Benoit is the real deal! He has an interesting and varied professional background as well as personal life. He grew in Paris. Then moved to the U.S. as a young adult where he discovered himself. Many people have said that talking to Benoit for any length of time helps you to get more in tune with yourself. Benoit is simply FUN to hang out with, and I look forward to seeing him at the conventions or anywhere else for that matter! Lets see what he has to share with us here.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Benoit

Question #1
What the fuck is with the 'monkey' bullshit?

My friend Aly likes to say - "Darling, I understand you're an animal, but that's absolutely no excuse to behave like one!" I am alive, I am an animal, and I am being human. I have a soul, I have a body, and I have a mind. In June 2004, I went to a desert retreat with one of my best friends and roommate, David. At 3:30AM, we arrived at the top of a rock, 50 feet above the ground, in Joshua Tree National Monument, a desert 1 hour North East of Palms Spring, CA. For 5 hours, we watched the sun rize from darkness to full day light. Under the moon, in the silence, I danced to the beat of universe... oh, oh, I'm getting too far here. OK, back to Earth. I danced, released my negative energies, my phisical tensions, screaming, letting it all out, for 3 hours, until I saw the first ray of sun light. From there, I received freely with my body, the clean energy of the desert sunrise. At that moment, I became aware for the first time of my animal self, my body self. My body became capable of jumping around from rocks to rocks: like a monkey. I then went from dancing to jumping around, bouncing on rocks. Then, slowly, I started to become aware of the energy that goes through my body, some I receive, some I create, and some goes thorugh. I realized that certain movement, very animal like, allowed me to actually create energy and feed it to my body, instantenously. If we human could be in touch with our animal self, we could be in tune, feel the energy in and around us, and follow the flow. We could be the animals who followed the flow that took them out of the path of destruction of the Tsunami. BTW, my chinese astrological sign is Monkey.

Question #2
Personally, I think you look a little like Jane Fonda, is there any possibility she might be your mom?

Funny you picked that story. On September, 23rd, 1968, at 6:15PM, at the Clinique du Belvedere, in Boulognes (attached to Paris), I was born. An hour later, I am in the arms of my mother in the hospital room. My Dad is there, taking pictures. Then he needs to go out, opens the door, and in front of him is a massive amount of paparazis in the corridor. My father likes to remember of this moment as his living dream of fame... Then he finds out that Jane Fonda just gave birth to the daughter of Roger Vadim, Vanessa Vadim, in the room next door. My familly back then had dreams of living among the stars, they just forgot to be one. Today, life is prevailing, and I know them happy in whatever state they are. Now, did someone switch the babies at birth. Unlikely.

Question #3
Talk about growing up as a frog.

Born from a protestant mother and catholic father. That should tell you all... I spent half of my childhood with the family on my mother's side, running in the fields, learning to cook, discovering nature, discovering the world, picking fruits on the trees at harvest, eating hunted prays or fished out fishes, growing plants, creating gardens, exploring the animal life in the dirt and in the zoos, and at the same time learning about history, obey strict disciplinary rules, eat what's on the table, clean up like everybody, and go to bed, when it's time for the children to go to bed. On my mother's side, my grand mother, a survivor of the great escape from Paris in the early 40s, and her husband, step father of my mother, was a wonded victim of the 2nd world war, from friendly fire... Son and grand son of French Army Generals... So, there were rules for everything. And I didn't have the right to complain, as I did not experience the war! On my father's side... it was all about pretending to be somebody. I was raised with rules of polytness: women first, then elders, down to the youngest male. Always open the door to a woman. Offer to carry a woman's luggage. Not speak at the dinner table with adults. Eat last as the youngest at the table. Go to catholic school starting around age 8, and hicking all over France to go pray in groups... And, I got to eat some of the best french food, best patisseries, deserts, expensive meats, fresh cuts, drink the best wines, stay with "important" people, live like a movie star, stay at the craziest houses, sail with the great international sale racers, fly on private planes. In other words, I have learned to live in a total fantasie world. And by the time I arrived in the United States when I turned 20, I had no personnal life. I didn't exist. Yet, I was alive.

Question #4
How do you astra travel? And when you astra travel can you go into the women's locker room?

