Lenny2 has worked for a few good companies now and that gives him a solid base for his new program. Looking at some of the numbers he's now pushing- he's on the road to becoming one of the major players in this game.


GFY thread on Lenny2

Question #1
What's the real reason Naughty America fired you?

I think it had something to do with Laura's sexual harrassment lawsuit. I used to smoke crack before work and then I'd chase her around the office calling her my Bookworm Bitch and try to jizz on her glasses. I came close (HAH!) a few times, but never hit the specs. Seriously though. Andreas and the whole crew at Naughty America are great people. I've been promoting them since they were a 50/50 program with one small paysite that not many people had heard of. Andreas got in touch with me after I'd sent only 1 or 2 sales and treated me like I was his biggest webmaster. (Which I eventually became) One of the best things about this program is that they actually listen to their webmasters. I've been asked for my input or opinion on several things over the years, and its nice to know that they're interested in what they can do to make me more money, rather than vice/versa. I worked for them for maybe 6 months or so, mostly back end stuff. It was a valuable experience for me to work on the back end of paysites and an affiliate program, because there are things that go on that you'll never learn by simply sending traffic to a paysite. However, after awhile I became bored, and of course realized that I could make alot more $$ spending my time doing my own thing. I'm just not the sort of person who is cut out to work for someone else. So I asked Andreas to work out a plan to phase me out, and Mark (Ace) took over what I was doing. I think we're all making more money now because all the time I spent working for them before I spend working on sending traffic to their paysites. Its been a win/win/win experience overall.

Question #2
What's the deal behind your fat girl fetish?

I like BIG BUTTS and I cannot lie!!! It wasn't until later in life that I realized I really did like big girls. When I was younger my friends and I would go out to clubs and they would all make fun of me "Oh look Lenny's drunk he's talking to another fat chick" and me being an impressionable young guy, I thought they were right and I needed to have a skinny girl that everyone else thought was attractive. At some point in life you stop caring what other people think about you and you just do what makes you happy. I find big girls attractive, even though I know alot of people don't. A big part of the reason that people think skinny girls are attractive is cultural conditioning. Advertising. Advertisers use sex to sell everything, even though in most cases its on a sub-conscious level. We're bombarded with hundreds of thousands of images every year of skinny women and we're told that this is what's attractive, this is what's sexy. If you go back 100 years ago, what people thought an attractive woman was then and what they think an attractive woman is now, it's two very different things. Back in the day it was busty, voluptuous women that got all the attention from men. If you were skinny it meant you were poor and not a very good catch. Also in different parts of the world (Mexico for instance) what they think is attractive is very different than what the majority of Americans or Europeans think is attractive. I also think BBW is a very underserved niche in our market. There is very little content available and most of what's available isn't very good. This is something that Project Revenue is going to fix in the near future.

Question #3
How many cats do you own?

Indoors we have 3. Plus a couple of outdoor strays that we feed. I was never a cat person until recently. I had an ex-girlfriend who had a white persian cat. Since I work from home I was alone with that cat all day, and he really grew on me. When I kicked her to the curb I asked her to leave the cat. (Not the kind of pussy guys are usually looking for....LOL) My wife had a cat when I met her. Gray tabby named Smokey. He's almost 8 years old now. Shortly after my wife moved in with me, I went to the local humane society and adopted a calico cat named Patches. Then a couple of months later we were walking on the lakefront and came across a stray brown tabby. She was the friendliest thing you ever saw. After petting her for a few minutes we realized she had been declawed, and she had no collar or tag. If she'd had claws I probably would have left her there but we were afraid she wouldn't be able to defend herself without claws so we brought her home. The humane society wouldn't take her because they can't find homes for adult cats, only kittens. Animal control said they would take her but if nobody claimed her within 5 days they'd put her to sleep. So we took her to the vet, got her all of her shots, and decided to keep her. We named her Simba, and she's a permanent fixture on our (excuse me her) bed.

Question #4
Describe the lifestyle difference between a Christian Apologist and someone who works in porn like you.

