Legendary Lars

Looking at Lars you get the impression that he's a surfer hippie. Lars is without a doubt one of the TRUE legends in this biz. Currenlty doing huge volumes through his own merchant accounts on streamray, Lars' background can be sumerized by periods of time when he said he made 'stupid money'. From involvement at ground level with things like mp3 sites, webtv, paid to surf programs, paysites, incredible one word urls, virutal hosting to his enormous live cam girls program, Lars has an extensive and impressive background even when compared to top players in the game. All this from someone who grew up in a bus and was raised by hippies.

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Ambush Interview #16 Legendary LarsSleazyDream Feb 11/2005

Question #1
With all your successful businesses - how many have failed or flopped? How many BAD ideas have you had, lost money on?

There are no bad buisiness faliures only learning experiences. I have had as many flopps as success, but each one has taught me a lesson that is carried on to the next project , or has taught me how to carry myself or interact with people. Some of the flops that come to mind are investments in several start up companies, that I was not controlling that went belly up with the implosion of the dot com boom. But our of one of those came streamray, so it was worth the loss ;) I prolly lost more in teh stock market than I have on all my otehr bad deals combined. Good news is I am up for all time so I figure I am ahead of the game now the last few years have been very good to me in the markets, more on that later. Another flop was a infomercial we did around camgirls I wanted to do a girls gon wild knockoff like the best of camgirls shows. Totally bombed, but I learned a lot about production and media buys I tried to knock off virtual girl but was only mildly successfull not enough for me to continue in that arena. My hats off to Rex and crew its not an easy product to pull off ! I tried to do paysites in 1997-1998 but got fuckerd by dmr when they went belly up ! Then I rebuilt and got fuckered by the guy who was running the backend for me. So I missed a lot of the paysite game that prolly woulda made me huge cash. But even that miss just madwe me hungry so when streamray came along I beat the living shit outta it Fortunately so far my bombs have not been huge money loosers. So I am ahead of the game.

Question #2
What happend with the webtv deal?

Ok so I was running cyberzine.com and I took a wrong turn down a road one day in 1994. At the end of this road was a store and on the store was a huge sign that said SYSTEM V internet highway.. This was very unusual hardly anyone even know what the interent was in 1994 and to see a huge sign even more crazy. So I pulled over mind you I was 25 and still wet behind the ears. I walk in and there are like 3 guys running this unix house. I tell them about my site and at that time you gotta understand like I am 1 listing out of like 500 on yahoo. At that time is was Jakebono.stanford.edu there was no yahoo yet but that was it.. So the guy says I know your work I have seen it and think its good. So they say hey you should team up with us. After much wrangling I entered into a partnership with these guys. everything was kewl. One of the guys was a gold medalist in swimming, and he had the gift of gab. We were all ready to move into the netcom building netcom was a dial up ISP one of the first big nationwide ones and we had ties to them. The day we moved all our stuff in the swimmer guy got pissed about something snuck in in the middle of the night and walked with the equipment. I ended up with all his stock in the company since I took over all his work. My partner had registered the name webtv.com and we started doing buisness as this name for our design and hosting company. About 6 months into this company 2 guys came one day and offered to buy the name for 15K My partner said no thank you. We ended up changing the name of the company to IPP.COM internet presence providers, and we let the webtv sitre just be like a co brand. but pushed everyone to IPP.COM some years went bye and the 2 guys came back an said we are webtv give us the name. And they started to sue my partner. Somewhere in there being the dumb fuck i am said you should just have webtv.com since you were the one who originally bought it. anyway long story short because we did buisness as that name we had first right on the name and they had dick. They ended up settling. And i told my partner he was settling too cheap. The next day after he settled Microsoft bought the company they were just waiting on this one deal to go down in order to close th 400 million buck deal with microsoft. hahah he had them by the balls and let it go. He still made out good but he could a done better and i got LARSED. IPP was eventually sold to a public company and I made a nice chucnk of change in tthe hosting biz long before anyone even knew what hosting was. That was the most work I ever did for the least amount of money though!

Question #3
I understand a major record label sued you. Can you discuss this and how much was it for and what was the result?

I ran a site called mp3board around the time the whole napster thing went down. We got caught up in the frenzy. http://www.metroactive.com/papers/c...0/mp3-0028.html Here is an article about it. The terms of my settlement do not allow me to expand further. Lets just say it was long and painfull I never want to go through any of that again. It taught me all about the legal system and has formed a basis from which i conduct business and decisions I make when getting into new ventures.

