Anyone's who's ever been to a Players Ball knows it's a who's who of the Adult industry with top rap bands performing, etc... It's known around the world and not just within online adult. This an accomplishment worth noting and worth giving DMoney credit for. DMoney has a long history of party promotion. Back in his college days he was hanging out backstage with the right crowd. His employment history includes sales jobs with Sears Security, Celluar One, and other home improvement related things. Starting in Cleveland, sunny California was too much of a draw to resist. He moved around a bit until he ended up in LA. He created one of the first marketing firms in Online adult, and from there made history with his uncanny business sense and incredible Players Ball parties.

Pictures complements of Fubar - check it out the photo archive of all webmaster events!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on DMoney

Question #1
What the fuck is the deal with the security at the Players Ball? Why don't you pay for double security (theirs and yours) to avoid the union?

First, consider it's Vegas during their busiest time of the year, CES. Door people in Vegas are different then any other city. I've beefed up my team, but you still have to deal with THEIR security even if you have your own army. Out of the 7 Players Balls I've thrown in Vegas, 3 were 100% successfull at the door. The reason, management of the venue. It's not easy. My recommendation for future sponsors, consider this pary YOUR party as well and have a representative waiting at the door to play it safe. I always feel bad when our people and sponsors especially have a hard time getting inside. The downside of a successful party is also the good side, everybody wants to get inside right away. Most of the time the security can't handle the rush of people. Our crowd knocks over baracades and the ropes. Once that happens, there is no order. The venue's insurance won't allow for me to bring in my own security team either. I thought reducing the amount of people attending the event would lessen the door issues, we used to have around 5000 people per party at C2K averaging 4500 for years. The last 2 Balls have been oly 2000 people or so. My closing thought on this is, look at it like Disney World. No one gets on Space Mountain right away, every good ride has a big line.

Question #2
Is it true you give entrance preference to ANYONE dressed 'pimp' over sponsors at the Players Ball for the benefit of the TV cameras?

If I had that kind of control then Bruce from Hustler and all of the other top players would have been selected first. The only people who SHOULD have preference are the people who took the time to register and pick up their Players Cards and people with sponsor passes (which includes the sponsors). I have a system in place that worked but most sponsors chose not to work the Player Code and Player Card system. These Player Cards are a back up incase the door fucks up, which is most of the time.

Question #3
How many Players Balls have you thrown?

15 or 16. Sometimes I throw smaller events and sometimes change the name to Players Pool Party, but then I figured I'd keep branding the name even for smaller events. I'm starting to lose track it's been so many. The ones that matter the most are in Vegas every January, in that case 7 Vegas Players Ball. The thing to note is that I have never broken my streak since I've started. I throw at least 2 per year and last year threw 3. At times I've felt like, fuck it, why bother. It's so hard to organize and takes so much of my time. I have to try and measure the results of this by how much business I can do during the year. The Players Ball builds my brand and name which leads people to do business with me. Over the last 2 years, I'm not getting the results I used to receive. So now it's turning into a business model. I'm looking to license the content and release DVD's in the future. I'm also looking into doing mainstream events outside of our industry. But I will always be true to our industry no matter what. Webmasters made me who I am, this party will always serve as a thank you back to everyone in the adult industry.

Question #4
Do women throw themselves at you because of the Players Ball?

Yes. Perception is a funny thing. There are women who look at this event and the players that attend, both industry and mainstream celebs. They get too caught in that stuff. I used to get a kick out of it and before meeting Jennifer, I had my fun. Most of the night I'm running around trying run this event, so I don't notice the ones checking me out or hitting on me. Believe me, I used to love that stuff when I was a single guy. But a true player has the confidence inside himself and doesn't need the ego strokes of hotties hitting on them. The only ego stroke I need is from my beautiful wife who attends every Players Ball with me.

Question #5
What did you major in at college? Why?

Communications and Philosophy. I love to communicate and I've always questioned why things happen the way they happen. I question things so that I can think off a solution. In business that's a great trait.

Question #6
Where did you go to College? Why?

I went to The Ohio State University. Growing up in Cleveland it's every kids dream. Only 2 hours from home and a known party school. My brother KB also went there. I loved to visit KB (then known as Kevin). KB is 2 years older.

