Mike Hawk

It seems Mike was almost bread for the Adult Internet Party scene, growing up in LA, Mike started working the club scene rising to the top of the ranks as a promoter and getting to know everyone and anyone of any significance who was out at night. A late start in porn, his company has grown to the point where it's a considerable force in the industry and worth checking out. Smashbucks is a very cool program and one I suggest you check out. Mike's a very cool guy to talk to and someone who I think you should take the time and get to know a little better!

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on Mike Hawk

Question #1
How were you able to steal Ellisa?

Ellisa, that was good huh? First we love her and are so happy to have her on board with our growing company. Right when I met her and Tanker for the very first time, Joe and I felt as though we knew each other for a long time or in another life. We stayed in touch met at shows, had dinners went shopping and tons of laughs. Vegas rolls around and we had some more great dinners (the 60 dollar burgers), more shopping and hung out in the spas at Mandalay and The Hotel, just having fun. We all came back after the show and I sat down to my computer about 2 or 3 days after show, to a message saying "guess what" ..... at that point, we said "hey you wanna jump on board with us"......... she said "hell yeah" ...and here we are. Very lucky to have her!

Question #2
How did you rise though the ranks in the LA club scene?

Good question...remember that guy in highschool who had the best parties? Well I was that guy in my high school, one of those who wanted to have the parties instead of going to them. Besides ours were always better..lol better music, i was the DJ, and played some major parties and clubs aroud town with a fake ID at the time. I was also one of those very lucky DJ's to have the skills to be able to report to the radio stations and trades what I played. Had some of the greatest friends and it just spun from there onto the sunset strip and all other areas, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, San Fernando Valley and Malibu. With a big bag of Cocaine and some money I walked into a little radio station at the time KROQ here in Pasadena, to buy ad time and get a club off the ground, later the DJ that did my spots, they hired him, then he became one of there top DJ"s...Richard Blade. In fact the great story of his name is the razor I was chopping lines on the console held it up, while they were trying to figure out a name for him "blade" i said as I snorted up a big fat line.....so it was timing and the building up some of the long lasting relationships within that part of the business, not to mention the station became the no.1 station in LA. Needless to say Richard Blade gave me a lot of love, free ads, talking about our clubs etc. It made me and what I did infamous and the place to be even more. 75 clubs,4 nights a week we had a function going on and 17 years later...I stepped away from that business and life style with some amazing storys some money and my life just barely. I was lucky and did exactly what we wanted to do, had fun made money and lived so in the moment...it was scary!

Question #3
How come you always seem to be sucking on a stinky cigar?

Nothing like a good Cuban Cigar! Its what started it all with my partner Joe Spikes and myself. I had already been smoking cuban cigars for many years. Since I dont do drugs or drink anymore I became a cigar snob...lol I would say it was a once in a while deal maybe 16 years ago, i had a friend that lived at the top of the mountains next to the actor Warren Beaty, i would sit out and smoke cigars with these guys and i would just listen to some of the most amazing conversations ever, over a cigar. He then when he would travel have me watch after his cigars, that was a mistake...after smoking them all the last time, i never got to watch them again...lol that is what started it all.. I have traveled the world in search for some of the last cuban cigars that are collectors items to some people. Sent first class to anyplace to find these items. The most color ful person i met was a man named John Cohn, his name may not sound familar but he was the son of Harry Cohn, the founder of columbia pictures film studio. If you saw the movie Godfather one, when the horses head was in the bed of the Studio head, that was this guys Father. (and that was a true story, but the head of the horse was not found in the fathers bed but the son John ) Not only rich but nuts, he and I meet for the very first time, he hands me a cigar that is supposed to be the best in the world, i light it up and it tastes funky, now what do you say to man like this, do you tell him its good and lie? or do you tell him the truth..i said to him that they are fakes and taste like crap. He looked at me with a long glaring look and says ...realllly? I say no shit....He then told what cigar in the world he liked if i could find it, he would send me there as many times to get his cigars first class always. Found them and it made for some of the most interesting travels for sure. I was a part owner in a Cigar Store in Malibu CA....sat and smoked cigars with some of the amazing famous and not so famous people in the world. Smashbucks was built over cigars and lots of coffee ...my partner Joe and I would sit in the garage and dream up ideas and just fucking laugh our ass's off. Grace, you are one very sexy woman, thank you for the super amazing words, i dont know what to say except, here is a little pic that I took at the players ball of you taking a drag on my cubano cigar...........HOT