Astra travel, that would be either getting in trance or letting my body fully rest, putting my mind in total relaxation, and travel with my soul through the infinite field of energy. Yes,I do astra travel. I experience states of trance during transcendental meditation. I go through phases when I can go in transcendental meditation every day. I want to do it every day, yet I still need more discipline. I aslo experience trancendental states by dancing. I have developed for myself a dance step, based on samba, I take the bit of the music and double it, and I lef go my feet like tap dancing at high speed, constantely, which keeps my body more in the air than on the ground. When I quiet completely my mind, and I let the music carry my body through its infinite potential range of motion, and once in cruise control, my eyes closed, my mind becomes a mirror that reflects visions of the universe. I travel through physical and energy dimensions, I find various parts of the hologram of the universe that exists at every moment in every particle of my body. I can communicate with other people's energy body, or more commonely called sub-consciousness. I have penetrated the energy of the wall of the meka and the presidential chair of the white house. I have felt the inside energy, and shared my energy of self respect and truth. I could go into a women's locker room, yet I would see the same thing that I see when I look at an individual. I would see a light shining through, coming from within a body, and more or less hidden by a mind drowned in thoughts or at peace.

Question #5
Are you still on vacation?

I came to the US on September 4th, 1988, at BWI, in MD, for one month of vacation. I have stayed in the US since then, and I am still on vacation. My whole life is a vacation. Work is part of my vacation. Whatever I do, I am doing it, whether for myself or somebody else. So, why separate work from my private life. The whole thing is my life. So, I let it be a vacation. All I do is to make the best of every moment. We all do the best we can, and that's the best there is to offer. I accept it, and I am free to live life as is.

Question #6
Talk about the gayness. When did it start? When/why did you come out of the closet? Are you interested in only one gender or still somewhat bi?

whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa (deep breath) When did it start: I have always been. When did I first act on it? Act on my gayness? You mean my attraction to other men. I first satisfied it on phone chat rooms while a teenager. We're talking early 80s here. Then I went to a porn theater when I turned 18 and got to play with a man for the first time... That was before women. Yep, that's right. I was so ashamed to be attracted to men, that I didn't even talk about it to my therapist that I saw for 3 years in my late teens... Social pressure, tabous, family religious belief, the image, you name it. I had to prove to myself that I was not gay. So, I married a beautiful and succesful Chinese French woman 14 years my elder, when I was 22, to prove to myself that I am made for women. Well, didn't I fool myself. I couldn't even be honest with my ex-wife and tell her that I had an attraction to men. So, 3 years into the marriage, I fall for a guy, and there is my first coming out: I tell my ex-wife, I am gay, I have met a man and I leave her. Well, that didn't go through too well... yet, for numerous reasons my ex-wife wanted me to stick with her. Well, it took 7 years of fantasies, lies and missunderstandings, yet 7 years filled with powerful and enriching experiences at all levels. Finally, we came to an agreement that our 2 lives were taking different directions. That's when I came out and started to be myself for the first time. I wish you could experience that feeling, and you can. In being myself, I find peace. Are you interested in only one gender or still somewhat bi? I am attracted by inner beauty. I am attracted to a body and soul that vibrates like mine. I enjoy as much perfection as a soul in need of emergency love. I have had some of the best sex with a total of 3 women, and god they new what they were doing... I have had more sex with men, unproportionally more.... Right now, I am into men, yet I could very well see myself with partners of both sex...

Question #7
Volunteer work - worth doing?

Am not clear on the question. I answer by taking the question for what it says. I like to look at volunteer work from a different perspective. For me, the meaning of volunteer implies a sacrifice, and sacrifices are unnecessary and long term damaging. So, I like to look at it as a gift of my time, a free gift. A free gift can be received freely. This is the law of Kharma, cause and effect. In our world today, anyone who can help, should give freely to support the cause of the human race...

Question #8
What kind of jobs did you have the adult industry.

