Seen as the front man of Epic Cash, Media has a colorful background to say the least. Trouble with the law, hangin' with the wrong crowd highlights some of his past. Today, he's all business and one of the sharpest guys around. Media knows his "shit"and is a true credit to the company he works for. A colored past makes for interesting material. However, it's better if he talks about it then if I do. So, I'll get him started by asking some of the right questions.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Media

Question #1
Is epic cash a front for a spamming organization? Discuss the spam past of epic cash.

No, absolutely not... Only a small percentage of our business currently comes from spam, and we try to be very proactive when it comes to dealing with spam complaints and getting people removed from a spammers list.

Question #2
What exactly do you do for epic cash?

I am Director of Marketing and Design. I am also a man of many other talents. In addition to dealing with marketing campaigns and design I also act as the front man for the public and deal with a lot of the stuff that Pimpdog does not have time for, or want to deal with. I really enjoy dealing with our associates and affiliates, its been very fulfilling. I also still do alot of our in house paysite designs and work on new developements that we would like to do without outsourcing it to another design firm.

Question #3
What places have you lived in?

In no particular order... Manteca, CA , Livermore, CA, Stockton, CA, Pleasonton, CA, Tracy, CA,Mineappolis, MN, Burlington, MN, Souix City, IA, Des Moines IA,Eugene, OR

Question #4
Why did your parents kick you out of the house?

I got into alot of trouble when I was younger.. Gangs, Graffiti, Theft, Drugs, And more.. I was doing alot of graffiti and eventually my mother caught on to everything I was involved with. She called the cops on me in more than one occasion.. I was in and out of juvi hall for minor offenses with graffiti and eventually she called the cops on me for anything I did wrong.. My parents on more than one occasion kicked me out of the house to try and prove a point that I needed to straighten up. The first time I was kicked out I was around 16 years old.

Question #5
Just how old are you? How old were you when you started in online? Adult?

I am 26 Years old.. I started messing with BBS's back in the day, I would connect to these private BBS systems to check them out, mostly I would get warez and other stuff.. Eventually I would get into much more… this will be addressed later…

Question #6
What's the big deal about marbles?

I started getting involved in business at a very young age, We used to have "Marble Month" in school, I would capitalize off of supply and demand of specific styles and sizes of marbles, selling them for a much greater profit than the purchase price I payed for them. In addition to selling marbles, I would also hit the store before school and buy candy to sell at recess to other kids (Sour Straws and Ribbons went like gold), I would make enough to pay for my own candy, lunch, candy for the next day, and a bit of pocket money to keep me happy.

Question #7
Why do you steal golf balls from people?

LOL.. This was one of the ways that I started making money.. In Manteca, California I lived near a public golf course, one day I found a few golf balls and a guy asked if I would sell them to him that was playing on the course. Instantly I knew what I had to do. I would search peoples yards for golf balls, sometimes it would get me chased by a yelling owner, who knew what I was after, Other times I would have permission to be searching in their yards.. I would place the golf balls in egg cartons and haul ass to school with my back pack full and I would start selling balls as soon as I got out of school. Eventually I started selling sodas for $1.00 a pop to the golfers, I have a strong memory of one day that a golfer told me "Why would I pay $1.00 for a soda when I can get a soda at the pro shop for 50 cents?" My reply to him was "Well sir, you can go ahead and walk back to the pro shop in this summer heat and get yourself a soda for 50 cents or you can buy one from me and get it now!" He came over and bought two sodas from me, and he told me that he had a feeling that one day you will be a good entrepreneur!

Question #8
Discuss your beginings in art and design, in online, and other.

Back in the day GIF was just starting to become popular, I had already been going crazy in windows paintshop doing bitmap images that most people would say at the time were very advanced, back then ANSI graphics were the big thing if you knew how to create them and had any skill in them you would need to join a ansi group such as iCE or ACiD, these groups controlled alot of the market share and did business with different BBS's for their graphics on their BBS systems, I founded my own group called VOiD, we got pretty big, and if you search hard enough you can still find our packets of art on some of the archive sites out there that hold these historic gems of the past. Eventually BBS died off and the WWW was born. I started to mess with photoshop alot more, I think the first version I used was 2.0 the web was just starting to get big. I moved into learning HTML and doing more web based graphics.

Question #9
Talk about BMX and why you are pre-epileptic.

I worked in a bicycle shop and got involved in BMX bicycle racing. I got good enough to get sponsorship from the bicycle shop and a couple of bmx companies, I did that for a few years, scored alot of free bikes and got to travel around alot to different nationals, until one day I got into an accident on the track, I had a major concussion and it caused abnormal brain activity which would change my life down the road and eventually lead to making me pre-epileptic.