Question #7
What connection business wise do you have to your brother?

KB taught me sales when I was fresh out of college. We went door to door selling pictures of the city of Cleveland mixed with pics of Black culture art and also cartoon pics of Mickey Mouse. Once he taught me the process of the sale, I told my older brother, sit back and watch. I'd go anywhere to make a sale, even the hood! KB and I are 2 of the best sales people you've ever met, believe that. We went office to office hustling pics and making great money for sales people coming up in the game. Eventually we both went corporate with fortune 500 companies. Both of us have always been top sales producers in the corporate world and we've been trained professionally by some pretty big companies. Today, we do our own things, he has his consulting biz which is more PR related and I do my consulting as a marketing/promotions consultant. I'll refer him a client here and there, it's time for bro man needs to send me a few clients! When I throw the Players Ball, KB helps me hand out passes to the right players and also serves as an MC for the evening of the Players Ball, which he does very well. I bounce all kinds of ideas past KB about the Ball. He usually tells me I hire too many artists and then agrees with me after the party it was the right call. But to this day, KB will always be greatful to his little brother because I truly brought him into this game. KB was always porn, he always wanted into this biz. I had a 2 year head start and had built a name for myself in that time. He used to beg for me to bring him in, so one day I gave him initiation. I told him if he colored his hair platinum blond, I'd hook him up with a job in adult. Living in pacific beach, that look was in style, but it would look funny on a jew like KB from Cleveland! He did it without hesitation and I hooked him up with Tommy from Bluegravity who floated KB's paycheck for a while. Funny times.

Question #8
Why are you always around J$tyles?

I love J$tyle$! He's a real person. People from New York are ball busters and they tend to be brutally honest. What's not to like about J$tyle$? The thing I've always admired most about Jonathan is his ability to win over people. He represented IEG back when the entire adult industry was owed money from Seth. Then you'd see this bald guy in a suit with a NY accent laughing and hanging out with everyone including the bigger players. Even though people hated IEG and Seth, they always loved J$tyle$. Isn't that impressive? Plus he's a fun guy with lot's of great ideas and has more hustle in him then just about anyone in this biz.! There, that's for you Jonathan. I hear that voice in the back of my head saying that even when I'm writing about you!

Question #9
What kind of parties did you throw in college? Highschool?

High School, I just attended the parties. I never touched drugs through high school. But man, I hit every party in every school system in a 40 mile radius. My player days were at a very young age. I had a different girl over the house every night of the week, school nights and all. I'd tell my mom, we're playing video games upstairs. College, I was a refounding father of a fraternity called Tau Epsilon Ph (TEP). About 25 of us didn't like the other frats, were weren't your typical frat people. So we started our own house and got chartered at the Ohio State University. As Rush Chairman, it was in my hands to recruit more brothers, so I took over not only my rush budget, but the social chairmans budget as well. I worked in the concert clubs, so I knew how to produce a party. Here we were, just 25 guys competing with other houses who had over 125 guys in their frats, how would we get the hot chicks to party with us over the others? I threw parties with live bands and 75 kegs in beer trucks on our yard, the entire yard was fenced in and I hired my own security team I worked with at the club I was a security guy for (Newport at OSU). To this day, I threw the very last keg party in the greek system at Ohio State. The next day, Ohio State voted on a NO KEG policy in the greek system. My party was the bomb, nothing bad happened, they just thought the sound of 75 kegs was getting too crazy. I always thought big I guess. Not bad for 25 guys. After that, every hot sorority wanted to do social funtions with us and we dominated.

Question #10
What did you do in the Air Force?