OK, while I was studying at Cal State University, I worked as a manager for a french art gallery, Galerie Maeght. That only lasted one year. When I had to stop studying to support my ex-wife and her daughter, I decided that instead of paying to learn, I would get paid to learn. From that point on, every job I have had has been a learning experience. I worked at the gap for 6 months, until AirFrance hired me. I worked in customer service at LAX. Very interesting, lots of work and long hours though, part time employee with minimum benefit working an average of 45 hours a week, especially late nights... At the same time I worked at Air France, I was also an independant travel agent, taking care of the travel needs of a company. At the same time I started air france, I also started to work for a French Magazine, for French people in the US. I did the layout of the magazine, plus I managed and designed the advertising. After one year of that, I started working at Berlitz Translation Services, which later became Berlitz GlobalNET. I was working 3 jobs for 3 years. Total workoholic to escape I guess... At Berlitz GlobalNET, a company specialized on creating foreign versions of software, documents, websites, etc... For example our biggest clients were Microsoft (36 European language versions of Microsoft Office), Chrisler (translation of all the car manuals...), HP, etc... There, I started a DTP operator, (DeskTop Publishing), layout documents that had been translated back in their publishable format. Then I started climbing the corporate latter, to project, production, operation, sales and account manager. I got to travel regularly to New York our WW Headquarter, and to Dublin our European Headquarter for strategic meetings. For my last 2 years with Berlitz, I managed a $12M operation with about 60 employees. I was regularly on the plane (United 1K if that tells you anything), meeting with executives to explain how to integrate the creation of foreign versions of their product to their whole production chain. Very intereting. That should about wrap that one up.

Question #9
Weekend in Tahiti?

That's a quick one. When I worked at Air France, I could fly for the weekend to Tahiti for $50 in business class, of $250 in First Class from Los Angeles. That's when I was a workoholic. So, I took my wife and her daughter 5 times for 2 or 3 days. Each time I had a friend of my father, who was the head of the French equivalent FAA. He was in charge of airport and air traffic in the whole French Polinesia. And he could fly any plane. So, he would fly us to whatever island we were staying. One day, he took us to Bora Bora, to stay in over water bungalows... on the lagoon.... Well, I worked my ass off for Air France, and I am glad I took advantage of these flight benefits...

Question #10
What do you think of Greg Dumas? Why does he continue to employ you?

Greg hired a gay guy, to manage his straight business, at a time when there was still a big gap between the gay and straight side of the business. He diserves respect for that. Greg and I share the responsibility of his business. We have full trust in each other.

Question #11
How does an open relationship work if you want to see a fling again?

My boyfriend and I have one rule in our relationship. He does what he wants, and I do what I want. This forces each of us to own our own actions. No blaming others for my own actions. We both are true to our feelings. We do each see flings again. Yet, if an emotional attachment did occur from the fling, then I would be very clear about the limits and where my heart belongs. I had to make myself clear a few times... so did my boyfriend. Open relationship allows us to have fun when we feel like it!

Question #12 and #13
Talk about your time in university and how it changed your life? Why did you come to the USA?

(2 questions together) I went all the way through High school in the Paris suburbs, then did one year of scientific university in Paris as well: 32 hours a week of math physics biology and chemistry... I was bored to tears and stopped going there before the year was over... My father was looking for any ways to not have to pay for my studies so he pushed me to enroll in a military school, so the government would pay... In July 1988, I passed the medical tests for joining the French military. On September 4, 1988, I landed in BWI, Baltimore Washington International airport, to stay for 1 month with a family to learn English in Annapolis, MD. While I was there, I turned 20, and around the same day I received the results of my military medical tests: because of my poor vision, the only schooling I qualified for, was the the management of weapon stocks at the bottom of war ships... A couple days later, I meet these friends of the family I was staying with, and they ask me if I would be an aupair (full time baby sitter)for them to take care.

Question #14
What kind of men/women do you prefer sexually?

In an ideal world, I am extremely turned on by a man or woman who is as beautiful on the inside as on the outside. I am turned on by a man or a woman who is free sexually. I have slept with men of all colors and all sizes, and each time I have discovered a new approach to pleasure from a culture different as mine. I am also, and I believe this is natural to all of us, turned on by love.

Question #15
Have you ever been high or drunk at a webmaster event?


Question #16
How many adult conventions do you attend a year?

In 2 years in the industry, I must have averaged a convention every month. Phoenix Phorum has the best intimate feel for me. Internext Florida, has the craziness taste that I like. Webmaster Access I like for the more intimate environment. I have noticed that if I go to too many shows, I spend more time partying and recovering. I enjoy efficiency. So, I had to change the diet this year, more on the light side.