Question #10
What gangs did you get invloved with? Discuss what you did?

Well, when I was in my early teens I ended up moving to the Manteca/Stockton area, and ended up in the area I would spend alot of time getting involved with gangs and fell in with the wrong crowd, I got pretty deep in the gang scene and got jumped into Sureno, Which is basicly a branch of the La Eme, (The Mexican Mafia) I was the only white boy in the gang, but I pulled my weight. The reason I think I got into the gang was that I lacked the proper parental guidance that I needed at the time, And I needed a sense of belonging to a peer group. I did alot of stuff I regret doing to people now, and I got into alot of trouble.. I've been stabbed, shot at, kicked alot of asses, and had my fair share of ass kickings.

Question #11
What is carding? Disucss how it pertains to your past.

No answer was given... looks like he missed it

Question #12
Talk about graffiti.

I used to take alot of photos of graffiti are when I was younger.. and as they say, when you hang out in a barber shop, you're gonna get a haircut, I started getting more and more into the scene and eventually started messing around painting in my garage, my mom at the time had no idea what I was getting into. I picked the name Media for my name and it's stuck with me, the name has gone through graffiti, tattooing, and now the adult industry.. A lot of people ask me why I chose the name media, and basically it goes back to taking photos of the graffiti when I was younger.. I put out small graffiti ezine that I sold to make some extra cash from other graffiti artists, it never really caught on because I did not push it hard, but it was nice.. When I decided I wanted to start painting I thought to myself "what name would be good?" I was always into taking pictures and that is a form of the news, news is an acronym for North East West South, the media and the news is everywhere, and eventually my graffiti would be too, so it seemed fitting.

Question #13
What's the deal with all the tats?

At 16 I started getting tattooed, I got my mothers permission to get my first tattoo and I instantly found a new obsession. I got permission from the owner of the tattoo shop to start hanging out to draw tattoo designs I liked, I would make stencils for the artists to make myself useful and I would clean the shop up to pull my weight in the shop. With my thieving skills I would get alot of art supplies and trade them for tattoo work, which worked out nice for me since I was so lazy at this point I did not maintain a normal job. Around the time I was 18 the owner of the tattoo shop that I worked at said to me that "I was going to learn to tattoo, weather I liked it or not" The owner saw talent in me and knew I would be a good artist, so he put me on at the shop, I learned everything as fast as I could, And also started to watch another artist by the name of Jon Highland who also taught me so much. By the time I was 20 I was tattooing full time and doing alot of good stuff.. I was finally getting away from the graffiti scene because I had a great vent for my artistic interests that could not be fulfilled otherwise. And I had ALOT more to lose now if I got caught again, I became pretty well know, and had a great clientel base. It was a fun part of my life that I still really miss, and hope to one day go back to.. I still have all of my equipment and plan to eventually do something again with it.

Question #14
Your thoughts on drugs and on those who sell them.

I started to get into a lot of trouble when I was 15, I fell back into the gang lifestyle and got involved in doing graffiti and started learning how to steal more and more and I started selling drugs and doing everything that would eventually lead to a meltdown before my 18th birthday. As time went on I eventually dropped out of school and was selling more drugs stealing more stuff, and becoming a major pain in my parents asses. It was easy to sell drugs because the demand was there for it, I made easy money and never needed to worry about anything other than getting jacked or arrested. I don't really think much about others who sell drugs now, its their thing and I try to keep my nose out of other peoples business.. Drugs are bad overall for society in my opinion.. But it takes hitting bottom for most people to realize that.

Question #15
How did you convince a judge to not send you to jail?

Around the time I turned 17 all hell broke loose, and I got convicted on multiple felony counts for a lot of stuff that caught up with me from my past. I was stupid and did alot of stuff in those days, Things got real serious when was facing multiple year sentences in the California Youth Authority system, most people know CYA as being "Gladiator School" its a place where killers are trained and the weak get taken advantage of if they cannot survive. I knew that I was heading in the wrong direction at this point, I did not want to goto big boy jail because ultimately I knew I would have to do things to people that would end up keeping me in jail longer. So I used my brain and wrote the judge a letter stating all of the things I would do in order to stay out of CYA, She agreed to let me take a crack at working things out. I started working things out and doing what I had to do, I turned 18, and this was around the time that I met my wife Leslie, She was instantly a good reason to do right. She completed me in a way no other girl was able to do. My final court date came and I had to present evidence that I had fulfilled my agreement with the court, I brought a binder with me that stated I had completed everything I was supposed to, which ranged from 75+ hours of community service, paying full restitution for my crimes, maintaining a full time job, doing weekly drug testing, getting my General Education Diploma, All the while staying out of trouble. I did everything, The judge was awestruck because she did not think that I would do it because of the way I was heading before.