AdultBuffet deserves a long answer because it's a great story. Back in 1997, I worked at WebSideStory and started the hosting division. I'd cold call everyone for their business, everyone knew from us, but didn't know that we offered hosting. We charged big money, more then 5 times that of what other hosting companies charged. But back then, the other hosts would crash and burn when they maxed routers. At WSS, we had over 45 servers already hosting the counters, so we needed to make sure our NOC was up and running to protect our own investment. I convinced our company owners to hire the very best technical staff and upgrade to the very best equipment. I said, if we're gonna charge the most, we better be the very best out there. They placed it all on me and I promised if they stepped it up I'd produce big numbers. Well, they stepped it up and so did I. Everyone I called asked if we hosted any top 10 sites. I'd say, well, we get more traffic then anyone in the top ten, but that answer didn't fly because we didn't show our numbers. So I hit up the top 10 sites that used our counter and Adultbuffet was number 1. I cold called and spoke with James, hit it off right away. He was scared to move his servers at that time, but I convinced him it would increase his traffic because we had zero packet loss 24/7 and we'd never go down. He switched over to our network and I had my trophy piece. The next calls I made was to the rest of the top ten, then the entire top 10,000 sites. We hosted, and, 3 out of the top 10 within the next week. Picpost didn't want to switch over until he would experience problems with his current host. So Adultbuffet unleased the traffic G_ds on his server by adding the words "Buffet Family Member" next to his link and sure enough, Picpost had server problems from the extra traffic. He called me the next day and switched over right away. How could he be mad that I helped create that much traffic? Pretty funny, I was an internet gangsta from the start! After I left WSS I regged the name and made a horrible looking page in Netscape Composer. I sent James from Adultbuffet the link to see what he thought, without telling me, he added that link to the webmasers area of his site. Over night I took 3 clients each paying a nice fee and I was on my own since then. It was just a rough draft of a site, no design, I still can't believe it brought me 3 clients over night. I'll always love and respect Adultbuffet for truly giving me a shot at being independant in this biz. And all TGP's are like family to me since then. Nothing but love. I always gave them a ton of passes back then for the Players Balls to make sure the TGP people were taken care of.

Question #11
What other companies have you worked with?

Back in the day, I helped Busty-Amateurs start off and then get to the next level. We tore it up and became the biggest amateur site on the web at that time. I've helped Marilyn Manson get started as well. I work with most of the big players out there in some capacity one way or another these days. Not all of my deals are made public. I work with Epassporte and Epoch on new projects behind the scenes and a few others. One of the most recent deals I've put together is the Paris Hilton sex tape. I got a call from Rick Saloman right after his first Howard Stern interview. He was refered to me from a friend, he was told I'm the guy for internet. So I laid out a plan that involved an affiliate based program and then teamed up with my good friends from XPays on that. XPays got the contracts done to make us the exclusive place on the internet to see the Paris Hilton video (legally). It's been a tough road with that project because so many people took that video and placed it out there illegally, then big programs paid out saying they also had that content. XPays and Rick spent tons of money and hours to protect our content and these days it's starting to pay off. Paris is contantly in the spotlight which helps our affiliates get more sales. No one has known publically that I'm a silent partner on that deal until now. So work,, it's one of my babies! And huge thanks to XPays for doing all of the work and spending many sleepless nights to make sure affiliates are happy. Today, I'm looking to take on more clients. I'm a marketing mind and an innovator. When I take on a client, I treat it like I'm a partner in their company and look after their investments as I would my own. Hit me up at darren at marketingfirm .com if anyone out there needs to reach the next level. Unlike lot's of other consulting companies, if I don't think I can help you, I'll pass on the business. But at least I'll give some honest advice and point them in the right direction in hoping that one day our paths will cross again and we'll do business some how.

Question #12
Is it easier or harder to get sponsor money these days for the Players Ball?

It's always been hard. These days it's harder, bigger players don't have the money they used to have. And lot's of those bigger players only want their names on the party with a bunch of other names. So I had to come up with a formula to raise the amount needed by only giving 3 main sponsors with a bunch of other sponsors helping to offset the costs of these huge budgets. It's really a great deal for the main sponsors, in my opinion. They get to be a main sponsor on an event that is sure to be the big event of January for only a fraction of the costs. And I do all of the work. The smaller sponsors have gotten much better with helping us all promote this event. This last Players Ball was the most successfull in that regard. The sponsors now understand that it's THEIR party, so they can promote it on the boards as much as they'd like. As a matter of fact, I didn't even give myself a sponsorship because I don't like when sponsors accuse me of giveing myself most of the exposure, I've never done that. It's very hard for me to promote my own stuff while I'm on the mic. It just seems weird to thank myself while thanking the sponsors. I realize that I get out of these parties what I've set out for in the beginning. Branding. People know it's "D-Money Presents The Players Ball". That's good enough with me. I like to keep an underground vibe about what I do. It makes people approach me when they know I'm out there, they see me everywhere, but what do I do? The ones that approach me find out while the rest think I just throw a kick ass party. It's best that way because I don't need to waste my time speaking with hundreds of bullshitters thinking about using my services. The ones that approach me are usually hip to what I do or know that I can in some way do some biz with them. So in a nutshell, it's hard to raise the money and I give the sponsors 100% of the exposure in return.