Ahhhhhhh. For a few years, when I was in my early twenties, I was a religious zealot. I had found "religion" and immersed myself into it totally. Now being a good christian fellow, I honestly believed that anyone who didn't agree with me was going to hell. So my mission in life was to convince people on an intellectual level that the Bible was the word of God, and that they needed Jesus or else they were going to be in a world of hurt. I read stacks and stacks and stacks of books. I learned about all of the other religions of the world (in a skewed kind of way, since the books I was reading were explaining why Christianity was the real deal and all the other religions weren't) I lived for heated debates with Atheists, Jehovah's Witnesses, and anyone else who didn't agree with me. I had plans to attend seminary and become a christian apologist (defender of the faith) However, the more I studied the Bible in an effort to prove it was the inerrant word of God, the more flaws I found in it, the more circular reasoning I found in Christian theology, and the more things I found that just didn't make sense. My friends in the church told me I was frying my brain, I didn't need all that stuff, I just had to accept things on "faith" However by my way of thinking, if the Bible truly was the word of God, then there would be no flaw in it. God's word would be irrefutable by anything as simple as man's logic and reasoning. Eventually I saw things for what they were, but it was a long and greivous process for me. Its very hard to admit that you've wasted a few years of your life and even harder to give up ALL of your friends and start life over again. It was as painful as getting a divorce I'd say. However I always promised myself to be committed to the truth, and when I realized that what I had wasn't the truth, I had to give it up.

Question #5
Why did the army ask you to leave?

I just wasn't cut out for the Army. My sergeants never appreciated my sense of humor...LOL I enlisted during the 1st Gulf War, but by the time I made it to boot camp the war was over. (I remember eating alot of the pre-packaged meals they were sending back from the Gulf, since they had taken a year's worth of supplies with them and the ground war lasted all of a couple days) The technical term for what happened to me was RIF. (reduction in force) This was during George H.W. Bush administration, the cold war was over, Desert Storm was over, and the military was reducing its size. I was the weakest link....LOL I never did anything to warrant getting kicked out, but I was just barely getting by. They "asked me to quit" and I didn't like them anymore than they liked me, so I signed the papers and got sent home. Its something that I don't regret doing, but would never want to do again.

Question #6
Is it true all used car salesmen are scam artists?

I'd say the 80/20 rule applies. 80% will rip you off if you let them and 20% are good honest people. I was good at it because I used my humor to disarm people. If they like you they'll want to do business with you. However, I'm very glad to be out of that rat race.

Question #7
What do you like more - being a stand up comic or what you do now?

Being a stand up comic for sure. It's all I ever wanted to do. I quit doing stand up when I found out my girlfriend (at the time) was pregnant. Then it was time to be serious about life and settle down and get a "real job" Being a road comic doesn't pay shit. As a feature act you'd get about $100 a night plus the club would pay for your room. You had to pay for all of your own travel expenses. Most guys drive which is hell on their cars, and by the time you're done eating out 3 times per day and paying for gas etc....you're lucky to bring home $200 at the end of the week. Headliners make more, but its still quite the grind. You really have to love doing it in order to do it for a living. I loved it enough to do that, but there was no way I could go on the road and be a good dad. My son being born is the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I wouldn't trade him for the world. So now I'm just an arm chair smart ass instead of a smart ass for hire.

Question #8
Is 7-11 the ultimate convience store?

