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Persian Kitty is probably the oldest, large TGP/link running today. She still does the daily updates herself. This is evident in the quality of the site. A survivor in every sense of the word, Persian Kitty has seen a lot in this business and in her life - especially in the last 10 years. Persian Kitty is truly a rock in this business. So many old school people talk about how she was the one they looked up to. It's refreshing to see that she's still around today and going strong. She is definitely one of the largest female webmasters in the game - and women look to her as a hero and idol. PK has incredible business sense, an awesome work ethic, and is all around someone who I really look forward to having the odd icq conversation with. Someday I hope to have the pleasure of meeting her - she's the only person who's had an invitation to every single TGP VIP event but hasn't attended an internext in years.


GFY Ambush Interview thread on Persian Kitty

Question #1
How did it feel when the hun finally took over your with traffic?

My site is a different critter than theHun. His site has always been a tgp while mine has always predominantly been a list of sites. I did not add the gallery postings until November of 1999. So, there are inherent differences in his traffic versus mine. Counters are just numbers. $$ are what I prefer to count.

Question #2
Do you miss working at the local drag strip? Did you ever dream of driving the cars? Did you ever drive them?

That was almost 30 years ago. I still go to the drags or the races once or twice a year. Being from the South I wish we has some real Nascar up here. I’ve driven a few fast cars… some faster men. Did high school drags back in ’78 and ’79 in a friend’s car. It was fun, but I don’t have that death wish anymore.

Question #3
Did you end up hiding any salami when you worked your way through college?

Nahh.. not salami.. a few pickles maybe (I love a good dill pickle) I worked 40 hours a week at a deli/convenience store and did their books also on top of carrying a full university schedule. I’ll be very happy if I never have to make another corned beef on rye with heavy mustard in my life.

Question #4
How come you seem to have a talent to get raises when it comes to working with meat? Is there any sexual influence there? Discuss.

Hey…come on now. I was a young mother. A girl's gotta get a raise however she can. What this question refers to is my first job out of college working in the accounting office for a regional food manufacturer. Started at minimum wage which wasn’t jack in 1983 as 3rd clerk. After a year I was promoted to 1st clerk and got the largest percentage raise (35%) in company history. No sexual influences there... heck I was way to naive for that.

Question #5
Talk about the shitty work you had to do for a plumbing company.

Sleazy must have been thinking about that yacht too much when he read my information. I didn’t work for a plumbing company. It was a concrete pumping company. Different pipes. I dispatched and did the books there. Was the only female of 18 employees. Only shitty thing that ever happened there..... The guys that owned the place were hunters. Come in one morning in the fall of 88, and they told me not to go out into the shop. Seems they had a couple of deer out there hanging up, bleeding them out. problem.. thanks for the warning. About mid-morning I decide to take my garage can from my office out to the small dumpster. Open the lid... there's two Bambi heads looking right up at me. The way they tell it, I screamed louder than they'd ever heard anyone scream before. They all came running and realized what had happened. They were too afraid to laught (at least with me standing right there).

Question #6
Admit it - you didn't work for a mental health agency, you were a patient weren't you? Why did they release you? Are you better now?

No..honest. (dropping the ax behind me and pushing it under the sofa with my foot). I was general accounting manager for a regional mental health agency. They lost their county contract within a few months of my resignation. Laid off my boss and the person I trained to replace me. I still run into some of their clients from time to time which can be scary if they remember me.

Question #7
Why did you create Persian kitty? When? Talk about the early days.

