Coming from New York, and with a past in the air force, Joe began in the biz by loving the girls but keeping his eye on the prize and never losing site that no matter how much fun you can have and how many hot girls you can have sex with, this is still a business first and foremost. Starting as a Dj in a strip club, when the opportunity to shoot the girls presented itself he jumped on it and since then Joe has worked his way up through the ranks of porn photography to get to a place where he has one of the largest booths at internext and an enormous client list that includes some of the top companies in Online Adult today.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on AmaContent

Question #1
How often do you have/get an STD test? Results?

I get my STD test every 3 - 4 weeks. Even so its still tough to stay totally clean as Chlamidia and gonnoreah ( not sure if spelled right ) is still difficult to stay away from . Ive caught STD 5 times in 3 years. But with all the scenes and girls Ive done, not a bad ratio. Its part of the job.

Question #2
How many women do you personally have sex with a week? Ever?

Well personally.... very rare as i shoot with myself in scene 5 times a week. Every so often I get together with one of the girls for off camera fun.

Question #3
How does it feel to be a hero to legions of fat guys 'cause you have sex with tons of ultra hot women and get paid for it?

I feel I represent all the fat guys who love to fuck. Maybe thats why my vids sell so well. Ill never put myself in one of my dvd lines having sex, maybe a BJ ..but it feels good to make money from fucking hot girls all over the world...

Question #4
What kind of photography equipment do you own?

I own following gear 2 Sony VX 2100 vid cams 2 Canon Rebel Eos digitals 4 1K soft boxes 6 500 Excaliber strobes

Question #5
Who are your favorite women to fuck?

my favorite women to fuck are long hair blondes

Question #6
Who are your largest competitors selling content?

Thats a tough question. Seems like everyone in the world buys a camera and calls themselves a provider. But they dont think about long term buisness end. I would say World Wide, but Moe and I never butt heads. As matter or fact we refer people to each other. I would say on a whole my biggest competitors are the guys overseas as they produce at very cheap rated over there. I know I was there

Question #7
What's the worst thing a competitor has ever done to you?

Very simple SOBE GIRL.Thought guy was my friend and ended up stabbing me iin the back. Stole my content and started reselling at next to nothing

Question #8
What did you do with powerplants?

Powerplant was a license issued by the FAA that I had achieved while in high school. It. was for working on jet engines

Question #9
Why did you leave New York?

Because I knew the porn industry was out west and NY was way too expensive

Question #10
What did you do in the Air Force?

Jet engine mechanice on TF 33 jet engines for the C 141 transports

Question #11
What countries have you shot content in?

Brazil , Canada, Germany , Prague

Question #12
Did you ever think your company would get as big as it is??

Absolutely. I had a business plan and I've stuck to it from the get go. I've made some mistakes as any new biz will but I've also made some great business desicions.

Question #13
Why do you have 2 offices?

For recuiting new talent in Vegas but I am closing up in Vegas and growing in LA. I have a townhouse and 2 office spaces in LA now that i shoot in and run AMA Talent from

Question #14
Where do you find the girls for your shoots?

Advertising, other agents, referrals from girls Ive worked with. trade shows.

Question #15
How many hardcore shoots does/can one girl do in a day for you?

I will never do more than 2. Just burns out the girl

Question #16
Have you ever knocked up any of the girls you fucked?

Not that Im aware of

Question #17
Has a model ever asked you to take down her content? What happened?

Only once, I won't say the name but she saw I built a site around her and said I didnt have the right to do that until I read her the release she signed and then I never heard form her again

Question #18
Ever any problems with boyfriends, fathers, etc?

Only once have I hasd to stop a shoot because of a boyfriend/pimp. He had a change of heart of her sucking my cock and banged on the door til I opened it

Question #19
How do you deal with flaky models, no shows, etc?

The only way I can , I just deal with it. Its part of the biz and I just usually wont book that girl again.

Question #20
How many employees do you have? What do they do?

2 - Eric does my dvd distribution and Lonette handles my content store

Question #21
What did you do at Scores? Discuss Howard Stern.

I was a lighting and sound technician and turned into a part time DJ there. I was there for 6 years. Once a month Stern would have a private party there at about 2pm for 3 hours or so and he would invite all his staff. I made like 900 bucks each time and all i did was play music. Real easy

Question #22
Will you want to ever get married? Do you have a GF?

No girlfriend and I dont anticipate getting married unless Tera Patrick would say yes

Question #23
Why do you come to GFY?

promote my business.

Question #24
What kind of car do you drive? Bike?

2001 Durango and a 2003 Harley Electra Glide Classic. Paid cash for both

Question #25
What's your thoughts on drugs and booze and the models? conventions?

Problem is models are sort of like athletes... they make so much money at such a young age and run out of thing to spend money on. Also half of them come into biz to support thier habit. Dont get me wrong there are alot of girls who do this for the right reasons. COnventions are nothing but a plus. Id say 70 percent of people here on GFY are guys who trash and bark and complain about EVERYTHING... but hide behind the safety of their computer. I show my face at shows to have people pat me on the back and also give them opportunity to yell at me. ALso great biz to always show up.

Question #26
What the funiest thing that ever happened at a shoot? Scariest? Most erotic?

Funnniest - A girls mother walked in the front door as I was fucking her. Turned out to be the scariest too.. But it all was cool as she knew what she was doing for money. Could have been a disaster. Most Erotic - Getting to fuck one of my porn favorites Selena Steele

Question #27
Have you ever been forced out of an area for shooting reasons by the locals in the biz?


Question #28
Do you find a larger booth gets you more clients at internext or is booth size just bragging rights?

A little of both.. INternext was a joke this year and seems to be on the decline. I wasted alot of money. AVN hower was a massive boost to my buisness and will be better next year.



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