Question #13
How much traffic does the Players Ball site get?

Honestly, I don't even know. I don't care about the stats as much as I care about the event itself. My concerns and attention are more towards the sponsors, artists, guests and the main concern about the site is making sure the sponsors get their banners and links up and running. I don't convert the traffic to that site for personal gain, it's all about the sponsors. When I used to track the traffic, I noticed it always had traffic but really spiked up around a 2 or 3 months before the Players Ball. Years ago I've seen it get about 5 times more then the usual traffic just before the Ball.

Question #14
Do you own the trademark on the Players Ball name?

Own the mark on Players Ball. One of my thrills was when Dreamworks licensed the name from me for their movie with Chris Rock, Head Of State. I made them invite me to the movie premiere and had a chance to meet all of the actors and celebs that attended the screening. That was fun, KB, post some pics of us with Chris Rock from that night. I'm in the process of licensing the Players Ball franchise to others, it's one of my long term goals.

Question #15
What exactly does the marketing firm do?

Marketing Firm is a hands on consulting firm that interacts with each client to figure out what a company can do or can't do. We set forth a plan of attack and will help in every aspect. If a client needs a good technical guy, I'll find them a few choices that will be super cheap since they'll deal directly with a tech who's free lancing. I'll recommend site changes to maximize their conversions and ideas they never thought were within their grasp that can make them money right away. I put all of those philosophy courses in college to good use with the firm. I like to think outside of the box and help create a twist which makes my clients better then their competition. My Marketing Firm isn't for everyone, I prefer to work with established companies with employees in place that can modify their sites on the fly. An ideal client will have some of the pieces in place that can make them money. Maybe they own their own content, maybe they have lot's of techies working for them,or maybe they just have lot's of money to invest and trust the directions I will take them. Sometimes I'll just partner with a client instead of taking a fee, but very rarely. I've learned that people will burn you if you do partnerships with everybody. So pay me for my time and ideas and I'll help you along your path. Just pay me in advance please

Question #16
How many conventions do you attend a year?

Up until about a year and a half ago, I attended EVERY convention or gathering. But then I got busy with my wedding and since then haven't been trying to attend all conventions. Most of the important ones you'll see me attend. 5 per year maybe? Not sure.

Question #17
Your thoughts on drugs and booze at conventions.

Drugs are bad, um kay...Booze is good if you can handle yourself. I don't think you'll ever find me too fucked up at a show. I can handle my booze or at least I'll stop drinking if I get too fucked up. I know my limits. But conventions are about the social atmosphere so drinking and drugs happen. For me, I like to be alert at all times. I don't recommend people use drugs. Stick with mother nature and the fine fruits she provides.

Question #18
How do you get all the bands lined up for the Players Ball?

I map out the options and prices. Then I ask around for sponsorships and I'll share with potential sponsors the ideas I have for artists. If a potential sponsor gets super hot on an artist I've selected and says they'll sponsor if we get that artist, then I'll make it a reality. I don't try for rap everytime, I try for rock too. It's just easier and cheaper to do rap and it appeals to the masses when you can dance to the music. I use a professional agent that gets the contacts signed and stays on top of these artists. I pay more for using this agent, he needs to get paid too, but it's well worth the money to make sure I don't get fucked. I've dealt with William Morris Talent Agency on a few artists and have a good relationship with them. Once you throw a great party and treat artsits with respect and show them the love, word spreads in the music industry and you develope a good reputation with the artists. I'll bet if you ever speak with a major rapper and many rock groups for that matter, they know from D$'s Players Ball and have heard great things. It's fun for me to work with these artists and become friends with them. Music is my passion.

