Yellowmenace (meatcash)

Yellowmenace is a partner in meatcash. The hugely popular yet contraversial extreme hardcore paysite affiliate program that's taking over TGPs and MGPs these days. Mild and well manored - you'd never guess meeting him that he runs the sites that he does! I've seen meatcash's stuff and it's good. They know how to get a surfer's attention and the bottom line is - it sells. Yellowmenace is a well rounded guy; a super smart business man and someone who's come a LONG way in this biz in a short time. He will go a LOT further.

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Question #1
Do you get off on hurting women?

I will answer the most controversial ones first lol The answer is NO, I don't get off on hurting women. I respect every person for who they are and who they aspire to be. But I do find the psychological aspects of the stuff that we shoot very interesting. There's tons of drama and frankly most of it is in the editing. Most people want to know why the girls are in the biz and how they got to where they thing for sure, it's not for the sex (at least a majority of them). In reference to the content that we shoot, we only work with girls who are up to the MeatHoles challenge. That's why we have an interview where we spell out everything, then schedule them for the shoot, then have another pre-interview where we spell out everything before the shoot actually occurs. The girls we work with find the experience a memorable one and even find it exihiliarating.

Question #2
What is this Asian thing refered to as 'the cause' and is it myopic?

I use to be a producer for a dot com Asian American Lifestyle Site located in San Francisco. So needless to say that 99.999999 percent of the staff were Asian Americans. At first it was cool because being with a bunch of peeps from similar cultures and backgrounds always breeds a lot of cohesiveness. But after a while, everything we did centered around being "Asian" SHOULD go to this spoken word event because it supports the Asian American "Cause". You have to be a mentor to a bunch of nerdy asian people with no social skills who want to be journalists...the list goes on and on... I got sick and tired of it. Anyone who has met me knows that I am the whitest asian dude on the face of the earth...or commonly referred to as a Banana. call it self loathing or whatever but I was just tired of some inherent biases with any group that promotes only their cause...sometimes at the cost of being right or fair.

Question #3
How did you ever get promoted from being a talented chauffeur?

Top secret information or he doesn't have the guts to answer.

Question #4
What the fuck is a "Web Minion” ad?

I was a huge porno fan before I got in the biz. And one of the sites I always hit up was, a porno gossip column. I came across an ad for a "Web Minion"....duties entailed taking the girls around, design and encoding...your basic grunt stuff. I lived very close to the former Meatcash office aka Boogie Nights 1.0 (we are on Boogie Nights 2.0 right now) and that was primarily the reason I got the gig. You wouldn't believe how many people was over 500 people...some people willing to commute 200 miles every day LOL. Things people would do to get BJs...I won the lottery I suppose. Long story short, after seeing the possibilities in this industry, I made a decision to be successful in this industry, no matter what. It was a dream gig. I wanted to learn EVERY aspect of the business. From booking the girls to the final product, to marketing. And being a Chauffer to the girls was one of my gigs. I chalked it up as educating myself about the talent and how to interact with them. Most people would bitch about being a chauffer. I didn't. I worked my ass off being the best chauffer I could be even though I had a lot more to offer.....and now I am showcasing my other talents

Question #5
Do extreme sites generate more revenue than regular hardcore ones?

I think hardcore sites convert better, but that doesn't necessarily mean more revenue. There are only a certain # of people who dig the hardcore stuff...most people just wanna see hot chicks get fucked. Some people wanna dig deeper and find out what the girls are really about...and that's the kind of stuff we like to shoot....the stuff that makes people hold up a mirror to themselves and ask all the hard questions.

Question #6
Have you ever been at a stop light in manual on your FX45; forgot you were in manual when the light went green and reved the engine past the redline? (pics)

I am one of the laziest motherfuckers that ever lived. I haven't even tried out the manual option. Why do the manual when one can do the automatic pics below.

Question #7
Was it easy with your degree from UCLA to get a job in a philosophy factory?

Working on pics of my next question.. haha yeah, I got a bachelors in Philosophy from UCLA. After my 3rd year, I was bored as fuck because it was no longer applicable to......anything really lol.

Question #8
Talk about your work as an intern?

Towards the end of my graduation and for a short stint after I graduated from UCLA, I interned for a couple of entertainment companies.... Dreamworks and for the guy who produced Taxi Driver, Mimic, and The Sting. I was doing some script analysis / development and general intern grunt work.. I wonder if Spielberg would be proud if he found out one of his interns now shoots a different type of horror movie LOL.