Question #4
How can I make money just surfing the web?

This is prolly about www.Cashsurfers.com we did a pay to surf the net thing in 1999 - 2000 that was our big non adult success. It was like All Advantage and it was very nice, if I had started it 6 months sooner I would be silly rich. but dot com collpased and money dried up. At the top we were doing 85 million banner views a day, with 1.5 million registered users. www.Friendsurfer.com is the latest round that has come out of that company and is a social networkign site like friendster and myspace.. It does pretty good for a non adult company.

Question #5
What's it like growing up on a bus with no fixed address?

not too bad actually when your real young you dont remember, and as you get a bit older if you dont know whats out ther then how can you want for it I did not have a tv full time till i was 13 which meant i read a lot of books. I learned different things than a lot of people growing up in hippyville. Though when I was like 6 I was telling my mom how was gonna be a millionaire and take care of her when i got older. which i have I wanted to be a scientist then though. Mix cemicals and blow shit up But computers are good too.. I also had a name when i was a kid i would run around my grandparents house with my underwear on my head and I was COMPUTER SUPER LARS ... mind you this was the 70s and no one had PC's yet computers where still science fiction but for the few lucky guys who got to do punch cards.

Question #6
Is it true any highschool graduate is smarter than you?

YES. I am a high school dropout ! I hated school soo bad ! When I was 15 I was in a car crash A drunk driver hit me and my grandpa the day before thanks giving. I watched my grandpa die in that car Makes me almost cry just talking about it. I spent 6 months in and out of the hospital. When i got out I realized I was not gonna get outta school till i was like 19 and just could not take it fell into a deep depression and found solitude in the bottle and other things !

Question #7
Being clean and sober - what are your thoughts on internet parties and activities at them.

After getting in the car wreck and going very hard into the bottle and other stuff for a few years, I found a point at which could not stop and or controll it. It consumed me and beat me down. I quit everythign when I was 17 and have not had a drink or anythign else in those 18 years. My life is much better for it. If I could drink like a regular person I would be the first to do so, but I know for me that is not possible. I have run into very few people that drink like i did at the shows. I think people should get their party on as much as they can thats what i would do Sometimes I see a person making an ass of themselves at the show, but then i say wow that person is me all i have to do is get drunk and I will be an ass like that. So that helps keep me on the straight path.

Question #8
Why did you marry your wife? Why did she marry you?

My wife is the star of my life ! We are coming up on 13 years together. She was with me when I was poor and she fed me and paid the rent. I married her because after 5 years of living together we had not had 1 fight.. i felt this to be amazing ! She is hot and has a great personality. I love her as much today as I did the day i met her. I dont know why she married me I would not date mnyseld she is a saint ~!

Question #9
Did you ever work in a restaurant?

Yup I worked at a deli restarunt when I was 14 it was the best since they had beer on tap and I would get lotsa beer and get drunk while i washed dishes. I soon moved up to bussboy and then to waiter.. I fucking hate food service and vowed after that to never ever work in food again. The very worst job on the planet is the guy who has to clean out the grease trap fucking ugly.. I did have to deliver bread later on in life to get bye.. but ti was not as bad as the messy food.

Question #10
Would you recommend buying computers from Frys?

Another Job i had this one helped get me into computers a lot more I was a computer sales guy at frys for about 8 months.. i was so happy to get the job I had been out of work for like a year and was going out of my fucking mind of boredom. as a side note my first computer was an atari 800 witha tape drive.

Question #11
What is virtual hosting?

In the old days 1994 you had only the ability to put one domain on each machine. We hacked apache and system v unix to allow for multiple domains per IP we were one of if not the first on the internet to do this ! it was our big sales gimmic. And it worked well.

Question #12
You always seem to have a line on hot stocks - discuss your insider trading tactics and skills.

