A teen model running her own site, Arika has something few other women her age have - business sense. Realizing food service wasn't her long term goal - Arika ventured into porn. Starting only in June 2004, her site has risen to one with a lot of horny members and respected following among webmasters without any big programs backing it. She's attended a few conventions now and loves to tease GFYers with her sexy pics. The catholic school background might be why she's showing so much skin these days - lol - but reality is she's taking marketing and programming classes in college. This girl has long term focus and looking at what's she's accomplished in such a short time without any financial backing makes you realize she will go places in the future.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on ArikaAmes

Question #1
How old are you?

I REALLY am 19, but on the site I will be 18 until May

Question #2
How many men have you had sex with? Women? Are you in an open relationship now? Did you get laid on Valentines Day?

Honestly six men, but I wish it was just one. I wish I would have saved myself for just one person, but oh well shit Women...none, but I have licked pussy once No I am not in an open relationship now, never had been. I give props to people who are though. I think it would be cool to be, but I know myself, and I wouldn't be able to share. Sadly I did not get laid, HOWEVER I did give a wonderful mind-blowing blow job.

Question #3
Do you do hardcore porn shoots? With men and/or women?

I have not done any hardcore porn shoots with men. I did get a little hot and heavy with Rio from HotWifeRio...Mmmmm that was a good time!!

Question #4
Have you had an STD test? Results?

I have had two. One was when I was in high school and my mom made me go cause she found out I had sex, and it came back negative. And the second one, I had to get because of an incident, I would kind of rather not share if that is okay, but that came back negative too...thank goodness. I have never really been scared that I had anything, but my goodness there are some dirty dirty people in this world!! I have always told myself it is better to be safe than sorry. I am a very very very clean person, and I would probably kill someone if they EVER gave ANYTHING to me. I take that stuff so seriously!

Question #5
Why did you get into porn?'s kind of a long story but not. I moved out on my own right after my 18th birthday. I was making decent money, enough to live on anyway, but of course you always want more and I was ready to do something different. So one night we went to a strip club cause I was thinking about stripping, I went in their, and was like their is no way I can do this...haha. So then the whole having a site came up. I was like alright I'll give this a try. So I did, and it has worked out thus far. It hasn't put me in any bad or dangerous situations like stripping may have, so I think I made a good choice. Also I have met so many just awesome people, including you Sleazy, that I never would have met before. I have always been kind of a little exhibitionist as well...shhhh don't tell. I've just always been very comfortable with myself and my sexuality. I like to make people happy and feel good about themselves as well

Question #6
Do your parents know what you do?

Ummm yes I'm kind of the black sheep of the family, but that is okay. However I do have awesome friends, so that helps! They promote me around their college campus They rock!!!

Question #7
Ever considered dying your hair?

Well naturally I have really dark brown hair, but I have died it the last couple of years to kind of a dark red/purplish color. You can only really tell in the sun though. About a month ago I put blondish highlights in my hair. It was a good change, but I am ready to go back to dark

Question #8
Who takes the pictures? Ever let anyone else do it?

The lovely NewBreed takes me pictures I have considered letting others do it. I have a few members that do photography work. I told them that when we are able to meet up either around them or where I am, I would be more than happy to let them shoot me. It would be fun! Also Aron from TNACash has shot some pics of Kelly, Megan, and myself .

Question #9
Where do you live? Why?Plan on ever moving?

I live in Dayton, OH. Just basically because I always have, I would love to venture out though! It's like everything I need is here, but I definitely wouldn't mind moving some place new and excited where I can just venture around. Oh yes I plan of moving!

Question #10
How many conventions do you attend a year?

Last year I attended two...the vegas show and the florida show. This year I have attended the vegas show and plan on attending Phoenix Forum and the florida show again. That may be all this year though, not really sure yet. I would love to go to other ones, but the hardest part is playing catch up when ya get home! Who knows it would be nice to go to some of the smaller ones too in Cali and Montreal. Does anyone know if the New York show will happen this year? or was is it down since it didn't go through last year? I think that would have been a fun one to go to. East Coast Baby!!

Question #11
What was wrong with your first apartment?

It was sooooooo GHETTO OMGGG, it was horrible! It was the first time out on my own and so of course I was looking for the cheapest thing. It was right next to some really nice neighborhoods, so I thought it was still okay. It was a one bedroom apt. at $375 a month. There were crazy people walking around all the time knocking on doors. It was seriously like hell, and I was just a little white girl! I would call Newbreed up at like 3 or 4 in the morning and was like you HAVE TO come over! oh my goodness it was soo bad. I will never live like that again!