Question #9
How do you respond to people who say that of your paysites are degrading to women and to women's rights?

Sexuality is a funny thing...some people find degradation to be a HUGE turn on. Personally, I don't understand it. I am a huge of of ND content. Frankly, a lot of our girls who shoot for us LOVES to be degraded. Why? maybe because they were treated poorly by their parents or cousins. Maybe they were abused by their boyfriend. One thing that I am sure about the girls in the business, for the most part are not right in the head. And a majority of them do find shooting for us a turn on. We do not violate the rights any men or women. We respect a woman's right to say yes, to say no, to be treated nice like our other site: to be degraded, like Meatholes, and of course to make money to support themselves.

Question #10
Was Spike radio affiliated with Spike TV in any way?

Top secret information or he doesn't have the guts to answer.

Question #11
John Digweed and Alex Gopher, who the fuck are they?

You must be talking about the first job I ever got. Out of college, I got a job with (I don't think url is up) as a project manager/producer. They were a 24/7 LIVE streaming radio show with interviews and all. Most of the stuff we played was like underground dj stuff like John digweed and alex gopher. That company imploded from overspending, hard to believe I know. But I did get an opportunity to work with some of the best mainstream designers in the world. The company was based in australia so there was a very eclectic mix of people. I loved the dot com days...I got to do a little bit of the corporate world they try to pigeon hole everything.

Question #12
Do Asian Americans experience predjudice in American society?

I would have to say yes but it depends on what type of gig you are trying to get. If I was applying for a programmer position or a position with little or no influence, I would be hired on the spot. If I was applying for a gig that required more "leadership skills" such as marketing or ceo type position, I have to be extraordinary to get noticed. There are always tons of other issues such as age, height, looks...etc... I lack all that, but I make up for it with tenacity LOL

Question #13
What kind of freelance design work did you used to do?

I use to do A LOT of Information Architecture for fortune 500 sites. Basically Information Architecture or IA for the hardcore peeps involves mapping out complicated sites for usability and flow. Also alot of user studies were conducted. Stupidity of end user never ceases to amaze LOL

Question #14
What's the most extreme sexual thing you've ever done to a woman or man?

I am a middle of the road kinda guy. Nothing extreme except some hard pounding when I can muster up the strength lol No spitting on their faces, calling the girls whores or anything like that. lol

Question #15
Talk about Anthony Robbins and how he affected your life.

I am big time into personal development and Anthony robbins along with others like Napoleon Hill and John Maxwell. I feel that everybody needs personal development...some people need it more than others. Some people are born with communication skills and the ability to influence. Others need to develop them. I am one of the ones that need to work very hard to get what I want. I wasn't brought up to stand out in a crowd. I was taught by my parents to assimilate and blend in. I have to reverse engineer a lot of my behavior to be successful.

Question #16
Is MLM a code word for SCAM ARTIST?

Not necessarily..I did some freelance work for this very successful guy who was involved in the MLM or multilevel marketing business.... I think MLM is a microview of the society as a whole...about 5% of MLM people actually strike it rich....If you got the skills to sell, you will succeed. It's an interesting concept and frankly not very different from recruiting webmasters. You wanna get webmasters to promote a product. There are incentives and such to motivate...and I think probably about 5% or so are striking it rich in the adult biz.

Question #17
Why do you like the dimwit lukeford so much?

I don't think lukeford has been writing for that site for quite a long time. Fayner now runs the site along with Wanker Wang. I have never met luke ford but I heard that he's got another gossip site...I am a creature of habit.. I visit those sites religiously.

Question #18
What kind of house did you buy? pics

I purchased a brand spankin new townhouse in sherman oaks, california. 3 bedrooms, 3 full baths, a walk in closet that is bigger than the dingy room I lived in prior to this... kickass hardwood floors throughout. Here are some livingroom and kitchen pics...

Question #19
What is your most memorable experience at an adult convention?

My most memorable experience would probably be the AVN convention back in January. I got to meet all the stars like Jenna and Tera Patrick who I use to jerk off to. The AVN is all about the Booths. The Internext isn't. The AVN is all about using star power to promote the brand, the Internext is more about promoting the cash programs which are virtual most of the just isn't the same. I haven't really been attending conventions because we were hiding under a rock for the last 1.5 years. This year tho, I plan to be doing the rounds for sure, but I've been to atlanta, vegas, san diego and florida at least once. I like the Internext in the Hotel there and the weather!