I bought a PC for my home in early 94. It had Compuserve software loaded on it. I logged on one day to check it out and stumbled onto their real-time chat. There I was sitting at this login prompt asking for a nick name. Never thinking about the fact I could change it anytime I wanted to, I stewed over this for some time and finally typed in “PersianKitty" because my Persian cat, Smokey, was staring at the monitor also. The nick name stuck and luckily I didn't choose something like Hellacious Hanna or I might not be here today. Over the next few months I developed some really kewl friendships with people on Compuserve chat. I spent a heck of alot of time and money I didn't have at the time there. No $20 dial up accounts for Compuserve at that time. In early 95, Compuserve added Internet access to their services and I started cruising the net. I had a long-distance boyfriend who had peaked my interest in softcore porn, so we'd surf together sometimes just for something to do. At this time I was totally burned but at my job. In 4 years as Accounting Manager, I'd gone through two complete systems changes and it looked like the company was getting ready to downsize. I needed a break. I decided to take a few months off and play stay at home mom with my two boys. Something I had never done. In August of 95, Compuserve raised their rates. Myself along with what would end up being over 100 people from the chat channel I frequented found ISPs for dial up and moved to the Undernet of IRC for chatting where I have a channel (I rarely go there anymore). $20/mo was a lot better then $400+/mo. About a month later I put up a little personal webpage. Nothing fancy. I didn't know html except from viewing source code on things I liked from sites I ran into. Whenever I saw a piece of a website where I liked how they'd done one thing or another I'd save a snippet of code in a file to review later and figure out how they did it. With my little personal page I was fascinated with that fact that people from all over the world at all times of the day and night could be visiting something I actually put on the net. I decided I wanted to put something up that would draw some traffic just to see how many people I could get to my corner of the web. At that time the major 3rd party counter was The highest ranked sites on their list were Adult Link sites (NaughtyLinx and For Your Eyes Only). I decided since that seemed to be the way to get fast traffic I'd try an adult link site. The first page went up on my personal ISP on October 1, 1995. It had 3 sections about less then 80 links. It only made sense to call it Persian Kitty’s Adult Links since that's what I was known by to my cyberfriends. I would hunt for links myself by visiting other link sites everytime they updated and looking through their listings for sites I liked and (cringe to think of trying to do it now) by reading Usenet postings about adult websites. Whenever I added a link I'd email the webmaster and let them know about it and tell them about my site. I didn't require a reciprocal link until March, 1998, but lots of people linked me back. I believed in running the site like I'd want to see a site I visited regularly run. That meant daily, sometimes several times a day, updates. In late October, my site got added to Yahoo and traffic went quickly to about 20K uniques a day. My personal provider said "Pay or take it down". I wasn't doing the site for money, had never dreamed that someone would actually pay to advertise on it, so I replaced the page with the details of why I was taking it down. I emailed everyone on the listings also. Within 24 hours I had 3 offers for sponsorship (one was from the man who is now my server guru, another was from the people with Spice Entertainment). Each would allow me to run my site for free in exchange for an exclusive "sponsored by" ad at the top of the page (I only had one page at that time). Being stubborn I was searching for ways to do it myself. I found a host in Texas, Hypercon, who agreed to host me for a basic rate. I'd told them exactly how much traffic I was doing. After moving my pages to them (still not on a domain.. I had no clue what Internic was) and spending 3 days chasing down sites with my link on them to ask them to change the URL, Hypercon removed my site. Even though I'd been upfront with them and they hosted a few other adult sites, they tried telling me that their "board of directors" had decided they wouldn't host adult sites. Yet the other sites never got removed. I immediately contacted one of the three sites that had offered sponsorship. The man who was to become my server guru extraordanaire was running a site called Secrets of Speed Seduction. He set me up with an account, registered (under his name at the time.. boy to think if I'd fallen in with the wrong person). I again contacted all those people who had links to me and asked them to change the URL. PersianKitty went back online with a text ad for Secrets of Speed Seduction. I'd had a total of 4 days downtime between all of it. Well there was a weekend in there ;) I continued to hunt for sites to list and started having people email me to be linked. Back then there weren't all the tricks around so finding sites to list wasn't too hard. I added a weekly pose picture so that I draw in some traffic that way. By February of 1996, the site was seeing over 80K uniques a day. I was being contacted alot by people wanting to advertise on the site. Because I wasn't paying for hosting, etc. I turned them all down, telling them that it wouldn't be fair to the person paying for my hosting. A couple got very persistent. I told Lewis, my server guy, about them. He asked what they wanted to pay. I hadn't even bother to ask and I had no clue what to charge. Well the most persistent of all was Webpower (Amateur Hardcore at that time), I asked the owner what he would be willing to pay and the number he came back with was more than twice in a week then I'd been making a month at my old job. I was floored. He wanted to do a week trial, paid in advance. Lewis and I decided that we'd change our arrangement. He continue doing the server upkeep, etc (PK was on part of one machine, a P85, on a shared T-1 at that time) for a percentage of the ad revenue. The trial week went great and Webpower has had the top position on my site since late February 1996. Within a month Intertain Online followed as a second full time banner. They paid 3 months in advance to start with. The owner of Intertain Online later partnered with Dean (The General) on Unfaithful and other sites. Danni started bugging me for an ad placement in the summer of 96. She was very persistent. I didn't want to ad more bandwidth by loading a second banner on the pages (webpower’s ad at the time was text only and Intertain's was a banner). She agreed to host the banners on her side at that point. In August of 1996, I added Danni's banner underneath Webpower’s. All three of these advertisers are still with me today. IEG hooked me for a 12 month contract for my second page banner spot. An experience that was less then pleasant but I got thr ough it. I can't believe I was ever that naive. By this time also, PK was running on two separately located machines through parts of two separately located T-1s. Eventually this number when to 4 machines on 4 separate T-1s. I added the double stacked rotating banners in September 1996 mainly because I had so many people asking to advertise and the 4 sponsors I had weren't going anywhere. Also most people at that time couldn't afford a full time slot so it made since to break it up in smaller more affordable pieces. today runs on two beefy servers with more connectivity the most ISPs have. I've been very very lucky to have aligned myself with a server guy who cares about what he does.