Question #12
Why do you feel you have to do things yourself?

I don't know, it's like I feel you really can't for one depend on anyone but yourself. If you do things yourself you have no one to blame for failing at something, that is on you and I think that saves a lot of trouble and confusion. Also when you do things yourself I feel like the rewards are much's like damn I really did this. Quite the rust especially when it is something pretty major. I don't know maybe I am just kind of a control freak...haha! Not in a bad way, at least not in my opinion, but Damn, I hope that made sense

Question #13
Do the people you went to high school with know what you do? What happens when someone finds out? Do they treat you differently?

Yes they do know..uugghh. This is how the whole thing got out. There was this message board that these kids that were two grades younger than me had. I guess everyone in their grade was on it and it was the thing right, so then some kid hotlinks some of my pictures and posts them on that board, which I found that board in my stats (that's how I found out about the whole thing). So we changed the pics to pics of goatse That was great...sorry just a funny story. Everyone knows now though. A few of them have actually signed up to the site along with an old employer of When someone finds out it is always real hush hush like it is some HUGE secret, but it always gets back to me...(will they ever learn). Some treat me different, but the people who are actually friends are so supportive and want to see the site. So I let them in and stuff like that. It's fun. They know that I am still me and I haven't let anything change me nor the way I think.

Question #14
What direction will the site take in the next year - 5 years?

Oh lord, I don't even know. I know that I keep on trying to make it better and better. More recently I have touched on some more girl/girl content. I still don't know if I want to jump into the boy/girl stuff. I know I have a more than enough time to decide though. Right now I am concentrating on having it a single girl site with occasional friends. Oh it's so hard to say where it will. In the next five years I can see myself still being on the modeling side. I would love to venture into some more niches...nothing too nuts boys!!!, but just switch it up a little bit. I have had a few ideas just waiting to be focused on...maybe some reality type stuff. Only time will tell I suppose.

5 Question #15
What do you think you will be doing for a living in 15 years?

Mmmm well hopefully by then I would have I don't know it's like I have had so many dreams of being some CEO of a huge company or being a clinical psychologist. But honestly I wouldn't mind having my own entertainment company. That taking place both on the web and physically. I feel like I am strong enough and smart enough to run a good honest business that is fun and exciting as well. One of my role models is Heidi Fleiss. I plan on developing a couple of her ideas or extensively.

Question #16
Is porn your main source of income now?

Yeppers for the most part. I do some other things on the side. But adult full time. I love it!!

Question #17
Who do you look up to in this industry? Who do you look down on?

This is such a hard one.grrrr. I look up to a lot of people. There are many that catch my eye everytime they post and that really do have a lot of good things to say. I mean of course I kind of look up to some of the other single girls like Vanilla and Allie. I have been sitting on this question for about 15 minutes now. I don't really know. I don't want to say that I don't look up to anyone, because that surely isn't true. Uggghhhh I just do not know. This is one frustrating.

Question #18
Have you ever been stalked due to your website? Thoughts on stalkers?

Nope! Never have, hopefully never will. Thoughts...I don't know I think stalkers are dumb, however girls really do have to be careful with what information they give out and to what people, and really that is girls in general. I think that I am a lot safer being on the internet then say stripping in a strip I don't know though..knock on wood!! I was stalked by more people when I was working in a restaurant then now...kind of strange.

Question #19
Is it harder or easier being a sexy girl to get people to trust your business sense?

Umm I think it depends, but of course it takes time. For me I think it has been pretty good, but I am sure there are still some out there that look at me as just content and not someone running a business. I think it helps, but there is so much more to it. How you carry yourself, which battles you choose to fight, how much you work towards your business, and how you talk to people both in private and on the boards. I think that is all shows in your work though. If you are successful and being honest about your business you can go very very far.

Question #20
Will you sleep around to advance your career?

Ummmmm it depends I suppose...j/k. I wouldn't sleep with someone JUST to advance my career. That may be how I met someone in a business talk then it may get a little hot and heavy. Biz talk turns me on

Question #21
What's the wildest place you've ever had sex?