I have been trading stocks for 17 years, I also at one point got a series 7 licence. I wanted to run a mutual fund. i found out though that I did not have the proper schooling and or the proper background (I.E. I did not know Thirstin Howell III) hahhah I lost lots of cash in the early years playing options market. Then lost more money shorting net stocks in the90's . I have sworn off individual stocks and for the last 2 years only trade ETF's like qqqq and such I have horrid luck with single stocks i always buy the stockj right before the accounttign scandle or the meteor hitting the ceo on the head. I have very good success with ETF's and indexes. I often am right on the direction of the market. My new years resolution is to not trade.. So far so good. if you trade stocks you have to beat the market by double to be the same after taxes as those that buy and hold i realize i am not smart enough to beta the market by double constantly so I am now an old conservitive. Buy and hold guy after years of thinking i was so smart and i could beat the market... NOT sometime yes but over the long haul NO I had a lot of fun with Poker.com PKER stock and NRMI a record stock and a few others. I ahve made some fun hiome runs but the mood swings are not worth it . I am focused on my biz and dont ahve time to worry about what the market is doing day to day.. Though I often scream WHORE at CNBC and go up you fuckign WHORE ! hahaahhahaa.

Question #13
Just how much real estate do you own/control? Value? Where is it?

I like real estate, its a nice way to diversify, but even with property manages its a pain in the fucking ass ! hahahahh I have been very blessed to be at the right place at the righ time on this..Though I think we are due for a decline in prices over the next few years.

Question #14
Why do you have long hair?

Well when i met my wife I had a short haircut i called it the foreskin haircut heheh hemet head. Anyway she asked me to grow it out and i did. I have talked about cutting it off from time to time but no my wife says that she will cut hers if i cut mine. I like her hair and she likes mine so I have long hair for my wife ! Plus after all these years can anyone actually imagiun me with short hair.

Question #15
What's the appeal to surfing? How often do you surf?

I like to surf as a realease, as exersize, as meditation. I am not a team sports fan and surfing is kinda a single person sport, but you ahve to work with other people in the water. That can be challenging LOL. I surf as often as can work gets in the way a lot though

Question #16

I just dont get it I know i am missing the boat but who has time to write shit on a personal blog. I dont even have enough time to post to all the fucing boards out there. Sean beats me about the blog... we have blogs on friendsurfer.. lars.friendsurfer.com but i dont use it.

Question #17
Is Sean really in love with you?

Yes Yes he is ! Sean is one of my best friends ! He is a complete and utter fruit. He is one of the most loyal people I have ever met if he calls you friend he would do anything in his power to help you. He has showed that time and again to me plus he is my voice of reason when someone fucked me over and I wanna beat them, and vice versa sean is a sexy biach and I am lucky to call him friend

Question #18
How many women work for streamray live cams? Men?

We are now over 5000 Strong. My goal is to get 400 models online at all times. By the end of this year which will put us At an equal level as ifriends and at the top of the heap as far as cam companies goes. We have men and transexuals as well, Though the bread and butter is hot hot hot camgirls. if anyone would like to get on our system with our new Flash and be a broadcater we are always accepting new models. we do not charge a fee for signing up anymore. So come on show off yourself and make some FAT CASH !

Question #19
How did you get started in the live cam business?

I tried to start a cam company in 1998 and was not successfull on my own. I stubled onto Streamray late in 1998 and took a partner position in exchange for traffic. In 2000 I Bought out all the other partners. an dhave been at it hard ever since. i almost turned it off at seveal points as we lost money for 2 years before turning a profit ! Cams is very hard biz. Ask around a lot of the biggest guys have tried and failed. I was nto suyccessfull in running paysites but cams is my game and i plan On riding it to the top !

Question #20
Besides live cams - what are your largest money maker businesses now?

I really am focusing on CAMS and cams only I spent a lot of energy on otehr stuff. and right now the cow is full of milk and I gotta keep both hands on the utters!

Question #21
What's your relationship to Friend Finder?

In 1994 I went to work for a hosting design company right before I started my own company, IPP that comany was part owned by Andrew the owner of friendfinder. He showed me his first versions of his site way way back then. I was making 10 bucks an hour doing HTML. Andrew and i have been friends ever since and talk to each other quite often. He is one of the smartest people I have ever met and he is a good person to call friend. I urged him to get into adult dating in 1996 and he started adultfriendfider.. the rest is history. we recently helped to build a bunch of geo ads for AFF and I have been sending them traffic since 1996, these geo ads tripled all sales numbers I had ever done with them. If you Have not tried AFF or their GEO ads you should they currently My best converting sponsor by far !

Question #22
Being where you are in this biz - who do you look up to?

