Its an understatement to say that J$tyles changed the way content was sold. With one of the most diversified backgrounds in the biz, he's worked for some amazing companies and has a resume that most would kill for. He's definitely someone who you want to get to know. He's probably forgotten more about this biz than most know.

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GFY Ambush Interview thread on J$tyles

Question #1
Why did all your hair fall out?

LMFAO!!! First of all, I still have hair! It just migrated mostly to the sides and the back!Actually, I could tell at 19 that my hair was begining to thin although it wasn't noticable. By the time I was 24, I just said FUCK IT! and shaved it all off. This was 13 years ago BEFORE it became a fad ... and when it mattered most - the girls loved it! I look damn good bald if I do say so myself!

Question #2
What's with all your friends getting shot or killed?

Well, believe it or not - I grew up in the projects in Brooklyn, NY. As a child it was probably the most racially diverse projects in all of NY. It wasn't a hell hole by any means. As I grew older it got worse and worse and turned into a grimey and crimey ghetto. I witnessed and participated in a lot of fucked up shit growing up - some incidents very violent. When I was 20, a bunch of my friends were hanging out at the Pizzeria, where we went almost every night. It was a typical Brooklyn hangout. We'd all meet up and there and figure out what we were going to do. This wasn't like most nights though. My friend Tony was out by the pay phone - and another one of our friends Ralph approached him. They exchanged words - it got heated ... then it looked like Ralph was thowing a punch at Tony ... Tony went to block it. Turns out it wasn't a punch Ralph was throwing - there was a gun in his hand and it went off!!! The entire left side of Tony's head was bloody and it was gushing everywhere YET he was still standing up! It was like a scene out of GoodFellas! Long story short ... the bullet litterally "skinned" the side of his head and he was out of the hospital within a few hours! Ralph fled the neighborhood and never came back. I started evaluating things and decided that I had to leave NY. It was a moment in time that changed my life. I decided to just get out of town and visited my cousin at the University of Miami for a couple weeks. I ended up getting a job off campus and stayed for 6 months. It was insane living on the U of M campus at the time - it was voted Playboy's #1 party school in the country!!! It was one of the best times I've ever had! It was then that I decided to move out to LA after going back to Brooklyn for a short time. After a couple years in LA - I started "throwing" Underground Clubs with a partner that also happened to be from NY. We clicked right off the bat and started doing one club each month. Total covert operations. When have people passing out flyers for 3 weeks ... the night of the event you'd have to call a number on the flyer and get directions to a "map point". There you'd pay $20 for your entry and get directions to what ultimately was a run down abandoned or rented warehouse in downtown LA. We'd usually provide kegs and kegs of beer, bring in generators for the laser lights and DJ equipment, and hire a few security guys to maintain some control. We made a killing some nights with as many as 2000 people showing up and it was a CRAZY and FUN time!!! Until my partner started doing a lot of drugs that is He got out of control. I decided that I couldn't be involved any more but we decided to throw one more club together. I put up some $$$ to secure the location and he went out and did the promotion. One night coming home at 3am and on PCP ... the cops in Beverly Hills tried to pull him over - he gunned it because he was fucked up and ended up crashing into a tow truck that was making a turn on Wilshire! His car exploded into flames and his passenger ... this 19 year old kid died at the scene. I went to visit him in the hospital and he had no remorse whatsoever. All I could think of was that could have been me dead and this FUCK would have no remorse! That was the last time I spoke to or saw him. Again, this changed my life and gave me a new focus!

Question #3
What was the big deal about turning 35?

It was another critical turning point in my life both personally and professionally. I had recently ended a 4 year relationship that had drained me. My lease was up on the house we'd been living in and there was no reason to keep a 4 bedroom house. I was looking to buy a place, however, it turned out that the lease was up a month before I had expected it to be. There was no way I was going to find something to purchase and was pissed off because I thought I'd have to rent again for another 6 months or live in an executive condo or something else that would be a hassle. At the time, I was back and forth between LA and San Diego because I started seeing this girl down there. It was a total transitional period for me and I was having a BLAST! It felt like I was turning a new page in a fun new chapter in my life. On my 35th birthday I went out and got a new tattoo. I was looking for meaning and came up with an concept that meant REBIRTH to ME. I had the artist sketch out a Medevil Pices/birth symbol and set it within the sun ... I wanted it to be like "the sun shining down on my birth/life" or as I said ... REBIRTH! It was also a cover up from a tattoo I had from when i was 16. LOL

Also, at the same time, I had been doing other traveling - KB had hooked me up with a deal and we flew down to Phoenix for a few days. Then we went off to Jamaica for a webmester thing. I'd go down and hang out at KB's crib for 3 and 4 day weekends and we'd go and chill at the palatial Sex.com estate with Gary Kremen from time to time. One day, I was telling KB about my lease being up and he suggested I move down to San Diego and spend the summer! He said that I should talk to Gary about moving into the guest house, which I did - and was an incredible experience! I had nothing holding me back at the time and I had a weird freedom that I never felt before. At the time I was more behind the scenes, and was part owner in an eMarketing company and a hosting company. We managed Opt-in mail campaigns and handled hosting for some very large clients. This was also the time I promoted the VERY FIRST Content Blowout for Cloud9Content and we did about half a million in content sales in 6 weeks!!! That was when i decided to launch ContentBlowout.com and THAT business took off like wild fire! ContentBlowout.com pretty much shook up the content business and changed the way webmasters purchased content. Webmasters loved it. Some Content Producers blamed me for the demise of their content businesses. It was also a win/win for producers I work with and webmasters too! I made a nice boatload of cash and made a lot of webmasters quite happy a long the way! Anyway, both KB and Gary were an important part of the reason why my life is the most balanced it has ever been today! I owe them A LOT and I'm more thankful then words can describe! Because of THAT experience, I met the love of my life while living there, and decided to get a condo by the beach - and stayed in San Diego! We fell further in love, bought a house up in LA last year, had a baby boy 10 months ago! Life is definitely GOOD now!

