LAMike is pretty much a legend in this business. He runs one of the longest standing affilate programs, Silvercash. Mike carved a niche out for himself by making his business model much more stable than all those around him in the same niches. Known for his incredible cars and ability to drive the piss out of them, Mike lives the life most of us can only dream about.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on LAMike

Question #1
What the fuck is a Mormon doing in porn?

LMAO... I grew up Mormon. My mom's side of the family was always Mormon and my Dads side wasn't. So mom had me going to church on sundays but if I really didn't want to go I would hit up dad. Havnen't been to church in close to 12 years but still believe in a lot of what they teach. They have a very very solid family structure and the kids brought up in the church are really brought up with strong morals which is always a good thing. Basically I spent some time there but mostly not there. Spent most of my time with my buddies who weren't Mormon.

Question #2
Do your parents know what you do? Do they condone it?

My family doesn't really talk about it. I think my Dad thinks it's cool. He has never said a word about what I do but it was his porn movies on the top shelf that I use to watch when he was at work And not to mention all his buddies at work tell me that he is proud of me. My mom doesn't talk about it. She excepts it and is happy that I'm doing well but doesn't talk about it. As for the rest of my family, 2 of my brothers work for me now and rest of my family just doesn't say a thing. Its gravy.

Question #3
How did a web page contest get you involved in online adult?

Back in 95' or 96' I bought a computer to play a game I had played on my neighbors old Apple called Ultima. After getting the computer I found a site called PowWow which was like a community and it was based around a program like ICQ. But they also had webcams. I saw some hot girls in the profiles and I wanted to see their cams but the only way you could do this was if you had a cam of your own. And they were expensive back then. One day PowWow had a home page making contest and I decided that I would enter this contest because the winner recieved this camera and some other little gifts. Well being determined to win I tought myself html. The only editor that I remember being out back then was Hotdog which was strictly a text editor like using notepad. So I had to learn the hard way which was good down the road. In order to have a winning site I looked at previous winners and previous entries. I went to each site and stole one good idea from all of them and redid those ideas on my site. I ended up with a winning site and the knowledge of html, some java, and ftp stuff. From there I figured why the hell not make an adult site. So my very first adult site was a pay site called beaver palace which was the ugliest thing you have ever seen. But it got signups. I then got into the circle jerk and top50 game which we'll discuss later.

Question #4
How many affilates does Silvercash have?

40+ thousand but how many of those are active is what really matters

Question #5
Are you ever going to change your booth at internext?

top secret information or doesn't have the guts to answer

Question #6
What's your favorite car? Talk about your cars - post pics

Cars Cars Cars.. First of all I love cars and it's not for the attention it is strictly for the love of speed and racing.I have a number of cars and love all of them Dodge Ram 2500 Truck with custom King suspension BMW 745 Li BMW Dinan S2 M5 500 horses going to 650 next month Ferarri Modena 360 Spider F1 Saleen S7 Competition Le Mans Version 650 Horse 2.9 0-60 Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG 604 HP Twin Turbo V12 Funco Sand Rail.. Maybe my favorite toy 550HP Subaru Turbo My Last Rail Mazda Rotery 400 HP Turbo



Question #7
Why did you quit roofing?

I was a roofer for years and tried to quit a few times actually.

Question #8
Did you enjoy killing bugs?

I managed a pest control company and we sprayed high end hotels and resturants at night when they were closed. It payed ok money and wasnt too bad of a

Question #9
How come you're a high school drop out?

I was smarter then High School or um I mean I thought I was. hehe I broke my arm back to back years and once I couldn't play sports I was over going to class. I evenutally took my GED and went on to college.

Question #10
Can you speak Japanese?

I spent two months for 24 hours a day in Provo Utah at one of the best language training centers in the world. I then went on to Japan and lived in the Nagoya and surrounding area for 2 years. I speak it like English Weird huh! Lol

Question #11
Why do you call yourself LAMike? Why live in LA?

Nope, a long time ago on a java chat board there was 3 or 4 mikes in the room. So well decided to use our city before our name. I used L.A. because it was the closest major city to where I live.

Question #12
Are you a dumb jock? What sports do you play?

I grew up playing all kinds of sports. Baseball, basketball, football were the main ones. I still do this day play softball weekly and try to make some icq hockey ice times as well. My other favorite sport is wakeboarding. Wakeboard vide; and can't forget golf

Question #13
Have you ever used stolen content?