Question #8
How many times has someone else done the PK updates? Why?

Since October 1, 1995, the front page has been updated (submissions received, reviewed and posted) by me personally every day except for 4 days in June of 2003 when I took my boys to Alabama to meet their extended family and 10 days in August of 2003 when we went with my parents on a trip to Yellowstone in the 38 foot Bluebird bus I helped them buy for their retirement. During those days, Tommy from Tommy’s Bookmarks did the front page update. Since November 1, 1999, I have personally updated the tgp page daily except for the same 14 days when Lewis did them. The rest of the time, I've taken my work with me. On vacations, I'll sneak reviews in late at night after everyone settles down. My work has gone with me to Vegas many times, to the Washington and Oregon coast, to Vancouver, the mountains, and to MLB spring training in AZ all these years...never skipping a beat.

Question #9
How many cities have you lived in? Why did you move around so much?

I’ve lived over many different places in my life. As an Army brat, growing up I lived in Birmingham, Alabama; San Antonio, Texas (twice); Fort Rucker, Alabama; Fort Lewis, Washington; Jasper, Alabama; Fort Benning, Georgia; and Tacoma, Washington. I went to college in Pullman, Washington at Washington State University. After college I moved back to Tacoma. I moved northward a bit to a suburb of Seattle in 1997 when I bought my house.

Question #10
What does the back of Bill Gates head look like? Have you ever spat on him?

Kind of balding a bit. Why the heck would I want to spit on Bill Gates?

Question #11
What kind of man do you find attractive? Have you ever been turned on by any of your 20 year old son's friends?

A lot of different things can be attractive. I find confidence and security to be extremely attractive. He’s got to have a sense of humor and be fairly easy going. A quick temper or too much swearing will turn me off in a heartbeat. There is nothing in the world that I find interesting about a 20 year old boy.

Question #12
Why did you dump your first husband?

He found God….or rather… he found a cultish church and encompassed all his time and filled some sort of need in his life at the time. He called me on the phone 2 days before Christmas of 1989 and gave me an ultimatum after he’d heard a fire and brimstone sermon on a Wednesday night at church. He told me that he wouldn’t come home until I agreed to get rid of the tv, stereo, vcr (put no even thing before thine eyes), never cut my hair again, never wear pants, shorts, or jeans again (only dresses), never wear makeup or any jewelry other than a wedding band, get rid of my two cats (yeah at one time I had only two), dress the boys (ages 18 months and 4.5 years at the time) in only long sleeved shirts and long pants (no shorts or tank tops), never see my parents again, and give my paychecks directly to him (he couldn’t manage money or pay bills and in fact at one point was giving over half our meager income to his church). I told him “Don’t come home.” Change the locks the next morning, took the boys to a different daycare, and had him served with a restraining order the next day because I was afraid he'd take the boys and hide them away with people from his church. Divorce was problems. Told him he regretted everything later. I didn't. Had very little contact with him over the years. In 2000 we sent a letter to him through the State Child Support office that the boys would like to hear from him. The response was a summons a few months later to go to court to have his child support reduce. This from a man who's barely paid any support at all of what was originally court ordered (when it would have made a difference). From what I've gathered, he's spent time homeless...worked from oddjob to oddjob and not done a heck of alot with his life. Tried to track him down for my oldest son through a private detective. No luck with trying to follow him from previous addresses.