Well not really all that crazy, but almost every house I used to go to I've fucked in their bathroom...hahaha. That was awhile ago though, just like at parties and such, you know, kind of get away from all the action Ohhhhh man I am thinking of some memories now! Usually it's giving a blow job in crazy places

Question #22
Why are you moving again?

Well the lease is up at the end of March and it is time for somewhere new, plus my puppies need a yard of their own. They will not know what to do!!

Question #23
What was it like going to a Catholic school? Was there much sex, drugs, etc there?

Ummm I don't know, it was alright going to Catholic schools I suppose, but it just seemed like people were so closed minded about everything...HAHA hence their shock when the teachers found out about the site If I had kids I would most likely never send my children there. Lots of sex and lots of drugs. There were tons of little rich kids who bought the drugs with mommy and daddys money cause god knows they didn't have a Like I personally experienced a lot in high school but I thought it got real old like my senior year and haven't done anything but drink since then. Another thing that was funny, was everyone knew that tons of people were sexually active yet some were still labeled whores for some odd reason. I will never understand that. I guess overall it wasn't too bad. I am Catholic but not practicing, I could be wrong but I think that is typical of young adults who have had religion forced upon them for years...could always go the other way too.

Question #24
Thoughts on casual sex, drugs and excessive drinking at conventions.

My first thought that came to mind was to each their own. As long as no one pressures someone else into doing something or puts anyone else in danger, then do what your gonna do. Same with drugs, as long as they doing pressure anyone else to do them...hey we all have are weak spots...although some are more life threatening than others. I think a huge point is that people should not get immature. As long as you are smart about things, then there is no problem at all. It is a business convention and I see nothing wrong with relaxing and letting loose a little bit, but it would be nice to still be able to hold a conversation with someone at 4 o'clock in the afternoon

Question #25
Has anyone ever recognized you at college or anywhere from your website?

Not that I know of...thank god I don't know, I think it would be pretty cool if someone walked up to me, but they have not. I would probably turn beat red! I have had people that a had met a few years ago call me up recently and was like are you on the internet?? I'm like well...sort of

Question #26
Would you ever consider stripping in strip clubs, with your website and its popularity you could probably be a headliner for great money....

I have definitely thought about it, but it would have to be somewhere upscale. There are a few nice ones around here, but there are a TON of dirty ones too. I couldn't go in daily and deal with some of those guys. I don't know. Maybe in a year or so, but right now I just don't think I could. I think it would be awesome to do parties for whatever occasion..but nice ones...oh yea!

Question #27
What kind of car do you drive?

I have a 2000 Olds Alero. It was my first car so I still have it. In the process of finding something new. Hopefully in the next month or two!!

Question #28
Do you prefer cats or dogs?

Dogs! I tried a cat out before and it was the cat from hell! I will probably never do that ever again. I have two little girl pups. They are my babies.

Question #29
If you couldn't run your site - what would you do for a living?

That is a tough question...I don't know what I would do. Probably right now, I would either still be in food service OR I would have found my way into adult, and would hopefully of done something with modeling or communications

Question #30
Discuss your comic image on the site.

I knew before my site was redesigned that BuckNaked did awesome toons! He had shown them to me before and I was so amazed at how good they were. So when he redesigned my site I told him it's gotta have a toon in it! He did and I think it looks awesome. A lot of people say it is dead on, I think it is too. I will have to get some more of those done.

Question #31
Do your members actually buy you the things on your website's wish list? If so, why not have some items over $100?

Yep they sure do...they are very sweet to me. You are right though, I should put some more expensive stuff on there, but I don't want people to feel like they have to send me something. Some members have sent some really nice jewelry and other more expensive things, but I just feel bad when people buy me stuff. It's like a complex I have...I think it's about time I get over is hard though!!

Question #32
How did you lose so many of your early picture sets?

Well what happened was when the site was redesigned I bumped up the image size. I didn't keep a lot of the original images because well...I didn't think i would need Turns out I did. I still think they may be around somewhere I just haven't found them...they should be on a cd though. It is only a few sets though, possibley 5 or so. Hopefully I will find them

Question #33
How much of the sexual noises you make in your live shows are fake and how many of them are real? Be honest.

I would say about half. Some days I am feeling it really good and sometimes I am not...ya know what I mean. I am being honest It's like some days I am in a super good mood, and I'm like alright I'm gonna get myself off today , but other days I may be tired or frustrating so they really aren't real.