The first ever site I built I downloaded a ton of pics and stuff from AOL and other places. Not even knowing it was illegal until someone who you all know told me. After making a few bucks I went and bought real content of my own to use.

Question #14
Talk about circle jerk sites?

After I came out with my first ever site I figured out what an exit console was. I then realized I could exit people to consoles and trade that traffic with other people doing the same thing. It worked like this. I would exit my traffic to series of 4-6 pages that all had ads on them to places like xpics or to top50 sites. When you send traffic to top50 sites you would get listed on that site with a full size banner from top to bottom based on how much traffic you sent. There were a ton of top50 lists and they all updated hourly but had one major update at 1 hour everyday where the started counting from zero. And the idea is to be at the top of the site in your placement during that hour beause everyone is sending the hardest that first hour to get listed high because the higher you were listed the more traffic you would get back. So if a site updated at noon I would concentrate all my traffic to that site from 11am til noon and hopefully I would get a top spot. So the second and third hour when everyone is still sending hard I got that good spot. Well 2pm a different list would update so I would then get all the traffic from that top spot sending back to my pay site but now I would change all my exits to send to this new top50 list. This would go on for 24 hours a day and was a ton of work. What I did was make 24 versions of my exit consoles. 1 for each hour of the day. I would then put them all on a cron job that would update them for me. Each version was pushing to whatever site I wanted to hit hard during that hour. You couldnt exit directly to the top50s but you could blind link the shit out of them but even that traffic was 10x better then tgp traffic is today. I eventually had 3 huge top50's of my own, teenfactory, thepics, and tropicalteens that were doing mass amounts of traffic. They would see nearly a million hits a day and my circle jerk site was doing another million a day. The idea was to push 90% of the traffic you got back to the top50s and only take out about 10% to your paysite and others paysites to make money. Thats how it all started for me and the money started rolling in. It was a 24 hour a day job to monitor it all the time and it was SOOO competitive between the top guys.

Question #15
Why the name Silvercash?

I have no idea. I kinda came up with it once. There was a mainstream proggie that had the name goldsomething and I thought how about silver? The only thing I didn't like about silver is that it represents 2nd place in the olympics I have never liked that name and for years regretted naming it that. But some people say they like it and well its a brand now so I think I'm stuck.

Question #16
What kind of fun things do you have in your yard?

I have two houses that are 25 miles apart. One of them is on a lake and the other is in some foothills. Water is brown and dirty. This was after we got flooded out and I took my boat off the dock.

Question #17
Have you ever been drunk or high at an adult convention? Discuss.

umm, which time? lol. J/K... I'm sure I have been close to drunk a few times but I'm not a big drinker and I don't get loud or violent when I do drink. But I try to keep things to a minumum while I'm at the shows. I want to be on my best when I get hit up 8000 times to by something Need to have those quick "NO's" ready

Question #18
How old are you?

top secret information or doesn't have the guts to answer

Question #19
Have you ever had a threesome, moresome? Homosexual encounter?

No on all 3 of those.

Question #20
Why do you come to GFY?

Because two of my good buddies Lens and Eric run this place I believe I am one of the original oldest advertisers here. It's also an opportunity to reach a lot of people when you have something to say. Noboday can deny this board is as busy as all hell.

Question #21
What's web overdrive?

Weboverdrive is a full on webmaster resource site and a chatboard. Web Overdrive has long been known for putting adult webmasters into the drivers seat and providing a roadmap to success, increasing webmaster earnings for years! Founded in 1998 by a core group of talented webmasters seeking to pool their collective knowledge, the WebOverdrive family of resource sites (TopNiche, Rookie Class, Webmaster Matrix, Traffic Matrix, Tutor Matrix & Banner Overdrive) has since grown into a huge storehouse of tools, tutorials, workshops and inside information geared to increasing the adult webmasters bottom line. The new release of the site has only been up for a few weeks and is already doing very very well. Check it out

Question #22
Do you shoot your own content?

Yes we do shoot our own content and we outsource to a few people to shoot for us. We rarely buy non exclusive content anymore. All of our new sites are all custom content.

Question #23
How many Japanese chicks have you fucked?

A couple... hehe. I had to see what slanted snatch was like.. lol. Seriously though they are some of the coolest people you will ever meet and they treated me like a king when I lived there. I do have a secret innner love for some Japanes chicks. I'll have to get some pics.

Question #24
What do you usually do on weekends for fun?

I don't do anything special. I spend time on the computer or maybe a bit of time playing with Eric and 4pics on World of Warcraft I like to wakeboard, take a car for a drive, watch a movie, go to Glamis sand dunes and drive my sand rail, or go golfing. I don't really do the club thing except at the shows. I might hit a bar now and then but rarely.