Question #4
What happened to your cigar store?

The cigar store, that cigar store was located in the most beautiful part of California, Malibu. It was like a club house, and it was a time in my life I was still trying to figure out what was to be the next big thing. I was married now, and had an amazing little girl. Growing up in LA I was used to seeing most everything and anything, also when it came to celebrities etc. But Malibu was almost too much to handle ...so nuts. But just seemed like a small town also. I remember leaning over and saying to a group smoking cigars, that included Alec Baldwin, Gary Busey, Pierce Bronsen, Robert Downey and a few others, "Malibu is like Mayberry RFD on the Andy Griffith show, but with a different income bracket" It was so true. Things were not going to hot with who I was married to, and had to leave her, it was a very painful experience and at the time I really did not know what happened or what went wrong? I all knew was my daughters parents were splitting up. So 2 weeks after that my partner and I split up at the Cigar Store, and just like that I was out of Malibu, but with my daughter with me safe. Turns out the mother was doing Heroin and some other assorted drugs and had a mini orgy going on the whole time while I was as work, nice huh? So out of the Cigar Store and off to re invent thy self one more time....

Question #5
Why porn?

Why not?....................... Its a business that will never ever go away, and just seems to keep growing and growing. Also i just dont like that word "porn" i like to say Adult Entertainment. Most important we work remote and started that way with Smashbucks, and that gives me all the time to be a single Dad to my daughter. I was just saying to a very very good friend while in Phoenix on a limo bus back from a function, this person was telling me they were not happy, I said "just think of how lucky we are....we get to go eat for free, go to parties, meet great fun people, travel, and the best part GET PAID...

Question #6
What caused you to change your personal consumption of and attitude on drugs and booze?

Well.........first part of the question: I donít think that I could get any higher, drunker, or live closer to the edge for as many years as I did with out quitting or ending up dead. I was never really that great High on Coke or drunk, when I was I thought I was the no.1 shit that is for sure. But looking back it was really sad and pathetic. Yeah so I had some of the most amazing nights...that would turn into weeks at time, so what I got paid to party running those clubs, great, so what? Donít get me wrong I donít regret one thing I did, itís what makes me who I am today. I like to think of that part of my life like the Van Halen verse: " ive been to the edge...and I stood looked down".... Over 16 years ago, I made a personal decision to not do drugs or booze anymore and do things different this time around and see what happens? So far I am hear to tell you this ride has been even more intense than the first! Some of the stuff that I have done this last 16 has been even more crazy fun this time around that most people at the shows would never know that I donít drink or get high...lol Not talking bout that really bad behavior ...just some fun stuff. As far as what you do, or anyone else around me that is strictly up to you and I donít judge! I will be the first one to pour the drinks for everyone etc. At this point comfortable in my own skin...

Question #7
How many adult conventions do you attend a year?

Letís see...this year we were at Internext Florida and Las Vegas, Phoenix, YP Mexico, CyberNet Expo, Webmaster Access Santa Monica What is so strange is, some of these shows were not going to go to, and thank goodness we did, hooking up and meeting some of the strongest friends ever at each one. It just seems the more shows we go to the more interesting this biz becomes and how all the dots start to connect. Which brings us to the present day and our great time with had with Lars, Sean, Fred and everyone in Phoenix, and the hook up now for this WHITE TRASH warm up party we are joining forces to throw down together. That is some fun stuff, getting to know someone on business and personal levels at shows, get to look them in the eye when you are talking. I really enjoyed our party with YANKS, WEBAIR, CASH TITANS...that was a kick ass opening party for the Forum... If Joe and I canít make to a show for instance Montreal or YP Jamaica, Ellisa goes with Mr. Tanker.