Well there are a lot of people i admire. Since I have been around forever, I always looked up to RB and Bob from Maxcash, JB and Joe from CEN, Ron From CE, Andrew From Adultfriendfinder, I think kevin from topbucks ahs done aesomely well. He and i had free sites when we were members of the Ynot network. Bangwang of Silvercash and Holio. Jim holio is a person I look up to. Fred from profit plantation is also On my list. Sleazy and Pierre from worldsex. The nastydollars folks. Marc De even though i dont know him has had a kick ass career. KRL he is also one of the bright bright people I pay attention to. Mojo and 12 clicks have done a crazy job. Andy Dunn and Karl from gamma. Roger V pornkings Mike from Silvercash . The Paycom Guys. D$ webfather serge brad all the old school gusy liek dean shannon and Yishai and robin nixon. Ken webquest/hustler and Lensman PK Shemp. There are tons of people that rock and i cant think of them all right off the top of my head. Honestly i wish to emulate anyone that does well in biz and even more those people that do well while not steppin on other people to get there.

Question #23
Have you ever had sex with one or more of your cam girls?

NO being married I have not.. Plus I would not mix that kind biz with that kinda pleasure way too much chance for drama and loss of cash

Question #24
Just what the fuck does Sean do for you other than sexual favors?

Sean is one of our affiliate managers he helps people sign up and yacks on trillian till all hours of the morning a relentless sales machine. He Is ready to help anyone convert their cam traffic better. He is a the best hand chaker I have ever met. If you have not had teh privildge of doing biz with the irish pimp give him a hollar on ICQ lets do some BIZ !

Question #25
Where did you find Sean?

I found him in the arms of several women.... as usual. but I think our sick minds helped us find true love

Question #26
Why did you get involved in Adult - discuss your first adult websites.

So in 1995 I had a site cyberzine.com that was one of the first chat rooms on the web. I thought aol is chat and they are huge I should do chat. I had a non adult sponsor commenwealth they paid half a cent per impression. Their list of top earners had pics of girsl in bikinis so I copied what they did. Rick from Ynot invited me to join as member number 15 then in the ynot chat room they suggested if I had nude chicks I would make even more money.. And then I used Cybererotica and webpower 2 cents a click to launch my career.

Question #27
What cars do you own?

I have a bunch of fun cars. But added up they dontr ammoun to a lot of money. I have 1928 roadster that is red and done 50's style with a flathead engine in it. I have 2 willys wagons that I use as my surf mobiles 1949 and 1960, I have a boxter, a yukon denali and a volkswagon passat. Plus a couple Lambretta scooters ! 1956 and 1971 I want a lot more cars but am looking for more garage space..I would like to get a woody town and country. and a 1951 or so mercury or buick. there are a few other cars that catch my eye.. Most are not over 20K

Question #28
Is it true your success in business is compensation for a small penis?

Alas its true.... but it works cuzz I have a kid... and my wallet will make up for the size of my small penis. That is why I must be successfull now you all know my secret !

Question #29
What's the worst thing that ever happened to you business wise?

Prolly the whole mp3board thing.. it would have to be legal issues cuzz they caus eyou to not sleep at night. Though DMR going under was prolly a really bad thing cuzz i gave up on paysites due to that action. I also Siad i would tell the story of Mike Price at Silvercash. and the huge lesson he taught me. I was invited to a party at Kid Slicks house That rick Ynot for those who dont know. The guy who started and founded YNOT way back when. Anyway a bunch of the old school was there bangwang Andy Dunn Asia Carerra, and a whole slew of other people. Bangwang said i should talk to this guy mike cuzz he had a few paysites that were starting to do well. I talked to Mike a bit that night but I kinda brushed him off thinking it was just another guy with some paysites. I learned a valuable biz lesson out of that meeting. Always treat everyone with respect you never know who will be the next top dog. And Always Always listen to what bangwang says Cuzz he is prolly right ! Since then I have found much repect for Mike and his biz. And it has been fun to be on Speaker Panels with him. And Bangwang remains one of my best tradeshow friends. His wife is also super kewl.

Question #30
Why do you keep bumping your spam threads on GFY?

Apparently we bumped them too much and we got it shut down But hey Contest threads are a great way to have your name on the front page of any Board for a long period of time. Look for a lot more contest from us inthe future cuzz it works. Contest threads are the replacement of Sigs. You get way more branding out of it than you do a sig.

Question #31
Why other than bumping spam threads do you come to GFY?