Question #20
How many conventions do you attend a year? Which are your favorites?

Top secret information or he doesn't the guts to answer

Question #21
Do you still wack off to porn?

Although I have become extremely jaded and haven't visited a dvd store in a year; I still wack off to porn. I use to go to the store and study those vhs boxes like the bible lol...hoping to find some hidden jewel buried between a nice juicy ass or huge tits. Its all genetics baby. I can't stop jerking off, LOL.

Question #22
How were you able to work your way into a partnership at meatcash?

I just put the blinders on and kept working it and kept making money for the company. That simple really. Company makes money when I am around.

Question #23
Which is bigger, your shoe size or your cock size?

hahaha...It's definitely my shoe size. I am pretty well hung for an asian, which means I am average when compared to the average american. I will leave the big dicks to the male talent and stay wayyyyyy behind the camera.

Question #24
Where do you want your company to be in 2 years? in 5 years? in 10 years?

I can't truly predict what type of business decisions we will make in the future, but my goal is to quadruple our revenue in the next 2 years. How are we gonna do that? I plan to launch a new site every 2 weeks from July til the end of the year, with vastly improved support and tools for every webmaster....all begins with the new Meatcash in a few weeks. I want to grow the business by least 25% each year after that. It's gonna be fun.

Question #25
Why do you live in LA? Where else have you lived?

Alrighty, up now will finish the rest of these questions.. I love the weather in LA. I am too damn skinny to be living in cold weather. I am a creature of habit...been living in porno valley for over 20 years. I have also lived in San Francisco, Nob Hill Area...the summers there are fuckin colder than most winters. It was kinda cool because I didn't have to drive. All public transportation.

Question #26
Do your parents and family know what you do for a living?

My parents think I do "computer work" in other words, they have no clue. I employ the don't ask don't tell policy here. They haven't asked the right question yet My sister knows and is cool with it.

Question #27
Talk about your time working at Dreamworks.

Top secret information or he doesn't have the guts to answer.

Question #28
Have you ever made a woman in your own personal life cry?

Actually, I have not. I have been married for almost 3 years now and have known her for almost 8. We have never got into a shouting match of any kind. We have had major disagreements no doubt, but not to the point of tears.

Question #29
How do you rank meatcash in size and quality to other major affilate programs out there?

I greatly admire programs like topbucks, tcg, and of course nasty dollars. There are a few more programs that are awesome but I personally like those programs because of their content (I still watch tons of porno )They have all their cylinders running and seems to have mastered every aspect of the business. We want to become as successful as they are. I love their brands, Love their marketing strategy, I love their fantastic reputation with the webmasters. I feel we have the content that users want and need, it's just a matter of being fair and honest with EVERY webmaster. Starting with the New Version Of Meatcash in a few weeks, we are gonna take major steps to work more closely and cohesively with the webmasters. More payout options, choosing your own cluster of sites (you can exclude or include your own sites), new tours, hi-res photos...on and on

Question #30
Who is your idol in this business?

I don't have any idols in this business because I know very few people I don't go to very many shows (although this will change) I do admire guys who have a knack for rounding the troops so to speak. In terms of Marketing, Lars is a person I admire....I read his ambush and he's got quite a resume. In terms of production quality, perfect gonzo does a pretty good job. Great lighting and hot girls...although I am not a fan of the euro chicks In terms of my favorite pornographers, I like ND solid as it gets, and I have to say my partner Khan Tusion...They both are great at getting the scene that is required from the girl. Offline, I like Stagliano and the old Seymore butts stuff.

Question #31
What pisses you off?

I simply cannot stand mental laziness. I use to have guys who work for me that cannot problem solve themselves out of a box. I don't like to hear "I can't" or "no chance". Because invariably, there's a way to achieve most things. Just because some things are difficult to do, doesn't mean that it cannot be done. Some people spend more time on how not to do something instead of how to finish the job.

Question #32
Have you ever been in a fight?

The last time I was in a fight was when I was 12. I really though I was bruce lee and actually kicked the guy's ass lol. But I never got into a fight after that. I would seriously get my ass kicked if I get into a fight with anyone...I do have a set of golf clubs in my trunk just in case any shit goes

Question #33
Ever fucked the talent?

My first day at meatcash, I had the honor of meeting some of the best performers in the industry: John Doe, Mike John, and Erik Everhard. The only advice they gave to me was: Don't fuck the talent, they are human petrie dishes. That kinda shocked me and left a distinct impression...nuff said..



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