Question #8
What's your opinion of those people who get wacked out at conventions?

Well that is their business... its sad, you are there to represent your company and yourself... Would we do biz with someone who we see all messed up? NO But at the same time, "party on" is my motto...hey one of the biggest reasons that keeps me from being "that wacked out person" is ...Advantage me or us. I never ever wanted to give anyone the Advantage on me ever again...if you are fucked up or wacked out of your mind, you are going to loose...

Question #9
Who are your business partners?

Joe Spikes! Partner One of the truly great people that i have met in my life. Lucky enough to hook up and do ok, in this biz together. >From Denver CO, drummer in a rock band that was signed to Interscope records, cigars smoking coffee drinking workoholic like myself...we had lots in common. One of the great guys out there in the world...! Here we are at the Phoenix forum opening party!

Question #10
Are you making more money now than when you were in the club scene or the cigar biz?

We are doing ok...........What is so great about this biz, the register never closes, you are not limited to the walls, ceilings,parking or anything else that can prevent you from making any amount of money you can in this biz....that is what i love about, the ultimate challenge.

Question #11
What is an Insomnia Cafe?

Sobered up after all those years, in 1989 opened the Insomnia Cafťs, there were 2 Hollywood on Beverly (still there) and the other on Ventura Blvd Sherman Oaks. It was an amazing place for creative young/old free thinkers to socialize, smoke and drink lots of java. The Insomnia Cafe became a very popular place to be at night, our hours were 9am to 3am on the weekdays and 9am to 4am on the weekend. According to Entertainment weekly magazine our little cafe was the best place to be seen after midnight anywhere in the USA. The cafe was 980 square feet in size, which is not that big to accommodate the people that came to the Cafe. The Insomnia opened and became so busy it was an impact to the business area that backed residential, so the neighbors were not to happy about moving to the neighborhood, so we battled over 4 year, in and out of court. When going to do battle with City Hall, one must remember that they have endless resources. I found this out the hard way, and it cost me my business. The way they hurt me was to cut my hours to close at midnight weekdays and weekends at 1am. Not good. One Highlight that stands out for me, was the television show FRIENDS was created in the Insomnia cafe...that is right the show was created in Insomnia Cafe in the first booth on the right...the original show was called for the pitch meeting was called Insomnia Cafe, later of course they changed the title and rest is history. Meanwhile in front of my monitor are a framed first script and a thank you letter from the shows creators. No money came from this, but it makes for a great story such at times like this.... Running two stores, 23 people working there, fighting city hall every other day...it was just to much and I cracked...So one day I freaked out and walked out....taking my cash register, favorite chair and the coffee machine, never looking back. I do miss it, there were so many highlights, one of them was a trip to Costa Rica, surfing for 3 weeks, coming out of the jungle into a hotel, looking up at the ceiling and what were the chances of seeing 1 of 100 baseball caps hanging there? We printed 100 baseball caps when we first opened in 90, in 91 I was in Costa Rica, and I freaked out seeing this cap hanging in the middle of no where in this 3rd world country. It was a sign for sure.

Question #12
Talk about your life style when you were in the club scene.

Well, I did like to party, no doubt about that one, but it was all about biz with me also. I maintained a certain image, (or thought I did lol) It was about promoting what it was I was doing, a new club an event etc. I was very super lucky to be invited to all the parties always, and to be running events myself that were ongoing weekly popular places to go to. Having that kind of power running some of the biggest clubs in LA comes with its many perks...lol

Question #13
Who do you look up to in the adult online business? Down on?

