One of the top posters on GFY, FletchXXX is a designer who understands one of the key factors to selling - fast loads. His designs are clean, crisp and always load with lightening speed, even on 56K modems. His client list is impressive. He has a college background in Art. His talent is evident. Telemarketing gave him the tenacity to persevere. This obvious in his posts. It is actually difficult to hire him as he's usually booked months in advance. The volume of posting makes that most people on GFY feel like we know him on an intimate level now.

GFY Ambush Interview thread on FletchXXX

Question #1
Why the fuck do you post to GFY so much?

The same reason everyone else does I guess. GFY is a fast-faced, populated board that has threads ranging from religious flame wars to Ambush Interviews. When I started posting it was the pace mostly that kept me here. I did not come to GFY to learn much, so I liked being around webmasters but not giving a fuck about having some fun online. I've worked from home for so long, interacting with other losers like myself can become somewhat of an addiction. Then the drama. The fun. I post here a lot because I do business with a lot of the people here. It's the only board I have ever really posted on as a webmaster. I was lurking for months in 2001 and finally signed up in January 2002. Tabbed browsing helps

Question #2
What's your relationship with Quiet?

I met Quiet here on GFY during many late night threads and did some design work for him. I've never met him in person, or spoken to him over the phone. Aside from our online relationship, he was briefly involved with DMPM, but thing's did not work out and we have all moved on.

Question #3
Do you make all the posts yourself or is FletchXXX more than one person?

Fletch XXX is of course one person. The reason my post count is high is because I really dont use fake or alternate nicks. As fun as it may be, I dont have the time to post mroe than I do so I can only be one nick I post fast, i rarely correct typos - it all adds to just quick posts while working. Webmasters work long days, im online from the moment I get up, till i either leave the house or go to sleep. I rarely sleep more than 5 hours, so making quick posts all day is nothing. I also think its good for your business relationship people to know you are around. Overall, its a great way to keep yourself in constant interaction with the industry, and that in itself can be rewarding.

Question #4
Why do you live in California? Where?

Ah, California. Man, I grew up in the humid South. Swamps and mosquitos. As soon as I could get my money together, get out of my folks house I was on the road. My girlfriend and I packed up everything we owned and moved here. She was born here, so migrating was as easy as it could be. But it's the classic, "grab your shit and hit the road looking for something new" story... I was 21 and just wanted to get out of the conservative bayou country. I live in Southern California, The famous porn capitol of the world, San Fernando Valley. Lots of big companies exist locally. The Hustler building is not far, Disney, Jay Leno is around the corner in Burbank - great little spot. Universal City is just up the road. I like it here beause its like living backstage to Hollywood. Theres "make money in XXX videos" fliers on telephone poles here so I dont have the same fear of cops kicking in my door because I work in porn attitude some have. All the prop houses and special effect places are always filming and shooting movies right outside our apartment. Its great. Its exciting, its not quiet, and theres action pretty much 24 hours. Living close to Hollywood is a definite eye-opener to the reality behind the mass media and entertainment being fed to the world, mainly the United States. I love the music scene here the most. I cant think of any place else I would rather live, to be honest. Sure it's smoggy, sure the traffic suck - but I dont have to leave the house as often as most people, I dont have to sit in traffic often and I love the weather. And as long as you Canadians keep posting pictures of the snow, im staying right here in the desert.

Question #5
What's your thoughts on pot and booze? Are you an alcoholic?

I am pretty much a libertarian when it comes to drugs and alcohol. If you want to smoke marijuana, fine. Do so. I live in California as mentioned which is a decriminalized zone in regards to marijuana. Here it is just like Canada, a small $100 fine for up to an ounce on you. Some people reading this thread probably live in towns and cities where this is not the case. But here, you get in more trouble for walking around with an open container of beer than marijuana. California decriminalized in 1976, and has been the discussion point of many for decades and its success is really why the "decriminalized" approach is being accepted in more places throughout America. The police reports do not lie, the propaganda does. Professors across America and even a local Judge up for Senate has talked about how if Americans knew how much of their money is being wasted in the drug war, theyd stop paying taxes. Anyway - not to go too far into this - facts California saves billions alone by being decriminalized. I am absolutely in favor of medical marijuana. As for booze, same thing. One can follow history and see what happened during "Prohibition" in the U.S. regarding alcohol. You want to drink? Fine. As for me being an alcoholic. Yes. I sure am. I have been through AA and even still have my chip! It took a lot to go the first meeting and accept it, but after doing that it's been very easy now to no longer drink every day. I do not drink everyday anymore, and can control my drinking now,... and that alone is great.

Question #6
Discuss Art. museums, collections, etc.

