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Amelia G runs probably the best and largest network dedicated to the Goth culture on the net. She's been in the game as long as many of the old school people and really knows what she's doing. One look at the websites she owns and runs, will confirm that. Amelia G is someone who I'm PROUD to call a friend. She's dynamic, spicy, sexy and an all around well grounded person that knows who she is and where she's going - something that's rare in today's world to say the least. Amelia G is a class act.

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Question #1
Are you a Goth because you were abused as a child?

I think of myself as Gothic, but that is only a small part of who I am as a well-rounded person. Unless one considers moving often abuse, I was definitely not abused as a child. The only time my parents ever even spanked me was once when I hit my brother. I never did that again. And I still wrote very very tortured and very very bad poetry about love and friendship when I was fourteen.

Question #2
What's the deal with all this counter culture crap?

I think of counterculture as an easy catchall phrase for the various seeker subcultures I am into. It encompasses Gothic, punk, metal, fandom, etc. The original issues of Blue Blood magazine in print all bore what looked like the PMRC stickers for music, only it read COUNTERCULTURE EROTICA EXPLICIT LYRICS. For me, it is about always seeking excitement and passion and a different perspective.

Question #3
What was it like living as a roadie for a rock band?

Technically I was crew but not a roadie because, although I was a stagehand, I didn't travel. Sometimes it was a difficult job to do being female because it was a position traditionally filled by guys, especially for bands like Poison and Kiss and Prince. So I'd be coming in the backstage door dressed for work with my hair in a ponytail and all covered with stage dust and sometimes I would still have to point out that I was not there to blow the band. I would never dress that grubby for oral sex. Barry Manilow incidentally has some of the most sex-crazed frantic groupies the world has ever seen. Two of the most fun things I was a stagehand for actually were Nickelodeon's Super Sloppy Double Dare because I love slimy mess and the Gillette Sensor launch where we got to erect this giant walk-through razor for a few hundred of the company's top salespeople.

Question #4
Are you an Ann Rice Junkie?

I've read some of her stuff and I utilized her work as research for my Honors Thesis, but her vampires are a bit flowery and whiny for me. I think she is a brilliant writer, but in a way I enjoy her essays describing various cities or even a particular clothing fashion within her novels more than the overall novels themselves. That is just a taste thing on my part though. I think she is very very good and she was gracious and pleasant the one time we met.

Question #5
Are vampires real?

I could quibble for hours about definitions of vampires, but really there is no way to know for sure without being a vampire personally and then it would be imprudent

Question #6
What is a gypsy moth and why are they a problem?

The gypsy moth is originally from Europe and lacks sufficient natural predators in the Americas to control its population. The gypsy moth caterpillar is extremely destructive to trees and shrubs. When I lived in the DC/Baltimore area, they dealt with periodic gypsy moth infestations by exterminating from the air. The worst job I ever had was working on a gypsy moth pest control team. My friend and I had the assignment of driving to a specific place on the map with a tank of helium and huge balloons and keeping an inflated balloon aloft in the designated location . . . so the exterminator pilots flying overhead would see precisely where to spray the pesticide. For some mysterious reason, my friend and I both got really bizarrely sick during our employment doing that. The friend I did the gypsy moth gig with was one of the first models for Blue Blood back when it was a high end print magazine publicity.

Question #7
Why do Goths prefer the night to the sunlight?

I lived by the beach as a young teen and I spent some enjoyable daylight hours there, but I've always loved the night. It is healthy to get a little bit of sun, but a good night just feels so full of possibility and excitement to me. I've never had a 24 hour internal clock biorhythm. I need to stay up longer than the average person before I can sleep and I think I need to sleep longer than the average person before I am well-rested. This has made me more attracted to any subculture which stays up past standard bedtimes. My absolutely favorite thing about online business is that it is there all the time. I can work really super long hours and I can work almost whatever hours I feel like. It makes no difference if I start my work at 8am or midnight, so long as it gets done. I really love this about the internet. I suspect I am not the only webmaster who feels this way.

Question #8
What are you favorite things to buy at an adult boutique?

