Chipmunk carved a name out for himself with sexmoney and never looked back. He got into all the right places with all the right people at the right time. If you think that's luck, think again. People like him are hard to come by and when a company like sexmoney gets a chance to nab someone like him they seldom let go.

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Question #1
Do you find it intimidating and hard to get dates being that most women are taller than you and think you're 15?

Actually it makes my life easier usually! I can say some pretty crude stuff to a chick and she will wind up laughing and find it cute! I look so “innocent”. (little do they know) If any of my buddies tried talking the smack I do, they would get slapped! Side Note: My first love was 5ft 9! Now that was interesting…l Everyone laughed every time I tried to kiss her…lol And Yes 69 Is Possible Before you ask…

Question #2
Do you consider yourself to be Alvin, Simon, or Theodore?

I would say Alvin without a doubt! However I am a bit like Theodore on occasion!

Question #3
What do you say to clerks that still card you for your age?

“I know your doing your job, but give me a break, I’m like twice your age!”. Sometimes I will ask them for their ID ..and say "hey it's only fair right?"

Question #4
When did you graduate from high school? Where? Did people call you Doogie Howser?

I graduated High School in 1991. I went to a small private school near West Point in New York called Storm King. As far as people calling me Doogie… Not that I recall…however things back then are a bit “hazy”

Question #5
Why do you live in Florida?

Well I moved to Florida in 1991 after HS. I came down here for college! Now given the option of Sunshine everyday or miserable freezing cold Winters… I think I chose wisely! Shoveling snow sucks.

Question #6
Does having an average sized dick on a smaller body frame make it look bigger?

I am not sure, you will have to ask someone who has an average size dick on a small body… I am above average in size

Question #7
What the fuck is screwbid and laughline?

I was working the mainstream in advertising and marketing back in 2001and wanted to get my feet wet in websites. Back around this time E-bay was planning on banning all Adult Auctions (which never really happened since the realized how much money they would lose) I started a very non traditional adult auction site called After getting it up and going for a while and learning a bit, I sold it. I went on to creating a couple of smaller TGP’s at the end of 2001 and into 2002. In late 2002, I revamped and built up the site, which is still running today, as well as some other sites.

Question #8
How many conventions do you attend a year?

Generally I try to get to Florida, Vegas and a couple of smaller shows like Cybernet and Webmaster Access. I actually prefer smaller shows, as it’s way more personal. You get to connect with people and have conversations that you normally would not have at a big show.

Question #9
What is it about cheesy movies that gets you off?

Watching mindless entertainment just really relaxes me and gives me a good laugh. I love watching 50’s,60’s,70’s,80’s B horror/Sci-fi films. I also love cheesey 80’s crap like Better of Dead & Heathers!

Question #10
Is it true you were fired from your childcare job because you were caught stealing snacks from the children's lunch boxes?

Yes It is true, When he kids went to take a nap…I went into their cubby holes, and grabbed as many snacks as I could! I’m just human with a sweet tooth! Is that so wrong?

Question #11
Just what the fuck does sexmoney do and what do you do for them?

In a a nutshell, is an affiliate program with many unique features that separates it from your run of the mill program. In addition to converting North American Traffic really well, we are able to convert traffic from countries such as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, The Netherlands, France, Spain and so on…without the use of a dialer. We have the billing mechanisms & sites in place. I manage the Marketing & Webmaster Relations for the North American division of the company, as we have offices a few offices abroad.

Question #12
What is the most life changing experience you've been through?

When my dad past away last year… I realized life is so fragile and can end at anytime! It really changed the way I looked at the world and live my life. I also just quit smoking 2 months ago after 13 years, which I think is life changing as I may just live longer...

Question #13
How often do you work? More than 2 hours a day?

Never! I drive to work, say hello and then leave! Geesh Work more than 2 hours a day! What business do you think we are in? Ok On a serious note…Well it’s hard to say, but in general anywhere from 9-12 hours a day, depending what’s going on.

Question #14
What is TPM worldwide?

Well I think you meant TMP Worldwide, but it was the ad agency I used to work for. They are the parent company of

Question #15
What do you have a degree in? Where did you go?

