Pitt on the cover.I have never sent media anywhere, but I have assisted media and law enforcment in investigations into people and companies in the business.

Question #17
Have you ever been investigated or charged by law enforcement re: business or personal.

Nope. I have never been arrested. Never had a speeding ticket. I run a clean tight ship.

Question #18
What's your take on drugs and booze at industry events? Do you use either?

I could care a less if people do drugs, just do them behind closed doors. But, it is sad to see what drugs have done to some people in this biz. I have seen some very smart successful people turned into shells of their former selves. Taking pictures of your drug use, or bragging about it on a message board is STUPID.For the record, I have never done any drugs, not even pot.

Question #19
What's the meanest prank you've ever played on anyone in this biz?

I have pulled many pranks. A recent one sticks out in my mind. Meat from Netpond has a hard on for me, always has for some reason. Jealous hater. I see him in Vegas this Jan. I already knew that JBM won the XBiz award for chat board of the year by then. So I tell him, I heard that Netpond won the award, congrats. And asked him if he is going to be there to accept. He about shit his pants and started telling everyone standing around him. He bought it. So when I won the award, I hear some guy yelling out "wanker" with an accent, sounded like Meat.Owned.

Question #20
What is your biggest regret business related?>

For the first few years of my biz I made a few mistakes. -I stopped generating my own traffic, and went 100% into buying traffic -I worried about other peoples business practices, when I should have taken that energy to be making $ -I was too conservative, and did not take enough chances pushing the limits smartly. The guys who got mega rich in the biz, pushed, pushed, pushed. And I do not see any of them in jail;-)

Question #21
How many women/men have you had sex with in your life?

2 men and a handful of women

Question #22
What's the big deal about fishing?

I needed a hobby, so fishing was a good fit. I am not die hard, I can only fish a few hours at a time. My ADD kicks in, and I need a break. But overall it is great relaxation. And the rush when you catch the big one, is great.

Question #23
What are you favorite things to do on vacation, at conventions?

My ideal vacation is to go to a high end resort and do nothing. Lay by the pool, read a book, get a blowjob, sip pina coladas, go to the spa. I do not view conventions as entertainment. I go there to do business. Most of my friends in the biz are either retired, or too rich to care to go to shows anymore. In the old days, converntions were a good time. If I want to entertain myself, I can think of many other things I would rather do than see 100's of webmasters. Of which 90% should be at home working, not at shows. One of the aspects I do enjoy about shows is seeing the haters. I always try to go out of my way to let them know I am around. If not, they whine on the boards I am in hiding. I also enjoy buying someone a bottle of Cristal, to close up a big $ deal.

Question #24
What's the deal with you and Lightspeed?

I had the pleasure, or should I say displeasure of sitting next to Steve on a flght from PHX to Miami several years ago. I had many preconceived notions about him, and it turned out, they were all correct. I had heard crazy stories about him and drugs, women, etc etc at shows. He told me why he got in the biz, and his biz philosophies, he would not shut up. He then went on to tell me that I do not know how to manage my sales staff, that I do not let them have fun, blah blah blah. From that point on, I put him on my idiot list. I threw a few jabs at him on the boards, and he ran off like a little sissy girl to our mutual friends begging them to ask me to stop picking on him. From that point on, it was open season. Lightspeed has done well, the concept and the sites are very good. But, Steve is an idiot businessman. For instance, he overpays his girls to the point it is an industry joke. But I guess he pays extra so he can bang em. I can only imagine how many millions he has blown, and left on the table. Or snorted up his nose... Bottom line is that he put himself up on a pedestal, and I am just a reality check for him. One day, he will thank me.

Question #25
Why are you so successful in the gay market niche in particular?

I always viewed this as a business, so doing gay porn never bothered me. We got in it early and targeted the market correctly. We were not straight guys trying to do gay porn, we had a gay guy on staff. is one the best known gay sites out there.

Question #26
Where did you go to college?

I attended the University of Oklahoma. Originally, I wanted to be a sports journalist. But I could not pass the spelling/grammar test to enter the school of journalism. So I went pre law/poly sci. I ended up leaving school about 20 hours short of my degree to pursue this. I would say, I made the right choice. 16+ hour days, for a few years. Long periods of time without even leaving the house, paid off.

Question #27
Have you ever had sex with a hooker?

Who hasn't?

Question #28
How many houses do you own? What other property do you own? What major rich boy toys do you own?

I own 2 houses, as well as our office building. As far as toys, I have 2 jetskis, bass boat, ski boat, my leased Ferrari, 1960 Vette, and my 2 dogs. The days of blowing $ are about done. I plan on building a marc de like garage, and buying classic cars. I can enjoy them, and not feel like I am blowing $.


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