Question #4
What did you do for Cybererotica and why did you get canned?

Wow! Where do I start? This is going to be a LONG ONE! Well, actually - what I did goes back to BEFORE ever becoming the President there. In mid 1997 I pitched this guy Seth Warshavsky from Seattle on a business plan I had. At the time the web was blanketed with all of Seth's sites. Seth liked my business plan and said he wanted to move forward with it. Then he proceeded to pitch ME on working for him! I ended up moving to Seattle and became Director of Sales and Marketing for Internet Entertainment Group Seth Warshavsky … ClubLove.com, Pam and Tommy et al. Turns out that Seth had sent out .02 bounced checks to webmasters weeks before I took the position and I had come to find out shortly after arriving. There was a tradeshow in Florida which at the time was ia200 (before it became Internext). I had to go to this show and face webmasters that were PISSED, but ended up making friends with most of them and put a new face forward for IEG. I apologized to people on Seth's behafl and emphatically told them that if they gave me a chance and did business with me that I would take care of them. It was an uphill battle that I was able to overcome. Nobody I did business with while at IEG ever got screwed. During my tenure there the Pam and Tommy Honeymoon video fell into Seth's lap! Seth NEVER intended on releasing it but came up with a great idea to use it as a publicity stunt! He hired a PR firm and made an announcement that it was going to air on ClubLove.com at this time on this day and expected to get a cease and desist fromthere attornies. Instead, by sheer luck and stupidity on Pam and Tommy's part. He ended up with a waiver of liability because Pam and Tommy didn't really know the scope of the Internet. They figured it would just blow over! We were doing 4,000 sales per day for wghat seemed like forever! LOL After the video release it was a media circus! This is when I REALLY met all the old school players and began to forge relationships - it really launched myself into this industry and I started to make my bones so to say! I got to fly around the world repping the company and even accepted an award at the Hot ’Dor awards on behalf of IEG for the Pam and Tommy Video becoming the largest selling adult video in modern history at that point! This was around the time I was in Amsterdam for the World Telemedia show and had the opportunity to meet Ron Levi one on one. We were all out to dinner at this fantastic Japanese Hibatchi styled resturant - David Van der Poel and toine from Python, Greg Dumas and Scott Schalin from Igallery, Ron and his partner Paul from Cybererotica, myself and a few otheres! Now, I had become friendly with pretty much ALL the biggest players in the business at the time. Whether or not we did business I had become accepted and was able to work with these guys in the same circles. The only person I couldn't crack was Ron Levi because he had some bad dealings with Seth in the phonesex business! Ron would always snub me, give me dirty looks and simply didn't like me! On the night of this dinner, however, we were all having a great time drinking and laughing! David Van der Poel was sitting to my left and Ron was to his left. David got up and (spur of the moment) I grabbed my disposable camera, sat in his seat, threw my arm around Ron's shoulder - and snapped a picture of the two of us! Whithout missing a beat, I said "Ron, this is going up on Clublove.com tomorrow!" He couldn't stop himself from laughing and that finally broke the ice between us! I told him that he could still hate Seth, but I wasn't Seth and to remember that in the future! LOL That was it! Ron and I became fast friends. I'd come visit him at his offices in LA whenever I was in town (which was every couple weeks) and our friendship grew! At one point, I got Seth to purchase Ron's Fast Cash click software for 50K, and convinced Sege to handle webmaster payouts! I also got Seth to prepay Ron 20K - 50K at a clip for traffic and then Ron loved me! Clublove was the loosest slots on the Net at the time - and life was awesome! Working for Seth was another one of those life altering experiences, however, I wanted to move back to LA. Seattle was a depressing place to live! I decided to leave IEG to go into biz for myself. Instead I ended up meeting with Steve Hirsch, the owner of Vivid Video - and discussed heading up their Internet division. He made me an INSANE offer, and I talked to a few people about it to get advice - one being Ron Levi! After hearing what Steve offered me, Ron said that he thought it was an incredible opportunity AND THEN proceeded to make me an offer to become the President of Cybererotica instead! It was no secret that Ron was going through a nasty divorce battle, and he said quite frankly - that his head wasn't in the business. Obviously, Ron is a smart man but he said something that day that made me realize that he could see his own big picture. He said that as much business as he was able to do in this industry - that there were many people that wouldn't do business with him because they didn't like his attitude or explosive behavior AND that there were people that were afraid to approach him because they were intimidated! Also, he said that everyone he knew liked and respected me, and thought that because of what I was able to overcome working for Seth - that I would be the perfect person to handle deals and alleviate some of his stress regarding business. He figured that people that didn't like him or were intimidated by his brashness would easily do business with me or approach me because I was more personable. Plus because of our personal dealings he saw how aggresive I was and told me that he admired my tenacity! Ron was right and CRAZY TIMES ensued! CE was almost a 50 million per year company when I got there and was one of the largest Adult Affiliate programs in the world. I appeared on Playboy TV twice for the company and hosted all the GREAT and MEMORABLE CE parties at tradeshows. IMHO, I was an integral part of the company and its relationship with webmasters. There were a number of webmasters and programs that I initiated deals with that turned into multi-million dollar accounts. It was a very excitint time! Ultimately, I enjoyed being the face guy while I was there. Although I can IN NO WAY fully attribute the further success of the company exclusively to my efforts. I contributed greatly during my tenure to helping CE grow to OVER 100 million by the year when I left. When I left CE, there were FTC rumblings at the time - and rumors about my departure being due to some ugliness with RJB Telecom and their own issues with the FTC. The simple truth of the matter was that my contract was up for renegotiation FOR MONTHS. They offered to pay me more money but I wanted MORE than JUST $$$! We agreed to part amicably and that was the close of THAT chapter!!!