Well I think that I respect most that have come before us and made mistakes and achieved greatness and wealth from this business, maintaining a manner of class and professionalism along the way. So many people I look up to, I could start to make a list of everyone and honestly what happens with a list ike that is I could have a "brain fart" and forget someone, it thats never good. The person I look up to is my partner Joe, who I know is one of the hardest working guys in this biz, I just cant believe all the hours we have clocked in the past 4 years. It all started with Joe Spikes first edits and music... I donít ever look down on anybody...

Question #14
If you could not work in Adult - what would you do for money?

Hmmm I dont know, but I know that I could and would find my way into the "next thing" for sure. For some unknown reason, i have had that kind of luck so far in my life.

Question #15
How many women and or men have you had sex with in your life?

This question is an odd one....first letís make this clear "flaming heterosexual" for sure, dis man like the women. Ok, that being said here what I can say about this question. You got to read about the complete domination of a number of years of the entire LA nightlife scene, so if you just close your eyes and use your imagination ...you might be close. Now, if I say itís allot of girls/women that I have slept with I am a hero among the men on the GFY board and the world, if I say no, then I am a liar and a saint to the women on this board. Lets just say I have had enough women in my life to know, or come close to what the "meaning of life is" I simply just donít kiss and tell; even itís a number or a name, that has always been something that I have lived by my whole life. I would not want anyone else that I am with or not to be treated any different, with regards to respect.

Question #16
What's the kinkiest thing you've ever done?

Top secret information or does not have the guts to answer.

Question #17
Why do you still live in LA?

LA....ahhhh well, that is a great place and was home for a long time... 3 years ago I moved 90 miles outside LA just above Lake Arrowhead, its super clean air, great schools, and almost zero crime is what works for us. But...missing the ocean really bad...7 custom surfboards, and no place to surf up here. Been spending alot of time down in San Diego, love it there. So the next big move might be down south to the beachs of San Diego. My buddy Caza and I were at the hotel doing some research for the upcoming WHITE TRASH BASH @ Cybernet Expo show, and stopped off at a super cool surf break near Pacific Beach, below is a pic of that day.

Question #18
What kind of car do you drive? (pic)

1960 Chevy Long bed, 2004 Suburban. No pics....sorry.

Question #19
Do you own your home(s)? Pics please

Top secret information or doesn't want to get robbed.

Question #20
Is it true all casinos on the net are rip offs?

That is not the case, just like adult systems, casinos or anything out there, its not the program, its the people or program owners that steal. Be honest, run things right, stay in the game for a long time, is something we live by!

Question #21
Why classic vintage 80's porn content?

Classic Vintage content rocks! Set the standard for they way adult movies are made etc. Old partners used to own the company we license all of our movies with. Most of the movies done in film not video, and done by mainstream famous directors. Besides some of the newer porn stars should take a class and just site and watch Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon, or Oral Annie give a blowjob, its just a thing of beauty. All the old movies came on 1 inch masters, and we had to bring them back to digital, color correct and have a ton of patience, but it has seemed to have paid off. Surfers seem to really like, and so do our webmasters that make there money on these sites. One webmaster that brought us allot of sales awhile ago, hit me up on ICQ a couple of weeks ago, and said "hey I am still getting checks from you guys..." This webmaster had not promoted our program for over 1 1/2 years, that is some "sick" retention. He is back with us sending some quality traffic and sales. We are ready to release 2 new sites, ORIGINAL PORNSTARS.COM AND BUSTY CLASSICS.COM all in the same classic feel. We also have a bunch of other niche sites due next. There will only be one: John Holmes, Ron Jeremy, Ginger Lynn, Christy Canyon, Peter North, Tom Byron, Seka, Barbra Dare, Amber Lynn, John Lesile, Harry Reems, Little Oral Annie and so many more..... We wanted to be the Ted Turner of the Adult movie world, bringing back the Classics

Question #22
Do you love what you do or is it just a job to you?

