Zoe Zoebaboe

Zoe is a younger than anyone thinks. The best way I can describe her is that she's Wise beyond her years. Don't let the funky hair fool you, Zoe is sharp and talking to her for 5 mins will amaze you. After high school she instructed CPR, Syncronized swimming (Just image several Zoe's all in sync!) and surprise, surprise a Halloween store. She's got some university education and she's one of those rare Las vegas natives. She lived in a 'porn house' for 4 months, has shot content and has been the affiliate manager for a couple of major companies. So far, impressive acomplishments for someone of her age.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Zoe Zoebaboe

Question #1
So when are you going to be old enough to get into bars?

You mean legally? Pfft. I have one more year to go, not like that's stopped me though. Fortunately I can go to Canada, Mexico, or any other place outside of the US and now have to whip out the false ID. I know, i'm horrible!

Question #2
Why stay in Las Vegas?

Why not? I guess after being raised in a town like Vegas living anywhere else is too...well...different. Don't get me wrong, I love to travel and check out new places but things I love about Vegas: 1. Weather In the fall and winter months the weather is perfect! Not too cold, though you can still feel a chill in the air. The summertime ia pretty hot, but it's dry heat and that really doesn't count. Besides, where else can I walk around and see chicks half naked? 2. 24 hour town! Seriously now, what other places can you party at 6 in the morning and get a steak for 2.99? One thing I hate about leaving Vegas is when I expect the party to be hopping till dawn and i'm sent home by 2. What gives! In Vegas there's always something happening at all hours of the day/night. 3. Entertainment Locals are always able to find free passes to shows. I go check out one of the shows at least once a month. 4. People! Vegas is a transient town in of itself, so I get to meet people from all over the world. Everyone has a story. It's also great to have all my friends come visit Vegas. Gives me a reason to cruise the Strip. So, I know in the future i'll eventually uproot and scamper off elsewhere...but for the time being? Viva Las Vegas, Baby!

Question #3
Just how much stolen jewelery is in your parents store?

Haha, hopefully none! My parents run a pretty clean business... I will say that they get a lot of tourists stopping in selling their watches for a plane ticket home. Gambling much?

Question #4
How many bones have you broken?

The only thing I have broken are my elbows. At the same time. At the time I was on a soccer team, and I was at one of the practice meets. My team and I were kicking the ball around, when all of a sudden someone accidently tripped me, causing me to fall face first. Now, since everything happened so fast, I put my arms out in front of me to break my fall. When I hit impact, l the weight went into my arms and both my elbows popped the other way.It wasnt until later that evening and my elbows looked like purple eggs that I realized something was wrong.Taking baths was a pain. The cool thing is now I can twist my elbows around my arm, makes for a fun party trick.

Question #5
Biggest regret in life, in work?

Hmm. The good thing is that I don't have any big regrets...not yet anyways... In life? I guess my biggest regret is not taking my last year of High School. I graduated from my High School in 3 years instead of 4. There are times I wish I just took fun classes for that last year instead of going straight into working. In work? My biggest regret is starting up a fight with Lance *Sykkboy*. We're good friends now, but in the beginning he was the first person I ever worked for in this Industry, and I felt I was getting cheated. I know now we both were acting extremely immature and it didnt need to blow up as publicly as much as it did. I think that was my biggest moment of "acting my age" I guess. Sleazy, if you want to come visit me in Vegas i'm sure i'll have plenty more things to be regretful about in the morning ;)

Question #6
Why all the hair colors?

As I said before...why not? I have fun doing it, and I always enjoy people coming up to me and complimenting my 'do. I've done lots of colors: Purple, Blue: Red and Black Black And then of course my natural color *gasp!*

Question #7
What would you consider to be your largest accomplishment?

I bought my house in August. I think for being as young as I am, being a home owner is a true accomplishment

Question #8
Do you have shag carpet?

Indeed. Nice fancy white shag carpet. And a porn tub ;)

Question #9
What is your favorite movie?

Would have to be Rocky Horror Picture Show. I know it's cheesy...but it's because of that movie I started getting into acting *I was a cast member for the Vegas cast* and eventually became a pervert.

Question #10
How many guys have you had sex with in your life? How many without protection?

I can count them on both hands...so it's not as bad as other tally's i've seen. I have been in 3 long term relationships, and all 3 I went from protected to unprotected. Not until getting both tested beforehand. Those are the things I like to be uber safe about.