Question #19
It always seems to be rap at the Players Ball? Why?

There's only so many good rock bands that appeal to the masses. The ones you'd like to see want over $150,000 to perform, which makes it a little out of reach. I'm making a strong effort at Kid Rock for next January and we WILL have him perform one day. Just like I said once said I'll have Snoop Dogg perform one day, then we did, I'll also guarantee Kid Rock. If it's not Kid Rock, it will be another rock group that also hits the masses. With rap, they don't need a band, so it makes it cheaper and easier for them to perform shows with just 2 turn tables and microphones. That's why their usually cheaper then big rock bands and easier to book. Also, we don't book a "routed" tour stop, which means, we have them fly out just for this gig. If it was a routed tour stop, it's easier to get a better price on bands, but since it's right after New Years, not too many bands are on tour at that time. So timing has a lot to do with the selection process. But trust me, I like rock as much as rap and I'll do a rock show that will blow people away. Will that be what most webmasters want? Only time will tell. We;ve done pretty good so far with our talent line ups and I pride myself on the selections I've made. Every Ball has a legend perform. Or Legends for that matter. I set pretty high goals and I'm tough on myself to make sure I achieve those goals. My only wish is that webmasters understand and appreciate what it takes to throw events with big name talents, combined with the politics of this industry and making sure passes get to the sponsors and their guests.

Question #20
Define 'old school'? 'pimp'?

In music, old school is something that was created before 1992. In my opinion. Slick Rick, Doug E Fresh, Too Short, NWA, Public Enemy and groups like that are Old School. Pimp is more of a mentality to me. It's the confidence a person has that shines through and projects itself to others. To me, I'll define myself as a Profession Internet Marketing Person, PIMP. But being pimp is no longer about prostituting women for a profit. The definition of a pimp has changed, but the game remains the same. It's all about the Gerneral Amount of Money Earned. GAME. Ya dig?

Question #21
If you couldn't work online or throw the Players Ball - what would you do for money?

If I was never in this biz, I'd probably do what I was doing doing before this, I owned my own security system company. It was all about the monthly monitoring, which is just like the paysite game. I was VP of the California Alam Association in San Diego. I can be as professional as one can be, when needed. I'm definitely the type of guy who sets up his own business instead of working FOR anothers business. So whatever I'd be doing, I'd be working for myself. I'm into entertainment, so maybe working in the movie or TV industry if I had my choice in life.

Question #22
How did the marketing firm get started?

I answered that already, after leaving WSS in 1998 I started a consulting firm for myself. I just did it, pretty simple. I dreamed up an idea then followed it through.

Question #23
What would you say is your best trait?

I'm a great listener. I pay attention to the details. I believe that everything happens for a reason, so I pay extra close attention to things. Somethings an idea will present itself just from listening to people. I'm not saying to steal ideas, I'm just saying ideas get sparked from working with others well. Or maybe my best trait is that I'm a friend to everyone. I don't hate. I really don't.

Question #24
Who do you look up to in Adult, in business, in life? Who do you look down on for the same?

In adult, I look up to the good people who got ahead in life with good work ethic and being a good person in the process. I look up to the owners at Epoch (Chris, Joel and Clay) and CCBill (Ron). I also look up to Ron Levi for everything he has done for this industry, you can't deny him of his accomplishments. Lensman is someone to look up to because he can do many things to make money. His paysites, conventions, webmaster community, Lens got game and I'll always respect him for that. I respect people like Lars for his class and branding abilities. There's many others, but I'd rather not create a long list, then the politics of naming EVERY player gets in the way. In business, I respect Russell Simmons the most. This man IS hip hop and makes a fortune! I also respect programmers because they help drive the internet. In life, I love and respect my family, friends, pets and every person that has graced my life. Life is too short, so loving and respecting everyone is key. Who do you look down on for the same? I really don't look down to many people. I'll say this though, I really don't like what AVN did to my wife. I look down on people who don't respect those that make them what they are. AVN was like family to us and it's hard to believe they terminated Jen's agreement. We'll let the attorneys handle that though. But I'm deeply hurt and upset with them. I'm also upset with Farley from AVN, a friend I got the job over there. Now he's sitting in her position, which isn't right. How can AVN make Farley a Publisher while denying Jennifer that position for years? What does Farley do that Jennifer didn't do? Did Farley have any magazine experience before becoming Pubisher? Why deny a women like my wife of that title for 8 years, while she did most of what a Publisher does. They wouldn't even give her Associate Publisher. So I look down on AVN and Farley for conspiring against my wife, kicking her to the curb and seeing Farley sit in her seat.

