Tina is an interesting character. Currently working for AVN in LA, anyone that knows her has nothing but good things to say about her. She worked for Video Secrets as a sales rep at conventions when maning their booth most people would mistake her for one of the models as physically she's more attractive then most models. A California girl, Tina's spent most of her life there taking out a few years to live in New York developing her accent and trucker mouth. One of the few to know the industry players before becoming involved in the game, Tina has a network of people and friends now that few can even compare to and is probably one of the main reasons why AVN snapped her up.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Tinaballina

Question #1
Just how many pairs of shoes/boots do you own?

LOL, shoes and boots, how many, honestly I can't give you an honest answer without counting tonight when I get home, which I will out of curiousity myself now.

Question #2
How and why did you get into Online Adult?

I kind of fell into the adult, I had attended some functions with my best friends Tim and Morgan of Cybersocket since they started their company many years ago. They had mentioned that VS was looking for someone and I pondered the idea and the rest is history. I must say that people I have met along the way and the friends I have made are the biggest reason I love it, plus, I love networking people together, I am a people person...

Question #3
What do you think of the models fucking strangers on the porn shoots?

Quite honestly I don't think about it. I have always been open minded with the belief of whatever people choose to do, as long as all parties are willing, more power to ya. The only difference really here is that some share on film, thus, allowing us to stay in business to do so and they get paid for it. Others of "us" do the same, just not on film nor get paid for it, maybe some of "us" should..

Question #4
How much do you weigh? How tall are you?

I thought we had an agreement on this one? Never ask a woman how much she weighs, chances are you will never get the truth so %^&* it! Do you want my heighth with or without my heels?

Question #5
Are you a natural blonde?

Nope, light brown, although the hair color on rest of my body is blonde and/or places just don't have any at all.....leaving that up to your imagination...lol

Question #6
What exactly do you do for AVN ? Why?

I am working in the trade show department TCI, Inc., I am the Account Executive for Internext. There are more shows throughout the year that AVN/TCI does, Erotica LA along with the Adult Novelty Expo but as mentioned I am primarly Internext.

Question #7
Why did you leave Video Secrets?

Internext is the event that inspired me to get involved in the industry. It gave me an opportunity to meet the wonderful and warm folks I have been fortunate enough to have done business with over the last few years. Chuck and Greg will always be family to me but it was time for me to "move out of the house" and spread my wings (not legs dirty people). The opportunity to become the face for Internext came along and it was the most logical segway for me to make. I still am doing a couple feature shows with VS, speaking of which, I have to run now in order to go do tonights feature so I will continue my Q/A in a couple...xo

8. How many conventions do you attend a year? Favorite ones? Favorite ones other than internext?

9. What did you do in New York? Why go there?

10. Why did you leave New York?

11. Have you ever had sex with anyone in the industry?

12. Have you ever been on an industry pannel at a show? discuss

13. How long have you been in the industry now?

14. Who are your favorite people to work with in the industry? Have sex with?

15. Do you find the LA porn/adult scene and people in it to be political and divided? If so what are the camps? Discuss in detail.

16. Who are your best friends in the industry?

17. What post secondary education do you have? Where did you go?

18. Have you ever gotten drunk or high at an industry event? Plan to? Thoughts on this.

19. Do you find women physcially attractive? Are you bi-sexual?

20. What drugs are you addicted to? Which addictions have you beaten? Why did you stop?

21. What countries have you traveled to? Why? business, pleasure.

22. What color is your pussy and how much hair does it have?

23. Why are you still single?

24. Do you find your physical attractiveness is an advantage in business? Do you use this to your advantage? How far will you go in using that as an advantage?

25. Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

26. What kind of car do you drive?

27. Do you own or rent your home? Discuss.

28. How many people have you killed in driving incidents? How many driving infractions have you been charged with? Convicted on?

29. Will you ever move away from LA?

30. What is the kinkiest thing sexually you have ever done to someone else in a personal sexual encounter?

31. Do you fly first class?

32. how often do you have sex? When was the last time you got some? Next time planning on getting some?

33. Talk about the VS live features.

34. Have you ever wanted to be on camera?

35. How did you come up with the stuff you told the models to do... a little birdy told me it wasn't all from the members.



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