Vanilla DeVille

Vanilla, a former playboy model, runs a hardcore amateur site with her husband. It's been around for many years and their success grows because of their dedication to a proper work ethic and devotion to the profession and the people in it. Go to any convention, you'll find Vanilla hanging out with the high rollers. Not because she's sucking up to them; they want her there.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Vanilla DeVille

Question #1
How many men have you fucked on film for your website? Women?

I have not been with that many guys just for my site... Maybe 10 or so total. As for women, there are way too many to count. I have been lucky enough to get to play with lots of sexy women, many of them girl-sex virgins. I don't know what it is... but I love fresh meat!!

Question #2
Does fucking other men affect your marriage? Are you swingers off film?

Not at all, well, at least not negatively. Stewie and I have a very secure relationship, and we will sometimes get turned-on watching each other have fun. While we do have somewhat of an open relationship (yes, we can have sex with other people, I wouldn't really call ourselves swingers... We're not into the swing clubs, orgy parties, etc.

Question #3
Have you ever fucked for traffic?

Fuck no! I am a huge flirt, and I like to have fun, but I have never done anything sexual for traffic or any other business deals. I am not one of those girls that floats from guy to guy, doing everyone at an event just to get attention for their name or product.

Question #4
You seem to wear a lot of Nike stuff, why?

Hmmm... I wonder!! Before I started in adult, I had a growing corporate career in Human Resources. Nike was the last company that I worked for (before leaving to run my sites full time) where I was in charge of 401(k) benefits. It was a great company to work for, and one of the perks was free/discounted clothing and shoes. Needless to say, I have quite an extensive collection of Nike activewear. someone".

Question #5
Do you still use Sprint?

No, actually, I don't use Sprint anymore. I worked for Sprint in Kansas City as the Short-term Disability Manager, before I worked at Nike. Another great company, but I haven't used them as a long-distance provider since I left. Now, I have other ways to "reach out and touch someone".

Question #6
Why live in Phoenix?

I LOVE living in Arizona! Stewie and I have lived all over the country, and Phoenix/Scottsdale is the perfect place for us. Lots of great weather, not too humid, tons of great people... We just love it. Plus, there are so many industry people living in AZ now, and we are so close to LA and LV, so it is a great location for business too.

Question #7
Talk about being the wife of a career military man.

Well, Stewie wasn't "career", but he was in the Air Force from 1989 until 1996, so we were a military family for the first few years of our marriage. It was a great learning experience, and it helped us both grow up and mature... made us more self-reliant and independent. There was also a lot of fun and camaraderie between the military families, and we made a lot of great friends. It could be scary at times of course, like during Desert Shield/Storm, but it was a very good experience overall.

Question #8
Who does all the updates on your sites?

Stewie and I split our workload pretty fairly, but I end up doing most of the site updates. It changes sometimes, depending on our schedules and workload. However, I handle most of the day-to-day changes for the sites, including the picture and video updates.

Question #9
Why do you come to GFY?

I heard about GFY, and starting lurking, back in 2003. I originally started posting for business reasons, but over the past year and a half, I have gotten to meet a lot of great people through the board. Now I come to GFY for both reasons... to get business done for my program, as well as to goof around with my friends online.

Question #10
Why do you go to so many adult conventions? Any favorites?

I love going to all of the conventions, because it is a great opportunity to get to meet and know the people you work with online. Of course, I work business deals while at these conventions, but I look at it more as a way to establish relationships with people in the industry. My favorite show has to be the Phoenix Forum... The perfect mix of fun and business opportunities. Also, after last week, I will have to add Cancun to my list of favs.

Question #11
Have you ever been arrested? Gotten in trouble for public nudity or worse?

Being a woman, it is a lot easier to get away with public nudity. Everyone loves to see a titty flash, or well... anything else. I have never been arrested for nudity, but have been asked to tone myself down a few times. On the other hand, I have also been asked to meet the owners of the club(s) after some impromptu nudity. In Vegas for New Years, I was fooling around with a girl in our VIP area, and I was asked to come back and do another live show. My response was "it wasn't a show". LOL

Question #12
Has anyone ever recognized from your website? What happened?

I have been recognized several times, including in an airplane, the grocery store, and at Target. Everyone has been very polite and respectful towards me in public. I have gotten some autograph requests, but most of the time they just want to verify whether it is really me or not.

Question #13
Who do you look up to in the industry? Down on?

