Owner of Nexpectation, Jay is a young rising star in the adult business. He started in the business years before he legally should have. If you've ever met Jay(neX), you'll quickly realize that he screams intelligence. I enjoy hanging out with him to pick his brain. Make an effort to meet this guy - after 5 mins of talking to him you'll realize that it's worth your time.

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Question #1
Have you ever had a blowjob in a limo? Discuss.

Surprinsly enough, after the countless hours I spent in a limo, I've never actually had a BJ in one I'm thinking I should start travelling in limos with girls only? More on this at #6

Question #2
What was your physical expectation of Webgurl when you first met her?

Well... when I first saw a few pics of webgurl, she seemed a little "round". Her face was a little round - so I expected her to be, hum, let's say, fat. Since then I realized that Webgurl looks bad in every single picture, ever. When you see her in person, she is gorgeous and slim! As a matter of fact, I would volonteer for hot steamy sex with her. I would illustrate what I mean with pics, but she'd kill me and probably refuse hot steamy sex - sorry!

Question #3
Is it true you work hard and make lots of money just to keep Kimmykim interested in you?

Yes.I'll report on whether it worked once I buy her a big ring, a plane, 10,000 pair of shoes and 2 truckloads of neocitron I've actually always been completely amazed by kimmykim - I can't even explain why. She's SMART, GORGEOUS, has a SEXY accent, etc! The first time I met her, I was struck! And I, just like with webgurl, had a completely different mental image of her before I met her.

Question #4
Have you ever tried to seduce a friend's Mom?

Ok, I didn't try to seduce her, but I would have boned her! DAYUM! It was my japanese buddy's mom, in japan over christmas. She's the hottest 53 yo I've ever seen, and she was so nice, I wished she was my own mom (except for the sexual fantasies, lol) She also kicked my ass at pingpong, and real bad too. Nobody beats me at pingpong, but she did. Ahhhhhhh My friend knows that if I ever get a chance, I'll jump on it and then tease him about it. I call her Oka-san.

Question #5
Is Parney a man or a women? Discuss

lol - This dates back from the first month or so that I was dealing with cybercat in 2001. My poor english at the time didn't include knowing whether Parney was a woman or a man's name. So when I went to Miami to have dinner with Mark and Parney, I realized that Parney, the person I was dailing with almost daily at cybercat, was a woman, and a damn FINE one! ;) How embarassing.

Question #6
Talk about your fear of flying and steps you took to avoid planes.

I've always been scared shitless of flying. I can't remember when it started, but I know that from 18 yo till now, I had always been affraid of flying. The first time I flew, it was to go to the Miami show in 2001. This was about 15 days before 9/11. The flight to get there was fine, but while having dinner with Mark and Parney, Mark proceeded to tell us about all the times he crash landed a plane. I was so scared, I thought about renting a car to drive back, but I was too young Then on the morning we flew back, Aaliyah's plane crashed and I saw it on the news, in the airport. Needless to say, when I got back home, I swore I wasn't gonna fly anymore. I ended flying to the Vegas 03 show, because some idiot backed into my car in a parking lot a couple hundred miles away from Seattle. Flight was fine, but I still didn't like it. For the 2003 Miami show, I didn't want to fly, and I wanted to stop by phoenix on the way, and montreal on the way back. I didn't want to drive my car across America again, and add another 15,000 Kms to it, so I bought a 2003 Toyota Corolla. I'm still stuck with that car.

Question #7
Talk about your high school CD burning business.

When I was around 15yo, my parents weren't giving me any money for anything (clothes, school lunches, etc) so I wanted to figure out a way to make money. I bought a cd burner, which at the time cost around $1000 (thanks to my scooter being stolen, I had a couple grand). I started selling CDs, and pretty soon was making enough money to afford most of the things I wanted. I had a couple PCs burning 24/7, and I was doing CD deliveries for my car-challenged clients (many of them were on welfare). I picked up a habbit while I was doing that business. Often, people would offer to sell me some things (so they could get $$ to buy more cds or food) and I would get good deals, like a Playstation controller for $10, a N64 for $60, etc. I still buy people's junk to this day, even though I never use it. I must have 10 monitors at home that I picked up for under $30. My buddy moved back to japan last month and I bought all his shit for under $200 (anyone needs a bed, a 19 inch monitor, 25 pounds of rice or a computer desk??)