I'm on the guest list, so I get my toys for free. Seriously, all the best sex toy companies and kinky clothing designers send Blue Blood stuff for free hoping we will give them valuable press online or in print or product placement in shoots. (In case, any GFYers want in on that, I can't accommodate everyone, but mention Ambush and I'll give you higher priority: Blue Blood, 8033 Sunset Blvd #4500, West Hollywood, CA 90046.) A lot of people decide what to buy based on what we are showcasing. I did used to manage an adult boutique. It was one of the first women-friendly sex-positive stores of its kind. I'm very proud in particular of how many women I helped to feel okay about masturbation, both their own and that of their partners. I think the stuff I sold the most of was the really high end sex toys. A cheap vibrator is worth nothing if it can't get a girl off. A good vibrator or other really quality sex toy is a worthwhile investment indeed. What does it take to be a queer like you?

Question #9
Do you do all your own design? Have you always done so?

Although I used to do corporate design and production back in the mists of time, my real expertise there is managing print production. If you want to take a glossy magazine from concept to the consumer's doorstep looking as desired, I am your girl, but that has limited application for online business. Inhouse ForrestBlack is in charge of the overall look and feel of all Blue Blood projects, including the sites in SpookyCash. Forrest has very high quality standards, but we have a constant need for design and are always looking for good outside designers as well. Any designers reading this who think they have what it takes, who we don't already work with, are invited to email portfolio links to spookycash [AT] with Ambush in the subject.

Question #10
What is Blue Blood and how is it affiliated with SpookyCash?

Blue Blood is the overarching lifestyle brand. SpookyCash is Blue Blood's B2B affiliate program for webmasters to get paid promoting sites in our niche. Blue Blood started off as a glossy magazine published out of the basement of a punk rock group house. Blue Blood's first web presence was around 1994 and was just promo stuff for the print publication. Then, in approx 1999, we launched Gothic Sluts and Barely Evil In approx 2002, we started Blue Blood's SpookyCash which is the leading affiliate program in our niche. SpookyCash now features hosted galleries, picture of the day with optional thumbnail preview for every site in the program, hosted free sites, hosted banner rotators with both nude and nonnude banners, and a full hosted TGP where affiliate webmasters get paid on every single link and every single gallery. The program has been a great success and we expect to be doubling the number of sites in our program by the end of the year.

Question #11
How many times have you had sex without a condom?

I have never had unprotected sex. I'm a safety girl. I am a fan of condoms and dental dams and, where appropriate, monogamy. I swear.

Question #12
Is pleasure linked to pain in sexual experience?

As the body's physiological response to aggression and pain is very similar to the body's physiological response to romance and sex, I think it makes all the sense in the world that a lot of people feel a link there. I think a lot more people than most would guess like some pain or domination or bondage, either giving or receiving, in their sex. Still, I don't think sex and pain have to be linked or anything. I'm at least as big a fan of a good massage as anyone. Personally, I've always been turned on by the outlaw, the outsider, the monster, the ruler, the dangerous lover who could destroy but who chooses not to do so. Probably a metaphor for love in there somewhere.

Question #13
What kind of awards have you won for your writing?

I won the all high school English award and I think I might have been a National Merit Scholar In more recent memory, my short stories have been at least an honorable mention or finalist in award anthologies including Best American Erotica, Best Women's Erotica, Best S/M Erotica, Year's Best Fantasy and Horror, Best Lesbian Erotica, etc. I've written hundreds of journalism pieces for a huge roster of clients from glossy magazines to local newspapers to underground publications to of course web sites. So I know I'm leaving some recognitions out here, but this is what I thought of off the cuff.

Question #14
How many women/men have you photographed? Naked? Of them how many did you have sex with?

With my shooting partner Forrest Black, I've photographed more than 2,000 people. Not sure what percentage were naked. I think I have photographed a few people I was already getting horizontal with, but never did anyone I photographed first.

Question #15
Talk about the honors thesis you did on Cross-Cultural and Historical Vampire Legends as a Paradigm for Aggressive Human Sexuality.

The title hits the main points. Let's just say that my education might have been both expensive and unusual, but perhaps it turned out to be valuable and pertinant to what I do after all.

Question #16
Why did you move around so much in your youth? In what places have you lived?