I don't think I "look up" to anyone in this industry, or "down" for that matter. There are people that have done great things in this biz, as well as those that are still reaching for their goals. These people have earned my respect, and I enjoy working with and learning from these individuals. However, I am my own person, and I believe I am capable of "great things" myself, so I try not to put anyone on a pedestal.

Question #14
If you lost your husband tomorrow and had proper grieving time - who in the industry would you be interested in going after for a relationship?

Well, since you have included "proper grieving time", let's see... I would probably just want to sleep around at first and not get tied down, so lots of one-night stands to start. However, nothing could replace my soulmate, Stewie.

Question #15
How many drinks does it take to get you drunk? Do you do 'other' things for fun?

It depends on what I am drinking, but usually several to really get me drunk. However, just a couple will get the craziness started. lol I guess I am pretty boring... I am only a social drinker and don't do other substances. (wait a minute, does green count??)

Question #16
What kind of car do you drive? How many houses do you own?

I drive a Mitsubishi Eclipse Spyder (convertible)... and only the one house.

Question #17
Where did you grow up?

I was born and raised just outside the Motor City (Detroit, MI)... Hence my ghetto attitude! lol I started out as the quiet nerd that just sat in the back of the classroom and studied my ass off. However, that seemed to change rather quickly. I ended up being called "jockette" because I was always involved in sports. I started as a cheerleader, but quit that because I hated the stuck up bitches. So, I moved on to volleyball, and then to softball for six years straight. It wasn't exactly the easiest to grow up as one of the only white girls in an all-black high school... I learned quickly how to make friends where I could, as well as how to defend myself. I moved away from Detroit at 18, beginning my life as Mrs. DeVille (Stewie was my high school sweetheart).

Question #18
How many places have you lived in for more than 2 months? List them.

Detroit, MI Southern CA (Inland Empire) Biloxi, MS Denver, CO Kansas City, KS Memphis, TN Portland, OR Scottsdale, AZ

Question #19
What do you think your chances are for winning Miss GFY?

Based on my past wins and the incredible voting support I've had so far, I'd say I have a pretty good shot. However, since each round stands alone, it is still any girls game.

Question #20
Why did you get into porn?

While I was working for Nike (back in 1998/99), I would surf the net and play on CUSeeMe cams in my off hours. I met a woman that had a webcam site and we instantly connected. She didn't do any picture or video updates - just daily cam shows (15-second refresh). Of course, I was intrigued by what she was doing, especially the amount of money that she was making. After a few weeks of her telling me that I could do it too, I decided to go for it, and I launched my first site ( I would come home from work and do live camshows on my lunch break and in the evenings. I became addicted to it immediately, and about nine months to a year later, the site profits had exceeded my corporate income. So, I thought, what the hell!! This is a lot more fun and a lot less work. As you guys can see, I never looked back, and the rest is history!! lol Thank God for PORN!

Question #21
Who takes the pictures/videos?

That would be my one and only Stewie! He is guilty of taking almost all of my photos and videos. I have worked with other various photographers, all very impressive, such as the photo teams at Playboy and Danni's. However, when it comes to my website, almost every photo, action shot or glam, was taken by Stewie. That includes all of my winning entries in the MissGFY contest!

Question #22
Have you had an STD test? Results?

Of course! I get tested regularly, and have a clean bill of health! I feel that everyone (in this biz or not) should be tested if they are sexually active. Life is too short to fuck with it!

Question #23
How old are you? Do you find your age a hinderance or benefit for your site?

I am 34 years old and LOVIN it!! My age has hindered me once or twice in the past, but it doesn't stop me one bit!! About a year ago, I was talking with a very well known photographer and we were making plans to do some shoots. Almost all the plans were arranged, except for the flight itinerary. His last question to me was... "Can you email me your ID for proof of age?" Of course, I emailed him a copy of my drivers license and he immediately called me up. He said, "Vanilla, there seems to be an error on your license, it shows that you were born in 1970." I explained to him that it wasn't an error at all, and in fact I was born in 1970. He hesitated and then told me that he could never shoot me because I was way too old. However, I was young enough five minutes prior. After laughing at him, I basically told him to fuck off. Apparently, a number does have a lot of pull to some in this biz... and that's ok, I knew that getting into it. Typically people are surprised and impressed with my age, but unfortunately, here are a couple asses left in the world! Here's another pic of my old self

Question #24
What do your parents do for a living? Do they know what you do?