Question #5
What's the best kind of rug to buy / clean ?

Ha! Personally, I have tile throughout most of my house downstairs and carpet upstairs. I like Berber. I used to work for a carpet company before my life on the Net. I found a service that provided a book of leads from permits issued and listed at the County Clerk office. I convinced the owner of the carpet company to let me buy the book every month and cold called everyone ... homeowners, contracters, etc ... and pitched them on flooring. LOL I had some great accounts ... we did 40+ BlockBuster Music Stores when they first came out ... awesome account! Made a TON of $$$ from those!

Question #6
How many celebs' homes have you been into?

While still working at the carpet place, I also handled sales for another company called Christopher’s Interior Care Service. We provided “Fabric Protection” and carpet cleaning for all the BIG Interior Designer’s and their clients in Beverly Hills, Bell Air, Brentwood etc. There weren't a TON of celebs, but I got to meet Bill Cosby, Mimi Rogers, Glen Larson who was the Producer of Magnum PI, Don Simpson who was the partner of Jerry Bruckheimer - They were the producers of American Gigolo, Top Gun, Flash Dance, and The Rock with Sean Connery. Also, several other I can't remember now! Cosby's house was very 70's-ish - and i remember him having a HUGE self portrait over his mantle ... it was kind of eerie. Felt like the thing was staring at me while i was working! Glen Larson's pad was the nicest house I'd ever been in up until that point. Multi-million $$$ recording studio, Viewing room with a wall full of TV's to watch all the games on Sunday, and a 2 lane bowling alley. The grounds were so big - it had a HUGE swimming pool, tennis court, basketball court, and park like area for the kids!! I remember thinking that this was the ultimate crib. No reason to leave. It had all the amenaties you could want. Don Simpson was a great client. He used party SO HARD at his pad in Bel Air that I'd be out there twice per month removing wine stains and all kinds of crap. Dude was WAY excessive when it came to partying. I think he died shortyly after from something drug related. Mimi Rogers was super sweet and very cool!

Question #7
Do you still call phone sex lines? Is phone sex still a viable business?

No phone sex calls for me! LOL Although the Internet has dramatically taken over as a form of adult interaction - I think Phone sex is still viable and fills a need. My first foray into adult just before the Internet was in 1996 working for a company called Bureau One. I was selling phone sex numbers as a business opportunity to interested “investors” that called in from nationwide business opportunity ads. That's when I first met and worked with Raffi from Adult Lounge, Marty from Prodinix and Nader from Nichepay. There were only 20 -30 million people online worldwide and I had NO IDEA what the internet was until this point!

Question #8
How the fuck can you work on the net and NOT own a computer?

Easy! in-ja-jewity! The phone sex business was really the catalyst for me to start my first company, Internet Unlimited. (which was actually just a DBA) Prior to that, I was still selling phone sex #'s as a business opportunity and learning a lot! While working at Bureau One, we were required to send all of our clients to this one advertising agency for print and TV placement. It was a great set up for both companies. We had 40 guys pounding away taking inbound calls and selling package deals, and they had 7 smokin' HOT account reps canoodling with the guys for their advertising business. One day, there was a meeting and we were all told that from that point forward we were to pitch our clients on that advantages of advertising their phone sex businesses on this new thing called ... THE INTERNET! Just about every day, you would hear about the net on the news. Like I said before, there were reportedly only 20 -30 million people online worldwide - and it was the GROUND FLOOR! The ad agency told us that 1/8 of a page ads were available for $750 per month and my jaw dropped. All the guys were excited that they could sell this product and make another measley 5% commission. I, on the other hand - started calculating the cost of a full page at $6000! SIX FUCKIN' THOUSAND DOLLARS FOR A FULL PAGE ON THE INTERNET!?!?!?! I thought it HAD TO BE ALL PROFIT! I called my cousin who was in the adult video business in NY and asked him where i could find any adult websites? He said to go get AVN magazine! Lo and behold, I found an ad in the back of the mag for an site called Adult.com. I called the number and it was a guy by the name of Stan. (he was the previous owner before Lensman) The conversation went a little like this: Me: Hi! I saw your ad in AVN and was interested in buying some full page ads on your website. Stan: Sure, man - I'll sell you whatever you want! Me: GREAT! I have a number of clients that own phone sex numbers. I can provide the 900# and the ad copy but I need for YOU to provide the pictures too. Can you do that? Stan: Yeah, man - no problem! There are TONS of pics in the newsgroups to choose from! Me: Ok, cool - how much are you charging per page? Stan: How'bout $100? Me: (not being able to contain myself!!!!!!!!!!!!) Perfect! I'll call you back in a little while and set up a time to meet! Stan: Ok. Talk soon! After hanging up from that call I was nearly busting at the seams! I couldn't stop smiling and laughing. The other sales guy sitting across from me was just staring at me like I was NUTS! On the fly, I told him - no more referring youe clients to that advertising agency for the web! I've got something that will BLOW IT AWAY! Instead of an 1/8 page ad for $750, I'll give them a full page ad for $1000! Instead of 5% commission, I'll give you 20%! I had $700 profit on each sale WITHOUT HAVING TO DO ADAMN THING! 2 weeks later I get called into my managers office. He told me to stop selling Internet advertising unless it was to THAT OTHER agency OR he would have to FIRE ME!?!?! I told him to fuck off and QUIT! In those 2 weeks I made 15K+!!! So, that week I went and rented an office and got a DBA for Internet Unlimited. I went to all the phone sex companies I could find and pitched them on my dea selling ads on the Net to their phone sex clients [B]and[/B] I didn’t even have a computer when I started! After 3 months and 6 healthy figures later I purchased a state of the art 100mhz computer with 16 megs of smokin' RAM from Best Buy and a blazing fast 14.4 modem! I was living LARGE!