Question #17
How much travel do you do for work and where does it take you?

I go to Toronto about every 45 days. I generally stay there for 5 days. You ad a convention every 2 month. I just paid a visit to my good friend Cybercat in Florida. Had a amazing time. Last year, going to Curacao was a fun experience. I am on the plane at least once a month for sure. Everywhere I go, I always have a fun time, and I make new friends who I can trust in business.

Question #18
Do you fly first class?

What I have learned in life, especially since arriving in the USA, is to take adventage of the system, instead of being a victime of the system. I have learned to stay faithful to one airline and take advantage of the miles reward system. >From 1989-1991, I flew regularly to France on Pan Am from Washington, and even while paying student fares, I was able to fly 90% of the time upgraded in business or first. When I worked at air france I only flew business and first (international first is quite something...) When I worked at Berlitz, I flew United all the time, and the majority of my trips were in first and business, especially on the long transpacific flights, in the upper deck of 747s. 2 years ago, I switched to American, and now that I have rebuild my status, I can upgrade again, although now most upgrades cost a minimum extra. I have never bought a first class or business class ticket, other than free international first and business class tickets to Europe using miles.

Question #19
Have you ever experienced any prejudice due to your sexual orientation?

Other than being called names by passing cars while standing in front of a gay club, I am not aware of any prejudice due to my sexual orientation. I have gained more attention due to my sexual orientation. I have been approached by quite a few straight men though who wanted to know more about my sexuality...

Question #20
Why LA?

In June 1990, I met my future wife in Washington DC. It was love at first site. I was 22 living in DC, she was 36, living in Paris, France, with a 12 year orld daughter. We spent one year in a long distance relashionship; I was flying once a month for a weekend or more to be with her in Paris. After 6 months in our relationship we wanted to get married. We got married in the South of France on July 25th, 1991. Then the question was, where do we live together? I told her that I could live anywhere she wants in the US, but that I would not move back to France, as I enjoyed my new found freedom in the US. So, I told her we could live anywhere she wants in the US. She choose Los Angeles, because he sister lived there. On August 27th, 1991, we flew together, wife and step daughter to Los Angeles, to start a new life. I love Los Angeles. #1 reason people say they live in L.A. is the weather, and I am the same Los Angeles is a great transit city. It is easy to go pretty much anywhere in the world from here. This is also a very cosmopolitan city, there are large communities from all over the world. Los Angeles has the 2nd largest population of Chinese outside of China, and there are more Armenians in Glendale that in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia. Finally, I love Los Angeles because of the nature that is in and around the city. The deserts are spectacular, montains are short distance from the city, there are hiking trails all over, and the beach front is 39 miles long.

Question #21
What kind of porn turns you on? Do you surf?

Let's start with I used to surf for porn, prior to joining the industry. I had found 3 gay tgp sites that gave me all the free porn I wanted, and I never purchased any membership to any site. Plus through Kazaa, I downloaded so many entire porn movies, that I really didn't even need to surf for them anymore. Over a year ago, I used that prior experience to try to figure out where straight porn surfers were going, and then I discovered all the straight tgp sites, which I had never seen before since I was surfing for gay content. It amazed me back then to see that almost no webmaster programs were taking advantage of tgp sites for traffic. Kimmy Kim is the one who introduced me to Cybercat and it's been a love story since then. Back to my porn interest. Today, I have access to enough porn that I don't need to surf for it. I like to check out everyone's new content, gay or straight, just to see if I find something new and original. If I am looking for a quick release, I'll look for forplay scenes. A slow progress, where the tension has time to build inside me before it explodes on the screen. I prefer hot, well build men, who look like they are really enjoying themselves. I like those interviews of guys picked up on the street and asked to do things they are not used to...

Question #22
Who do you admire in the adult industry? Who do you dislike?