Question #13
Why would Jerry Springer want to discuss your second marriage?

Well in the summer of 1999, the Springer story would have been… “My husband is having an affair with my son’s girlfriend’s mother who is a bipolar hypochondriac on disability who is no more disabled than you or I”. The settlement wasn’t fun. Divorce settlement involved me paying him several hundred thousand (could have been a lot worse) which he managed to squander away and kept piling on loans and credit cards in the process. Had his vehicles repossessed and a house foreclosed on. He filed bankruptcy within nine months of my last payment to him.

Question #14
What happened to the PK boat? Pics

The ex got the boat, a 36 foot Carver Mariner, in the settlement and I got the boat payment which was ridiculous because I was the one who helmed the dang thing. He couldn't manuever it at slow speeds. He decided to sell it in 2002. Between the price he got, the loan payoff, and the settlement of it all with me (cash in advance instead of me paying it off over the life of the loan), he saw about half of what is was worth.

Question #15
Talk about the early days at Ynot with Rick, Lars, bangwang and the gang.

Oh my gosh. I feel very old now. Ynot was such a blur way back when…September of 1996 to be exact. Rick, Lars, bangwang, Mark, Danni, Janey..hmm.. I’m forgetting tons. It got way too political for me. The Hangout board was the first webmaster board I ever posted on. I’m sure there’s others here that can refresh my memory.

Question #16
What adult company has PK made the most money from over the years?

Webpower is #1 without a doubt. Of the oldies, Danni’s Hard Drive and Maxiumcash follow behind. The mix is completely different these days.

Question #17
Did you ever think you'd work in Adult and make the money you do?

Not in my wildest dreams. I assumed I’d live my life doing accounting for the private sector, find a nice modest house to settle down in, and put away bits of money for my old age. Spent many years with days of hot dogs and mac and cheese trying to get by until payday. This life I stumbled into has allowed me to become a stronger, independent, secure woman.

Question #18
Talk about the quality of traffic and surfer experience VS quality of traffic on circle jerks and other TGPs.

The name of the game for me is keeping the surfer coming back. They’ll only come back if they find things they want and if those things change regularly to make them want to check back. Some have the philosophy of ‘get them in and out and off my site and somewhere else to buy something’. Time and time again, I’ve had long-term bookmarkers buy a membership somewhere only to do it again, because they liked what they got. My TGP page is secondary to the main page of free sites. From my experience, the TGP page doesn’t perform worth diddly compared to the front page. Several times I’ve thought that maybe it was a waste of time, but I’d hate to just drop it and loose even one potential sale or bookmarker. As to quality of traffic on circle jerks and other TGPs (my site isn’t primarily a TGP), I have no knowledge. If it works for them…good for em.

Question #19
What has kept you in the biz so long when many others have faded into oblivion?

Consistency and sticking to my guns.... and okay, I’ll admit it, I’m stubborn.

Question #20
How many adult conventions/events do you attend a year?

I’ve been at every one. Where have you been??!! Nahh.. Actually I’ve never attended any. The discussions and pictures that I’ve heard and seen are full of naked women and drinking. Neither appeal to me.

Question #21
Talk about your university experience. What degree do you have?

I went to Washington State University from 1979 until 1983. I have a Bachelors in Accounting with minors in computer science and economics. I worked my way through college...40 hours a week and a full class schedule.

Question #22
How many houses do you own? pics.

Two outright and half of a motor coach. The home I live in, most have seen the pics before..

The other home is on the Washington coast.. beachfront property that is used as a rental when I’m not in there. I use it a few times each year. It’s occupied about 85% of the time with weekend, weekday, weeklong time vacationers.