I have a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications with a Concentration of Business. I went to a small private college in Florida called Lynn University. It used to be called College of Boca Raton, until Eugene Lynn donated a load of money, so they changed the name.

Question #16
In a month, how often did you get laid in college? Now? How old were you when you popped your cherry?

Now? How old were you wne you popped your cherry? Well I did pretty well in college as I was a club promoter back then! I do ok Now and we will leave it at that! I was 18 when I lost my virginity. For some odd reason I wanted to wait! After waiting and moving down to FL, I went a bit Screw happy!

Question #17
Is Sprint a good company?

Back in 97 I worked for the PCS division handling Sales & Event Marketing. Back then their whole gimmick was no contract and some other things that separated them. Now things have changed and I would not touch them as a service. Sort of sad actually.

Question #18
Why did you leave Chicago? NY?

Well I left Chicago at the age of 4…So I really had no choice! They just picked me up and threw me into the car! I left NY in 91 after graduating HS. I wanted to go far away from NY and go somewhere warm and different. Well I got warm, but South FL is little NY with Palm Trees! ½ of my goal isn’t too bad!

Question #19
Is it true quiting smoking is harder than quitting heroin?

Well quitting Smokes is a bitch. But I have been clean 2 months now. Well compared to heroin, I think I rather quit smokes. Methadone does not sound too enticing!

Question #20
What kind of car(s) do you drive? pics

I drive a 99 Jeep wrangler in Forest Green. Working on getting pics! Here is the only pic I have.It is of the ass of a stripper I went out with one night bending over on the passenger side of the jeep. I will try to get a real one!

Question #21
What kind of house(s) do you have? Pics

Well actually I do not own a house. I live in an apartment. Not sure exactly where I want to purchase a home. For now it works as I travel quite often. No pic now.

Question #22
Have you ever been drunk or high at a webmaster event?

Ok now this is an interesting question. For those who know me…know the answer! For those who do not know me, one day you may know… or perhaps you may never know! Come find me at a show and we will see hahaha61514;

Question #23
What is your favorite food? How often do you eat it?

I would say my favorite food is Pene pasta with Pesto sauce. I was eating this just about every day. Now that I quit smoking I had to cut pasta out of my diet as I’m starting to get a I found a new favorite which is the Italian Chicken Panini at Einstein’s.

Question #24
Why do you drive 30 miles a day to work? A bit excessive - no?

I actually enjoy getting out of the house and going to the office. It is a bit far, but usually I do not hit too much traffic since I leave after rush hour.

Question #25
What's the most useless thing you've ever purchased from ebay?

A Chinese Baby …Just kidding! I would say some old Drive in Movie posters, which are still sitting in the packaging they came in. They are marked over a year and a half ago. They are useless until I get the motivation to get them professionally framed etc…

Question #26
What was the last live band you saw? best? worst?

It has been a while since I have seen a concert sadly to say. I would say the best 2 shows that I have seen would be Rush and Faith No More. Metallica back in 91 4th row was not to shabby either…lol The worst band I would have to say was Jethro Tull. They should have quit long long ago!

Question #27
Have you ever had sex with a hooker(s)?

Pussy is like air… It’s Free, so Why pay for it? So the answer No..

Question #28
Have you ever been paid to have sex with someone?

Not that I can recall!

Question #29
Do you scuba dive? Snorkel? Swim? Splash? Bath?

Well I enjoy Jet skiing when I can! It’s a blast! That’s pretty much it for water sports for me.

Question #30
Why do you work in the adult industry? Is it your addiction to porn?

Well my addiction of joining 45 sites a day, wound me up in serious financial troubles, so I figured why not work for an affiliate program with loads of content! It’s free and I get paid! Now this is the life. hahaha61514; On a real note, I do enjoy working in this industry. I have never seen any other business that helps others within its community in times of need like the Adult biz! I enjoy the networking portion of this business the most. I have met many great people!

Question #31
Who do you look up to as a role model in this game? Down on?

Well that is a very interesting question. I do not know if I necessarily have a role model, but there are people I look at and there was somebody that was pretty smart or they have their act together and are doing things the right way. There are also many people that I have great respect for! If I start naming names, people will bitch that I forgot them and so forth or they will say stop kissing ass! So we will leave it nameless. You probably know who you are!



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