First, I accept people as they are, so I do not dislike anyone. Now, admiring is a strong word. I respect anyone who plays fare games, anyone who is able to be him or herself in fun and in business. Aly Drumond is the first person to introduce me to people in the industry, we have similar ways of thinking and we have become very close friends. Morgan Summers from Cybersocket, introduced me to the gay side of the industry. We have become very close friends as well, as well as with Tim his boyfriend. Kimmy Kim, Ms Super Energy, we've gone a long way together. Very efficient, and we share similar passions for water activities. Less than a year ago, I met Cybercat Mark and his wife Parney. They are amazing people, and we have lots of things in common. We have become close friends as well. Brent, ElvisMansonXXX is a great friend, and is always a great support to me. SEGuru Darren and Brandy, we have shared so many fun times and experiences. Paycom Rand, a true party guy like me, so is the previous Ambush interviewy, Mr Halcion himself ;) Garry Magic, my friend the magician, him and I share a spiritual connection. Tina Fiorina, she's my girl! Leslie Sharp, VividCash, a great friend and great support. Tanja Rahman, GoodThinxx, we met a year and a half ago and it's been a total love story since then. Scott SleazyDream, lots of intimate stories between you and I ;) I have had a few and very interesting exchanges with Chris Mallick. Lynn Cole, a total spiritual connection. TotemCash Richard, we definitely have the french connection going on! Sweetums Lisa, wherever we meet in North America, it's connecting time. Lots of love and passion there. SexyScribe Cynthia, Gamma Karl and Eric, VidVicious, to stay in the Montreal connection, all special people with a special place in my life. YNotBob Twinkley, we haven't seen each other in a long time, yet we sure shared special moments. TomD, Mr Python finance, one of my best friends. NakedSword Holly, a hard working woman and a very close friend. AVN Chad, a new found friend. Elissa and Tanker, I love these guys. Elissa and I started in the industry at the same time. Steve Lightspeed, Damian Orgasm, Rick Latona CSJ, LegendaryLars, who were all at that dinner table in Los Angeles the night I talked about my spontaneous orgasm... I could go on and on and on. And I know there are many more people I enjoy in the industry. My apologies for not mentioning your name, you are in my thoughts though.

Question #23
What are the most profitable things you pursue online?

Today, I am all about TGP and search engine traffic: giving people what they are looking for when they are looking for it. Higher retention, lower credits and charge backs. As simple as that.

Question #24
What was it like living in a mansion in DC?

My best friend in DC was house sitting for a billionaire Lebanese politician, and I got to enjoy spending a lot of my time in this 4 story mansion in Dupont Circle, getting drunk, smoking pot, eating royal meals, and having lots of fun in bed and on the floor.... Surround sound all over the house in the late 1980s.... I forgot to mention as part of my being raised as a frog experience: I learned music since the age of 4. The only degree I have ever completed is in music theory, 10 years... I play the recorder, the piano and the cello. My ex-wife is a professional classical musician. Until I separated from her in 2001, I have been to classical concerts an average of twice a week since I was 4 years old... All this to say, that in a house that had sound in every room, I have been able to experience with music: popular music and its evolution to more spiritual forms. Today, I have discovered that behind music, there is sound. I believe that sound is the next form of energy that will elevate mankind to a higher state of consciouness.

Question #25
Why should anyone care about Haiti?