Question #25
How did you get busty amateurs off the ground?

Great story here - here it goes Jeff was just a photographer working for another guy. I can't remember if I called him or he called me first. So after speaking with him and seeing that he lived in Sand Diego, I invited to take him out for lunch. We sat for about an hour, I explained to him that you can't take illegal pics of naked chicks at the beach or upskirt shots at a mall. That's what he was doing at the time. I told him he needed a model release, copy of ID, you know, the basics. Then I told him to set up with Epoch for processing, Epoch was still pretty new, so it was super hip information at that time. I said, do a 50% rev share and update daily. Told him a few things about appealing to webmasters, then he was off to the races. We spoke again 3 months later, I just left WebSideStory and had started the Marketing Firm. While speaking, I told him to register his mispell,, he didn't want it and he didn't undersand how anyone would know to type that in. I was just being a good guy by telling him, dude, you really should reg this uncase your site because super huge one day, it's bad enough you're branding a domain with a dash in it. He insisted that I reg that name ffor myself then. So I did. Soon after, he made me a deal that if I gave him free consulting, he'll make my payouts 100% instead of 50%. So I sat in every meeting every week with the Busty crew and advised Jeff on some big money making moves. His biggest move was when I teamed him up with Money Tree and their free hosting company they had. I said, let them host the tours and pay them out like 70% to them. Overnight, he became huge, he was seen everywhere in that free hosting pages, he was the top banner and also Money Tree was doing very well. Webmasters were seeing him everywhere and starting to sign up. Then in Miami of 1999, I told Jeff to make a softcore tape of his girls and brand the video with his domain, I'd play it at the Players Ball (it was only my second Players Ball). I meant like, topless videos, Playboy-like. His version included chicks with dildos, girl on girl, sticking the dildo's in the ass, tampon string hanging out of Daizes box and more. Everyone in that Players Ball admired his content while the huge movie screen played his videos right above and behind the artists (Digital Underground and Ice-T). All night! As Busty blew up, so did my type in traffic. Man those days were great. Talk about easy money! Then Jeff got into the drugs and spaced out a bit. One day he quit and never looked back. What a shame.

Question #26
Discuss WebsideStory.

I was working for myself, running an alarm company. I placed brochures in lots of the leasing offices for the corporate office buildings in San Diego. One day, I got a call from WSS, they just moved into an office and needed a security system to protect their computers and NOC. The loved the presentation of my brochure, I pushed being innovative and high tech and I had a picture of me on it. The called to set up an appointment, I came out to meet them that same day and priced myself way higher then the competitors. But I had the toys! I had the remote control key fob to turn on and off the system with built in panic button, and a few other fine futuristic bells and whistles. In a nutshell, they bought and I gave them the best service, their office was just 2 buildings away from my office. As a security company, I had a 5000 square foot office for just me and my partner, a tech and then a couple of sales people. It was a pretty phat set up for a guy just 25 years old in the business world. One day, I was pushed out of the company I started by the board of directors my partner put in place. That day I stopped by WSS to let them know I was leaving the company after being screwed out of the ownership I was promised for over a year. They made me an offer on the spot. I was never on a computer before, I had no idea I was to set up a hosting division. For the first month I thought they hired me to do advertising! I took that job because it was in a booming industry, porn doesn't bother me, why not? They screwed me out of commissions that year by having a clause in my contract that said I made commissions "after the cost of sales". They never broke down my commissions and they were paying me way less then I calculated I should have made, though it was still good money, it wasn't close to what my contract said. Finally, a manager in that company fucked up and explained they were using full salaries and haf salaries of employees as a cost of MY sales. Which was really a cost of doing business. But they took salaries of almost everyone as a cost of my sales and a bunch of other office equipment too. So once I got that info, I freaked out and had it out with the owners. He was guilty, felt cornered and we had a fuck you session, then I left. But in that time, I was the face of the biggest adult company out there. We were the ONLY counter for a while. We had more traffic then the #1 ranked site using our counter. I gave ideas for the good of the company which are standard ideas today. I created the niched out categories for WSS counters. They only had the Adult 10000. My idea was to create multiple counters, each for a big niche. The Lesbian 1000, Hardcore100, Gay1000 and about 7 more. We more then tripled our traffic and charged a few cents more per click since it was targeted traffic. Needless to say, I was never paid for that idea though I was promised all idea I brought the company I'd make money with. And I created the search function as well for counters. While working for WSS I advised them to throw a big party at IA2000, I was impressed with the success of Ynot and other parties. I knew then that this is a young industry that wants to party more then walk a trade show floor. So we went big first in the party scene spending over $40k on the first WSS party. I made them their money back and then plenty more in the following month, which pushed them to throw more parties. I guess I was experimenting on their dime, it worked.