Question #34
Why do you come to GFY as often as you do?

Good question...haha..j/k!!! I don't come to gfy as much as I used to. I get in little kicks. I'll come here when I get frustrated with something, just to take a break. See what's going on. At one time I swore off gfy and didn't visit it in like 2 weeks??!! Insane huh? That was a couple of months ago though. I like the variety of people here and there are definitely many different views, but I think in a way it is a check into reality.

Question #35
How many emails do you get from fans/members a day? Do you respond to all of them? What was the weirdest one?

I get at least ten e-mails a day!!! I do respond to all of them, but sometimes I get a little backed up. I respond to them, but it may be a week later maybe even two weeks, but they are all answered. I actually got a really weird one the other day. It was kind of cool that I made this couples day, but my goodness it was kind of odd. Here it is, long read but pretty cool Hi Arika, ...and greetings from the UK! I have not long since joined your site and I wanted to write to you, to share my thoughts and a little story. I hope this gives some idea of the storm you're creating across the pond, well, at least in my house! I work as a pretty busy and high-pressured broadcast journalist in London for a well-known public broadcasting company (!) I didn't know what stress-relief meant until I joined your site. I wouldn't normally join such a site, thinking "I've seen it/them all", but after seeing some of your pics online I was more than curious. Instead of 33, I feel like an 18-year-old again, the first time he sees a woman naked - that thrill of something new and wonderful. Anyway, my little story... I was at home one night with a girl friend, someone I like to share some mutual fun with every now and then. We'd enjoyed some seafood and French Sauvignon and things were getting a little intimate. In the middle of this she (Isabel) started asking things like "which woman in the world would you most like to spend three hours of passionate lust with?". I was a bit vague, rolling off a few actress and model names, and a few people we knew, but when she really pressed me for one name I kept thinking of good ol' Arika. I couldn't possibly tell her and confess to joining your site. But in the end, just to shut her up (!) I said "Arika Ames". Curious, Isabel wanted to know more. So I explained. And she then insisted I bring up your site on the computer in my room and we have a look, so she can check out who I would give my left leg to sleep with. I was conscious of not offending Isabel as I called up some of your jpegs (The best ones - of you on that big couch of yours, slowly slipping out of lingerie). She's 5'8, with enormous tits and a redhead - and I didn't want to confess that petite dark, raven-haired women were the biggest turn-on in my life. But she didn't seem to mind and watched me as I watched you. I guess she could tell that I was starting to get hard, because she was intrigued by my reaction. Then she stunned me. She confessed that one fantasy she'd always dreamed of fulfilling was watching a man getting himself off to climax, by watching another woman. OK, so there was an enormous ripple of thrill went through me, but I was apprehensive. Isabel urged me to do it - she could tell how turned on I was and she wanted to watch me enjoying you. So to help, she stripped me of my boxer shorts, took hold off my cock, played with it for a while, then placed my hand on it and lay back on the floor, her hands ready to explore her own body. She wanted me to tell her what I was looking at and what was turning me on, so, turned on more than I ever have been, I pulled up jpeg after jpeg of beautiful you and played away with my now rigid seven inches. I told Isabel as I watched you how it was your beautiful dark thick hair I wanted to run my hands through, how it was your deep dark eyes I wanted to stare into, your wide full red lips I wanted to kiss, your sensuous neck I wanted to nuzzle, your arms I wanted to stroke, your back I wanted to massage, your pert perfect tits I wanted to cup and the hard enticing nipples I wanted to nibble. I told her how it was your dark thighs I wanted to place my head between and breathe heavily on, how it was your calves I wanted wrapped around my back, how it was your perfectly formed behind that I wanted to hold in both hands as I drew you down on me - and how it was your heavenly looking pussy that I wanted to take hours exploring...smelling your sweet smell, and how it was inside you that I wanted to end up, reaching nirvana. I kept telling Isabel (and myself) until the ultimate happened and I could go no longer. I suppose you can guess the rest....! Suffice to say I had the night of my life, Isabel got to fulfil a fantasy (and seemed to want me even more, strangely) while I had just a few more minutes gazing at your beautiful face and body. Isabel did ask me if there was anything about you I didn't like. I said there was one thing. That you live too far away and I'll never get to see it for real. As we say in Blighty, never mind!! Keep up the great work, gorgeous. And if you are ever in the Old Country........!!



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