Question #9
Why are you afraid of COPA?

It wasn't so much that I was afraid necessarily I was ignorant regarding politics and the law at the time - it was all so early on! I'd begun selling Video Conferencing Websites to my phone sex clients in a logical progression to expand my business. Things just took off from there. Clay Andrews, presently one of the owners of Paycom/Epoch was one of the first people I did business with on the Net when it came to websites. He built and hosted the all the Video Conferencing and Phone Sex sites for me and I resold them to my clients. I'd get the downloadable 1 on 1 software codes from Virtual Dreams for $200 each and Clay would bulid the websites for $150 - then I'd sell them for $3500 - 7K each! Then I started getting codes for FREE from ITN which became Igallery and it went on from there. I was geting $2 per minute and giving my clients $1 per minute. This was when you could get listed in Yahoo in 24 - 48 hours, 72 hrs at most and immediately generate downloads and minutes! Everyone was making money! This was around the time I met my good friend, Jon Berg, former owner of Matrix Content. He was one of the first website clients! Everything was rolling ... i was raking in the dough! Then came the COPA scare! COPA got a lot of people I was doing business with edgy. They thought they were going to go to jail for having adult sites or get fined. I decided to hedge my bets and launched “The Premiere Online Travel Guide”. Clay built and seeded the site with travel destinations and other travel related information for all 50 startes. I went out and purchased a dozen travel magazines and called each and every advertiser selling listings for $679 per year! Good times again!!!

Question #10
Why do some people blame you for the failure of their content business?

There was a huge opportunity in the content business a couple years ago when I did the very first ContentBlowout. During and after the initial blowout sale, different content providers contacted me to make deals to blow out their content. In response, I launched ContentBlowout.com, positioning myself to be the go to guy of sorts. I've had a number of special offers and AWESOME DEALS over the past 2 years ranging from slick magazine quality porn star kind of content or amateur content, all in bulk. Whatever niche it is, you can still get a tremendous amount from me for a very reasonable price. It's still great for a number of reasons. For instance, a huge Webmaster program that wants to add a massive amount of content to the massive amount they already have - can do so at a rediculously low price! Webmasters can go out and buy $40 and $60 sets and spend $1,000 a month on content or they can come to ContentBlowout.com and have a choice to purchase huge blocks of content at extremely reduced prices, and get seriously high-quality images and videos for pennies on the dollar. On the other side, the opportunity is there for the content providers to sell a lot of packages and generate a nice amount of cash flow for themselves by offering the content in this manner. Nobody has ever sold content at the rate does. I was never looking to squeeze the other content providers. I was looking to make a lot of money, and more importantly, give Webmasters a tremendous value for their dollar. Yes, I've had some other content providers complaining that we were ruining the business, and no one would buy content FROM THEM with these prices so low, and they were going to go out of business and all of this shit. 2 years later the strong have survived, the weak have fallen by the wayside and ContentBlowout.com still makes me $$$ consistantly. Times have changed as they always do though. The Content business as a whole - is very much Video driven now, and I've learned to adapt and change with it! This is why I launched TheContentStore.com! More about that later!

Question #11
What the fuck is Geocise.com ?