Slurpees rule!!! LOL I worked for a local convenience store chain named EZ Serve for about 5 years. Managing a convenience store is a job I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy. Your "freedom" is dependent on whether or not a bunch of minimum wage earning 18 and 19 year old kids decide to show up for work. Most of the stores we had were small neighborhood stores. we didn't have any of the monster stores you see nowadays with 20 gas pumps and 4 people inside working. We had one person working at a time, and if someone decided to call in sick, or quit without notice, guess who had to go cover that shift? What's worse is that it always seemed to happen on days that I was supposed to go see my son. I had to cancel so many visits it made me sick. Plus I was on salary and didn't make one penny extra for pulling midnight shifts or doubles or whatever it was I had to do in order to keep the store open. This was in the late 90's when the economy was booming and unemployment in my county was about 2%. It was ridiculously hard to find a warm body to put behind the counter, much less a dependable honest worker. During the tail end of my time there is when I discovered the internet and stared building websites part time. I was desperate for another way to make money so I didn't have to run a convenience store any longer. Also my son was getting older and was starting to notice when I didn't come to see him on the days I was supposed to. This was my main motivation for starting my own business where I could make my own hours. (Its so funny a friend of mine once said about me "yeah he peddles porn, but it's because of his family values....LOL) So for well over a year and a half I worked from 5am-3pm at the store (plus whatever extra shifts I had to pull) and from 4pm until I passed out on my desk on websites. I didn't go on a date or have any kind of social life for almost 2 years. Finally the day came that I quit my day job and devoted 100% of my working hours to this business. It was of course a risk, but one that I'm glad I took. 6 months after I went full time in this business, the convenience store chain I was working for filed for bankruptcy and closed all of its stores. So much for the "job security" and "guaranteed paycheck" I gave up on to do my own thing.

Question #9
What exactly happened with Joel?

Let's just say I worked for him a long time ago and it didn't work out. We've both gone our separate ways. We had plenty of board drama a couple years ago and I'd rather not re-live it.

Question #10
Just how much spam have you mailed out?

Very little. A couple years ago I started talking with this guy who was heavy into mailing. He led me to believe that I could make a fortune doing very little work. (just by placing tiny classified ads in newspapers from my one bedroom apartment....LOL) I got ripped off in a big way. I bought this CCbill list that had been sold and given away probably 1000 times. (Of course I didn't know this...I thought it was a "fresh list") I got a copy of send-safe, made up some text ads (I wasn't comfortable mailing pictures) and spammed away. All in all I only sent out a few thousand emails and I think I made one or two sales. You live and you learn. When I worked for Naughty America I handled mailers for them. That was alot different though, we'd mail once in awhile to our expired members and we also had a double opt in list of emails that had been collected off of gallery pages over the years. This was all before CAN-SPAM and all the lawsuits against mailers. Its a totally different ball game now, one that I'm glad I wasn't very involved in.

Question #11
What the fuck is Project Revenue?

I thought you'd never ask. Project Revenue is my new affiliate program. I've spent alot of time and alot of money putting it together. After working for a top notch program like Naughty America and after years of sending A SHITLOAD of joins to other affiliate programs, starting an affiliate program was the next logical step for me. We currently have one paysite, RealBigRacks.com. The site features naturally busty girls and converts the hell out of big tit and amateur traffic. It also does pretty good with teen traffic since alot of our busty girls fall into the 18-20 year old range. We've spent a fortune on exclusive content, we update the site 3 times per week, and so far our conversion and retention numbers are looking very very good. Another thing that I believe sets us apart is our hosted galleries. Remember I've made a living the past few years on nothing but TGP traffic, so I know how to convert that traffic into $$$. If you're tired of hosted galleries that look like they were created by a newbie with his first copy of thumbs plus, then you're going to love Project Revenue. Our galleries will convert AND help you get more bookmarks for your sites.

Question #12
What exactly did you have to do for the old man that helped you out with your diploma?

Without getting into alot of details or a pity party, let's just say I had some family problems when I was 16. I had nowhere to live. I couldn't get a full time job because I wasn't 18, so I couldn't really support myself. I bounced around from friends house to friends house and one day a friend introduced me to an old man who ran a private school. Now this wasn't a private school where "rich kids" went to school. Most of the students there were kids that had been expelled from the public school system. It was a "tough love" kind of place. I explained my situation to him, and told him that all I wanted to do was get my diploma so that when I turned 17 in a couple of months I could join the military. That way I wouldn't have to worry about where I was going to live and where my next meal was going to come from etc. Plus there was the college money and all that stuff that military was offering. It was a very attractive option for a kid with nowhere to go. This old guy worked with me on nights, weekends, whenever I had time to go see him. I got the credits I needed to finish school in a short time, got my diploma, and off to boot camp I went. (And he never charged me a dime) While the army didn't work out for me, I definitely did ALOT of growing up there. When I got out I was a totally different person and able to take care of myself. there's no telling what might have happened to me if that old man hadn't helped me out. I owe him ALOT. He's not around anymore, but I do have (serious) plans to start a charitable organization in the next few years, and it will bear his name.