I do learn at least one good thing from gfy each month that makes me money. And i like to read drama occasionally.

Question #32
If given the choice between buying the url girls.com or cyberzine.com - which would you choose and why?

Ok so it was 1995 and internic opened up the ability to get your very own domain name. No one even knew about the web yet it was brand spankin new. You could get a domain registered free of charge. The catch was you could only have 1 domain per Person/Address. I was at BEST internet in mountain view workin with a Russian Guy named Jan we were discussing what I should register as my domain name. We were looking at what was available, and we were joking that Girls.com was available, Mind you very few if any people were doing porn at this point and there was no way to make money off of it yet. I said I wanted to do something new and special since this was the cyberage. I wanted to make a online magazine. So I registered Cyberzine.com in 1995 instead of girls.com BIG MISTAKE... LOL Also When I think of all the domains that were sitting there not registered yet I kick myself.. even when Webfather was making his digital land grab I still did not get it. By the time I finally understood the power of domains most of them had already been taken. Ahh well ya cant be right all the fucking time hahahaha.

Question #33
What happens to people who owe you money?

I loan a lot of money to friends and family, I have one rule if ya can not afford to never see the money again dont lend it out.. This way you never lose friends.

Question #34
What's your political preference?

I am the torn middle, I feel like the government on all sides is a giant peice of poo. No longer for the people by the people but for the money by the money.I love america but dislike our politics.

Question #35
Talk about auction sites and ebay.

I assume this is about the auction system we built to sell off shipping containers. We had a auction system long before there was an ebay.. but alas we did not see the application of selling chatchkies on the web.,.. another huge win lost on my bumblings LOL

Question #36
Where do you live? Why?

Santa Cruz, cuzz its like no where else, and the weather is good, and it is one of the worlds top surf spots.

Question #37
Why are your offices in Nevada when you don't live there?

I bought the company there and the employees were there. Plus labor is less ecpensive. I dont live there cuzz there is no ocean But I would save 5% in taxes a year if I did live there.

Question #38
What are the advantages to doing your own credit card processing? Disadvantages?

The advantages are lower fees, more control, you own your database, more felxibility. The disadvantages are more staff for fraud control, and customer service. You have to realy be on your game to run your own merchant accounts. Its not for everyone.

Question #39
How much bandwidth on all your online projects do you currently use? MBPS

We are running alot more bandwidtn now that we are usin our new video. I am using 20 times the bandwidth I did when ran free sites.

Question #40
How many times have you been sued? How many times have you sued someone else? What for?

I have been sued a lot. Usually for stupid shit that i did not do or was not involved in. I have sued a few people who fucked with me. It cost a lot of $$ both ways and I don't sleep well when that kinda shit is going down, I would rather avoid it if possible. But I am not afraid of battle. Since I have done battle with sony time warner bmg universal riaa virgin AOL and many more huge companies.

Question #41
What is your favorite food?

I like sushi and mexican and MEAT !

Question #42
If you had to start today with nothing but your knowledge- what would you go into?

Prolly SEO and free sites its the easiest things to build up and make money quick off of.

Question #43
How can you pay out the amounts you do upfront without shaving?

All these last 5 months of payouts, People think oh this is a scam or how can he do that there i no way that anyone can pay out that kinda money ! Well thats true ! I cant pay out $70 PPS and make money in fact I loose a lot of money paying out $70 PPS. I spent over 250,000 last month in extra payouts alone than I normally do. This eats into profit margin bigtime. I am doing these insaine promotions in hopes that more people will give us a try and stick with us for a long time to come. So far so good we have had 6 months of record sales back to back! In the coming months we are going to keep spending that $250,000 extra ad money on ad buys on tgps and other key sites. So you will start to see many many more cams.com Banners and links and galleries all over the top 30 or so tgps. Also our new video software has helped boost up sales by 20% in the last 2 months, this means 20% more money for you on the same ammount of traffic. If you have traffic and want to give something else a try for change give me a shot at your biz and converting your traffic.

Question #44
Where'd you get the name Legendary Lars?