Work? you kidding...every business i have ever started or worked with was about fun...it continues with this business more than ever. I have the most amazing partner who is also my best friend. We have taken this small biz out of the garage and it keeps growing and growing... and we are still laughing. Not only do I get to work with my buddy but from home/office remote style, grow a business from the ground up, go to shows and meet some truly amazing people along the way, make some friendships I know will last a life time, pay the bills, put some money in the bank, and still have a great time every day! We work remote, Ellisa is in Canada, Joe Spikes is in Denver Colorado, Carlito is just below San Francisco, and I am in Lake Arrowhead California. I have not mentioned one of our people, Carlito who is one of the most talented webmasters we work with. He has been with us almost from the very start of our business. How he found us: Joe posted on this board and it was his first "spam style" post and just got murdered by everyone lol, so Carlito feeling sorry for Joe, they started to talk and rest is history, great scripts and functions plus some amazing ideas have come from Carlito!

Question #23
Ever killed someone? Mame, hurt? Discuss any organized crime connections you may have.

Kill someone? ...plenty of times...only in my mind...lol Closest thing to the "mob" or "organized crime" was in my Beverly Hills clubs or at other functions, approached many times to do certain things, never accepted for some reason, it was for sure what saved my life. I saw many people end up dead over a period of time. I had 4 clubs going at full steam every week, with full distribution if I wanted to branch out into the Cocaine traffic business, could have I even got to meet Eddie Nash (before wonderland murders) on one occasion, I was dating Karyn Rachtman, the sister of the MTV dj Riki Rachtman, and she was telling me that this guy that owned the Starwood club in Hollywood owed her brother 500 bucks. Wanting to help and being a big shot on the strip running all those clubs I thought I would go in and collect this bill with Riki to make sure it got done. i walked into the office of this man Eddie Nash, and felt at that moment that I should not be there, i had this sixth sense telling me I was in some danger, what that was not sure, but the message playing thru my mind was "get the fuck out of there now" It was not that he was a big man, it was that he was a scary man, his eyes and just the air in the room was wack. Plus he had this huge black man as a body guard sitting in the dark with sunglasses on. So he asks me what I want, first question, say " hey you owe money to Riki" he says "so"? then kept asking me why I was there? Until I got us out of there, on the way out, i told Riki I would pay him the 500 bucks he owed him, and never go back there ever. Turns out i was very accurate on who this guy was, and the feeling I had was very real. Not very long from then the Laurel Canyon, Wonderland murders happened that same large black man was the man that supposedly did some killing.

Question #24
Highest formal education completed? Opinion on school in general and the different levels of education?

2 years college, studied business. To quote Mark Twain: "SCHOOL NEVER GOT IN THE WAY OF MY EDUCATION" I feel the very same way as Mark Twain.

Question #25
Ever had an STD? Been tested?

Very lucky, NEVER. I get tested on a regular basis by my doctor.

Question #26
What kind of porn turns you on?

Well that really depends on the mood... Love the girls every which way possible that is for damn sure....

Question #27
Describe your idea of the most sexy person on the planet.

Well this is a number of people, combined together, any combination of features etc. Sexy is not necessarily a look, itís an attitude combined with a look for sure... All the right parts of course have to be there...this person can look sexy all dolled up ready to go out, or in one of my shirts with her hair up...and no makeup.

Question #28
How old are you?

Age is a "state of mind"

Question #29
Do your neighboors know what you do for a living? Your family?

Neighbors think i am a web designer, better that way; I have to be careful with my situation. I have a little girl I am a full time Daddy to, and i donít need any trouble from someone who does not quite understand. Besides itís really none of there business. My family all know and really like what I do, and are so impressed that we did this out of the garage and making a pretty good living from it, the support me 100% with it all. They know me very well, and this is a "product" we sell and make money with, a "product" that happens to have a huge profit potential etc.



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