HAITI: Between 1983 to 1987, I was part of a group of teenagers, who with the support of adults, created a humanitarian organization to bring help to poor people in Cap Haitian, in the north of Haiti. The main purpose was to find a way to make protein available to children under the age of 6, when their brain is in development. I'll put more details, below, on the story for those interested. I went twice to Haiti. Now, why should anyone care? Haiti is compeeting with Ethopia for the Oscar of Poverty. When I see Haiti, I see an extreme result of the state of today's global consciousness. Here a necessary piece of information to understand the rest of what I will write about: As a living being, I am made of two oposites, I accept it, and I am at peace with it. Check out the movie: "What the Bleep do we know" I'll give a list of books at the end of the interview. Quantum mechanics present a perspective where the smallest element we know as a particule, alternates between two parallele universe constantely. OK, now: Haiti is the most extreme country I know, where people have the highest respect for life, yet, throughout history, a large number of Haitians have killed each other like I would crush a fly on the wall. 2 oposites: total respect and lack there of. Now, why should Haitians respect themselves, when they work in European and American factories doing manual labor, 6 days a week for $1 a day, and go live in tin shaks where 12 people take turn to sleep, during the low tide, that they pay $4 a month for. I have participated in food distribution to the poor of the poorest of the poorest country in the world. I came out of the experience with a great sense of humility. I witnessed for the first time, human beings in total state of enlightenment and trapped on a land where they cannot grow their food anymore. Now, I know a lot of people like me who have participated in aid ventures in Haiti. And today, the situation there, I judge, is beyond repair. The only salvation for this country is for foreign nations to leave them completely alone. What matters is the awareness of this symptom, which would be categorized by the mind, the same as a stomach ulcer in the human body. So, more details on the Haitian story: Between 1983 to 1987, I was part of a group of teenagers, who with the support of adults, created a humanitarian organization to bring help to poor people in Cap Haitian, in the north of Haiti. With my friends, we organized dance events for teenagers, once a month, and collected a lot of cash that allowed us to go to Cap Haitian in August 1986, 1 month after the ousting of Baby Doc, the Duvalier self imposed president of Haiti. We were a group of friends from Catholic sunday school and the city where I lived, Vaucresson, near Versailles, was sister city of Cap Haitian. When we arrived in Port Au Prince, we were greated by the Archbyshop of Haiti, himself and a delegation. The catholic church had triggered the revolution that took place a month before. We brought all the money we had collected with us, and started several projects: we helped build a school, a village for the poor of the poor, we filled up the city library with books we collected back in France, and we started a piciculture project: raising tilapia fish in basins we helped dig. Above the basins, pigs are raised, and the pig shit falls into the basins to feed the fishes. Each fish can lay 5000 eggs. The result is to get thousands of fish every week, dry them in the sun, and grind them into protein powder to give to children under the age of 6, when their brain is in development. I went back in June 1991, before getting married, to check on things, and found that the new political situation was very unstable and the projects were being abandoned... There were gangs killing people in their homes in Port Au Prince, road blocks all over the country where people were getting robbed and killed, and a lot of people started to disappear again. Several people I knew 5 years before were unaccounted for. When I went back to Paris, I gave a report of the situation to the association and that was the last of my involvement with it.

Question #26
How many times have you been married? What's your opinion on homosexuals getting married?

I was married once. Married in 1991, separated in 2001. 11 years field with fascinating experiences. The reason we got married, I mean going in front of the mayor at city hall, was to get a piece of paper, showing that we are married, so we could get a visa for her as the wife of a foreign student. For me, the mariage was just a piece of paper. My experience of love in a relationship goes way beyond the limitation of a piece of paper. I told my wife every day I loved her. So, my feelings are the same for same sex mariage. Now, definitions of mariage, rules, are creations of the mind, rules imposed by a collective mind, which as I see as imposing on the individual. Life prevails. There are several theories out there, pointing to an ultimate being, hermaphrodite, living in total and permanent connection with the universe, the fate of humanity.

Question #27
How many celebs have you met in person? Who?