Question #8
Do you still work with Warez?

Hell no! I stopped everything when I turned 18. Warez is how I got in the porn biz when I was about 15 and a half yo. I threw a couple banners up my crappy website and was making almost $1k/month with Xpics for a while.

Question #9
What ranking did you hold with ARS as an affiliate when you used them?

Well, one day I got a call from my rep at ARS saying we were #1. Marc De quickly denied, but she privatly told me we were in fact #1. I'm not sure how long this lasted, but she said most of the days before we were #2. I can't say much more about it, I've never seen ARS' admin. Marc De did promise me a Z8 ride if we ever made it to 100 sales / day (which happened like 7 days later, with our first thehun listing!) Over the year or year and a half we pushed ARS, we probably made about 1.2 - 1.4 mil with them - best affiliate program ever IMO. And I'm still waiting for my Z8 ride! ;) Anyone else miss the 1:7 days? ;)

Question #10
Why did you HAVE to leave Quebec in a hurry?

A higher calling? I don't know... It just happened and I still don't comprehend everything about it. Bottom line is, one morning I disconnected my phone, cellphone and pager and got the hell away. I think it was a turning point in my life, and I'm happy I did this. If I hadn't done that, I would still be living in my hellhole town. Everyone there is so snobbish, affraid of change and negative. When I got back, I almost get depressed right away. Because I moved away, now I speak english, business is good and I'm ready to move to another country!

Question #11
What happened with your software purchase from likewhoa?

Likewhoa... you know, you'd think that after 2-3 years I wouldn't be bitter about it, right? FUCK THIS, likewhoa were fucking assholes. They delived a $55,000 software almost 12 months late, and it was NOT working properly! I had 2 different programmers work on it for a year and then it was finally working. I should also mention that we sent around $50,000 worth of joins to allliquid and only saw $10,000 of it, because I called nick's dad's at 1am one night. (nick then called and said he didn't owe me any money, and that his client globalnet was huge, and all that shit. Global net was owned by Nick lol). To compensate for the allliquid joins, we stopped paying hosting and 6 months later, they still owed us a little money when they went down forever (thankfully I had started to move to another hosting company when nick had called me saying someone on GFY was me and I was talking shit about him - WTF???) So to conclude the likewhoa story, I have nothing against Stan - he's a cool guy, and I know most of the shit was caused by nick's mental illness.

Question #12
Are your single girl sites profitable?

Paying $35/signup on a $4.95 trial - it IS profitable for a single girl site. I don't know what kind of retention the other single girl sites get, but I must say our formula works. I know most programs say that, but we convert and retain :P We're actively looking for new girls, and we'll keep harvesting that business model.

Question #13
Is it true you're a university dropout?

No it's NOT true! Never made it to university I spend one unenthusiastic year in college before I decided to stop wasting my time.

Question #14
What's wrong with Miami?

It's so warm in the summer, you can't be outside. I can't stand too warm or too cold. I need perfect wheater, just like in Victoria, BC

Question #15
Why are you living in Victoria now?

Victoria is Canada's Hawaii. We don't get snow, we have Asian chicks and we're on an island. I love it, it's my favorite place in North America. It's also the farthest west I could drive to, and I was sure as hell not going to drive 5,000 more kms to go back east! The trip had started 3 weeks earlier in Quebec - made it to Miami where I realized it's too hot, then to Kalamazoo to see ARS' offices, then turned west in Ontario. Calgary sucked, Winnipeg seemed dead, Vancouver was pretty cool and Victoria was the BEST!

Question #16
What's it like not speaking English in North America?

Well it's fine when you live in Quebec, but as soon as you get out, you feel shitty. I had always watched TV in English, so I had a good understanding of English when I moved out of Quebec. But speaking was another story. We used to flip a coin to decide who was gonna order food in Victoria when we got there When it was my turn to call, I had rather skip a meal than call. Now it's all good though ;) when you start dreaming in English, you know you're getting good!

Question #17
How come you couldn't order any wine when Cybercat took you out to dinner?

I didn't speak English.... or maybe I was 2 years under the legal age - can't remember ;)

Question #18
What's the deal with Asian chicks? I hear you got it so bad for them that you're moving to Japan.