It's a site set up to offer information about our Geo-Marketing software. Geocise was developed to help savy web marketers tap into simple a psychology and facilitate familiarity based on where surfers reside. This creates more clicks which 100% ALWAYS generates more sales for the products/sites being promoted. We introduced the product last year and have had some very high profile clients use it and LOVE THE RESULTS. To quote a couple of testimonials: Quote: One of the tests we ran did 98 profiles and 9 sales from a nongeotargeted ad that just said "find a fuck buddy in your area", the geotargeted version did 680 profiles and 39 sales Adam SexSearch.com Quote: I highly recommend companies to utilize and take advantage of GEO-IP technology for optimizing their online marketing. GEO-cise software has been easy to use and a worthy investment for our uses. Alli TopBucks.com Here's some more info: What it does: - It allows you to deliver dynamic images based on your surfer's geographical location. Imagine being able to target banners and ads to a surfer's city. You can grab your surfer's attention and increase click-thrus very easily! What is it?: - It's a desktop application that allows you to generate graphics and upload them in minutes, and it works in conjunction with server software that allows the process to work seamlessly together. Made for Designers - No programming needed! Just open your creative, customize your targeted ads or banners and upload! Lightning fast- From screen to server in seconds! Once you have created your customized ads or banners you can use them immediately in your campaigns! Turn-key solution - We install everything on your server. No need to setup complicated configurations, once installed its ready to use! WYSIWYG - Creative management. What you see in the Geocise preview window is what your surfers will see. Friendly, Familiar Interface - Familiar window based environment that makes your work experience more enjoyable and efficient. Practically no training is required! If anyone has questions, they can ICQ me anytime!

Question #12
Have you ever abused any illegal substances?

Lets just say I've done my share of partying and I'm a responsibile adult now.

Question #13
Have you ever been sued? Sued anyone?

I had some legal issues due to the Cindy Margolis nude pics thing when I was part owner of Elite Cash, but I'll address that later

Question #14
Does TheContentStore.com make any real money for you?

TheContentStore.com is my baby now! It started in January at Internext. I was approached by Toolz from ARS, as well as Mike from Penthouse on seperate occasions - to purchase content from other providers on their behalf. They both pretty much said the same thing in a nutshell: "Jonathan, you're the content guy. Help us out! Bandwidth is cheap. We want to lower the cost of feeds and plug-ins. Help us gather up tons of images and VIDEO!" Which I did, gladly! ... and I'd do for any other comopany that doesn't want to take the time or use their own resources After that - a light went off for me. I made a few calls. Lined up a couple of MAJOR DVD studios. Struck a deal with Metro as my first. Brought in some very capable guys to handle the tech stuff and content delivery - and they began the initial work on the design and database architecture for 450+ Titles on 40 different niches! First of all, I want to thank them for all thier hard work and late nights! They completed the first stage of development for a soft launch earlier this month at the Phoenix Forum, and the official launch the second week of April once I got caught up from the show! There are 3 other studios I'm negotiating with now to expand our library and I'm very excited about how this is playing out. We've been open for business 2 weeks now and the support from webmasters has been VERY encouraging! We're also about to release some more specials by niche very shortly!! I'm not making millions with THIS yet, but we're on our way!!!

Question #15
Is it true you're a dumbass dropout?

Dumbass? no Drop out? Yes, from high school. I was bored with the whole thing. I enjoyed that my friends were there, but I felt it was a waste of my time. I dropped out of high school at 16. Got my GED. Scored higher BY FAR than anybody else I knew that ever took the test. Of course, that's no great accomplishment, but in my head - I had proven further that school was a waste because I didn't even study for it! I went to Santa Monica College when I moved to LA at 21 – took all the courses that held my interest BUT did not go for a degree … I enjoyed everything and excelled in Business, Marketing, Stock Market Investments, Sociology, Psychology etc – because I was interested in learning about these subjects and I needed to surround myself by forward thinking people that wanted to be in the business world.

Question #16
How many cites have you lived in?

NY, Miami, LA, Seattle, LA, San Diego, and back to LA again.

Question #17
How many women/men have you had sex with? Anal sex with?

A few years ago I would have answered this question without hesitation and in very graphic detail. Today, I'll simply say that I'm mos def hetero, and I have engaged in lots of fun activities.

Question #18
How much spam have you sent out in your career?

Personally, none! I can barely type and know little to nothing about sending mail. I even had issues recently setting up Spam Arrest and that's supposed to be a no brainer! Back in 2002 I did have an eMarketing company/hosting company where we managed opt-in mail campaigns and hosting for some VERY large and widely respected clients. Had a great 2 year run in which I made some decent $$$, then complications with the partnership and changing times lead to its demise in early 2004 sadly. IT REALLY WAS A GREAT RUN THOUGH!

Question #19
What exactly did you learn from SETH AND RON?

Working with these guys helped shape how I handle myself when relating to others in busines and negotiating deals. I learned from Seth the same thing my father and Tony Montana instilled in me over the years. The only thing I have in this world is my word and my balls! I don't break either for no one! LOL Also, Seth used to yell and scream and berate people that worked for him, but not me. He tried it one time while I was in his office with the door open. I calmly walked over and closed the door, walked over to his desk, leaned towards him while pointing - and told him that if he ever raised his voice to me like that again, I'd punch his fuckin' lights out and drag him around the office in front of all his employees. I would never try to embarrass someone that worked for me or with me like that. Even if they fucked up and I was enraged I would call them aside and handle it behind closed doors. I learned a number of things from Ron, but most importantly, I learned how to leverage deals and relationships in my favor. Ron was one of the greatest deal makers and most incredible negotiators I've ever seen! Working for both of these guys were 2 amazing and life altering experiences! Through the good and the bad, I owe them a debt of gratitude!

Question #20
Have you ever seen D-money naked?

I have! well, almost and sadly KB too! It's gross and disgusting ... and FUNNY! Here ya go, Scott!

That is really all I can say on the matter!

Question #21
How many conventions do you attend a year? What is your favorite?