Great subject. For as long as I can recall I have been attracted to art. And in High School I won a scholarship/contest with a drawing. When I got to college, I used all the money to buy art supplies, which I needed help with and pretty much spent the next 3+ years partying and hanging out with the art/music crowd. When I started volunteering to work at museums and openings etc, is when I really got turned on to it. Ive met some great artists such as Dale Chihuly (glass blower) and even now, try to make art shows and things I can find. Ive personally, helped put together a few exhibits: the most famous would be a Pop Art Exhibit with pieces from Lichtenstein, Basquiat, Andy Warhol, Koons, Keith Haring... the list goes on. Its quite a thing to handle a Lichtensein painting that is in humidity controlled environment and a price tag of $3+ million easy. And at the same tiime, ive worked with artists who were less known. William Cristenberry, Dieter Appelt - all whom even just meeting these people forever changed my life. Artists are weird people. I don't think anyone can say bad things about art, whether it pisses you off or saddens you, or if it just some paint splatter like Jackson Pollack.

Question #7
Are you for or against infidelity?

Of course I am against it. If you want to have an open relationship, find a partner suited for it. All I know is I hated getting fucked over, and unless youre in an open agreement type of relationship - you may want to keep your dinky in your pants at the next convention.

Question #8
How old are you? Are you married?

I am 28. I have lived with my current girlfriend almost 8 years. Not married.

Question #9
What brought you to the web? How'd you get started?-

While working at the Art Center the idea came to install a cyber cafe. My close friend at the time was in charge of setting everything up {finding someone to donate the T1, have an artist come in and design the place, set up nightly events etc pretty much like running a club with 10 computers and fast ass connection. We had keys to the place so we were up late at night after hours just surfing the net. My friend was trying to figure out a way to make money with those "click" ad things and I just wasnt interested. I was making band sites for bands I liked. The way I got into adult internet is very, very simple but involves some early on quick and lucky thinking. To make a long story short, my girlfriend and I clicked through a "webmaster" link on a site and emailed the owners about an idea we had. It resulted in them biting, and sending us advance money with the promise of some content examples. Basically, all they wanted us to do was set up "hidden camera" type of things. One was a fake "dorm cam" which was nothing more than a room that we designed to look like a dorm with live cams. And 2 was to record partying downtown Bourbon street style new orleans partying and send them the footage. Easy enough. They kept sending us money, we hired a couple girls to sit on cam and went out and had all drinks paid for and expensives covered, all we did was record partying. This was 1998. The company decided to stop its porn involvement. It was a big mainstream company investing in small porn side business. We were doing good but the company decided to no longer do the "hidden" cam stuff. So they said keep the cams and gear - just send us all footage and we consider it done. Was a learning experience but was lucky to say the least,.. i was only 22ish? After that - I just started looking for info online and what we could do to make money. We moved to California and next thing I know we are making $25 (at the time) sales with Click Cash on a couple hundred hits a day. So it doesnt take too hard to figure out, more clicks = more signups. I started designing for people and started working with people and here I am.

Question #10
What was the worst job you've ever had?

I haven't really had many real jobs. I did telemarting as you mentioned. And did that through highschool. The best part of it was I only worked 3 hours a day, while my buddies were either delivering pizzas or working in fast food. I learned it was easy to make money over the phone, and did very well. I learned early-on its better to work for commission than be on the clock. The stress involved in reaching nightyly totals is probably the most aggrivating part. Managers constantly trying to get you to reach goals, even on good/bad nights etc. Ive never worked fast food or anything that sucked that bad. I was pretty lucky in regards to that. I have made money with computers since my first job. I went from that to a little bartending and setting up the cams so I dont actually have much job experience. I hated working for people and consider myself lucky to have remained working from home for so long.

Question #11
Other than adult, what was the most fun you ever had in a job?

Getting paid to film live outdoor concert events, and being part of them. I like working with bands and music. This was the most fun I ever had.Ive been around musicians my whole life and having to work with music, was not even considered work to me. I got to party with a lot of known musicians backstage and that was fun.

Question #12
What's your thoughts on kids? Volunteer work?