Some people hate them, some people like them. I love them. Nothing is more interesting to me than a culture you know nothing about, a new language to learn, and those sweet almond eyes! I'm starting to learn Japanese and to learn more about their culture and I love it. I feel like I have learned what I had to learn in Victoria, and it's time to move on to a new environment. I know I'll be back in Canada some day, maybe even soon, but for now, I want to speak Japanese fluently and learn as much as I can about them.

Question #19
How many conventions do you attend a year?

Used to attend a couple / year, but I skipped all of them in 2004. Now that I'm ok with flying, I'll try to make it to 4-5/year.

Question #20
Have you ever had a sexual experience with Matt?

Lol - I know you want juicy details, but I'm afraid I have to disapoint you - I don't play for that team ;) and besides, matt is not asian

Question #21
Have you ever had sex with one or more of your models?

Hum, let's see... No :<

Question #22
What kind of car(s) do you drive? pics

I drive Audi S4 and have a toyota corolla (see #6). I'll get rid of both of them before I move to Japan.

Question #23
How many houses do you own? (rent) pics

I'm renting a house, cause I don't know yet where I'll end up - I plan on moving a few more times before I settle.

Question #24
Have you ever been in a fist fight?

No I haven't. I think I'd get my ass kicked, unless someone really pissed me off - then I think I could hurt the other person pretty bad. It takes a lot to piss me off enough (almost never happens), but when I am, I go nuts.

Question #25
How did you end your fear of flying?

I flew to Japan last Christmas. I wanted to go really bad, and my girlfriend promised to hold my hand the whole time lol I didn’t sleep the previous night in an attempt to be so tired I’d sleep on the plane – but it didn’t work. I can’t sleep on a plane. What really ended my fear is that I logically and rationally demonstrated to myself that it was safe to fly – I can’t argue with my logic, therefore I’m not afraid anymore.

Question #26
How much was the most you ever spent a month on pre-paid ads?

roughly $40,000 to $45,000

Question #27
What do you get out of adult conventions?

I get to meet the people I deal with everyday over the net, I get to meet new people and make new friends. I get the chance to talk about my affiliate programs and other projects like my translation service. I met many good friends at conventions, and I had a LOT of fun. All the drinking is hard though, it takes some practice.

Question #28
How hard was it to get a bank account when you first started to make large amounts of money?

Banks…. Damn banks… I had an account at the TD Canada Trust and at the TD waterhouse in the US. Then the first big wire from ARS came in. TD waterhouse close my account, and TD Canada followed. They held the funds as well, leaving me with $0 on me. I called Laura at ARS to explain what happened, and she franticly proceeded to call the banks and threaten them with I don’t know what, but they both released the funds – on the condition that I write a check to myself. So I was happy, all I have to do is get a new bank account, and deposit my two checks, right? So I head out to the HSBC, explain that I will be receiving large wires. They want copies of my ID and say they’ll call me back. They never called. I then asked Becky at ARS for a letter stating that we were legit, that ARS was legit and that everyone should chill. I head out to the CIBC. I get out of there without a bank account, and they sent the RCMP (cops) after me. Becky at ARS let me know they had called her, and I was able to find out who the cop was and I got my buddy/employee who spoke English to call him and ask what exactly he was looking for. So without money to buy food or anything, I borrowed cash from a friend, while ARS was holding on to about $100,000. I can’t even describe the feeling. I wanted to scream, I wanted to cry, I wanted to laugh. Laura from ARS offered to send cash through western union, but I thought this could only create more problems. I went to the BMO, didn’t say a thing about the amount of money I was going to receive and I opened an account. I called ARSthey released a wire. I went to the bank the next day, took out $10,000 in cash. Called for another wire and my account was still open! they released a wire. I went to the bank the took out $10,000 in cash. Called for another wire and my account was still open!

Question #29
Do you shave your pubic and arm pit hair? how often? Pics

Yes I do, often enough….. Hair sucks. I won’t post pics, but you’ve seen it in Phoenix!!! (I only trim arm pit hair, shaving would be weird)

Question #30
Who do you look up to in the adult business? Down on?

I look up to many people, but a short list would include: Marc De, Sleazy, DH, Kimmykim, Steve Lightspeed although I never actually met him, cybercat, etc! I look down on Nikolah Aleksandr Tukhmanyants, and whoever else left the business without paying what they owed. Whoa, I'm done! Great questions sleazy Time to get some sleep now, I'll answer any additional questions when I get up.



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