I've been attending conventions since 1997. The very first one I went to in Las Vegas was at the Monte Carlo and was primarily and Audo Text/ Phone sex event! It was an eye opener, for sure - in terms of where the world of online adult entertainment was going to go. I'd say that conservatively speaking, it was divided at 75% Audo Text/Phone sex - and 25% Video Conferencing and Websites! A large number of the Audo Text/Phone sex players were the early adopters of the web and were primarily the first companies that offered point-to-point Video Conferencing. The first internet people that I remember meeting were David Van der Poel and his partnet Toine, Claudia, now owner of Interclimax (who at that time was their booth girl/model). Their first product that took the web by storm, was LIVE FUCKING FROM AMSTERDAM, and if you had a website -then you HAD TO BE promoting this service! It was also the first time I recall seeing Ron Levi and Cybererotica although I didn't know who he was. Over the next few years, I attended every show that was available for IEG and Cybererotica respectively. At that time, the shows were either Faye and Dave's Adultdex in Vegas, their first show in Secaucus NJ, the ia2000/Internext shows in Vegas and Florida, and World Telemedia in Amsterdam! Now, with all the shows available - it's difficult to attend them all! If you did on some months you'd be hitting 2 -3 and that's almost impossible unless you're eithe my good friend JFK, who is the end all be all to media coverage OR Virtu Mike who just seems to be omnipresent! LOL Webmaster Access has made quite a good name for itself as a great regional event that's a MUST BE AT show if you can make it! The Phoenix Forum has come a long way as a very important show to attend and has raised the bar this year as one of the most productive shows that makes it really conducive to meet and great people in a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates an ease to discuss and do business. I haven't been to Curacao or Prague yet but plan to attend both next year! Ultimately though, the big daddy of them all for me is and always has been Internext Las Vegas with their Florida internext running a close second. These 2 shows have usually been the most consistantly productive financially for me personally! There are always those people that grumble about internext for one reason or another but historically those shows bring together more people than any other and that alone fosters TONS of opportunity!

Question #22
Who's your best friend in the business?

That's a tough one to answer, bro! After 8 years in this business and I've made so many very good firends, and there are several incredible people that have achieved extended family status! Evan and Michael from Xpays.com have been very close friends and business associates dating back to 1999. Not only do we talk personally on a daily basis but we've done several millions in transactions together over the years and continue to make money together every day! Evan is one of the funniest, hardest and smartest working people I've ever had the pleasure to know, and Michael is a brilliant programer and simply a wonderful guy! From New Years ski/snow boarding trips to BBQ's, weddings, weekends in LA and San Francisco and the always memorable trade shows trade show gatherings ... these guys are great business contacts to have, and even better friends! XPAYS ALWAYS PAYS! Jennifer Rosenblatt-Blatt (formerly of AVN) and her lovely husband D-Money have both been a big part of my life individually and as a couple for what feels like forever! I've known and love Jen like a sister for my entire adult life, and Darren since 1999 as well! From weekend BBQ's, to the D-Moneyshow, being there for help in life threatening accidents, birthday celebrations, engagements (both of ours), weddings, trade shows and vacations to Jamaica ... whether we see each other weekly or not - these two have become a very important part of my life and I value their friendship greatly! ... and then there is their wacky-ass pornstar/stripper fucking, Public Relations P.I.M.P., and all-around comical brother, KBizzle fo shizzle mah nizzle! We have been through some mutha fuckin' shit together over the years without a doubt!!! From TONS of personal shit to, being my wingman back in the day, to business hook-ups, the KB and J$TYLE$ road show to Phoenix, Vegas, Jamaica, Phoenix again, San Diego, LA, San Diego, LA, San Diego, LA, San Diego, LA, etc, LOL and everything else in between! We have had some of the greatest times and the hardest laughs 2 friends could ever have! Although he may have made more than an ass of himself on more than one occasion - he is definately my brotha from anotha mutha ... and I have much love for him! Another addition would be Farley Cahen, presently the new Publisher of AVN Online. I haven't known him nearly as long but he's someone that has most definitely become my dear friend and I respect and admire him greatly. He's a fantastic guy, a good son, and someone my wife simply adores. From both a business and personal perspective, we speak on almost a daily basis and help each other out with clients when ever possible. Every show we've been to has resulted in at least one very memorable experience. Jon Berg, from Azure Entertainment has been a long time friend has seen me grow from a 6x9 office in 1996/7 to who i have become as a person today. He has always been there as a friend and business associate through out the years - through thick and thin. Back when I promoted the first ContentBlowout and a lot of content providers were pissed, Jon (who owned Matrix Content at the time) called me up and said great job, buddy - awesome promo! No animosity! No what the fuck are you doing!?!? Just SUPPORT and friendship!!! Jon is also someone I could relate to from an East Coast perspective regarding family and business. We hold a lot of the same values and feelings about both. More recently, Mike Hawk and Joe $pikes from SmashBucks.com have become great friends as well! From late night talks and ICQ chats, to KILLER SHRIMP lunches, and the last couple of trade shows - I have come to enjoy these two guys company, business savy, attitude, and perspective on business and this industry as a whole. You couldn't meet two more genuinely nice guys if you tried. It's absolutely my honor to call these two gentlemen friends and business associates! There are so many more people in the biz that are near and dear to me but those were the first few off the top of my head!