Well, that's kind of a tough question for me since I haven't spoken to them in almost 10 years. My parental units were, for lack of a better word, insane... and I disowned them years ago. The last I heard, the man that raised me (step father - I have no idea who my birth father is, but would love to find out some day) died last year. My mother was recently spotted by my sister, and she is mooching off someone else until they die. As for her knowing what I do for a living... I sure as hell hope she knows! I am proud of who I am and who I have become!

Question #25
Do your neighboors know what you do for a living?

I don't think so, but they may wonder (especially when I have all of my hot girlfriends laying out by the pool with me)!

Question #26
What do you think you will be doing in the next 5 years? 15 years?

Hell, I have no idea! Of course, I don't want to turn into LOL However, I plan on shooting and working on my site until I am sick of it (or the fans are sick of me). I figure I have a few more good years left available to me. My site is not the only one that I run and operate, so my goal is to expand PMC, adding several more high quality sites of other women to take my place. I already work behind the camera, so I see that role expanding after I retire, moving more into behind-the-scenes projects and promotional deals. I also have my Human Resources background to fall back on, if this biz ever gets out of hand for me. However, I can't see myself doing the Corporate America life ever again... it's just to damn stressful!

Question #27
Have you ever had a stalker?

Well, if I ever have, they have been very nice. lol Seriously, I have been very fortunate in that my fans have always been polite and respectful. I have had one or two guys that got a little too attached, but nothing serious or scary.

Question #28
What's the wildest thing you've ever done sexually?

What I may call "wild", others may not, and visa versa. I have certainly had my share of wild moments in my life, and a lot of them have actually been captured and are on my site. Anything from nine-girl orgies and swinger parties, to well... just about anything. I have been known to take pocket vibrators with me to clubs, and molest girls I meet right at the bar. LOL When I look back at my life I have absolutely no regrets, and looking forward, I know it can only get even more wild (well, maybe not). lol

Question #29
Does you appearance as a sexy woman help or hinder business deals?

When it comes to first impressions, it can be a bit of both. Being a woman in this business can open some doors, but closes others. I may be able to get to and/or chat with an important business contact at an event easier than say a male webmaster might. However, that same person may take me for just a content girl and not want to talk business until they get to know me as a person. I try not to let people categorize me, and just be the smart-assed bitch that I am.

Question #30
Do you ever fake it for the camera?

I am a very sexual person, and multi-orgasmic, so needless to say I am a orgasm junkie. So, when I do shoots and live shows, I always try to have fun (I'm playing with my pussy anyway, so why not try to get off too?!) Of course, there are some days when I am not in the mood, and have faked an orgasm for the viewers. Overall, I would say that 90% of my on-screen "o's" are real.

Question #31
What's the wildest request/email you ever got from a member?

I get all kinds of requests from my members, but most of them are pretty tame. Probably the strangest one I received was for a custom video. The guy sent me a script for a 2-hour custom video, all about me breaking my leg (fake, only for the video). He was going to send me the materials to make a leg cast, and the entire script followed me around, trying to do normal things in the cast. Along with whimpering in pain and crying. A girlfriend of mine got a request for a pie-fight video... Just 30 mins of someone throwing cream pies into her face. lol I don't know what was funnier, the pie vid request, or the fact that she did it!

Question #32
What does a person have to do to be considered as a male model who has sex with you on you site? Female?

Even though some shoots are posed, most of my work is real/live action. So, when I look for someone to shoot with me, it comes down to a connection/attraction between us. Of course, I want to get the sexiest guys and girls for my members, but when there is an attraction there, the sexual energy comes through in the pictures and video. Personality is very important to me as well... I would rather be with a "normal" guy, than a stuck-up steroid junkie.

Question #33
Favorite Food? Drink?

I am a pretty simple girl... I like a Steak and Potato, Mexican or a good old-fashioned cheeseburger and french fries. As for drinks, I like mai tais and long-island ice teas, but I usually drink Grey Goose and cranberry. The long islands usually kick my ass!

Question #34
How did you get into Playboy?

I heard about a Playboy open casting-call for women in "the lifestyle" (swingers/open-marriage). I sent in some of my photos to the email address listed, and in a few weeks, I got a call from the Chief Editor, asking me to come to the event and to be in the feature. I shot for Playboy in 2002 and the issue came out in July 2004. That's the last question. Thanks to Sleazy for ambushing me, and thanks to everyone for reading along and for all the great comments. I had a lot of fun with this!! If you guys have any other questions... now is the time to ask!! Last pic for you to enjoy:


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