Interesting questions. Celebrity status is another creation of the mind, which I see right through. I have however, met numerous of those that fit the celebrity status. During my childhood, I have met French musicians, singers, politicians and journalists. Through my ex-wife, I have met Yo-Yo Ma on a few occasions. Yo-Yo and my ex-wife share a part of their early childhood. Yo-Yo Ma is an international concert cellist, quite an enlightened being. My accelerated "celebrity" encounters happened when I worked at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport), for Air France. Numerous celebrities of the entertainment world go back and forth between France and Los Angeles, and Air France has the only regular daily non stop to and from Paris. I remember accompanying Oliver Stone at the last minute to the plane, enough to hear him talk about his latest movie of the time. I participated or organized the checkin and boarding process for Elizabeth Taylor. I remember the first time I saw her, she had reserved the whole 8 first class seats of the last Air France DC-10 flight to Paris. This used to be her world in the air for decades, back and forth to the Cannes Festival. Michael Jackson graced us with his mask, and I heard stories from the flight crew that flew with him to Paris in first class, that he was shooting with his lazer gun at the passengers and at the crew during the whole flight. They said that he wanted to fly a regular commercial flight, so he would get to hold his passport in his hand for once. The crew also said that he would not get off the plane in Paris, because he had a lot of fun during the flight and he didn't want it to stop. I remember Mel Gibson jocking with every one along the way as I walked him to the first class lounge through security. I remember Marlon Brando, who used to own an Island, a bird reserve, right next to the Island of Tahiti. Because of his family murder story, he was banned from Tahiti. So he would come to the airport to accompany his friends would were leaving to stay in his property in French Polynesia. I remember one day when Shimon Perez, severale time cabinet member of the Israeli government. We had the secret service down our neck, and I was in charge of the departure of the plane... I remember Jean Jacques Annaud, french director well know in the US for his movie The Bear. He was flying regularly, as he was working with Sony Pictures in Culver City. One day, he asked me why I was working for Air France, it didn't make sense to him. You'd think that I would have jumped at the oportunity to talk to him. No, I just said, "I know what I'm doing" DUH, anyway, that was then... LOL We had to take care of the Soudi Arabian family members on a regular basis. One day they bought a 727 and hired one of my colleagues to fly them to NY, to catch the Royal Jet boeing 747. All that because first class was full, and some family members can only travel in first class. The Bongo family, self elected president for life of Gabon, in Africa. They used to be great friends of the French government. They would travel regularly, because they had a huge mansion in Bel Air. One day, a friend of mine offered to carry Mrs Bongo's purse as they were rushing to the plane, he almost dropped the bag to the floor, as it was full of gold bars. When Nina Simons travelled, she was always drunk, and a nasty drunk. I was assigned to take care of her because I knew her music, and I treated her like a star. The challenge was to get her to the plane in her seat, without creating a major drama. I could go on and on. I have met very interesting people and enlightened people like Gregory Peck, and I have met people who were destroyed by drug and alcohol abuse close to no recognition... Being a public celebrity means being a prisoner of the global mind. Do you want that?

Question #28
If you couldn't work in online porn - what would you do?

Ultimately, I have my own project that I want to launch. An event called Pangaea. The next generation in entertainment for adults, spiritual entertainment. A universal and interractive celebretion of life. An event that will raise people's awareness, or self consciousness. An event that will bring people to realize that we are all one.

Question #29
What exactly do you do in online porn anyway?

I consider myself a consultant. With Greg Dumas, we run www.fasterbucks and I also work with Greg on new business opportunities and consulting work. My focus is on marketing, Greg's company is a marketing consulting agency. I also like to introduce people to each other when I see opportunities for them to work together.

Question #30
What kind of car do you drive?

I drive an all black 2002 Toyota Cellica. This is a compact, light, fast, and economical car with the minimum comfort I need to spend hours on the roads of Los Angeles. My car is like my shoes, it just needs to take me where I need to go and be comfortable for the ride.

Question #31
Are gay men into buying shoes in the same way women are?

That's the funniest question. I know some gay men who are into buying shoes in the same way a lot of women do. I have 3 pairs of shoes at all time, plus a pair of strong boots for hicking and snow. I need a pair of sandals, which I wear almost everyday in L.A, a pair of comfortable tennis shoes that I can wear anywhere and that I can dance in, those have to be extremely comfortable and resistent, Merrel's are the best so far. Then I need one pair of more dressy shoes. I know a lot of straight men with way more pairs of shoes than I have. That's it your Honour. I have answered all the questions.

I just need to share that list of books I talked about earlier. I'll be back for that. For the novice: a must see movie: "What the bleep do we know?". For the apprentice: - "The Power of Now" by Eckhart Tolle - "The Seven Spiritual Laws of Yoga" by Deepak Chopra. - "Gifts for the Soul" by Dawn Clark - The Elegant Universe: Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions, and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene - Power vs. Force: The Hidden Determinants of Human Behavior by David R. Hawkins There are more books I could recommend for those who are more advanced in their level of awareness. Finally I want to share the 7 mantras of the seven spiritual laws of yoga. I use these mantras, in their sanscript version, every day, several times a day, to bring myself back in the present and be connected with the energy of the universe: Sunday: The law of potentiality: I am pure existence Monday: The law of giving and receiving: I am the nourisher of the iniverse. Tuesday: The law of Karma, or cause and effect: my actions are in alignment with costmic law. Wedesday: the law the least effort: my actions achieve maximum benefit with minimal effort Thursday: the law of intension and desires. My intension and desires are supported by cosmic intelligenec Friday: the law of detachement: my actions are blisfully free from attachemtn to outcome. Saturday: the law of Darhma or purpos in life: my actions are in harmony with cosmic.




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