Question #23
What's the most outrageous thing you've ever done sexually?

Again, in a past life I'd answer this in graphic detail, but these days - I'll jus say, MAN - I've done some things!!!

Question #24
Do you have any off-shore corporations?

No I don't. No games with Uncle Sam EVER!

Question #25
What kind of car do you drive? pics

In December I picked up a 2005 Lexus LS 430 The pic I have doesn't give it justice. It's tinted out now! It's the single greatest daily driving automobile I've ever driven, and I've driven many!

Question #26
How many houses do you own? pics

I purchased my first house last year. I've been brushing up and learning more and more about real estate this past year. I have a plan to acquire 2-3 properties per year for the next 10 years. This next year, I'm looking forward to purchasing some land not to far from here - and break ground on an office building - maybe 15 - 20 units r

Question #27
How can one make money on the net using newspapers?

Like I said earlier, I got started working for Bureau One selling phone sex numbers as a business opportunity to interested “investors” that called in from nationwide business opportunity ads. Those ads were placed in biz op sections in major city and national newspapers like the NY Times, LA Times, Investor's Business Daily, USA Today, etc. There were probably 25 - 30 ads out each day that generated 100's of calls per day like clock work. Early 1997 I pitched one of my Phone Sex clients on funding a venture similar to Buerau One, but instead of Phone Sex #'s we'd sell websites. Due to my lack of business and contractual experience I got screwed on the deal. Without getting into too much detail, the business failed miserably due to financial mismanagement by the main investor’s office manager. They owed me 5 g's for 2 weeks compensation and they failed to pay me. So, I told the guy if you don't pay me by such and such time I'm taking everything in the office and going to sell it. He signed a document I typed up. The time passed and NO 5g's for me! So, one afternoon I borrowed a friends truck and my ex-girlfriend and I went into the office and loaded it up with a bunch of computers and monitors and a huge wide screen TV! LOL I ended up keeping the TV and selling off most of the computer crap! The silver lining in that cloud was the fact that while up and running - we had a booth during CES at the adult show and that's where I met Seth Warshavsky from IEG/Clublove.com. As that business was crumbling Seth had appeared on the cover of the Wall Street Journal with Dani Ashe. I recognized him and contacted someone i knew that was firends with him. We arranged to have dinner in LA one night while he was in town, and I told him about the business and why I thought it was crumbling. He asked me to send him a business plan. I did 2 days later. We spoke by phone. He flew me up to Seattle the next day ... and BAM! That was when he offered me the Sales and Marketing position with IEG! I flew back to LA ... broke up with my ex - and moved to Seattle for almost 2 years! It was a fun and wild ride!!!!

Question #28
Can someone move around too many times and to too many companies in this biz?

Sure, just like any other biz. Also, it depends upon the position they hold.We've all seen and met someone that falls into each category. And, people that are good at what they do are generally in high demand. Sales and marketing people, specifically ones perceived to be "passed around" - generally fall into 5 categories: A: They hit the almighty glass ceiling and decide to leave for greener pastures. B: The company they're working for sucks them dry of all their contacts and business and feels like they're paying them too much - so, they find a way to "let them go", or force them to leave. C: They are only hired on contract basis or to complete certain tasks. Then the company they're working for has no further use for the relationship. D: The company they're working for has a product or service that is inferior or simply isn't successful and they leave because the well drys. E: They basically suck donkey balls at sales and marketing but put on a good enough show to get hired at a few places until they are "found out"!

Question #29
What are you trying to prove with the pimp suits?

It's all in good fun! D$'s Player's Ball is one of those events that you just have to blow some steam off at! The big ones in Vegas fall on the last night of Internext and it's they perfect time to just play it up! I've been fortunate enough to join D and KBizzle on stage over the years and participate as an MC at most of the events. We joke about it being the Jew Tang Klan! With DJ Evan on the turntables it's all love and we've always had a blast! Some of my fondest memories at trade shows come from a participating in number of The Player's Balls over the years. At the October '99 Player's Ball in Miami, D$ gave me the VERY FIRST and BIGGEST EVER "BIG WOODY AWARD", and dubbed me that year's PLAYER OF THE YEAR! And you know you can only be the first ever once!

Question #30
Why do you come to GFY?

I posted this on another thread tonight, and it's appropriate to repost it here: GFY is a rare place that's part "think tank/focus group" and part "train wreck" that you just can't look away from! That being said, it's undisputedly the #1 place online to learn what people think, how things are done, new trends, etc ... and to actually conduct business! People can complain that there's a lot of garbage, surfers, n00bs, or whatever, but I liken GFY to mining for gold ... even though the wild west days of the net are far gone ... IF YOU'RE PATIENT ... IF YOU'RE SMART ... IF YOU'RE PERSONABLE ... you can push the crap aside and find the GOLD NUGGETS! I've made more contacts, done more business, and made MORE $$$ on GFY than most people here could understand! I come to GFY for entertainment a lot - but I ALWAYS pan for those gold nuggets - and I find them frequently! Thanks again, Lens - and the whole Adult.com and GFY crew

Question #31
What the fuck did you have to do with the Pam and Tommy video?