Question #27
Why do you live in LA now? Will you ever leave LA?

I could have lived anywhere in the world since my office is in my laptop. I enjoyed living in San Diego, Pacific beach then Del Mar. I fell in love with a woman who was under contract with AVN. I moved up to LA for her. Believe me, no one wants to leave San Diego. Will I ever leave, yeah one day. Luckily for me, real estate in LA went up big time, so it worked out well to buy a house when we did. I'd love to move back to San Diego. Or maybe move up to Canyon Country which is still basically LA, just more peaceful out there. Who knows where I'll be. For me, I need to be near the ocean and have sunny weather everyday. If I can't have the ocean, I'll take the sunshine and warm weather.

Question #28
How come the Players Ball isn't listed on internet expo's website anymore?

You wouldn't know that by looking at their pictures on their party page. You'd think by looking at that page that you're going to see a Players Ball at their convention. They still use the Players Ball photo to sell their convention, which is like false advertising. I pulled out after they fired my wife to show my support for her. Most people in my situation wouldn't have the balls to do that, but when something isn't right, I stand up for what I believe in. What they did isn't right. One door shuts as another opens. I fully support Webmaster Access shows and Cybernet Expo's. Conventions are important to the growth of the webmaster.

Question #29
Have you ever had a homosexual experience?

Sometimes with Sleazydream, Juicy and AaronM. We used to sit around and play that game, last one to cum on a cracker has to eat it. Juicy was always hungry and took his time. JUST KIDDING PEOPLE! I felt like I have to say that in case it gets twisted.

Question #30
How much do the Players Balls suits you wear cost? Where do you get them?

Around $200 to $500 per suit I'd guess. Depends on if you include the sunglasses, shoes and pimp cup. It gets costly. But you have to pay the cost to be the boss. If I want people to dress the role, I need to set the example. I get my suits from San Diego, Lees Mens Wear on 4th street. I've also had a place custom make a suit, Suavacito. That's the suit with the dollar signs in the fabric.

Question #31
Have people from outside the adult world ever recognized you in public? If so what happened?

Once in a while. It amazes me when it happens. It happened once while on vacation in Hawaii. The bell man recognized me, I guess an interview I did on Playboy that was airing again. TV interviews last for years depending on the channel. Usually, I don't get recognized unless I'm wearing a pimp hat or something. But let's face it, I'm not a celebrity, heads don't turn for D$. In Vegas I get recognized more then most places. I get recognized verbally. People will talk about the Players Ball and say they've heard of it and know about D-Money. So my fame has limits. I'm more of a conversation piece then a recognizable face. People have heard about me, but couldn't recognize me in a line up. In my family, KB is the talker and gets seen more on TV then me. KB makes his face public for others businesses, I make my face available for just my business. You might see more of my face on TV in the future though. I've been approached by some TV networks and direct marketing companies that would like to release the full Players Ball experience. Do you think I'll have my own reality show on cable or VH-1? You never know... But for now, the D$ Show will make it's return very soon for webmasters and possibly surfers. Ironing out the details still. Believe it or not, I'd rather be behind the camera as a producer.



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