Question #16
How does it feel when people that pre-judge you get proven wrong?

It feels good, a lot of people judge you by what they see on the outside, which is a common problem for me.. I have learned to deal with it and it does not bother me as much any more. I've had people look at me and say "Oh my god look at that skinhead!" or say "Oh that guy is a total thug" before taking the time to talk to me and know me for who I really am. It makes me feel really good when people tell me that they were wrong about me and that I am a good person. I proved alot of people wrong when I straightened up, and I proved alot of people right that thought that I had good in me to do right and make a real life for myself.

Question #17
Talk about Jehovah Witnesses.

When I got into too much trouble and my parents booted me out on my ass, I ended up living with my best friend Jake, whose family was Jehovah Witnesses, it was sort of odd, they welcomed me in with open arms and I thank them to this day for that. They were pretty open to alot of stuff, not like your normal tooth and nail strict religious, So it was a good thing for me.

Question #18
How did you get started in Adult?

Around the age of 15 I started to mess with some chat room spam, and did a shit job of it and got impatient, and I gave up on it.. (Wish I would have taken more time to learn how to do things right) I continued to do some mainstream stuff with the web graphics and other design stuff with photoshop, eventually honing my skills and making the best of my time working for people doing odd jobs. I started doing our tattoo shops website design and upkeep and a client of mine saw the site, he asked me to make him an adult website, and I did.. He liked it and so I figured what the hell maybe I should take another crack at this adult thing on the side while I tattoo.. I started doing freelance for alot of people, Eventually I got so busy that I needed to get a laptop to bring with me to the tattoo shop to keep up. I moved in with my girlfriend where we started getting alot more serious with each other, I had a room mate Clay who I worked with at the tattoo shop, he is to this day a great friend of mine, who I have experienced alot with. I ended up getting married on August 12th 2000 and we decided it was time to get out on our own, so we decided to pack it up and head to Oregon. When I moved here to Oregon I got a pretty hard hit in the face when I found out I could not tattoo because I was not licensed, I had limited options to get licensed and at the time I did not meet criteria.. So I hit the adult industry hard.. And I have not looked back since.

Question #19
How did you get started with Epic Cash?

I met Pimpdog about a year before the launch of Epic Cash, we didn't hit it off right away because of his online persona that most people are used to on GFY. I didn't get to know him for who he really was until a bit later He eventually decided he was going to make his own affiliate program, and I watched as he did some things that I noticed he could improve upon. The 3rd site that Epic Cash ever had was Girl Fucks Guy, which was the first site that I did for Epic Cash, and it snowballed from there more and more happened, I was eventually asked to take a full time exclusive seat at Epic Cash with a good position with room for growth. I accepted and made EC my baby... Its been a great ride so far, I have a great group of co-workers and have made so many friends along the way.

Question #20
Why the fuck do you live in Eugene, Oregon?

Things got really expensive in California, so we decided that we should move the fuck out.. We moved up here to Eugene, Oregon where I've been for over 4 years now.. Its nice, but it's a definite change of pace compared to California, I miss alot of aspects of California.. But I am happy here with my girl.

Question #21
How many conventions do you attend a year?

Well, last year I went to 4 shows which is really not a whole lot. But I plan on going to AT LEAST that many again this year if not more.. So far it looks like I'll be going to at least 5 this year.

Question #22
Have you ever been fucked by a girl up the ass?

No.. I have never had a girl fuck me in the ass.. I have had a girl lick my ass, it was sort of interesting to say the least.

Question #23
What are you plans for the future?

I have alot of plans for the future, not only with Epic Cash, but with my own Program and investments.. I'm getting into different businesses and trying to diversify and not only work in adult.. I don't want to keep my eggs in one basket, because eventually ONE DAY, the bottom will fall out in the adult industry, and it will be those who are the strongest that will survive, I'd like to have money to fall back on in order to keep the adult thing going if anything ever does happen.. Eventually I am going to be opening my own program which I will bring a lot of the knowledge that I learned from Epic Cash into this new program but that is still down the road, and Epic Cash will always be my baby.

Question #24
Why do you come to GFY?

To stir up business, catch up on the latest drama, and to see who's talking shit about who now.

Question #25
If you could have sex with anyone other than your wife, who would it be?

Well, I don't really plan on cheating on my wife, so the likelihood of me sleeping with anyone else is VERY VERY LOW. Hypothetically speeking, if I was single again, I would probably have sex with a lot of girls. LOL



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