So I was once known as Kiltboy due to my wedding pics.Then Andy dunn and I beacme friends stocks internet cars dogs you name it he is a cool cat. He ran Sexswap.com and lips.com. He wrote a weekly tips and trix newsletter that was piled high with golden tips. He would come up with kewl nicknames to describe people he wrote about in his news letter. I was one of those and he coind the term legendary lars. I would go to trade shows and people would say are you the legendary lars. And I would reply yes but only in my own mind hahhahahha. Now comes the fun part I was browsing thorugh AVN at a internext in Miami when I came across a picture of Karl From Gamma. The Picture said Karl Was the most down to earth person you would ever meet. I got to thinking down to earth people dont put full page ads of themselves in Porn magazines. So i wanted to make fun of it. I came up witht he idea of putting a full page ad of me in apimp suit. With the tag line I bought this ad to make up for my small penis. I told Ron Levi about my plan and he was drinking a soda he almost sprayed it all over David from Python. It was funny shit so I knew it would be a hit. i did it and got a call from eric of Gamma the week the ad came out he said At first i was mad at you for stealing our idea. Then I was even madder at you for making fun of us. Hahahahhah the best $2K joke I have ever played. Anyway they were good sports about it and a legend was born. After that I ran with the image of the guy in the pimp suit and Enlisted mark Tiarra to come up with some funny humor banners for GFY like the Cum on Lars Campaign and the hes not gay hes legendary ads.. It was great fun. And now today the name and image is brranded in the minds of webmasters everyehwere which is good since it brings some credibility and recognition to our live cam product. And now with CAMS.COM domain we are well on our way to branding with both webmasters and surfers. Our Goal in the end is to be the largest webcam company on the web. And I believe we will be there before the end of this Year ! I am gonna push really fucking hard in all driections to get there!

Question #45
Discuss what it was like to go from controling percentage owner of Streamray to small percentage owner of Adult Friend Finder and Streamray.

The Merger has been an awesome success, Streamray, and cams.com Sales have set new records every month since the merger took place. Since Coming aboard Various Inc, parent company to Adult Friend Finder, I have been able to use my marketing skills to increase even further Adult friend Finders great brand and presence among the adult community. While I took a smaller position in a much larger organization my net income is better now than ever. I am learning many new skills helping manage our over 200 staff members. Fortunately Andrew and I get along great, and are able to leverage each of our skill sets to build a much better combined company. Most important I can achieve my goal of going public much better in the new combined entity.

Question #46
Why won't you shell out for a nice new car proportionate to your net income? 1% is a Bentley............. Discuss

It just goes against my Hippy Poor person background. I cant stand letting go of cash, buying a High end car for the most part, is a guaranteed loss of cash. My current Boxter is getting quite old, 6 years. And I need a new car to drive the hour commute to Friend Finder offices. I also have been talking about buying a new car for a year. I canít wrap myself around the fact that I am spending like a lifetime supply of Top ramen on a depreciating asset. So I may break down and buy a new car this week.

Question #47
Do you have an exit strategy for this business?

A few years back I seriously considered retirement, but then the thought of what would i do after I left the biz, the answer was I would start a new internet biz. Then I wrote a list of my IDEAL job. The list on paper basically described exactly what I do today. The only things I donít like about the Job I have now is that it is difficult to take time off, and the Legal and Stigma risk. If the legal risk and Social Stigma was not there this would be my IDEAL job, and so now I see myself here for a long time to come.

Question #48
Talk about the sexual harassment course you were forced to take.

Well when you get to a company of over 100 employees in California you have a whole new set of rules and regulations you must abide by. One of those is formal Sexual harassment training. We can not do a bunch of things that seem normal in an adult company. For instance our Shirts with the stick figure people humping in all directions, well we canít wear that at the workplace. So its become an inside joke, we refer to the South Park episode that featured the singing Sexual Harassment Panda :)

Question #49
What's the meaning of life?

Can't you give me some harder questions ? I think its different for each person. For me The meaning of life is to try to make it to the end causing the least amount of harm and the most amount of good that I can. That is my Ideal anyway I donít always live up to my ideal, but it is the goal I try to accomplish. When I reach the end of my life i want to have no regrets or people who I have not cleaned up any issues with. I want to be known as a good father husband and son. Thatís the most important things to me.

Question #50
Talk about the last nightmare you had? Your last wet dream?

Mostly I have what I call Chase nightmares where some bad guys are chasing me. I have had them all my life. Though as i get older I have less and less of them I suppose my fears are subsiding as I get more mature. I learned to be able to jump in my dreams to great heights, and eventually fly, to get away from the bad guys :) I have never had a wet dream. I have had of course sexual dreams but I have never orgasm in my sleep.


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