Question #25
What the most expensive car you've ever wrecked??

Probably my Honda CBR600R street bike.. I didn't wreck it but got ran over basically.. I quit riding shortly after.

Question #26
What's the relationship with Bangwang?

Back when I first started and was doing the whole circle jerks thing I was using a shared webserver with a number of other people from a local dialup who all hosted their home pages on the same server. Bangwang (Richard) was also hosted there. After I started getting my circle jerk sites going in just a month maybe I started pushing some good traffic. So much that I took down my providers server. They called me and told me they had to kick me off. I was so bummed because I had just built up a nice circle of traffic and was making some money. They told me that there was another guy in town that had just done the same thing to them a few weeks earlier. I was shocked to know there was another guy doing the circle jerk game in town. I mean there was only maybe 100 in the world at the time. So I told them to give that guy my number. So one day this guy Bangwang calls me up. We start talking and comparing and I found out he had been at this at least a few months before me and knew alot more then I did. He helped me get setup on dedicated server so I could run my traffic again. I then told him how I had this content and he was "NO WAY, you can't do that" so he invited me to his house and I took a drive over there one day. I pulled up to his house and almost didnt go in. I was a little freaked out by some guy that just met me on the phone and invited me over.. lol So I go knock on the door and this 3 year old kid answers and tells me to come in.. lol I was ok walked in and waited for Richard. Then finally comes out this long hair bearded man. I was like oh shit. Look at this weirdo.. haha (richard has since cut his hair) lol Anyways Bangwang had this bench setup with multiple computers on it and we smoked cigs and drank pepsis all day and he helped me get setup on some real content. And the only thing I remember that you could buy back then was ZMaster which I think Lee Noga was selling. He also hooked up on FTP and how to use it and some search and replace scrips and some other easy stuff like that. He really did a lot to help me get going and to point me in the right direction. He had some really big free sites of his own and was also a part of Pornholio. Bangwang taught me a lot and told me that the more people I knew the better and he introduced me to some really key people in the biz including Rick from Ynot and Lars. Although Rick would never let me become a member because all my sites had popups So when the time came that I felt I really needed more help at Silvercash and I needed someone that knew everything I knew to help take some work load off of me I thought of Bangwang. I learned a lot from him and I totally trusted him. Shit I was getting triffic from ynots link list and you werent suppose to have an exit console. But I did and Richard saw it and he went into YNOT and had me removed. I was shocked because he was my bud but he turned me in. LoL..I learned a good lesson and I also learned he was very hosest. So I ended bringing him in to Silvercash and he knows everything I know if not more and has been a HUGE help. Props to my man and V.P. Bangwang!!!

Question #27
Who do you look up to in online adult, in life? Who do you look down on?

I know you want to get some names but I would be here forever and I really feel that I would miss a few names that I would feel bad about later. So my answer is anyone that has made money in this buisiness and made something from all of this I look up to. I think I can learn something from everyone. I look down on the Acacia's of the world who are doing IMHO some sort of legal extortion of people that have become successfull. I look down on those who rip off others as happened to so many of us online so many times. And I look down to those that are jealous of others. Jealousy is ugly. And most of all I look down to those involved in any way in child porn.

Question #28
What pisses you off?

People who talk behind my back. It's fine to talk behind ones back until it's lies. I hate those that are jealous. Those that put down others to make themselves look better. I hate when my Dolphins, Ducks, Angels, or Lakers lose. I hate when slow ass drivers doing 40 in the fast lane. I hate the rain for more then 1 day at a time.

Question #29
What's Digitalbucks?

It was my first every affiliate program around 96 or 97' I was a sliding scale program that payed more based on your signup ratio. And it was strictly pay per click. We closed it down eventually when we built Silvercash.

Question #30
What was the most tragic thing that has ever happened to you?

Loss of my best friend Jesse. I lived next door to my buddy from the time I was 5 until he was killed in a car accident when I was 18. It was like losing a brother. He was driving down the street and a bus pulled out in front of him in his little MG. He had two other guys in the car that were ok. But he hit his head. I gave my little boy "Jesse" as his middle name.

Question #31
What was the best thing that has ever happened to you?

My little boy Jayden. By far my best accomplishment!

Question #32
If you couldn't work in online adult - what would you do for money?

YAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO...... last question. I have no idea.... Thanks GFY and Sleazy it was fun!!



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