I like kids. They tend to like me. Ive worked with kids in my art background and really enjoyed working with kids and art. They dont look at things the way adult do, and their fresh look on things always seem less prejudiced and genuine. I can remember some of the first times as a kid fooling with art, crayons, scissors, paste etc... those were the fun days. Creating things. I like the thought that somewhere some kid actually was inspired by the day at the art center with that crazy guy flinging paint onto canvas, and actually goes on to do something creative. I did various things (volunteer) with kids during my time at the art center. It started with giving tours and just moved into small workshops and such and just working with kids in general. I liked that. As for volunteer work. Yes, I volunteered at the art center for years actually before I was being paid to be there. But more interestingly, I designed Haunted Houses and helped with special effects and scenes in Halloween "Haunted Houses" - raising money for deaf and blind kids. It was an annual event, but we worked about 5 months out of a year on it. Did everything from make buckets of fake blood, to learning how to make people "disappear" with the use of mirrors. I built guilotines and was basically, there to do whatever was needed. My favorite was mirrors. Ive always been fascinated with those things. Horror movies, haunted houses - good stuff. As for kids of my own, Im not at a point where I am thinking about children right now.

Question #13
How many people in the industry have you met in person? Name drop.

While I have spoken to MANY, people in this industry over the phone. I have only met one. If by indutsry you mean from GFY etc... ive met enough talent and stuff. I wont name them. The beloved and infamous Joe Sixpack. Whom, even though some of you hate the guy, he is a webmaster and was kick ass to party with for a few days. We had a great time. I showed him Hollywood, got him seated in the hotel Jim Morrison of the doors lived in for 2 years, and just had a great time. No business, just fun. No, i don't bite, Im just not into pictures.

Question #14
Did you enjoy pissing people off as a telemarketer?

Simple answer would be yes. I think its where I developed a liking towards irritating people anonymously. Since I worked after school doing that. My hours were from 5:30 to 9 PM - those are peak hours. Most calls during those hours are goign to interrupt dinner, favorite show, blah blah blah. getting used to irrate people is easy knowing their number goes back into the database for next months "product" to be called list - was funny too. I used to call the same person a couple times a year, for different things. Pretty damn funny.

Question #15
What was your worst phone call as a telemarketer? Best?

Oh man, I cant really recall - thats highschool job stuff.Dealing with old people over the phone was a pain enough. Lump all old people calls together and thats the worst.

Question #16
How come you didn't end up larger then Ifriends?

When I was doing the cam thing. The company was only using us as content - I did not even know ifriends existed. - and let me say. Me and my girlfriend were never content. We hired friends to get on cam It was not until after we went through with that ordeal did we start to come across the more amateur cam type things, and we were in total new ground. We had no one telling us anything, we literally went from two emails to setting up a cam room and putting out fliers for girls.. it was sudden, and i was naive. Once they were sending us money, i didnt care what happened. we just kept our end of bargain up and rode it until it died. Never were competition - we were basically just running an early feed if you will - just with a lot less of the head ache and bullshit of today. I was sending still images through ftp with an old performa mac 6400 (yes i still have this machine 180 mhz i think) using a program called fetch. and it wasnt even streaming cam at first. i was overwriting a jpg file over and over during the 3 hour nightly show this was out of my apartment ya know. we were never in any competition with ifriends.

Question #17
Where do you get inspiration for your designs?

I wouldn't necessary call it inspiration to do what I do... I never considered myself a high-caliber designer. I do what I like, and I keep it simple. Very simple. And so far, people who like the same have continued to come to me. The college course I thought was the most boring and unnecessary turned out to be the most useful piece of info I was ever taught. Color Theory and Color in general. We spent weeks studying colors, making colors - endless hours of making one inch gradient squares ranging by hues and shades. Tiresome, but I think using that color info now and knowing how to use color is the most important part of web page design. Inspiration? Ian MacKaye.

Question #18
What companies have you made galleries/banners etc for?

oof. Tushy Cash, Naughty Allie, Local G, Shemp, Penthouse, Sic Cash, SweetCuties, DonnysMoney, Bang Bros, Purecash, Meatcash, Adult Players Club, Triple X Cash, 100s of solo webmasters submitting,... i am sure there are more. Those are just of top of my head, theres no way to name em all, id have to dig up my work archive.... you get the picture ^

Question #19
What's DMPM?

DMPM is the acronym for a saying I started saying in drinking threads. It stands for Drink More Post More. One night after seeing so many others pick up on the phrase I registered the domain, which I will not link out of respect for Lensman and GFY in regards to the popularity of these threads. I was on icq with Labret at the time, and told him I was going to start a public "blog" allowing more than one user to post on the domain. cherrylula, joe sixpack, labret, quiet and me... Labret was going to host it. Due to his world travels and not being around online, I bought a small hosting plan and decided to install phpbb board instead of a blog script and the rest is history. In short, it's a webmaster board.

Question #20
Why did you drop out of college?

Same old story: "I'll take a couple semesters off - turned into never returning." I didnt intend on never returning really, but I was doing really good with sales and there was no need to continue after i met the internet. I never was going for a degree. I was just taking classes with no direction. I had no plans, just loved learning. Once I got online - theres no need for college.