When I worked for IEG that video became the biggest selling adult video in modern history! Not only did I get to accept an award at the Hot dor Awards in the South of France in front of 2000+ the worlds international porn industry, but it lead to lots of additional opportunities for me to do MORE business! After about 6 months of constant press coverage and hundreds of thousands of signups to ClubLove.com - and several hundred thousand videos and dvd's sold - I convinced Seth to let me create the Pam and Tommy plug-in. I sold that feed to TONS of webmasters. MANY of them made enormous amounts of $$$ from sending their traffic to the super high converting programs carrying the feed back in the day, and that led to me being able to leverage deals for traffic to IEG sites! We won two-fold and BIG! Also, years later - I have a marketing contract with the company that holds the rights to license the video and did a few deals with Xpays and AEBN to re-release the video on their sites! The shit STILL sells very well and every day! It's so funny! Everyone says that Paris is dead ... Pam is old news, yadda, yadda, yadda - BUT ... when sufers see the video available they convert like mad to this day! Our AEBN and XPays numbers went up last week when Pam Anderson's new show aired on FOX! She's still a goldmine! LOL

Question #32
Discuss sex.com

In late 2000 I started Consulting Company, JTS Enterprises, LLC. I had recently departed from Cybererotica and figured it would be the perfect time to lend my experience to other companies and jumped right back into the mix! I was hired as a consultant by .XXX people ICM Registry immediately and have worked with them on and off until as recently as last year. I still do consulting on a limited basis with select clients on a contract basis. Anyway, around the time the Sex.com lawsuit was winding down, I received a call from Stephen Michael Cohen saying he was sure he’d win the case and was interested in having me manage the domain once the court case was over! I laughed and said, "Stephen, this industry despises you, man! You are like a pariah! If I did that - there would be a black cloud hanging over my head!" He said, "No - people like you! You could turn it around!" I laughed again and told him, "ok - I'll give you bank wire instructions and you can wire me 3 million dollars for 2 years service in advance. That would alleviate any concerns of black clouds!" He said, "I'll call you back" - and suffice it to say ... I didn't hear from him again for a very long time after that! A few days later, I got a call from Gary Kremen/Susane Whatley saying THEY were interested in having me manage the domain when they won it back and they were sure they would! I told them I was interested and made arrangements to talk to them the day the case was decided in Gary's favor! They called me from the court house to tell me that they DID win the case and I started making arrangements to duplicate Sex.com as it was and move it to Xpays servers to temporarily manage it. I intended to go to all the advertisers to have them begin paying Gary directly. I told Gary that I wanted 15 or 20% to handle the site and relationships with advertisers and that killed the deal before we could get started! LOL Gary thought it was too much and started hemming an hawwing. Initially, he lost all the ad revenue Sex.com had because he didn't want it to be a "banner farm". IMHO, what he failed to realize at the time was that it was not broke and he shouldn't have tried t fix it. At the time. Gary had a grand notion that he was going to turn it into a "white hat" type of business model and that the search engine he had envisioned would be a better long term strategy. Ultimately, he turned it into what is today, and he won a lawsuit against Verisign for millions! Who knows what could have been? Years later we became friends through KB and as I mentioned, I lived with him for 6 monthe on his estate in Rancho Santa Fe. Another chapter in the wonderful life of J$TYLE$!

Question #33
What's all this bullshit about Cindy Margolis?

In early 2001 I became a partner in Elitecash.com/Purehardcore. I spearheaded the redesign of all the sites and the Webmaster Program. Then, as the launch promo - we released nude pics of Cindy Margolis! She had done an enormous amount of press touting the fact that she was the most downloaded chick on the Net and she never had to pose nude to make that so. Obviously she had posed nude. I had the images to prove so I went on the Howard Sterns show by phone to plug the release and it was a lot of fun! I must have said Purehardcore.com a dozen and a half times and it generated hundreds of sales and Webmaster interest! At the end of the interview, I told Howard, "If anyone out therer has any interesting and controversial material they can contect me at STERN AY PUREHARDCORE DOT COM!"... he just about had a coniption fit!!! LMFAO! As it turned out - the photographer I recieved the pics from had sold it to My good firends Ian Eisenberg and Roger V first (the year befor) and we faced a potential lawsuit from them. Hey, friendship is one thing but business is business! One very important time consuming and expensive lesson learned! Legal problems over the pics ensued - my partners decided to settle without suit - and suffice it to say, the partnership dissolved! ANOTHER GREAT STORY! Woo hoo!

Question #34
What's Howard Stern like?

I only spoke to him on the air that one time promoting Purehardcore.com and the Cindy Margolis nude pics and he was super cool! It was a funny/fun 10 minute conversation and a great experience for me. I've done a few radio interviews but he was definitely the biggest by far and gave me the most exposure!

Question #35
Why the adult business and your fascination with sex and making money from it?

It was all happenstance and logical progression. One scenario led to the next, and then the next, and so on. I've been very fortunate over the years! Life has had its peaks and valleys and (luckily) each time I reach a peak it's been higher than the last ... each time things peter out - they haven't gone down quite as low as before. One thing Seth said in many interviews rings true to me NOW more than ever. If I could make the kind of money and enjoy my life just the same as I do now selling toasters ... I'd be selling toasters! It's not about the "sex" for me. It's simply business and the lifestyle it has afforded me. Again, years ago I would have given a totally different answer. Now, it's become a fun career working with people I like for the most part! ... and the lifestyle perks are still plentiful! Thanks for the opportunity to do this, Sleazy - it was fun!



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