Question #11
If you couldn't be in porn - what would you for a living?

I would perish! Heh. Funny thing about that. I started going to school for criminology, and after realizing a job in that would would consume most of my life, I decided to go into porn. So, if porn was out of the question? I would like to have opened up a cybercafe and coffeeshop. Pretty fun, go play Counter Strike for hours on end with a cup of Java. Who knows, I may do that someday.

Question #12
Why didn't you come visit me?

You know? I felt so bad not being able to visit you in July. This is what happened: Since the beginning of May I tried to close on my house. Things were supposed to work out smoothly: I knew the person I was purchasing my house from, we both settled on a price, everything was working well. However, the guy at the bank giving me the loan really fucked me over. He went on vacation for 3 weeks without bothering to tell me. Eventually I had to go with someone else to get the project moving. Anyways, I was in Seattle for a week and a half, and was supposed to go to Manitoba for another week or so to visit Sleazy. While in Seattle they called me saying they were finally ready to close. I was afraid that if I wasnt back in Vegas it would take another 2 months. This was also the reason I wasnt able to go to Internext in Hollywood.

Question #13
How many people did you have sex with in the porn house? Discuss Life there.

In the porn house? I believe I shagged 4 guys and...one chick in that house. *sigh* good times. Life in the porn house. This is when I was working for HometownCash. It kind of worked out nicely, I was wanting to move out of my existing place, and my bosses were wanting to rent a townhouse to use as a studio/office. I moved in, and all of the upstairs area was mine: One computer room and one bedroom. It was great, I technically worked from home which made things real easy. Having friends over was intresting also. Funny story, we purchased furniture specifically for the purpose to use for photo and video shoots. Anyways, the first month or so, friends came over, hung out on the couch, sat in the chairs, the usual stuff you would do with furniture. After a while, I decided to play a mean joke. After one of our video shoots, I took a minute clip of it and sent it to all my friends. It was video of a guy and a girl getting real nasty on the couch. The next time people came over, they sat on the couch.

Question #14
When shooting content do you ever get sexually excited? Participate after the shoot?

Not really, when I shoot content I kind of get into "work mode" where it's just work. It helps make the set more professional anyways. The only participating i've done in "shoots" is for personal use only..hehe.

Question #15
Being in Vegas, do you gamble?

I enjoy blackjack and poker. I'm not a big gambler, but it's fun go to out, drop a couple bucks, see if you win anything. I would love to enter in a Texas Hold'em tourney if we ever decide to do another one.

Question #16
Do Las Vegas locals love or hate the tourists?

*shrug* It's a love hate relationship. It's suckers like you who lose all your money in Vegas to pay for our streets and sales tax. Bless you

Question #17
Who do you look up to in Porn? Who don't you look up to? Why?

Damn, this is a hard one. There's a lot of people who I respect in this Industry. The people that stick out in my mind have to be Zebra, Sykkboy, LAJ, Scooter, Catalyst Rich, Sherm, KimmyKim....there's a huge list. Lots of people have taken me under their wings and helped me to where I am today, and I thank them for that. I don't look up to people in this Industry who have fucked everyone over and burned bridges. Money comes and goes, but relationships are forever.

Question #18
Where do you want to be in 10 years?

I want to be President. Well...nevermind. Already kind of blew that chance. Seriously though, I would like to live somewhere besides Vegas, working for myself and being head of my own company. I just want to be happy. Simple as that ere do you want to be in 10 years?

Question #19
Is there a lot of porn shot in Las Vegas?

Not as much as people would think.

Question #20
Do you use drugs or booze? Thoughts on this.

I drink like a fish. I see nothing wrong with either...until you abuse it. If you're use heroin and you're still able to fuction normally, more power to ya.

Question #21
Why do you come to GFY?

Because it's where all the cool kids hang out!

Question #22
If you could murder someone and get away with it - would you?

Yes. If I could choose who I could kill. None of that "random death" kill.

Question #23
Have you ever had a threesome? Foursome? Moresome?

Hehe....i'll just say yes to all three and leave it at that. Good times *sigh*

Question #24
What one word sums up your life philosophy?

Do as much as you can while you still have time. Live for the moment yet always prepare for the future. Things happen for a reason, whether good or bad

Question #25
Would you have slept with the judges to win Miss GFY?

Haha! If the judges were any of the Miss GFY contestants I would consider it.....;) No, the Miss GFY was a fun contest, I was surprised I lasted that long.


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