Question #21
Do you own your own home? Other property? Are you rich?

No I do not own. I rent an over priced but spacious apartment with my girl. You almost need to be rich to even rent here, but no, compared to you guys I am not rich. I live good, but Im not a millionaire.

Question #22
How many conventions do you attend a year? Plan to attend?

Ive planned on going to the Vegas one twice now and never made it. However, our friend Betty Love is going to be coming down and staying with us for a couple days of partying and we are rolling to San Diego, so lets see if we make that one!

Question #23
What's your opinion on female porn stars that fuck several guys unprotected a day?

I've seen them do it first-hand and have no problem with being in a room full of people fucking. I also dont care who people fuck. In regards to protected or unprotected sex, the famous AIM clinic is not far from here and this local area is heavily tested. However, as we have seen aids infections do occur and I would advise any female participating in porn to weigh the options and seek to only work protected. We know though, that many have unprotected sex every day, but with tested partners. I personally would never trust a performer enough to go bareback no matter WHAT their PCR-DNA test, but talent is tlalent and the rent is due. DNA tests are like 75$ - ive seen girls complain about having to pay to have them done, so theres the attitude that leads to infections. I dont care what people do. I have no opinion on the women in the industry, they do their thing, I do mine. I wouldnt marry a chick who did "Fill My Ass With Black Meat #92" so it doesnt matter to me what these women do.

Question #24
Your thoughts on Amp and Juicy - your largest post whore count competators.

- Amp: I have no clue what to even think anymore about Amp. One minute he is on icq giving us (my girlfriend and I) his cell phone number - the next we are in flame wars on GFY. Personally, I think its all board shit and thats as deep as I take it. I think Amp had something personal towards the end, so what I was laughing off was pissing him off. Those who remember the night I passed his post count, and the flame that ensued, know what I mean. Anyway, talked to him on the phone and we exchanged gfy shirts once due to size difference. Other than that If i were him id be enjoying that island more and less time online, which i think is what he is doing so good for him. Juicy: hehehe, i just laugh thinking about this guy. If he werent a webmaster and no one vouched for him, Id think he was an annoying fuck. But once you get rid of the facade Juicy is a hard working webmaster like the rest of us. I have posted my fair share of shit on this board, so let someone else do it now. I dont consider these guys "competition" - i think thats why me and juicy get along and amp and i went sour. the designer/poster thing just weird. Juicy is all good with me.

Question #25
Where did you go to high school? college?

New Orleans, Lousiana for both.

Question #26
How many women have you had sex with in your life? Men?

Honestly, I couldnt even tell you. Not more than your average 28 year old guy. Ive been in a relationship so maybe not as many as some, and possibly more than others. I dont know. Men, none. That I know of anyway. Ive had dome wild drunken nights, no telling what we did. Do transexuals count ??? ;)

Question #27
What's the kinkiest thing you have ever done sexually?

Eh, I'm not really into kinky things. Dont really have too good of a story. Drunken butt sex? Good thing about being in a long relationship is adventures Public sex is fun.

Question #28
Have you ever had sex with a women on the rag?

Of course. Show me a guy who calls himself a man who hasnt. ;) Sometimes, you just gotta do what you gotta do. I dont have a menstruation fetish if that's where you're going ;)

Question #29
What impresses you? Work? Lifestyle? Philosophy? Posting?

If you're asking me about message boards, nothing really impresses me. There are guys who can buy Jesus off the cross that I dont care to associate with offline, and theres average guys whom I respect here. But nothing really impresses me. I dont even click into "show your car" threads. I dont care what you own, you are not what you own. Lifestyle is probably the most impressive out of the group. You can be as rich as hell and if you dont enjoy it, you might as well be dead in my opinion. Posting doesnt impress me. Posting is like talking. Anyone can talk. Few say anything worth hearing. Including myself.

Question #30
What doesn't impress you?

I try not to get into impressions of people based on board personas or actions. Sometimes people make comments and the way we percive them may be different than intended behind the post. Learned that long ago. This is a fast-paced board and industry, people come and people go. Online you cannot take everything at face value. I try to stay out of peoples business, and just do my thing. I dont worry about impressions too much.

Question #31
How much do you make on your sig a month?

you guys blow this sig myth up way too much. Everyone knows its all fake drama ;) I no longer sell my sig actually, but sold it for 2k for months at a time in the past. Someone making an offer? Hahaha

Question #32
Would you promote someone in your sig that pays you well but is promoting a program you don't believe in?

Nope, I only put things in my sig that I actually promoted. Whew...that was a mouthful


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