I was born in London. I have lived on three continents, in half a dozen countries, and roughly nine states. I guess I just went wherever my family wanted to go and then I got kind of used to seeing the sun set in a new place from time to time. I still love to travel new places.

Question #17
Have you ever killed anyone?

Should it worry me to regularly get asked this question in interviews?

Question #18
What's the most outrageous thing you've ever done at an adult convention?

I have had a GREAT time with so many of the people who post on GFY and go to the shows and are part of the webmaster community. I suspect my fun night out might be someone else's totally outrageous party. Webmasters can have a fun night out with me anywhere knowing I won't tell tales about anything they would prefer to have remain private. I do really enjoy the shows thoroughly. Sometimes I take fun snapshots of the festivities and post those I can at

Question #19
How many adult conventions do you attend a year? Which are your favorites?

It really varies year-to-year. I used to occasionally hit the adult shows back when the main one was part of CES. I decide which shows to attend partly based on whether they want me to speak on a panel and partly based on location and partly based on who is creating the event and mostly based on what else I have going on workwise at the time and which of my favorite people are encouraging me to go.

Question #20
What was life like living in a house with punk rock group?


Question #21
Have you ever been sued or sued anyone?

I try to only do business with honorable people who keep their promises. I am a lawyer's daughter and I keep excellent legal representation on retainer, so I'm not one to shy away from a fight when it is necessary, but legal battles produce negative energy and that is undesirable.

cocky bastard's answer

Question #22
Do you personally know all the top goth bands like Evanescence and Marilyn Manson?

I'll spare you the gothy debate over which ones count as goth and which ones count as at the top. Some I hang out with and some I photograph and some I really like as people and some not so much. We are generally at least aware of one another. I am sort of used to this now, but it totally freaked me out the first time, years ago, when I was at this underground club in New Orleans and I wanted to give a copy of Blue Blood magazine to this guy who worked with Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails to pass along to Trent. And the guy told me Trent bought the issue already. A lot of members of top bands have chosen, not just who they bring backstage, but their actual girlfriends off of Gothic Sluts and Barely Evil Blue Blood girls get recognized.

Question #23
What kind of car do you drive? Pics

Photos of me with my car by Forrest Black. Article about why this is my ride at this link.

Question #24
How many houses do you own? pics

Oddly, zero. I used to have the notion that such purchases required one to pay everything up front and, having moved a lot as a kid, I also wasn't sure I wanted to commit to staying any one place. Buying some property is definitely on my to-do list, so people with more of a clue than yours truly in such matters are heartily invited to give me real estate advice.

Question #25
What did you end up on TV and radio for?

I'm told I give pretty good sound bites and some television producers like to do coverage such as a segment on me at work shooting vampire dominatrixes or green-haired lovers. I enjoy discussing topics from subculture fashion to photographic art to business ethics to the potential of emerging technology. Different interviewers are interested in asking me different specifics of course, but it all tends to be about Blue Blood projects. I think the only exception was a game show I competed in on military television; otherwise I have always been on television and radio for press about my various artistic and cultural endeavors. I was on a number of shows during a time period when I didn't have TV, so I don't think I saw the final cuts for various appearances on HBO and FOX and MTV. I've done radio all over the U.S. and I'm glad I don't usually record that because I think I would just be all self-conscious then. I should probably do more TV shows, but I try to be careful about who I say yes to. I've certainly had to turn down offers from Playboy and Jenny Jones and the like when I felt the depiction of my community would be too inaccurate and embarrassingly disrespectful.

Question #26
What happened in the 4th grade?

When I was in 4th grade, my parents put a stop to the business a friend and I were planning when we cut up a number of my friend's mom's boyfriend's magazines and glued the pages to construction paper. We had intended to distribute before my appalled parents threw out our little crafts project. Anyway, I had the entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age.

Question #27
How often do you have sex in a month? How many different partners? Male and female?

Why would I have sex? I sale naughty sites on the interweb.

Question #28
Why do you live in LA?