Question #13
What cities have you lived in?

I was born in Baltimore, MD. I've lived in Miami, Orlando, Columbus and Savannah, GA (in the army) Now I live in Hammond, LA. Its an hour north of New Orleans and 45 minutes east of Baton Rouge. Its not the city that I would pick to live in, but my son lives here, so I do also.

Question #14
Are yahoo chat rooms any good for scoping babes?

I would have to say YES!!! I met my wife in a yahoo chat room. She was in New Jersey and I was here in Louisiana. I wasn't "looking for a date" or anything at the time, but we started chatting and got along really well. After about a month of chatting we decided we should meet. I booked my flight and was there a month later. That was the best 10 days of my life. A few months later she moved here to Louisiana and we got married in January, in Vegas, right before Internext.

Question #15
Talk about your first Internext.

My first Internext was an eye opening experience to say the least. I went to the show a whole two months after I started working full time in this business. I thought I was the shit because I'd made enough money in porn to be able to quit my day job. (most of the people I knew from the message boards were just part time pornsters) It was when I got to the convention that I realized just HOW MUCH money there was floating around in this business, and how tiny a slice of the pie I really had. I came home very determined to change that and I doubled my income that year. I was working for Joel at the time, and he paid my way to the show. I wouldn't have been able to afford it otherwise, so I do thank him for that.

Question #16
How many porn conventions do you attend a year? Which ones? Which are your favorites?

Internext in Vegas is the only show I've ever been to. I've only been 3 times That's something that's definitely going to change in the near future. There's no way I can make it to every show, but I plan on going to at least a few.

Question #17
What the fuck happened at band camp?

Question #18
How many women/men have you fucked in your life?

If I was still single I would probably answer this, but my wife reads this board...LOL When your wife asks you this question you have to use the old Jack Nicholson approach "You want the truth?? You can't handle the truth!!!"

Question #19
What is the most exhilarating sexual experience you've ever had?

There was this one time I was with Juicy and Mr Izzz, wearing my pink tutu. They had a midget on a trampoline who was rubbing goat cheese into my nipples......well.....the rest of that is kind of personal so I'll just keep it to myself.

Question #20
Talk about drugs and booze and your usage.

Drugs never. Alcohol rarely. Alchoholism runs rampant in my family, so I've always been very careful about how much and how often I drink. It's not unusual for me to go 6 months between drinks. I do party on occasion, but it's rare.

Question #21
Why do you come to GFY?

GFY is like reality TV for adult webmasters. I've laughed harder here than almost any other place online. While there are alot of kids and wannabe's here, there are also alot of serious people here to do serious business. I've made alot of good contacts here that have helped my business over the years. Plus its nice to go to a convention and have people you've never spoken to say "Oh you're THAT Lenny! I see you post on GFY" It makes breaking the ice alot easier.

Question #22
What kind of car(s) do you own? pics

I'm not really into fancy cars and things like that. It comes from my years as a car salesman I guess. I'm just not that impressed by cars. Plus I'm still at a point in my business where every dime I don't need to pay a bill goes right back into the business, this has really fueled my growth over the years. I recently traded in a BMW 3-series to get my wife a new car. She wanted a Honda Element so that's what she got. I took her old car (a mitsubishi galant) She drives 600 miles a week for work and I work from home, so it was more important for her to have the new one. Sorry I don't have impressive pics of dozens of cars like Marc De does, but my business hasn't reached that level. (yet)

Question #23
How many houses do you own? pics

One house, we just bought our first one. Its a cozy 3 bedroom place 15 minutes away from where my son lives. There's just my wife and I here, so its more than enough for us.

Question #24
Are the rumors about your transvestite cross dressing fetish true?