The bus

Question #23
How many cars do you own? pics.

5, but I don’t drive them all. I have a 2002 Ford Explorer Limited that I drive I own a 2003 Dodge Neon (son’s fiancé), 2001 Dodge Dakota (younger son), 1997 Subaru Legacy LXI (older son), and a 1968 Ford Mustang California Special.

Question #24
Ever seriously thought about selling Persian Kitty?

Once. I've had three buyout offers for my business. A couple of them in the eight-figure range. Problem is.. what else would I do if I didn't do this? Any buyout would mean I'd have to sign a non-compete which would mean I couldn't put up another adult site. And I also couldn't be PK anymore. My CPA nearly died when I told him I'd turned down offers. He mapped out how I could live very well on the interest alone.

Question #25
Do you have any employees? What do they do?

Like many other adult webmasters, I support a family member. My brother does a bit of the back page reviews and rechecks from time to time, but it’s nothing regular. Design (the little there has been) is contracted out. Server stuff is handled by Lewis.

Question #26
Why do you come to GFY?

Hmmmm. Why do I come to GFY. The news travels faster than on CNN. The characters are interesting. Once in a while there’s a tidbit of information to glean from others. I’ve run through most of the boards over the years. Ynot, Netpond, Porncity, Oprano.. I’ve been a regular at one time or another on each of them. It gives people a sense of community to in a world where we are so spread out. Geee.. lens.. when you turn the search back on can you make it so I can search for “PK” or “Persia*”?

Question #27
Who do you look up to in the adult industry today? In the past? Down on?

Today… hmmm.. I’ve been pretty much a loner these past few years. Lens, Lars, the Bottos, Steve Lightspeed, Mark Tiarra, MarcDe, Mike from Silvercash, Dave from PlatinumBucks. I really admire all the ladies that are in front of the camera who also manage to keep up with things behind the camera. I don’t look down on anyone. If you look down at someone means you think you’re better than they are. That’s not my style.

Question #28
What kind of porn do you like personally? What gets you off?

Surf porn? Maybe back in 1995. Kinda clinical now, like asking if a gynecologist gets off looking at naked patients. I can and always will recognize a pretty glamour shot babe (no I’m not a lesbian).

Question #29
Do you do any drugs or abuse alcohol at all? smoke?

No drugs, no smoking (of any kind). I’ve not had a drop of alcohol since February..or carbonated beverages for that matter. Prior to that time, I’d have a drink here and there with dinner out, but that was about it. Boring eh?

Question #30
Have you ever posted any pics of yourself on GFY? Will you now in this thread? (please)

Nope. And..well..geee Sleazy..for you...… fine…

Question #31
What do you like to do when you go to Vegas? Favorite place to stay. Do you fly first class?

Shopping, shows, shopping… checking out restaurants (my favorite is Gallagher’s at the NYNY…ask for Flip)….. oh and shopping! Vegas is a blast. I’m looking at the possibility of buying a condo there in the next couple of years. My stay at the Wynn last week was okay except for the food (terrible). I’ll stick with the MGM Grand from now on. I fly first class…period. Loads of fun taking 5 teenagers to Vegas flying first class on Alaska. We take up half the first class seats.

Question #32
Talk about some of the weirdest surfer emails you've ever received.

Well there will always the ones wanting free access to pay sites. There have been ones threatening to kill me in my sleep if I don’t take the site down now. I get emails from people wanted to get into the industry. They figure I should know how to get them set up with a phone sex line, or where to sell their home movies or pictures. Probably the funniest I’ve ever received was from a guy wanting to buy a camera that removes clothes from the people you take pictures of. Seems he’d seen a site where they showed two pictures…one with the person’s clothes on and one without (same exact pose).

Question #33
What's the wildest sexual experience you've ever had? Discuss in detail like you were writing a porn story.

I have written a few porn stories in the way back. I haven’t done wild..unless you count in the great outdoors or on a sybian… oh and I could tell you exactly the number of days since it’s been…. Think 365 times a number…

Question #34
If you weren't able to work in adult anymore - what would you do for money?

Beg? Consult? Actually, I could probably manage without having to work again.



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