There is a certain quality to the sunlight here which I really enjoy. In LA, I can get delivery food until 4am. The sushi is plentiful. There are no legal issues with being in this business in LA, at least not at my end of the spectrum. When I first moved here, I was really into the fact that Los Angeles is home to some of the best photo labs in the world, although that becomes less of an issue in a more and more digital world. The best thing about Los Angeles, however, is that no one assumes people like me are supposed to either mainstream or become total losers after a certain age. Salespeople and waiters in LA will not assume that punk rock equals can't afford it. I have my own internalized punk rock issues with accepting success, but Los Angeles is friendly to punk rock success.

Question #29
Being at the top of the game in Goth, who do you look up to?

Looking up can imply a lack of self-esteem, but some people I deeply admire are Madonna, Marie Curie, Jay McInerney, William Gibson, Robert Rodriguez, Quentin Tarantino, Donald Trump, Larry Flynt, my parents, my grandparents. Actually, I guess there is a pretty long list of people I admire and an even longer one of those I respect.

Question #30
Talk about the mental state of most goth models in comparison to most other models in the adult business.

I probably don't have the perspective to accurately compare as I don't accept model submissions from girls who are at all standard issue looking, unless they are really special in some way. From what I've read on the boards and in the trade mags, it is my impression that some of my models may be a bit wilder and more dangerous than the average I suppose. A lot of the people I photograph are not models though. In many cases, the only publisher people in my community are interested in being photographed for is Blue Blood and that has been the case for years. I tend to be impressed by a person's accomplishments within the scene and their individual style and star quality. This tends to mean they are something else before they are models.

Question #31
Why do you come to GFY?

We first discovered GFY in our referrer stats because people kept posting links to Blue Blood content and talking about how great our photography was. I figured any place where people admired my work that much was at least worth checking out. I found GFY a great way to meet other people involved in the adult Internet. I guess I'd met some before at shows and working for various big publishing houses, but I really enjoy the personal touch on GFY. Even with the proliferation of boards, GFY is still the most active and tends to be the most productive for me. I guess some people find GFY too rough, but, except for the occasional excess of sexism, I find GFYers quite refreshingly straightforward. I've been doing what I do for a long time and it used to be a heck of a lot harder than it is now. Plus I'm punk before I'm goth, so I'm not overly thin-skinned. I think the internet business is pretty perfect for go-getters who don't totally fit the mold and I think it is really cool how many people in online adult have rich life experiences I can either really relate to or be interested in or both. When I have time, I really enjoy reading the boards and going to the parties. I'm enjoying the Ambush Interviews now too because they are providing an interesting extra depth.

Question #32
What turns you on in a guy? A girl?

Sending SpookyCash sites a minimum of 20 joins a day! That's hot! Seriously, although there are different physical characteristics I like in each, the main traits I like are pretty similar. I am attracted to personal strength of character and personality, integrity, style, eloquence, straightforwardness, creativity, guts, intelligence, capacity for passion, appreciation of spectacle, curiousity and interest in the world around them, a sense of adventure, quirky hobbies, workaholism, and the ability to experience pleasure and have a good time. In summary, I am entertained by GFY and I also like to do some business at the end of the day.

Question #33
If the internet ended tomorrow - what would you do for money?

Beats me. I didn't get into doing what I do to make money. I am just fortunate that the internet came along and made what I had been doing for fun and art for a decade into a profitable business. I suppose people will still want media, whatever format it comes in. With my extensive magazine and web site experience and my mad photo and writing skillz, I guess I'd end up doing something in whatever the newest favored media format turned out to be. Like Mae West said, "rich or poor, it is good to have money," but I've gone hungry before and I know I can get through the toughest times, so I don't get too worried wondering if the internet will stop being viable. Transitions can be very painful, but capable people with heart tend to eventually land on their feet.

Question #34
Do Goths really drink blood? Discuss in detail

I don't, although I do enjoy biting. I enjoy quality vampire erotica as well. I had a friend of mine, who does include blood-drinking as part of sexplay, write a how-to article about blood-drinking for the first issue of Blue Blood in print. It was a bit controversial to say the least. I feel strongly that the extremity of a sex act does not make it more unsafe in terms of potential disease transmission. Nude dry humping someone with genital warts is more likely to lead to a problem than drinking blood from an uninfected monogamous sex partner.



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