Location: The Big Easy Posts: 5,907 Only on Wednesdays with Izzzy.

Question #25
Do you have any employees?

Yes. We have 363 servants who live in a small community behind my home called "LennyVille" They work 80 hours per week for 14 cents per hour. At the end of the week they are paid in "Lenny Dollars" which they can then use at "Ye Olde Lenny Shoppe" to buy things for their huts, such as "The Lenny2 Oil Portrait", "Lenny2 the Home Game", and great book titles such as "Mein Lenny", "1000 Lenny's Below the Sea" and the all time best seller "Remembrance of Things Lenny" Ok seriously, I have one full time employee. We've been friends for a long time and he does alot of different things for me to help keep the business running smooth. We also outsource alot of things (design, programming etc) so I can keep my focus on marketing and traffic buys. My wife will probably start working with me full time at some point this year.

Question #26
If you couldn't work porn anymore would you go back to working in a convience store?

Unfortunately right now, yes I would. I probably wouldn't have a choice. I'm still at a point in my business cycle where I'm reinvesting everything I don't need to live on back into the business. So if something catastrophic were to happen in this business I'd have no choice but to go back into retail management. In another year or two that won't be the case. I don't think I'll be "set for life" but we'll have more than enough to buy a brick and mortar business and do that for a living. I was successful at running brick and mortar businesses before I got into this, so I have no reason to believe that won't be the case in the future as well.

Question #27
What's the worst setback you've experienced in this business? Biggest break?

Fortunately I haven't had any major setbacks. Busty-Amateurs closing their doors hurt a little bit, but not alot. I was fairly new to the business when that happened so it wasn't a lot of money that I lost. The recent Ibill trouble cost me a couple thousand a month in rebills, and several thousand $$ owed that I'll probably never see. Fortunately they weren't a big percentage of my overall revenue either. I don't think I've had any "big breaks" either, although I've had lots of small ones. Growth has been slow and steady for me ever since I started in this business, and there are too many people to name that have helped me along the way. There wasn't any one "moment" where business just rocketed off for me. I'm hoping this ambush can qualify as a "big break" for me. I know that I'm not a very "well known" person in this business, and hopefully some people will get to know me from my answers to these questions and want to do business with me in the future. My door is always open for new ideas and proposals. (lenny at projectrevenue.com)

Question #28
Who do you look up to in this game? Down on?

The people I look up to in this business are the truly honest ones. The people that have made their money by offering the consumer a great product at a fair price, without ever using any of the "shady tactics" that this business is known for. This includes (but is in no way limited to) companies like Naughty America, Nasty Dollars, Score-Cash, Twisty's, Karups, ATK, etc. This is the business model I intend to follow with my own program. People I look down on are people who have made it harder for all of us to do business. Offering "free trials" that aren't really free, and the customer wakes up 3 days later with $100 on his credit card for sites he's never heard of. Spyware scum are on the top of my list of people that I wouldn't spit on if they caught fire also. There are lots of consumers out there who won't come near our sites because they've been burned so badly in the past. The people who have burned those consumers are the ones I look down on.

Question #29
Would you consider having sex in front of a camera or friends?


Question #30
If your wife wasn't part of the equation and you could have any one women or man for a one night stand in the adult business who would it be?

Mandy Blake

Question #31
Are you a republican or a democrat?

Democrat. I'm about as liberal as they come. I think if you look throughout the history of the world, the rich people have always oppressed the poor people. As far back as kings and their subjects, to the nobles and the serfs of the middle ages, to the robber barons and the sweatshops of the early industrial age. I think government's place, in a democratic society, is to be the equalizer. To look out for the little guy. The big guy has an army of people to look out for him, all the little guy has is the people he votes for on election day. If Wal-Mart can use its buying power to negotiate better deals with suppliers, then I think Wal-Mart's employees should be able to collectively bargain for better wages and benefits. I could go on and on and on, but I should probably start a blog for that ) Many thanks to Sleazy for "ambushing" me. Remember to sign up for Project Revenue, and feel free to hit me up anytime to discuss biz. (lenny at projectrevenue.com)



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